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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, checks in with Mut and Merloni before the Patriots matchup with the Bills

Dec 27, 2013|

Reiss joins Mike Giardi and Chris Price for his weekly chat on Patriots Friday. Mike previews what to expect in this weekend’s game against Buffalo and looks at which Patriots have exceeded expectations this year.

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Well it's a hot line. Guy who covers the patriots down there on a daily basis. He's really he's he's become a rock star -- it television's star. He's on the radio. You pretty much to go anywhere without seeing Michael -- of ESPN Boston my agrees our conversation and Mike brought you buy out their tyrant. EMD Miller -- division of and even in even read it and I got out there that I'm not going to Mike rice joins us now Mike how are you. Well my. Great great today to talk. I can't let that read that they got me reviewers. I can't do it I mean I'm I'm I'm being criticized my grammar and again try that Paris or just talking about the expectations. Mike would you be disappointed if this team gets -- first round bye. And went one and done. I actually sort of feel. Felt the same labels is seen. You know -- and a lot -- Miami. And I did this past week and indeed all the more I really feel like. This team beat anyone in the NFL and they can lose to anyone in the NFL and I think. Part of that is -- of their injuries and sort of what they are but I also say. Part of that is the NFL itself -- -- the thing is that wide open. As any time I can remember I wouldn't be surprised. If any of the ultimate well playoff teams are there any and so what I'd be disappointed. I'm also disappointed to Wear my kind of got even be surprised I really think it's as. A pop up in many ways but apple like guns at home where they haven't lost this year so. I get it can't be mildly surprised if they weren't one and done. You know -- I -- that is exactly where I am I -- this group because I think based on where you don't have. To be in the position they are -- phenomenal accomplishment. And yes if you get that by you said yourself well then you should win a home game in the dip is C championship game and whatever happens there is gravy bought. The way this league is shaken down the way the AFC is. As I said I've said a multiple times on the show today. Other than the Indianapolis Colts who I just don't think have quite enough. Anybody who makes the playoffs and there's Bristol three teams really vying for the succeed I wouldn't be surprised if any of them emerged and ended up in New York are suitable. Yeah and an and I think the left you mentioned the New York in the Super Bowl to me. Adds a little intrigue to get all the possibilities that you consider. Because well I think that any team could get there -- guys. I think there's one team above all else. That would have an advantage. If they get here all of that I'll play out here and not the New England Patriots because by can't think. A team that played better in that adverse conditions. Than them so. Nearly got flat look at this from the short term picture and say OK if you beat the -- get some play outside. You know went through gains. Probably one on the road likely get Denver let's say that the -- evidence if it because I exceeding. And then you get to this Super Bowl and well and I've seen maybe the best better and that's the units -- might be a little bit better than not the best AFC team. I think it's sort of levels of self -- when you factor in the whole New York outdoor Super Bowl in February. -- wrote this earlier today and I'd be curious to get your take on this. There's there's a handful guys I think who have really exceeded expectations were we all got together at the end of July down their training camp you know we we thought that the usual suspects would be. Gotta make up the core this team you know the Brady's immigrant house keys and -- in that group but. I think that there's a handful of guys who really kind of gone above and beyond that in the name that jumps out for me first and foremost -- and you truly are Julian out of an electorate -- Yeah I read the piece -- thought it was spot on the and not just talk about settlements first and foremost I remember when he was a free agency was looking for anyone. Basically invites him. To a visit to basically say show me some -- shall -- an interest. One team. Stepped up in the -- -- outside of the patriots is important for a free agent visit. The New York Giants and. The best offer you at on the table was a one year minimum level type -- sort of up from bit I'd deal shortly you can stay healthy. And. You know he comes back to the patriots can be figured it all things where you can I'd rather be in the place -- -- with a quarterback I know what system I know. And you talk about exceeding expectations. -- -- eating at the right -- pricey easily been a. Don't think that the great short no one -- the good one I think. Element to -- a whole other level I've been in any of the guys that was just based on where he was. But what -- for. Yeah you committed case it's certainly you might be the best punt returner in the AFC. And then for what he's done for the offense. Certainly out playing the more expensive free agent acquisition and Danny Amendola and stay healthy but I think that's always been the Q and -- right. When he's been healthy he has been a productive football player I still go back to his first year. And that playoff game against the ravens. He was the best player on the field for the pages that there wasn't a good day for the patriots but he showed up he played great football game he was. Extra efforts spinning drive get two touchdowns in the game. That that's when I was sold on Julian element of football player just as the citizens and a hard time for him stand healthy and now that he has paid off. It it it hasn't there's so many stories -- guys that I I -- -- are great stories I go back -- you know when he first got here. In 2009 in the seventh round draft choice and you without a training camp and Angela -- might have been there will remember you're trying to seal hunt for the first time. That he would cabinet. But I'm beginning to bite by the crowd Erica you're -- so much trouble handling punts like that about Matt. And I think about where he is. About it actually and I'm not really the other part of this story. And the patriots keep this -- what's going to be the markets for him and the freeagent. A price will be curious if you agree with that means we need the market for. El -- is probably that same thing that Amendola got it's awfully close 31 million right around there right in the side that's -- you know million per year arranged. One of the -- computer game and in the -- And it raises the question what the patriots consider giving and the impact would be obligated Amendola a little bit but I. -- think that's a great question I think that teams would be a little bit more reticent given in its funny we talk about comparing him they Amendola but I think teams would be a little bit more reticent to give them that kind of money. Because he's done kind of the one years saying in any hasn't really. Being kids in this is not necessarily not but he hasn't been consistent because of the health and I think that teams might be more inclined to be from a financial perspective. In terms of guaranteed money to dial back a little bit 11 thing I wanted to get your take on Mike is. If you're patriots they and we to kicked around -- The idea playoff opponents and who would you most like who do want to see who would you least like to see coming in to Foxboro for the divisional playoff game what's assumed that. They stay at the number two spot and they have the option of facing. The bang goals of the dolphins Q who ever wins or whoever takes a second seat. Other deal the colts have achieved if you're patriots fan who would you least want to see in the divisional playoff game at one. And that it's a good one I I I guess right now I'm not as sold on May be the chief says the mother. People aren't and now it's probably one team I I wouldn't mind seeing Andrew Luck to me it's sort of. I've it if he comes out and plays. Is that game. He could maybe bring it down all by himself that sort my view of him so. I know it doesn't sound popular articles in my yard -- -- -- -- -- -- he was saying you know he doesn't believe in the courts I like Brett I don't live -- at all about that but once because of our power lock. That's the one unit that would concern -- maybe more so than. Then achieve more so and the dolphins as stated in singles you know I think the fact that you played in -- era law to. I don't mind that I wouldn't mind matchup is not so much sir may be promoted from the little surprise here it -- the -- and the -- back. Crazy crazy about it they're working too hard down there -- put up I don't know that I did your day off -- -- off the field. But still the work the -- it'll break neighboring Rhode -- back for per day you know from buffalo. -- -- I know you're constantly constantly added I just I think maybe fatigue set in here yeah yeah yeah very. And Mike we're we're talking about. Tom Brady and the potential for MVP and obviously the year Peyton Manning had. It would seem like that's a slam dunk. But I was -- in the case that when you look -- who Brady has been surrounded by an all that he's lost and what Manning has been armed to win. The fact that they have resisted game separated -- you beat them head to head. To me you can make a real strong argument. That Brady even for some of his early season struggles. Is the most -- plan early this year. I would yeah no question Mike I I don't think he'll win it and I think you nailed it I mean I think the effect he -- touched down you know roads are gonna. -- it's a Peyton Manning probably in a landslide. I think you party -- -- Jamaal Charles as well with the cheap but you know and think about Brady in his seat -- sort of insisting. Remember a sum that up maybe about week six or so and any other time it cut -- -- I didn't think. Early in the season he had been playing as well as we. He -- -- and you that's sort of easy to forget but he sort out real good team that some victories in those quotes game. And he's done more good -- look at this he's been very much. Similar to 2006. That your we were throwing it Reche Caldwell Doug gate drill Troy brown and so others you know not but. Certainly not proceed according had been next year but -- Welker and -- light so. I think definitely you could you could. Bang the table and say Tom Brady is an absolutely worthy candidate is even more so than Manning at the end of the day acting on the these awards go. Those statistics and the numbers will probably. Of -- patent that award rather easily. We talked about this before to -- him again wanted to get your take on this the biggest loss this team has suffered this year in terms of in the deep did the guys -- gone on IR you know you look at the group of Mayo Tommy Kelly Vince Wilfork Sebastian Vollmer which one of those guys has been the biggest loss of life. In the I would pick Wilfork pretty decisively -- -- Over fourteen years and so like Bill Belichick coached -- For the most part you could count on one thing and that would be the ability to stop the run make an opponent one dimensional. And you know they didn't have that he can they get in the horses. At defensive tackle it at one point in the years gotten a little bit better because they've just been coached in their tails off trying different things. But to me losing Wilfork at our defense is is. Not the same as with the Brady like you did in 2008 by. Probably about as close as it yet but that would be the one -- and that to -- just because. It has no one like him in and bail me. By a distant second -- on the impact will work as on the scene. We talked before about how Wilfork is kind of transcended to the veteran status in the locker from the last guy I could remember who really cut across. Those lines of offense and defense and when he talked in a locker room everyone listened to was Kevin -- in anything Wilfork. Has reached that same status in this locker right now. He out -- an instance -- interest in if he cam. On the sideline you know during these games and and I almost. Fell off my chair I was re watching that game. From Sunday at Baltimore Logan Ryan intercepts a -- out. And we didn't wolf for channel his inner Bill Belichick all out of little sheet of paper and apparently -- -- it's got to go back to. But that's not a good point -- and I -- you know I know you've been around a long I think apartments. You talk like that in its audience to just sort of share with. And I think it's how those guys crawl and Kevin all look like that we first got here in -- -- weapon like that. You know even as recently as 20082009. When you know its future here went. A little uncertain and have a little sign in his locker that -- that -- you know. Your job or something like that just yet the focus on his own situation instead of the contractual -- Swirling around him but he's certainly. And sort of -- -- -- like status as we are on the sideline that -- and as we you know locker. The existing group to be Mike and I was -- of the -- the comparison. Awhile back that the defensive backs I've never seen a group in the -- locker room. Have as much on. And get into it debates but they're good natured debates. As these guys you before after every practice and when Aaron there's there's always something -- not. Usually Talib is that the center of it usually that's the -- with -- NBA basketball but they're always going at a and it does it speaks to like kind of a closeness of the group that may be a little bit of a different personality. That this team has had than maybe some others. I know I know that they felt this way when they got the lead last year might in the trade in November. From the Buccaneers not only beating Obama in the field but they felt like -- brought a little something that eating them a little bit of flair. I don't think -- the right word but just a little bit a little bit but it didn't have. Closer to be Asante Samuel side I think that you will then it even more buttoned down reserves. Seven the -- style and and that sort of you never know -- itself is gonna -- but I think. -- -- -- sort of -- the stick of dynamite you know immigrant way thought wanted to blow it up but one of the sort of create some spark its Q well. I would back -- pin and like similar to Wilfork you know I mean you see the difference you make on the field I mean I I believe by continually. Am impressed with how I see the coaching staff using him and how they view him. The basically take away. What -- USC opponent's strengths and. That a couple weeks ago in Miami played them on the inside part of the field and what Ryan cannon a -- trying to beat them the outside part of the field and can't help edit the credit they hadn't. But at the same time and it is how that you believe and -- on the field and and as you mentioned off the field does not that you brought a lot to that. -- worse still the a couple of days removed from the ravens game and so we're still relatively early on in the process but is there a long term concern about -- reported in the concussion he suffered against Baltimore. Well I don't think we'll see him this week he hasn't practiced all week and that usually means we won't see them. And then I think what you -- origin of the patriots could indeed get the buy here. And then you've got a couple got a couple weeks where. You know he's had time to -- then and you will be ready to go for the play out as I heard you guys as I was driving down the stadium today that would -- concussions. You do you never know because you could feel good at one moment and then. The next you know next hour -- it in the other direction but -- -- is that we're not really. A situation where they're thinking along those lines right now. More of the idea that you're probably gonna be without them this week hopefully get them an extra week arrests and then -- -- a picture looks a lot different than it and it has this. My agrees great stuff is always our man from ESPN Boston. Would feel the worked I want to get a little bit about this. Well I know that. It's gonna come back to bite him so staunchly against the colts right now probably at a win and hold them that Mike -- great stuff is always appreciated Mike. Have a great guys -- particularly. My -- one of the one legged ones one of the good guys. Stephen -- loud dance sequence you guys hang Howard take a quick break here in the my Maloney show featuring. Yours truly Chris price we right back with -- phone calls. And wrap up this show here on a patriots Friday RW the.

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