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Peter King, SI, talks with Mut and Merloni about all the NFL news heading into the postseason

Dec 27, 2013|

King chats with Mike Giardi and Chris Price about the potential head coach openings in the NFL with black Monday on the horizon. Peter also helps the guys take a closer look at the NFL awards including the MVP race and potential coach of the year candidates.

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-- Maloney. Enjoying some well deserved time off might yard a year Chris price across the way from -- dot com and no right to the hotline. Conversation with Peter King sponsored by complaints insurance town fair tire at Toyota of Nashua. Mr. Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King thanks for joining me. I don't border anytime. I -- you could say that where you're -- Dylan's don't you do wanna be invited back in about if you believe that I'm and I'm attend the side review com. I looked up I'd -- big TV here in the studio I see Tony Romo had back surgery disparity is out for the season. What do you think that does war -- the cowboys playoff chances and believe the reputation that Romo has whether you believe it's deserved or not. -- from big moments. Well I mean I think the biggest thing is for them. Yeah I mean bing bing news at this almost certainly was coming. But I partner Jason Witten yesterday was -- in a crowded -- all. Well rounded. Indeed you know outside I think they were pretty sure. You know positive that this was coming. So. The one thing about this is the only I would -- positive thing. Is that. The you know that that they've had all week to prepare for a Kyle Orton will have three full practices with the ones it would the first -- Yet had a chance to do that the whole year. And so. I I just think that if you look at the you know the -- the only positive that you can look at it's that. You're not gonna have a guy coming in flying blind -- -- -- cigars at 137 game. -- news and it felt starting career. We have really really Smart player when are we being as a coach -- Broncos. I had the opportunity after being drafted in evil going in for a couple of days Denver. And watching. The installation of the offense Kyle Orton was starting quarterback and -- loose. It's really really Smart really good and so it -- I just think they are situations. This year right now. This this -- bad situation. This is the best thing that could happen. Peter next year we gonna see Billy O'Brien walked in the sidelines and Houston. I think bill O'Brien is going to have the opportunity to coach in NFL scene in 2014. It's going to be up to him whether he wants to take -- the fact that last year he considered it. The fact -- this year obviously he's considering it if you would take -- Leads me to believe that somebody makes an offer he thinks he's in America probably go but. I don't have any inside information about -- Bryant. I don't know -- so I can't tell you that I can just tell you I think he's gonna have the opportunity. -- Peter we we look at the film obviously Monday is a is the upcoming Monday is always a tough day in the National Football League black Monday. How many openings you think. Many coaches are gonna get fired and and what may be is the best job of that of that bunch. I think -- accused dinner deterring would be the best job. Them. Honestly when you when you look at all the jobs available. I think one of the things you look at is. What team out there as a good quarterback you can win. And that would beat Detroit if they hired you or. So you know to -- I think that is one thing that that you look at number one number two. What team has a good base of talent some good players. Recently won in just added that year and that would be the intact so. To me I would sort of look at those alternatives. And basically saying. That easily deterred he's in would be the would be to restaurants at least in my mind. Continuing handicap right now for us that the coach of the year race we were kicking around appear a little bit would be the specific to an idea where Belichick ends up. In where this ranks in terms of his coaching career in terms of his best seasons as a head coach the patriots. You know some of that the coach of the year voting is often times. I think really unfortunate. Because sometimes you guys might have your best year all the -- career and you know get a -- like. I think there's a good chance and if you're gonna give it to Bill Belichick in any year -- it in the year even more than sixty you know year. But. You know what happens in a year like this people look at the Kansas City Chiefs going from. He too would 1411. And five or whatever it is they're gonna end up. Or variants coming into a bad situation in Arizona. Bringing in quarterback. And the you know going in having this seat mate. You know will it affect them if if they don't make the playoffs probably. But I just look at the -- so many. Good candidates is here and so many people are good coaching that. I find it hard to imagine that you would be able to go wrong -- anyone's -- take. Yeah when you look at Belichick is he Peter obviously as a as a national guy who talks soon. A lot of different people from. One coast of the other it is Belichick still may be hurt his reputation outside of New England by some of that. The pass goings on are by his dour nature that people see in the press conferences that yes -- will play up or whatever you see it online you know where. It terse answers and and you know not really answering the questions in general is that does that hurt him you think when it comes to something like this. I don't think so I mean I think what you -- it despite being heard of it probably it's. But again. Ignore it that way I look at these votes -- first of all I've got a bit of a problem with the voting in general because. The Associated Press in this for people who don't understand or don't know because not very well publicized just say hey. John -- in the MVP and they just -- on those the MVP. It's a different. As the voting in football is different than let's say you're voting in baseball and baseball. The baseball writers -- they get to from every city I'm not mistaken. Will vote or -- DM VP. And L Cole. I think it is 1310. Right and MI right now and -- no one through ten. And they assign point values to each one of those. Each one of those things you know 11 through ten I think and it's wandering -- -- I don't know how it works but anyway. So. What happens in in football the Associated Press the the the long running wire service that you know that you know boost basically that the major source of America. For decades. They run the MVP voting murky your podium all that stuff and they asked fifty voters in the media around the country. To vote for one person for every vote. So let's say you thought that like in my opinion. I think. -- read Bruce areas Bill Belichick and roberts' error probably. In that order in city you know probably at the top I can do leader aryan this or were read but you know and then Belichick -- -- and Robert -- would be right there. The media I believe that all of those guys are close and they should all get credit. But if I lived by the rules and I are the hope for one guy. Then I'm all in on let's say -- greed and nobody -- he's gonna get any credit my feeling has. We are votes they want to -- to you make decisions there ought to be let's say ten points for the first place guy in the and 108. You know 642 -- however they would do it. But you know -- I've got a problem with going all in on one guy went up budgetary relief interpret. Can you make the same case this year for MVP in the National Football League and no again we. We're kicking it around up here the idea should Tom debts amid VP votes despite the -- the patent is having. Well I mean if you got to vote all but one guy. It you know would be part for me to vote for Tom Brady over pretty meaning even though clearly. Tom Brady has had to do with and it could make do with much much much less than Peyton Manning and he beat him and it and it. So I wouldn't I don't think it would be a bad pick at all my -- going into week seventeen. Would be handing. I mean authorities first got in NFL history that. Irked that he touched down at 5000 year any year. Probably if he plays or -- get a break the yardage record they'll break -- And who knows I mean I've written and I said I think that we're not very far away from 6000 year passing the now the land it somewhere around 65 -- so somebody the next ten years and its purpose six. Over the way the rules are trending certainly -- of that that that does appear to be the case when when you look at the AFC playoff race. Are you like me and say. Pick pick. Dated anyone of these teams to come out and emerge because it's been so. Topsy turvy and it's you know who's heard and who's not -- plan while the various pockets I look at the AFC and I say. I don't think that there is I mean I don't Denver's. Maybe slightly cut above everyone else but it wouldn't surprise me if any of the teams that got in ended up emerging except maybe for Indianapolis is that. Not sure they have enough there. The problem with the agency to its -- -- remind me exactly. Of the eight -- last year the Baltimore Ravens could be the sixty year than last year prior. They could they could be a rope wire cart soon. And I wouldn't be shocked the eager ravens make noise and the player or it would be our seed in the -- cheese. You get to the Super Bowl I think every Ayers he's seen his flawed. And I think every -- eighteen parents had beaten her I don't load a single team. In the AF CI I -- I mean how can you you've seen. If they'd seen every one of them has shown in the past month. That. They can be vulnerable. So -- -- I kinda look at at EAC is Munich there's a reason why there's only been one time. In the last nineteen years. That the two number one seeds have advanced to the Super Bowl mean think about that for a second you know all these could mean it is you're playing at home. You know you have apply. You get to plate both teams at home to get to the Super Bowl and imagine it's only happened once in the last nineteen years that to me. It's stunning -- -- says they're working group of the tiny and it felt would be is exactly what it is which is. There's eighteen teams right now. In play. For the playoffs entering the last weekend of the seats and out of the sixteen games this week at thirteen. As of 1 o'clock anyway at some playoff implications. And it's just it's it's exactly what the NFL -- Peter just to piggyback on Mike's question initially kind of take -- over the NFC because obviously weren't we see things through such a New England prison here. We mean to lose a little bit us. Lupus and -- what's going on in the NFC. Two teams that really jump out to me is kind of wild cards not the playoffs sense but just really don't know where they are right now. Are are both Carolina and San Francisco. Well I think both of those teams. You know when I look at them now. You know before Monday. I would access that scene for Cisco. Is the second best team in football now I might say Carolina. I mean secrecy goes on such a great role our covenant on day and and they were pretty mortal. Just like Seattle a mortal. Against Arizona on Sunday also would call. So. You know I think. The last couple of weeks. Going back -- New -- dismantling Carolina at home. Three weeks ago. I think that it -- not that every team in the and it in in the NFC. Can be beaten exactly like the -- And that's why. And I do I think this post season is. Is as wide open and -- here remember. I cannot wait Peter -- great stuff is always in the Monday Morning Quarterback we appreciate you joining us now -- happy new year and enjoy the games this Sunday. I thank you a.'s Peter congress' repeated response -- -- he's charged town fair tire and Toyota of Nashua.

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