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Mark Madden on the Paterno cult

Jan 2, 2014|

Our friend Mark Madden from WXDX in Pittsburgh joined the show to discuss Bill O'Brien. Mark said that the Paterno fans remain a loud minority in Happy Valley.

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-- to come up with a new year resolutions. And he was doing New Year's result. Actually we're not we are vowing that no more boring guests. And we're sticking to that at least for today because our first guest. Of 2014. Yeah I'm excited about this 'cause I'm exceptionally -- one of our favorites he's our guy from Pittsburgh. Talk shows that there be X the X. Mark Madden and mark happy new year. You guys are we going to. What's going to tell me first the ball in Pittsburg did they did they wouldn't -- -- I know everyone felt they got screwed. And in missed the playoffs. And I guess -- can only feel so screwed undergo eight Nate but did they wanted the NFL to do some to correct that put the Steelers in the playoffs. No I mean. If it took about a half an hour the reality display again. But there was remarkably little pitching going on in light of the circumstances. In the Kansas City San Diego game. The consensus estimate meant good or bad it's kinda -- They when they made. It was an extraordinary set of circumstances. That enabled them to almost make the playoffs on the last day no nothing like that people here know that they don't about it and that the Steelers didn't deserve it. Right I don't an -- chargers deserve the -- -- -- just eliminated one of the playoff teams this. That's a pretty weak gas field known to think about in the AFC but I. Couldn't agree more but the problem is. If this -- apparently because the cap up ice but what you are -- he lied to parody of football. Either they probably many great teams anymore but that this system chosen so everyone have to live with that. But the real reason we called you is this Billy O'Brien thing. You'd. I'm just wondered -- from your perspective mark do you feel like Billy O'Brien left the program in better shape than he founded so it's okay that he leaves after two years. Would you feel like he's just another. College football coach weasel. It was kind of -- we easily because the system problem that. I think you have an impossible situation. -- made the best of -- and I was going that would force blog which is an adult football. But as well -- -- -- debris -- these guys they'll walk out on the ballot contracts. I don't know how we blame anybody for doing so. Ultimately need to do they okay deal -- deal. You agreed to stay with the actual money that's what you have to do but as all of you know this -- -- it would -- no way to prevent -- -- You can't criticize the guy that much about which. You know he's walking a Psycho circus he's walking out or get an unmanageable sort of different college football coach I think. You know I read this David Jones story penalize the talks and talks O'Brien I guess off the record and on the record. O'Brien -- he talked to a -- paternal people who don't like him is that culture is still real strong down there is a paternal nation. Still really alive and they -- turn against O'Brien here. I called the Paterno called up and out I don't like you can have begun again to -- now he's gone. I don't know I didn't like instant. Cotto won't have to worry about okay had been walking around with a bum Phillips cut out. You have all these days he's up there it was a minority. Group with everybody that it was going abstain. And it would never gonna go away. They would kill the robot guitar and getting him to win back. The -- about Penn State program. About moving forward about bill O'Brien and the battle over the next -- it. People in the program. The more I think would happen there are some of the doubt -- scandal the more -- -- in this sort of shut it down for a while. I -- the culture has changed. That we can't help but don't let us noticed. I did in my movie again and -- -- that a minority but it did not in my ability and it really has opened in happy valley. I'll I don't know how do you intend to do next year. But I do and I think. You and is that a creepy place. And -- -- the creepiest -- And that that's a great description I can't picture it though. -- help me out who are the paternal people in how do -- exert their influence. On the program. I don't know that they implement the program I'd rather go to by the anything different because of them I don't know that the but I can't do anything different. But always do is talk about should all enjoy it got screwed it should be like the old days and -- -- that I could -- -- -- -- -- -- taken over and then go to Paterno family the family is typically get people overall. They just won't go away. You've got into -- who had no identity whatsoever. Beyond being you -- it's not. He's going to be in -- side business. Any part of the kids and everything and he's proud of the Penn State definitely hasn't moved. I'm not then they saw that would release could have been a good good good creepy. I made it into -- little -- better for the next guy is gonna take an entire generation but Penn State football fans did dine out. -- could even call -- political situation. They gonna get sucked in this time they didn't last time -- then get sucked in and hire a guy with Penn State ties -- they go outside. What about that the couple wants to -- and the like up Larry Johnson one of the hole it was -- that the content that they wanted to be the head coach. You know they have never kept Larry Johnson -- yeah like the weapons stepped -- Larry Johnson who fail and that I think in my. I don't know what to do maybe Mike Munchak who depend stayed god. But it's hard to tell what's gonna go on out there because I think building saying people are always in the university. In hate people on the periphery. And I don't know how that particular things noted I don't know that the upshot of it is I don't know how much. These same people with that the -- people I don't know but if if I would code I would want any part of Penn State. It is no longer a competent job in the country. It is important that we always -- from Penn State football is poison. So you think he's escaping more than you know moving on to the -- streams this. Well I think I think what it -- almost shaking his dream. I protocol to that time Bloglines dot com that said. We need to understand he was going bad the NFL sooner or later he could catheters or sooner. I think he's the dog we want. And that alcoholic Brooklyn -- revolving -- look at Nick -- Pocket Nick Saban but without a bit corporate taxes. And you probably -- put that money as you know coaches do. But if the -- perceived to be the best coach. Can't talk about leaving college football at ground zero Alabama. That anybody can lead anywhere. It is a mystery why the administrations have allowed this mean there aren't many places where you have this. These -- loopholes in contracts and why -- having bill O'Brien. Was never head coach he was an assistant in the NFL league image on the item a lot of money couldn't just say you can't leave for 45 years why why can't they don't -- -- at Penn State so desperate -- -- job while the Penn State feels so desperate to bring in O'Brien they would agree to these things don't look at University of Washington give Steve -- keys in a cut that says you can't leave right five years. That typically -- bit. I mean I totally agree with everything you're saying and always -- but it just -- -- -- don't forget -- contract that could trigger. In a -- mistake -- you detected that -- Penn State X amount of money. Because while the contract. I'm not mistaken I think that could've became more power I think that we negotiated something. Because that's why -- help the blind sided by the NCAA sanctions. But it does. Especially college football would make it that took the foreign coaches could move Iraq and they can't write but it remains open debate could. Because these -- professional guys -- know that -- men playing football political. But he college football every kid go to -- based primarily on the talks. I don't care what anybody says they put the college based primarily on the coach. And the coaches a lot of -- those big plays and these kids. Not adults it -- it is totally a maniacal situation. A marked just the fact that that clause was in O'Brien's contract and first signed the Penn State indicated to me that he was gonna leave eventually whether it was a year two years three years. You would put that language -- their he didn't think this guy's point to go to the NFL. You know that's a real good question and I would like to act like a college a big deal about that the I wonder if there was escaped triggers are just standard operating procedure. In every coach's contract even the slot and O'Brien. With an adult I've met up all the desires. Maybe that's -- every coach's contract period. Maybe. It. I'm -- no chance to Franco Harris gets the job is there. I tell you what. But what it wanted to maniac. And hopefully -- like we've never medically -- -- wanna eat -- and -- last -- we walked all the Paterno gone out there that owe it to act diplomatically and I would like you like going out to be head coaching job. As for the content to be top assistant. It Lisa wasn't a sandusky cut you probably couldn't find one of those. If it's amazing how I do call from the -- because it elicited a dead guy who doesn't matter anymore. I want them to ignore what happened like that -- had no. Idea that sandusky perpetrate what he did it I mean if that happened Joseph Paterno played it. Well yeah it was just. Diet borrowings -- any candidate -- they know what they would expect. He's in the bowels of hell right now those little devils -- and with pitchforks is no doubt about that mark. But we appreciate the time mark Madden from Debbie XDX. In. It's going to -- it might play regard the Google -- but I love that -- Experts for and have a good new year. Love this town like him to speak that's -- -- and -- 2014 opinion OK this is as well -- -- I love that description of state does -- from afar I'm not there I don't know like he does but don't you feel like. If you walked to the football offices and he saw some of these will hold over guys shall protect that you'd be creeped out. Wouldn't you have one question when you looked at whether it's Franco Harris Larry John forgot -- just a poster what you say. You know Dino and if you work. And job it is that weird guy. Creepy guy we all know. No matter where you it's true generally -- Jerry sandusky goalies britney's kids the bowl games. It's our job to do about I've talked to people. Who used to work -- muck around. And they knew. No I don't think you might not know you know you and that afternoon as a what was supposed to do like call the cops but they knew what kind of creepy ones. And and did nothing sent -- I forgot to -- city. Should each player -- those -- should not -- right to love him -- terrible stick Clark you relax -- Buehrle -- can -- tomorrow when news media but you've already succeeded. -- you can deal on this flight he's honest like at a big hotel -- it's I think he's not excellent -- donated out of the city. In time to Wear his hat. It's travel. Orders and offered to tropical they can always. Aware of that but. Anyway how we gonna talk show on important in the next that's not the -- to get the (%expletive) yeah that's again. And we're gonna -- explain -- once again. -- the patriots are going to the Super Bowl. Why haven't we should duties is we want you talked -- we should do this quarterback thing to -- Russia say did you -- able to get it wrong but we'll will. Do our own runs out of -- NFL playoff disaster be about the playoffs. -- the quarterbacks from one to twelve million of hopeless.

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