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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing Patriots' bye week

Jan 2, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss the Patriots' bye and what to expect in the NFL playoffs.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike could probably had joined as always by patriots expert analyst for WEEI dot com Christopher price. Chris it is frigid the patriots believe it or not or outside Wednesday morning getting ready in their bye week. Or whomever they will be playing one of three teams we notably the -- the Cincinnati Bengals have they beat the San Diego Chargers on Sunday afternoon at Paul Brown Stadium. -- will be the winner. The colts chiefs game if the chargers beat the Bengals. What does that tell you about this patriots team that that are out on a zero degree day windshield here at Gillette Stadium getting ready in the Bible. This isn't we call for them it's the business -- this one of those weeks where you have to focus and it's not so much focusing on what you're going to play. But it's about taking care your own -- it's about making sure that things. On your roster tightened up things that might -- your problem going forward. Things are tight that he hit it absolutely key for them. To get that kind of stuff taken care of this week that next week they can look forward to -- -- for the. All right one big subject touched on this week at -- by Bill Belichick was special teams I asked Bill Belichick. In the press conference. Is there away you can coach. What -- Garret -- did on Sunday you know 858 yards deep in the end zone returning kicks 8362. Yards they were the two big key plays that game. How do you coach set up Belichick said it really is about you know the and height of the kick and hang time rather than how deep the tickets it's little things like that I find fascinating and I think something that this team does very well. I agree -- when you look at the success that this team has had 200120032004. Lot of it is because bid because of specialty you know you look at the last dozen years the big plays and Matthew Slater talked a little bit about -- that it affected. Sometimes in these big games it's the smallest of plays that'd be the difference -- a lot of times in those games those small things are -- of specialty. And one thing Chris that that Matthew Slater touched on I think it's very relevant early in the season the patriots were knocked good. Generating big plays on special teams let's face facts -- even admitted it but lately in big. Occasions this team has the propensity if you will for coming up. The big plays you know way back in the 2001 AFC championship in Pittsburgh everybody remembers the Troy Brown. Punt return -- exactly when when you look at this year in particular we're not just talking about the specialist and it just talking about guys. Like this house you right now indeed be right those kind of performance you're you're talking about guys like Toledo in his ability to be consisted. It's that guy when it comes to open record. Not the focal point of -- to make something out of nothing. Need to keep an applicable with them for the very deeply a recovery it's exactly covered you saw the of we we thought recovered a tactic that we've seen him. -- disruptive force them specialty teams later be disruptive force of fifty again that's in addition to the work that guys like that coast. Right now what you need to go with it includes your specialist he'd gotten really good special teams player cross border and you're right -- the but that's going forward. I think it's gonna be you what you did at full -- because guards are always it's such a thing but those big games. They're going to be grateful for them. Well.

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