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Tom Brady joins Dennis and Callahan with the playoffs just around the bend

Dec 30, 2013|

Brady chats with Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane after the team clinched a first round bye by beating the Bills on Sunday. Brady looks ahead to their first playoff game which is two weeks away.

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-- say up patriots Monday are Tom Brady interview was brought you by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel -- at deaconess. And crescent credit union Tom Brady joins us now on the AT&T hotline -- -- and Kirk good morning how -- yeah. -- -- -- Matt Chatham said to me yesterday that the conditions you played in yesterday where the most miserable for him as a player he'd rather it be called. He'd rather -- -- -- all the -- cold rain is the most miserable -- agree with them that from a quarterback's perspective that's as miserable as it gets. Well we won the game and that's so pretty good and so. I think when you win it if none of the conditions really matter much when you when you lose. Yeah you definitely have some game that you're beverage you've got to work. Brochure -- weather conditions spread. At we've really fought to reverse the hadn't played a tough game played a really tough hard -- football game that we needed to play him. Played it reduced its such a great job in the run game could really good on defense had great great in the kicking game so. And so we did against. Baltimore and was really effective so. To do it two weeks that -- this time we hear exactly what we needed. I mentioned that I kinda get a pass to everybody handling the football yesterday throwing it catching it are running it you guys did put the ball on the ground a few times but were able to. To recover it every time. Was it just hard I know you had the one fumbled snap was it just hard to rip the thing all day long. He I think you just had its moment in conditions like that so. Yeah there's there's different times where. You know it just doesn't. Quite go where you wanted to go but the good thing is both teams deal itself. We we did have you bought from the -- which is felt that we can do a better job -- because. You know it's really what that ball on the ground and get a 5050 chance to get that back we're fortunate to get back. All of the time. But I know one of those corner kick it to maybe a different game so. We go go to work harder at that but from -- will be reporting of this first go forward. Certainly turnovers have been. A little bit up and down throughout this year we can be we can be better better work won't need to be better here in a playoff. Are you hoping is that good weather like that in -- way in two weeks because you know that you cable playing games like that you've done it before the way he run the ball you're rooting for cold rainy. Lousy weather you know week from Saturday it's. Larry 850s at the kick -- time you open for twelve degrees and snowing or rainstorm again is that what you guys kind of want at this point. Well whatever it is it's you know I think we've we've proven this year we we're just about anything so if it's. You know that the adverse weather conditions really cold. Could be. You know 55 degrees and perfect and that there will be tried first to so whatever it is it is -- -- that -- footballers. Both teams play it's so it's not like you know you're measuring. You know probably first downs you made against the other thing number four probably rushing yards you have parents here -- looking at -- winter games and that's. That's the important thing -- they're. The opponent yesterday well it's the book we'll build it wasn't to me it was so perhaps it was -- -- so. It could go on get a good win against them you know we've. You know but they've played really hard they've. Have a very talented football team and so could be -- -- -- you're sure what was with that -- way too long ago. I've heard you say in the past that if Julian Edelman stayed healthy and stayed on the field you knew he could be an effective player. In the time that you -- -- did you ever see a 100 catch season out of Julian settlement. Well it's it's a real credit to him and he's put himself in the position particularly -- the opportunity got so. You know you're you're sit behind. Them play the best receiver football so far secures web. It that's that's since you don't get a lot of opportunity in jewels. Got his opportunity really worked hard over the years to get himself in the position -- commitments. This year and stay healthy for. Think you're so. He's been able to produce weekend and week out -- really dependable consistent player throughout and you could see the types of improvements been made over the course you're basically effectively been able practice or private. And play every game and such as. That's it's it's hard to be productive when you play eight games a year so to play ball and to be consistent. As he's been sort team and it's really been critical to the success or team which is. By far the best thing that. You know could possibly happen for this career. And other conditions too bad it wasn't easy it's not what you do but I bet if you wanna Mulligan on that -- right that was not that was not up perfect. You'll. It was a very good plan. It is pretty crap before and so. This sake he was pretty deep bill Leonard you know letter unit punt returner and at some -- ball found him and it was a good what do you tell. Do you practice at all in all during the weaker during the season for a situation like that I mean how much time do you spend during the season practicing. Every day or every week. Every week we talked about it we go through it would work on it. Every week so it's actually got from that. Is a good thing for us to do. They had a great shot near the end of the game you were sit on the bench and -- Garret blunt was sitting with the and he had his armor on your shoulders. What was he saying. Are lowered it you know it was just it was a bit that very joyful moment I think for both personally it. You played incredible game -- and it's really been a great season for thirteen to get to this point we've. Definitely. Got a group over achievers guys who have worked really offered -- So -- it and played whatever role they've they've been asked to place so. Or that through your position the running back position offensive line has been shuffled around. You know to be twelve -- we're pretty proud that so a lot of guys that believe in one another and certainly. Don't really care reform yesterday it was. One -- best reports have ever seen so. It into pretty tough conditions -- it was a great effort by him offensive line played their part so. -- and they continued to. Do you strength of -- -- and so perhaps organ figured that stretch. I know that offensive lineman would always rather run block -- pass block they always want to deliver the blow and not accept the blow. So it had to be so much fun for them to see him perform the way he did behind them. Yeah I mean that's. Let the market. Tough team that's how well you're on the ball away he stopped over and so I think you're right it's speaks a lot to the top -- of those guys and they want a chance to prove that too it's not. -- -- Depending on the day -- -- you know it's fifty passes some days it's fifty in the -- to be able to do both of those elections can do both of those. So to be able to do both those -- to effectively use. If Israeli. You know but well balanced team really well coached. Offered to let a well coached offensive unit in you know we have some great coach is Josh. But it doesn't -- and -- to prepare and or whether they're from -- open on the staff so. We're very fortunate were fortunate to be at this point we've worked hard to get to this point -- that we get to see if we don't take it into the. Do you appreciate this year more when you go twelve for all of happen the injuries. Hernandez. You appreciate this Mort if 36 and you would have say ten years ago a 26 and you have more understanding of -- now how hard it is. Yeah well I think every year you gain -- perspective it in. I think he'd take it different view every year just convey your situation life will be different than. You're right you're at 36 you know what I've been a part of a lot of teams. You know there have been a part of the year like this would -- as many guys injured in new guys really stepped in and went from really last second games and really when we've been challenged the most we'd better bet so. That's showed through the metal cup with the team that we've gotten. You know what -- you know hopefully that served as well here. You know two weeks from now where we get the chance to go get this Saturday night -- -- -- -- a really good football team. You got a little time here with the bye week will you actually look at all three possible opponents in begin preparation for all three of them this week. Yeah I think that's a Smart thing to do it I think that you go to and do something about it it's. And -- should read about the -- you know you're gonna put as much time she can't in. You know -- the three teams in the it'll benefit. That would benefit to start working on and and whoever it is will be achieved that. Certainly your debt and all the teams that are in the playoffs this year good genes that are. He's blood teams we played them -- routine since that we played them so. And the other two teams that we have a chance to play that we have plates so. Well you know what he'll work him first -- so few we can do better and as the week goes on foot I think little bit more about what next probably. -- there's been some rumors around Josh McDaniels may be a candidate for this Cleveland job if they had to just fire which again they're saying is gonna happen. How different is McCain has been the second time around would use -- a first timer hesitant. Both Josh and Josh is there are the best offensive coach -- you know as I can never met him he's. So prepared he's so confident what he does. Great figures that way -- week to get us in the best position as players to win and so I have so much respect for in the what he does for. The what he does for thirteen. Now he's just a great coach it. He's got a lot of poor he's got a lot of discipline and in. You know -- will be -- Gordon whoever at leopard because it's been ripped my life so. But that's. You know that's that's just the way it is. Right you know what my best friend and -- -- have a. When you look at the offensive weapons that you have right now that the weapons that you played with -- yesterday and will play with a week from Saturday. Do you feel confident as you said the you can run the ball when you want to and pass the ball when you want to you feel you're as well balanced as you can be to -- -- Well we're trying to be and I think whatever we do we have to do well so. If we do run with that -- effectively we throw it we've got to be efficient throw -- throw. It's it's really just -- matter what other game plays out the conditions that we're -- with. Had a lead here the last two games which we didn't have for a long time and so we're able to run the whole bit more aware that you dial in. By the fourth quarter world record for broke on this from the games so. That's been a big a big part of Turkey get ahead on the team in the fortune on the throw the ball forcing them make mistakes. And really get out of the double play that they want to do so that's really been a big key for and hopefully we can keep playing from. You talked about -- -- -- you guys have had to overcome to get to twelve and for now the way you're playing especially the last two weeks to Iran and the ball just beating these teams up. Do you buy into this idea that you are mentally tougher as the team. Adding -- the playoffs that you were last year. By I don't know I don't know compared to what should know pretty mentally tough. And I think every year's different based on the circumstances that team and with the games are played out so. You know I don't there's always different compared since Jamaican in the military team to really be -- to establish some double up with the -- Which is really critical to the success. Overall success of what our team is and what we're trying to be so. We got a lot of tough guys we have simply could physically to have better offensive line and I -- But they didn't want those guys you know that was here if it's if -- an industry like the book editor of a flight they're -- so often. There's puppet to be the pride in the way they've played all year how tough they are what they've Turkey. Gave Devlin who's really. They're doesn't get a lot of credit for what he's -- went to Beijing to appease them play full back. Turkey really established. Abreu in the top of that we -- and -- for a long time but depositions so. Really -- him brought all the guys and what we've done what we've accomplished but now this since. Do the -- -- worked so hard to put ourselves in the position. Time now for our quarterback question of the week brought to you by crescent credit union crescent credit union is now serving Boston Providence and beyond. Visit crescent credit dot org to see how you can experience the great feeling of better banking crescent credit dot org I promised caller on Friday I would ask you this question. Nobody's -- in their lives away here. But do you give any thought to what you wanna do when you are done playing football. I haven't thought about it yeah hopefully it's a long time from now when I am really thought about any of those things and you know I just float plane I -- if that leapt up Tuesday have to. To play for the patriots so that -- really concerned about right now -- down the road goes there's a lot of weight that you realize it. It relies can take different directions that these are pretty far right now. You get to spend more time with that voice I heard in the background there -- -- York or in graduate -- -- -- Short but -- -- well congratulations on the win congratulations on the season enjoy the bye week and best of -- going forward into the playoffs. -- I thank thank state thank you to that is that Tom Brady quarterback Tom Brady. The Tom Brady interview brought -- by northeast electrical distributors the cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit it's.

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