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Pod Man Rush breaks down the loss of Dennis Seidenberg

Dec 28, 2013|

DJ Bean and Joe McDonald talk about the Bruins losing defenseman Dennis Seidenberg for the season due to a torn ACL/MCL.

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Oh million rush. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. -- -- Welcome to an emergency addition of odd man rush here on WB yeah I dot com I am Vijay being this the first -- men rushed. Of the season and it took something bad happening to get me back behind the microphone here. And that would be a season ending ACL and CL there. Two defenseman Dennis Seidenberg. Joining me for this this emergency edition apartment rush is god you guys got to know last year apartment rush that would be Joseph McDonald. Of ESPN Boston to -- going out. You do it. Not much aside from us both being a lot busier today on Saturday afternoon I told even -- family event thing and and run home and start reading about Dennis Seidenberg. Yeah sounds -- I had this same situation and so seven net Saturday at Austin I think you're right it's called but I haven't. And fortunately. Being treated at Feinberg Rwanda. Rwanda steady but so it was in the road this season. -- in the broad I mean it is just. Patent. That's situation for the Bruins the mean you're talking about. You know like defenseman who the reason why they do -- It all multi year eagle thirteen million dollar deal to was because tendons detailed charting new images to -- best shut down and been in the lead. And you know any time -- deep into the playoffs you see those guys paired together. It's just this is top break for the Bruins and it's an interesting to see what it is surely does. Because as much as we talked about regret about -- the last you know. Basically -- Al the year bought all the young prospects of the browns have in the organization and told Torre crews in -- -- -- -- copies of the world. I just don't think that the Bruins get -- in Macon island deep run up. Incidents it was cup playoffs which with what it happened placing I think think they'd probably needs a lot now. And look for notes on veterans stabilize -- that's been. To bring back so it's going to be interest and as it happened but just a -- great and noble and Bruins should just now operate. Would you mentioned you mentioned the other post season and I mean that's that's where the Bruins are really get a fields one don't get through the next however many months. Do and some something of a duct tape job of calling up the Zach trotman and the Kevin -- is the -- here and there to fill in for these guys are getting heard you mention it's been that it's been atomic guys who've been. Going out especially on that back -- But once they get to the post season that is where they're gonna feel at the 'cause you we talk about the Stanley Cup run twenty -- It how Tim Thomas on the bruins' Stanley Cup and blah blah blah all that good stuff. And other third line coming alive and Michael Ryder saving the day Tyler Sega and kept coming from -- the press box and having that great gimmick gets lightning. At the end of the day in my mind the reason if you -- point 21 single reason as to why the Bruins once in the cup between eleven. It's a Claude Julien put Dennis Seidenberg -- zero Chara together to make that super pairing where he said you know what. Instead of spreading these two guys -- -- tough on Mike a top four defensemen here. -- gonna put them together instead of making it tougher deep Poland's top six are gonna make it nearly impossible for the opponents top line. And that should -- maybe we've seen it over the years Seidenberg was the best defenseman. With bruins' best player you could say it'd be rich -- the next year when they got outs in the first round in last year Dennis Seidenberg was on the eight S first single goal. Against the penguins were they only gave up two goals that tired. That tired. Series against the penguins so. Look Dennis Seidenberg right now -- when you're missing and you'll say yeah I'm not -- keys to a fine here whoever's filling in is doing fine there. But it's once they get to the post season. Where you really get a feel it anywhere if the Bruins are gonna make a super deep rough might be -- -- of the past -- years the petrified to differ way to do it. Yeah -- -- you can -- you can take a step back TJ go back to 2000 and win this is when the Bruins acquired Seidenberg. Because they knew that debt that was what is fueling was looking for isn't that dynamic. On the back end with a guy like chart if you added it Alex Lambert who you know. At that time when do you know what could have happened in 2000 and latency and he goes down it. As a last rated or are injury that we used basically out -- -- and neighbors and and use against. Let's take a run against the flyers and not at that point -- she started to see him get back in -- -- some reason. You know the Bruins had imploded and waited they did against suppliers. Outside of it would have been back the accomplished finals. And who knows what would happen next year. Two -- -- indication of well how important. Is presences in the lineup especially on the back end and I saw -- had written it in the last couple years. -- detailed -- is not a right out. You know and Seidenberg kind of live under the radar a little bit right are in the military plays but. It's HR you know -- the lineup and Dennis Seidenberg you know his -- and purposes is it to ajar. Because -- complete -- achievement and here's a guy. -- -- upsides to. You know we come Tesoro for a few years now -- in such good guys right guy. The thing that I -- about -- that. He hates to get knocked off his skates you can sell it only. He gets beat you don't get beat on the outside -- or he doesn't block shots when he gets knocked up which it. That's what gets me going you don't see that very often. And something went down. Friday night you know you know in next legend behind the net -- grab a great game went away elect. That's not good when he got out you know it -- on the zone and walked out of our Alonso local -- -- will not back. In their local -- that would but what not taking trips. Right then you're like okay well you know -- maybe this isn't completely but your right TJ you know losing. Losing his -- not so much more -- seen in the playoffs. Each went out changed you know that you know when they get out there in the post season and they have this case. You know -- -- hearing of Chara Seidenberg and you know it's chalk that up to watch every -- there on the ice. And that particular ship but. Now eighteen minutes okay there's a vulnerability there at the Bruins you know is that they -- peacock. You know I'm on that offensive outside so. It's gonna be interesting to see other girls can react to this computer surely mean I think I think directing me to go out. It is -- mean is that something crazy as you know I'm just notes you know it -- -- Try to figure out a way to get parents back at me you know maybe that's I mean that's an option who knows. But they we need to bettering because you know losing sides in that that doesn't bode well for a deeper in the post season. Liu mentioned Ference and I mean I I don't think just financially with all the guys they have I think they also pitcher he's always been a guy who's been. Responsible to both for both of the present and the future. I mean they've got to be inching up beat -- I don't think either of us really could see it happening but since you mention them. Interference was also big part of why the Bruins were even able to have that top pairing of char in Seidenberg in the post season but as they could trust that -- in boy chuck. Could be dependable against teams second lines. Not only do you not have interference anymore to make that. Really good number two pairing. You know -- longer have Dennis Seidenberg so as you look forward to the playoffs I know it's very -- media of us to do to in the middle of the regular season not even halfway through the regular season to be talking but the playoffs but. I look at these pairings and I say. Look a lot of guys have to step up probably number one in my mind as far as inheriting more minutes. Would be Johnny boy -- he's gonna go from playing around 20/20 one minutes a game to probably something like 2445 minutes a game but in addition to that -- -- -- well Doug Hamilton has played this season when he's been healthy and obviously he's injured right now. But once he comes back. I mean. For me in my mind on the Bruins output and a lot of responsibility. On Doug Lee Hamilton to become that guy who once it comes to the post season. Ends up being on that top pairing with Zdeno Chara and that may be depending on who else you bring in you're looking at a park coast keep -- apparent which we've seen a few times this season. And it's been fine with the exception of that awful game against the red wings were -- was bad but I mean in my mind. Right now -- to be your top four going into the playoffs. An idea could agree more army Doug Hamilton -- the guy. -- think right now median. Coach you need to know about playing -- -- you know he's not with an injury but. Whether coaching World Cup future -- came neatly meaning it you know -- -- chart -- mean grab him or you know. In the last 24 hours and basically said look. You know you're gonna get healthy as we know it does -- he's probably gonna be. You know skating here with -- probably in the next we get to. So you don't -- please back sooner than later and sooner rather than later. Obviously now Steinberg situation but. The one thing where it was able to admit that we've seen in the past that OK you know last season -- a -- the lockout shortened year. He comes and he didn't tackle what the Bruins thought he was going to do you mean he played a lot of hockey last year. You know even before the lockout ended in the currency started. You know and then you know he experience is growing -- like all. At that time nineteen year old kids in the NHL do. It's nearly came to camp and I've been a precedent. You know pretty much all season you know he's solid on the line. He makes more -- -- you know between two guys you know especially. You know just what will be able to hit little -- the way that he does. On the Blue Line when he -- you know defender you know coming out of when he -- a quick move. Police illegally you know senator -- of this story goes back to the boards and he can park on battery and a quarter into the open spaces. So the -- about -- say that. You know you really hasn't shared the way where I think it's a -- devils say. Okay now my opportunity because in the pat -- say OK well you know what. And that's not then then Chara got it or not there's got cut and then you know on still on. You know I'm on the bottom out of the defensive -- here what but not anymore I mean -- expects great things in this case. And they've really been able to talk about his poise and took his composure and maturity -- -- going to be -- to attached. And the you know just going out and -- you know that you -- that I have that we all have collapsed could be yours is that I keep it to conduct -- step up. And take that responsibility. And fill that role. That's going to be -- -- here -- Seidenberg side absent so. Yeah I agree with more each is that you know I mean we -- know what John what you bring in in what you act. I can get the point really. Look at without it will be great if this came out can -- to be picked -- a lot physical presence and I would like to that we get a little more fiscal here. -- hope it maybe ought. Yeah I mean he's he's he's long overdue that it had to drop the gloves and he's had some opportunities obviously eat. It seems he kind of was someone in student indicted or pick after that the Erickson thing but I agree with the he's got to do that. Yeah no question and you know I don't think I mean he didn't juniors I don't be afraid to do it. But he's never have to do it because -- -- -- -- on the site that averaged back. But now are what we're seeing a little more -- out of -- you know what let's get out there that lets you put -- -- -- -- Portland in traffic laws. Let him get you know involved offensively -- little bit more and I think now. How -- you can take this opportunity -- out all the now can they need to eight -- now. And I think now it's it's where it really didn't want intimacy with -- it has really made up over the next few months -- it isn't. I'm just because of -- members -- It wobble -- play on that I would rather just I would just rather see dug deep there on that top pairing with. With Chara then to keep at -- crew up there which are and we've seen crew play with him up for a few games over the last couple weeks but. I think that is the Bruins move forward especially once again the playoffs -- crew is very good at what he does but I would be a little concerned of having him a with having him. On that top Terry when you're going up against guys like say Sidney Crosby your or whomever else it may be. The date they called Zach trotman in wake of this injury and it. They'll be able to it kind of take their time with with getting him into games and and things like that without having to worry but same issue they ran into with Kevin Miller which was. Miller was about plays tenth game and he was he looked very good for the Bruins but they're pretty much forced to send him down because they didn't want to play that tenth game. And then becomes susceptible to waivers the next time they decided to send him down. If from the Bruins I think the sooner rather than later I'm getting Kevin Millar back up here and I'm giving him minutes for the time being no. Yeah I agree yeah I think that this situation where. Because it really was an emergency situation right -- They needed somebody you know you call trotman -- -- -- winning in the wings or -- tonight's game -- Saturdays and against the senators and then see regal and there -- wanting him. By the time you know two -- admirals are on department. I would not these prizes if you seek similar tactic has. Claude Julien and that's. Or actually. When you address that whole situation about you know getting to that ten game mark with with Miller. That the Democrats would negate the thing they don't want to lose him and he said that. You know the next that we see Kevin Millar here will probably be here and permanent basis so I think that's probably gonna hold true. Some probably the beginning of next week where. No note and be back in the mix and he's going to be a while -- -- sitting -- at some opening and they and they really want to keep that. You know that that helped competition. Going because it's really where without all the entries but. Between -- that group Murkowski Hamilton had beaten yet available it was LP that was really like you rose. That defensive -- already has really kind of pushing each other. Never -- need to get the line up. They were already -- I think there was gonna -- -- ads that make one bit. But I'd really like -- physical. He's not afraid to drop it needs to. And one thing about him is that you know he really had a physical presence. And yet he is losing. I would -- so yeah I think it's. -- egyptians is what this weekend and I think probably pretty little one actually we're gonna look back proteins in their media adoration. One -- it's gotten bounced off my head a few times just by readers and Twitter followers I'm sure you've got the same thing is Mark Stuart the former -- who who they traded wants out of equate came in to line up that kind of stole his job. And that's -- -- season he's in the final year of his contract with the jets. For me. I wouldn't see it happening just because the Bruins kind of have to those guys already they have out of equate it Kevin Millar were very who are almost identical. Players to Marc Stewart with the exception that the Quaid in its end Miller. Are both right shots and Stewart's left shot odds. For me I think it's -- to -- get a guy it's somewhat more and that's Seidenberg mold and there aren't many players out there who were -- that Seidenberg mold. But I don't think it from the Bruins like I overload on stay at home physical defenseman right now. Well I think -- mark still living and believe me I. I can't remember you know restaurant -- you feel better wells. And he was and I. I said that from day one elected it is going to be at some point in his career he's been aware letter and your right Paul brilliant because. He had a lesion on and -- he bluffing about a player like silly it was that. He was always in control unfortunately always had to -- some cutting injury. And that really effective development. And -- you look at the pros and 2011 and fortunately we want not a -- and obviously traded. -- here and I mean these applicant. Which. You're apartment because human view -- Boston Bruins. Teammates love. Are they love that -- and you'll that they want to -- situated toward Israel needed. Needed to make. -- need to make a deal you know he did and it turned up and that's bot roast but. You know I'd be surprised it's that they go that route I'd love to -- -- back limited subject of the got a great player but. I know for a fact that he watched where he has right now he's playing well. And then they they -- a lot from it up there I mean they really do him and he he can't fault them that. By this prize is that -- That way but you can bet between Israeli. Prod proud to work in the form and send out emails text messages. To figure out you know who's available right now because as much as the -- like to -- right now they need to keep debt debt debt debt owing in intact. And that's why I think the problem and go up now and try to acquired that would be. All right Joey Mac thanks for joining me on such short notice here don't need to be Asia architects of the home be laurel in patio date for hooking us up production wise last minute and all the Julie -- get back to though his rating in -- back to my rating -- odd -- rush we --

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