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Dino is en route to Miami

Jan 2, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing John Dennis's cruise and his early departure to Miami. We all wondered when our fearless host may return.

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I miss him already -- support is say that I often times often times in yeah. And be the nose lifestyle he lives lives right many ways please. Place -- finest golf courses shirts and these a regular foxwoods Jordan Israel and last. He knows that to me he goes the line -- restaurants. In this instance. I have no desire to be. The non zero. He's on his way the Caribbean. If he gets and -- hotel room Miami it would work helped hotel room. He's -- -- -- crew of hurt I've heard tell -- heard yet yet John Dennis on here Berkman is Jerry and it is. Well PCs sausages here the host a lot easier opening here for awhile because at that proves to match. I honestly honestly I think rather be. Trapped on that she -- ignore it all with all those global warming nuts I'd rather be trapped in -- in the North -- that on my way. Caribbean cruise they want. To feel. Like on January 2 and oh yeah. You've sworn off the evil -- doubles. You know I don't -- what you occasionally need to do the Pepsi and eat junk junk. Usually over indulge. But you feel like on this day the last thing you wanted to -- was over indulge I told the month. One thing have to -- were on the crews say I'm overeat that all drama we get over served at the bar and just I'm going to this day. The very. Next week boy yesterday I think. Was the last yesterday you feel the neck I know you rationalize this says this is it but people start -- that they think -- yesterday. -- I start -- I'm would you start today I note yesterday. Big -- this -- in and everything in a couple of cookies. Lane around since Christmas those kind of things right chip cookies. And Agassi tomorrow. Tomorrow. -- and have that next year. Extra whatever desert. Heat. -- Right recruit you recruit I'd ever have you have I've not I wouldn't get to actually would because you wouldn't rank might. -- you might you run. Now now they have right. Little track that -- that nine million -- it's a quarter mile you can't -- you know of Jim's original Michael and go -- that work out all I did well but. You should say. Get off the ball will walk. Or you say I'll swim laps little pool or you go into that you have liked him in treadmills at -- machine. I hope so for -- says I hope that wrong machine but what you do is kind of what she did -- -- -- this'll be it. One week. Eaten three X -- -- never. You don't have to make reservations at rest just there me you know the figure reactions not. Think it's degree it is a great escape -- told the you know this year -- -- -- and I don't. You'll -- a blast to be Julie the cruise director that you think. I've had you will be a big star. At least you know by the end of the crew was all know that voice and portable careers it'll it'll be the guy yes will be one of the will be one of these guys that one party goes up -- ghost bloody tonight. -- he'll have a blast him but he thinks he's not going to over indulge. He's -- in our second enemy. Which -- resolutions. Replaces know that vacation mode hold mode is over for one feels like it's Jamaica resolution. The same one -- Amok and over eaten over ranked -- doing he's doing you any different from them -- from resolutions my usual. Three words every year. Low sodium cheese that's for us and that's when I tried -- but you. I believe it's 60 whatever and now the clock six or 707. And -- clock excellent via com. And we're -- resolution French. -- But we're also trying to get you know hotel room because he's had them early -- -- -- -- here. Yet because you -- most normal people do when they can't get a hotel room. That he tweeted at a famous actor television actor and you were joking about that it. Said Jeffrey Jeffrey Donovan who's on -- burn burn notice -- -- -- it's I -- I have an idea and I was never mentioned did not know we -- column if he does between them last night and -- hey John -- for WEEI you know of any good hotels in Miami doesn't know. He just knows that he's from around here how -- Pilgrimage is it do you. Now projected to -- you'll get a dimension and at some point. Yes yes apps so he doesn't know many past and help me get a room we each got a call from Dino he says that a -- celebrity cruise Kirk good -- Carl so I -- wasn't. Celebrity cruise -- -- you know that means good for you well done. I have a Twitter I have a tweet here from lows you know hotel chain yeah -- yet not that hardware -- that hotel. They say they can take care so the you know. Lows in in Miami said they they they got a room for 2014. -- just go on line get a room. It's not going to be hard in my life they -- hotel -- -- Miami go to Priceline to be fine to get a nice for a -- -- four star hotel. 8090 bucks and so he's got to get to Miami early because of the storm no I think that might have been here today tomorrow but it's gonna snow. And out and believe me if he gets out of here it's the Miami I'll -- jails all week and because. Cold weather. Sox winter Sox can we just stuff but the point that the change of seasons and we get bored if warm all the times I don't think that when they -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- yesterday -- Know what you think chemical back -- I was watching when you're in LA where we were you we and pills in Valley Village which is Valley Village and I never heard of not a greater. Not agree that you could find you could score easily could score very or. What could score one on its it was what how close to say in downtown LA I'm off 420 minutes fifty yet nobody goes out. You didn't wanna stay you wanted to come back -- did you. It was you know it was time. It was time yet -- we came back you relate the product. With mummy and daddy she -- still. The same who left today it was not Larry Bird posters out mr. -- states. -- now. No but it was different but yet now I thought that yesterday up -- One Christmas weren't San Diego a few years ago it was 72 degrees Chris I would be funds to every day for the. I would like no problem with that at all and in a deal on the screws as they find. The good weather this storm they avoid it in the single in the other direction really yeah -- -- It does I -- cease. That's the thing that'll pick I would have a good time on this I mean it doesn't get shot be the point we fallen down -- -- -- them but over served for a but I do I was on at once and it was real choppy. It was night and he would dance in the banging into each of the slam dance and right because of the that's fun I haven't I don't -- six of those now on board sort of funny -- and maybe. I remember -- hold you over indulge. On these things like nothing while so what does that mean what do you of five meals a day yet via -- -- get up -- hit it. I always say this that the -- -- -- eleven blast I don't recommend it for you. Because you wouldn't get your money's not -- -- -- -- being miserable now might eat breakfast is what you expect massive piles of bacon and big cash in and mean omelets pancakes and if -- Cheerios and now let's Armenia -- pursue those buffets have won and fox -- -- -- were you go to breakfast and you get to the end in this fish. And -- sure sure eaten fish you do that occurs it you get to Florida on there I guess just go around right if you don't need your vote away for a Aetna. And then breakfast is over like it like eleven what do you do and -- that at twelve. -- just at the pool. Yeah. And they play games completely in that drinking games and -- Republicans. Seeking those. Arguably -- you may never complain academic -- just waited out and say I'm staying here. But that -- I remember one time and both play. -- -- -- wrote them ego and is again -- can use cheeseburgers and it's midnight. I have another 1 to -- If you wanted to you could just eat from the time you woke up two to 3 in the morning we just partner but. -- and and what you do just say when I go home I'm reading again -- again on the Google. Get on the wrong machine until. But hopefully economics and a updates and you know it's the intent of winners and -- -- -- -- says I'm the same way. All of these history -- in whatever channel five cares it's gonna snow I give a dollar and and there are it -- school now Mexican has canceled through January right there's it's dot -- will be back before the kids yes Boston go back to school and back here indices. Want to cancel school for Friday. I guess because. Whether you would have opened the school right -- on the heat -- yet so if you do that for one day. It. If the weather goes away three inches sixteen this happens. -- what today is they seem like a snow day war last let them -- -- driving it was perfect it was Google's. Last night sent the weather's gonna start in the middle of night document last night what you. Here's here's where elsewhere and here. This week -- football was meant to be played in the elements can you explain to me. Where that comes from what -- football meant to be played the only which which what is this -- His Green Bay Green Bay. The green. -- -- -- Post which is ridiculous. Green Bay Packers host the San Francisco 41. Game should be in San Francisco. So what how many games they win. -- -- -- And how don't want -- San Francisco more than eight. There is no no. Not only more than 812 and one. For more percentage they want four more games 50% more and they have to go on the road and play in Green Bay won the most difficult places to play. Tell me one that's fair -- I understand you get in the playoffs if you win your division -- teams and winning games that's actually enough I agree. You play the first week and you should not. Get home game just because you -- a crappy division was what was the logic. What makes no sense if it is the 26 it's always been that that far and why does. If you're Roger good dale you'd tend to address. Injustices in the world right you change rules -- Use replay you're not Bud Selig you find ways to improve your product and yeah. Why isn't why -- -- Elgin. It just isn't fair that you have to go to green -- Why let's say watch the sixties and get the Beijing Games just for structure in order caters. I don't know I don't know what your reward for you deserved reward for being oppressed them for -- good teams. And -- that -- I mean I guess. If it improves the regular season the cardinals won how many games Lebanon as 111 I believe our end it lost last. That's right what more games and two games or an agreement there but they're not then played the division right dip yes French and the played a better division. This year yeah absolutely that played a much better division serves as Garcia I'm sick about this so San Francisco. Called -- and notes not exactly -- Oreo but it's it's a fun team to watch after the agreement. Sunday night. And it's not sold -- Tobago is not sold out would you go buy a ticket no. Here's your forecast Sunday. Off. -- in Green Bay -- minus. Real feel that's which I like that we call them the real feel minus 23. And that's the hot. -- low. Is minus twenty degrees. Real feel that again we call the windchill minus forty. Minus 51. If that is your Sunday night forecasts and and another injustice that put this as late. Or forty kick for late game why the switch because the but -- Green Bay. So Sunday night green Bay Area to would have point underdog home Aaron Rodgers is 100%. Healthy. Not Randall Cobb healthy Mike. Mike McCarthy yeah teacher particular. Does it. -- -- description looks at your gym teacher has to execute the spot built pizza and tight as -- Whistle. Mike McCarthy the says those two guys are you OK there the -- ago. So if -- a much better team. What chance Green Bay house separatist group that -- just freeze to Aaron Rodgers Dominican pitcher and they just freeze to death. If Aaron Rodgers they have the best passes. It does it help. Aaron Rodgers the plane in. Minus. When he degree temperatures bell but its -- look really cool -- -- coming -- no tolerance weakened. Anytime in the next few days were people who are criticizing fans in the premarket. Three of the four playoff games are not sold. And greed is one of why of Reagan ticket and if you're a season ticket -- have to do is endorse. OK let's let's make fun of the -- stuff -- say bad things that Deborah talked about grace Avery. It won't get to them okay. Fine ever heard of but now windshield low life minus 51 out like Washington and -- of -- -- place we supposed to go outside and it certainly that San Diego game in 81 that was oh yeah. Ice bowl advocate the -- all of this so -- James Green Day. Dire packers' fans' Christmas nice new TV. What he -- Venus at the fire on. About you know little mini hot dogs now watch the game under on the committee -- -- at least for a couple weeks. Ago they are -- that we as those we have just one. Well there so forty dogs' favorite food. Take that little. The -- 20 boy here because rules Chris nationals. Wrap around them. So that's exactly what it is right that's one -- we can agree on it yet you -- a little he would beard hot chocolate you go to the game. Frazier is not it is not pleasant by any definition you can throw NASCAR could pretend. It's meant. Man but not -- not meant to be outside. Sunday night at green -- -- as Green -- The real -- temperature the wind chill is going to be minus if the -- is QB so that's for the fort. It's 440. Or forty kick off. So that so that Raymond 64 WB dark as -- -- -- down the entire game the sun sets new. In some of the big factor that's my. But SI goes away and so -- here in the next few days. Football was meant to be played in the elements. Was meant to be played in minus 51 degree wind -- again and -- to be the I'd better I guess. While it is minus fifty ice fishing maybe we have that Shaq -- before iron below the angels you argued the highlight of go with your game that if you spent a couple of box on the money a parking beer everything. The past five minutes -- date will be getting in the car. Right after the game -- it doesn't matter can be the most exciting game and history in humans and the I mean I. That you wanna be there I know that 105000. People that if the Democrats that's that's just in some don't think it's happened it's -- it's what's going to the -- on TV. -- the -- you'll look at the -- -- -- hat on -- that's funny that's cute at kids are playing in the ring connect what was temperature and that was the -- whenever -- like seven was six or seven it felt like that's that's gonna feel tropical compared to Sunday. Night. Green -- them. What keeps -- Sunday afternoon and what time report it's going to be dark and it's going to be colder than hi I. That day is minus five high windshield. High wind chill is minus 23. So that's the best you can hopeful when the sun sets and it's with them appeal. I'm 360. Will be earlier. Thompson you'll be sitting in Libya 5532. B minus 303540. -- it's a stupid. Why would you buy a ticket would you go off and so does say something like to go to electing -- -- they'd like to say that bright. Right elect is among party -- that patriots that titans. But at the play after it was it was like that waters below zero. Is this I don't have ever seen attempts six degrees feel different than minus twelve yes -- it feels like. Eight -- Is definitely different I mean sunset is for fifteen days so that's going to be thirty minutes before so it's miserable. No matter what it's miserable no matter who you want no matter where you want. We're gonna see. One of the best teams. To. Root out fraud teams Green Bay Packers know they got Rodgers back they went. 18 leap and getting ready seventeen brought -- handled that better and they're good. There agreed to pick easily beat -- -- be surprised that beats him -- -- what about whether I'm on the web -- the weatherman says it's if Cisco. It's like -- went off -- it's hard hitting. NFC teams. Seem to use that the best. Defensive teams are all in the NFC. I know we can look at the stats Cincinnati's the best defensive team in the UFC. To build on them right yeah. -- -- them but the patriots are playing in them. On January 11. They might be we could play this game. Which of the three teams earned it sold off last week to -- would you prefer -- -- like. -- did killed. Which did you pick. I can -- but what's her awful segment I'm terrible at all. Generator. He -- pre advocates but I think it's I I. They know. That in the jurors have no chance. None. This week. You zero H 00. Warm weather team it's. Because I just watched them lose to the JB's. -- city chiefs -- did not win that game the NFL gave them that game that was -- gift. Home against the Kansas City and you look at and his. Every chiefs' starters just watching them and can't -- -- -- -- that game and they beat the charges. At San Diego courts don't think I've watched on for four picks in the at a game that's true people or was he can topics -- the first three picks break Lou's record they will lose you here Tuesday at quarterback. Drug rate -- the court if they do like -- -- in -- -- those -- did the reading the quarterbacks get -- wrong. Like like like quarterback park in rivers or you rivers are built. Rivers we fix all -- Rivers will be hall of Famer pastor. He's not now if you lower keeps picking against rivers over -- -- on the road with the rest of the charges team against Cincinnati. Use. Good which is the best defensive team. In the AFC. And the -- home. You just -- San Diego. Apple against Kansas City. And you think that -- go. Across the country or halfway. I mean on the road in the -- -- -- what's the forecast that the real feel for that. This is yet. Of these four seed. And it is going to be 29 somewhere. It doesn't have a city. That's at the Miami hotel. That's -- for -- blue. Unit in the font and -- yet we cricket team on the fourth and Lou -- still. Cool place for a program to us. We have heard it put it through. It's odd it's. Well. More severe hot and I don't. Tomorrow that's -- IC. That's fine and outlawed talk if you want I feel that I -- -- -- there that you can't I have to you know I'm in charge. It. It's. A good question -- answer your question you picked Cincinnati for about a month change of tune. Yeah completely and totally. Against the patriots so UND you know you would be available dead wrong month ago or two weeks ago three weeks ago 456 weeks ago when you call meatloaf fan boy. They told you the patriots were going to the -- global. -- the patriots are going to the super and I think they are right now. I do well this is no fun you give up right now I think are they -- -- they were wrong I you know I look you know me well enough self you know at this point. If it's nice place great you think it's -- -- -- -- -- port since -- the whole week that's true children's pajamas that is the -- products morning whatever happens. -- goes with disease in this is when members emotional reaction to that moment. And you guys were mocking me when I told you the patriots were going to the suitable potential honesty is ashamed of you right now the boy and boy they got lucky. Against. Cleveland right. We know it definitely -- -- -- -- but apparently beat the worst team in the -- week before if you can't imagine I can't imagine anyone else the NFC. Going to the Super Bowl other than Denver or new -- Right now you know an animal like Super Bowl caliber teams they don't want the pictures don't really but the fact is. They will go into Denver and and right now treatment right now is he's just weaken up. What's the real feel in Denver rate waking up to bury it six what days AFC championship 1990. Every day many -- thinks about the weather nineteen weather that day and he knows he's home. And that's good but he was home last year. It was -- in the AFC championship game was a game at the point -- -- game game was supposed to -- 170 points right he was supposed to win he blew it. They blew it and no remorse was the big -- -- but he lost at home. In the first playoff game again. Eight times that he's -- playoffs eleven -- eight. Times he's been one and done that's the thing I mean you don't pick Indy can go in there are bad weather and beat Denver the first we don't like does that does that make sense the law. Term weather forecasts that January 19 the night of the UC championship game boy when agrees real field and in two inches of snow. That day if you think. Peyton Manning in the two gloves on with that little thing it hit that it would lock up the field culprits and beat rate in the -- I don't sit well. I said after the game I was away at you because your -- you go down over. That after the Broncos game here -- maybe for a forums war meant for a Manning against the patriots like crap in an ugly against its net. And -- is great. Against India that whether it's the weather's bad throws by elections you're stopped at the patriot yes dissent that right now of -- at the -- the patriots against Denver. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Computer work those computer. Republicans favorites -- Export. November 24 makes sense it was 24 and at that and -- plots and threw for 75 yards in the first three. Quarters it was too much for men only was too big forum he's MVP he's all memories all. Everytime he would be individual award become more convinced than ever he will old he fail. Against the patriots on January Bill Belichick said that night I -- the ball and it's that night. Yes good point that's. -- around you make. I just. I'm just trying to get to the break -- hard it is to run shall we here. We get I get one whose resolutions and yet we will be away. Even when he's back. In 2014. We limit them and that's limit the boring and -- Tonight good practice today. For the next -- next reform weeks to its. It'll limit the boring and -- great -- what shall -- -- there. It was a boring interview but though. Today. -- important as the -- that's a good. And is this economy. Am a metropolis these -- blow again as we have mark so they're. Forty plus or is that not typed here in the space reserved for. Like engines postman I really do that for you what time is or only do for dean of the what time or 45. I'm not mad at 745. Talk prize in all of its -- talk about -- get to that to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but that -- -- Billy O'Brien to put this idea that it's something perfectly appropriate and noble. It's ridiculous that we disagree that it could we talk about that talk but that will we get back from this break -- we will do. No boring interviews for the next. Year. And there are Jerry contractual. -- that that's a good point and we get my hands at times. At seven what was that seven and thirty cent after the 71 symptom. And again we the most important thing we have to do today. -- hotel room because as we get down. Beat the -- oh. And be ready for his rules allow workers. Liberty crew did. Which is yours on the needs to the next three days. There's Alec is -- 124. -- for US. Is. Sure he's yours significant other can booking room on the computer. Now that -- asked for. He just did that what I mean it was a statement. I would think in place. Or do we get back and did -- hotel room value. Like Billy O'Brien is weasel.

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