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Kyle Arrington joins Christian Fauria and Steve DeOssie on Patriots Monday

Dec 30, 2013|

Arrington joins Christian and Steve on Mut and Merloni after the team clinched a first round bye with a win over Buffalo. Arrington talks about the defensive performance and the stellar performance by running back Legarrette Blount.

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All right solicit the pitchers when we told you that that we are now we have a Kyle Arrington on the phone Kyle's brought to you by Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer company. And by the could -- a tractor corporation. -- to Heidi I was Christians orient Steve -- I don't recall a -- so got to put this season in perspective real quick if you could -- majors lots of ups and downs. Lots of a lot of -- going on with injuries. Lots of doubt from people outside the locker room just got to put the season real quickly the regular season in perspective for us. I'm like yes you know that's announced. Becomes you know conference territory assists. So leave your analysis in any -- to I'm we can't we got to go away. So -- -- you have beaten back a little bit. They're there but you know you have worked with a bunch resilient group and I you know -- a -- Or security yeah. Speaking of -- up when we saw that she got a little hobbled up to make a tackle. Yesterday how you're feeling for a. I'll look at it that you it was at that point. So with a week topic I mean what's the plan for the week off. Meet specific yeah. You know in shutter you know that please. I used to. Not you know -- you know you know particular part here. You. Coming -- into the that the -- we have a policy as. That it. China makes and collections. Where we eat you know these two. Not -- as always. And you know Cha Cha Cha Kuwait -- Located here that's the grateful for the -- the. About knowing your your next opponent who will the first few days of of Fillmore could be more self scouting -- anything else. You know. Since plug the holes where we're we're we're we need to mean. You know he's cute play but kept. -- the couple years so he went to each other. So. SC team where you know we can now where it will get better. -- -- -- -- -- Pretty fantastic day you surprised by you know how well he did yesterday. -- they can get a obviously you know. In the return game and running game. Many lean in you each of our workers so that it's so surprising. -- -- I -- brickyard in my somebody he wanted to. Artwork and -- and opposites on the countdown mr. -- as well. Good -- would your bigger wins coming the last two or released point production was coming last. -- two games is that a momentum thing that you can take into the playoffs or does the bye week mitigate that. Certainly that it would you know keep the he's evil he's -- Rodney you right away. Here but -- an -- about that is that these casinos -- so what we site for. This one of the seated I guess is that like are already -- and play a game zone. -- -- -- would you know that that chess game where a player games force in its history. Did you when you receive about just the weather that that the guys had yesterday house -- about force force to remove anyone. You start about the rain was gone both ways that's what it seem like a tool. Who has the edge in that in that situation is an offense or defense. Record well I don't often they don't have gone the next service shut out there. In you know it's it's it's tough to -- that we have those but advocates for the inspection but 0% and syndicated game. But I think both change. It will manage your game well I'm given the conditions -- you know harper Arafat. How do you feel but you're defense though right now is news as constituted but he feel about who's going to be -- field. So how do you feel about your defense as it is right now when and who you're surrounded by how do you -- whose defense -- prepare for the playoffs. A world that that there would -- -- -- -- You know we we know most about there. It is that which you're not eager you know you don't it was so. -- Extremely extremely. The report -- into a policy that was. Is there anything that you guys and -- you can tell us about what what bill said after the game seems like he got the podium pretty quick after the game and it ain't any saying. That he says you can share with us. Do it to actually. Happened bird. But basically you know congratulations. One eagle on the way you like. I got it you know we expect expect so. You know I respect the troops and you know it's -- using users week what province. When -- going up against two a team like. Ball float the -- the season they've got to have very little play -- was -- talk. Before the game about. You don't let something like this slip away take care of all the details that it. You to take care of all all they had -- forum was maybe the chance of being a spoiler and they came off a good game against Miami. So what was the thought process going to yesterday's game. And you need to assert this. It is factored in about what they say it's all the latest. Especially. Recent years you know we need him I'll what we were you I would bet you in the year. Both so we knew it was an amount. And -- -- -- -- -- like that it ought to be variance. Credit goes to. So account -- what do you know about this team now. That you didn't know when the season first started. Acute care -- you know for me. That we -- -- Surrounding. Each other -- or visit great outlook of some surrounding it is you know. People who that the first slip Richard -- -- some evidence of resilient groups so. You know ups and downs but to see that would that would technically you to stroke the way you guys completed to -- I'd love water column that you know we're we're we're gonna back. Crowley. Didn't. Playing -- defense aback position using to play all over the field. At times every preference would you with the U wanna be. Matched up on the outside or playing the slot receivers anything that you care ball more muted -- feel better -- one way or the other. It's just -- -- global you know whether it's. Outside it's -- it and hit it today. You know is it -- you know quote just you know straight through it -- in its its its network to. -- just real quickly before let's go unless they just. Matt Patricia. -- as a coroner. This. What he means as far as to this defense as far as his play calling. And just what he means to this deepens because. There's lots of talk out there about you know coaches -- Levy and you know just for Daniel's name has been coming up as -- future head coach. You think map which Fisher has in the head coaching job cinema maybe -- -- a beard off. Ultimately. You know that would be is Cisco. Or something talk about it actually. It's that you within -- means you either -- question. First guy for guys here that guys it's not officially but aren't the only green bottle so to -- it. You know he in Egypt is from -- hours. Countless hours you know all apparent for these interprets it and so you know. -- that's and in our position you know. Insisted it is -- that the executive. Quote -- church -- years. But what genuine guy who you know that -- picture about it even more officers in -- -- Yeah I know Steve -- ardea incidentally probably not immediately enhance the bombing ask it anyways. This city Indianapolis Cincinnati. They want pick one. I want -- pick one in no particular order local. It. Epic that three and I gotta agree that if you desire to have all of that and -- any desire for a little payback against NC. You know these guys lost that game on the road in the -- -- -- -- these -- -- against -- a -- -- -- played yesterday -- -- like a -- out there. I mean it's it's time it would be nice right maybe play gets -- a team -- you have some you've got to played against him has some -- with. -- yeah. Yeah. I a long -- I think I -- you and Steve Steve what is that you want I want I want to you Vizio wants NC yeah. I want that sanity from yeah yeah -- so you pick Kansas City on the record. I did not dollar to go we've -- unofficially on them visually our Kyle man thanks appreciate you taking the time to give us a call. I'll rest up enjoy the break who we talked to you soon. There's -- took them down I I tried to down he wanted nothing to.

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