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Barry Pederson chats with Dale Arnold and Ben Volin about the current state of the Bruins

Dec 27, 2013|

Barry explains what the league was thinking when they suspended forward Shawn Thornton for 15 games. He also looks at how the Bruins have chosen to build their roster to sustain success.

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The entire National Hockey League shuts things down for three days 24 25 and 26. The entire National Hockey League is back in action beginning tonight. And the Bruins begin a home and home series against the Ottawa Senators tonight there at the TD garden. Tomorrow night they are up in Ottawa and -- nest in broadcasting colleague Barry Peterson joins us some like good morning -- Merry Christmas I tell you don't thank you very Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. You know I I I miss hockey but I don't mind the three daybreak in the middle of the week like that it's kind of a nice thing. Yet is whether it's one of the brighter things the National Hockey League does is completely shut down and especially right now up -- and they're going crazy with all the old world junior championships 24/7 on TV. So they're getting their fix which they need the great white north but it's actually nice out here to have two -- three -- off. As we get ready to a lot to begin the new year here and it happens you know within a week. Where do you think the Bruins stand -- are they where you thought they'd be are they better or worse than you thought they'd be where you position -- right now. Yeah I think they kind of thought they are where we kind of thought they would be the beginning of the year their depth is really obviously helped the -- down the stretch with 56 guys though because you whether suspension or injuries. We organizational depth is coming -- We worked we thought we would get a good situation back on a deal with the three big. Young -- -- -- -- -- -- panel could embark held here I think they have really. Answer that bell -- -- a really good job of adding that speed that transitional. Part of their play of some offense to the to the team but they desperately needed. I think they're going to be there at some tough decisions probably. The type of decisions you'll likely have as the organization when everybody gets healthier. Go back into the lineup. Whether she Sean as well off his suspension -- has some tough decisions that take a lot of young kid yourself for a lot still a month or so have really. Especially last couple games started to open up supplies. We talked about the Shawn Thornton's suspension we've talked. Amongst ourselves about. How we thought Gary Bettman was gonna handle things. Sean has until Tuesday to make the decision of whether or not he'll take this case and become the first player. Take his case to a neutral arbitrator what do you think he's gonna -- I think he will take it to the neutral arbitrator could be the first guy I think we can see water. During the last this TBA. Negotiation what do players wanted to -- troll this aspect of their to have somebody totally independent like we had talked about on the -- bill. We did there's no surprise there was that we didn't think that he would you know undermine his lieutenant -- charge of put disciplinary action. Britain Shanahan to I think everything's kind of gone. Go according to plan I think you're an agreement with me that this was a very harsh suspension one that we -- and thought originally was and maybe going to be about Jon Scott level of around seven. And maybe worst case so I I was surprised that it was so harsh and I just not sure which are gonna do yet but I guess we'll fight over a couple days. -- mayberry. To me it seems like the NHL really wanted to make a statement with the Shawn Thornton's suspension not only do they not. Allow these you know quote unquote dirty hits but. They don't wanna get sucked into the concussion lawsuit in the concussion mess and head injury mess that the NFL did how much eating that's playing in his right. Well I think obvious you're always trying to set up. Precedent and make sure that you try and get rid of those incidents of like -- lives spoke numerous times. On the show alone during the Brock cost jobless the first to tell you little line you crossed the line we have to be punished I thought that was a little bit harsh. Treatment especially me would you. Listen to the hockey community. At large there was a lot of support for Sean because of the way that he carried himself throughout his career so far. I think his apology was heartfelt. But people are also more concerned about a lot of other incidences. He'll head to marsh and didn't do his head is indeed -- -- head those types of violent acts are a lot more I think. Dangers that what happened with. Which are important and -- -- and there's also a large part of the hockey community which I -- one of the believes fighting serves a purpose. It's a way of policing itself. This a situation where you don't have you take a run of the top. In the top six or especially a smaller guy. 152 in the hockey game you're setting a statement and that statement have to be answered in -- you have to be prepared to do that. Problem with that being said though were all very grateful that or pick is OK okay good hopefully get back in the lineup as well. But I think your original point -- it was a statement it's unfortunate for shock that he was chosen to are going to be that mark. I think David -- she if I looked at things correctly is ranked 33 in the National Hockey League scoring race right now. Leads the Bruins by a fair amount in 33 in the national hockey lake. M for those people who say all the Bruins never blot and get the big scorer. This is how they built this organization. Since Peter sure rally took over here they want it to be this way. Yet they do and I think it plays perfectly into Claude. Defensive. System. And I I have to give Peter a lot of credit -- -- -- well that's in the past and I don't think he's got enough credit report. It's one thing to sit there and say okay we wanna have a defense first. Approach to hockey a very responsible neutral zone puck possession type of game. You have responsibility you're accountable -- you have good goaltending. But it's another thing to gloat when it comes time and pay these guys but I think -- did a tremendous job recognizing. That yesterday -- Q maybe 33 but it -- -- cricket player on another team that was more wide open offensively he may not have the wins the championships. But he was certainly have a lot more points so -- give -- a lot of credit for recognizing that. Realize that the decree keys in the Bergeron. The Chara they're such important element not only offensively but defensively. But he's gone out and the kind of solidified his core going to be signed up for a number of years. Not a surprise that on a defense first team like the Bruins the penalty kill has always been great here and always will be great. -- -- with the goaltending in coaching in and worked his way out power play has always been a problem but but it seems as though. There's a light at the end of the tunnel where the Bruins power play is finally ranked in the top ten in the National Hockey League. To things they've moved -- at the front of the net they've got some puck moving defenseman in -- crew can Doug Lee Hamilton that they've got up parts. To improve that dramatically and it's got to help this franchise if they can figure that out. Yeah it really does I was a little surprised listening to you a bit -- I was driving it that you guys did mention the -- power play one of the great. -- we've never had a lot that we could probably the Bruins power play it the profit but it the other side. In -- number are we talking about it during the broadcast. That play the biggest aid for the coach is competition. And right now you have let you know you wanna call -- whether it. I'm not sure we put power play wanna powerfully -- unit but that young unit out there was sort of burden Spooner and so forth are Riley Smith. Yet another really putting me. Pressure on the veterans personally I think that's a good healthy thing. As we talk about the fatigue doesn't give up many goals and I tickets also built one of the reasons why their record at home is still improved this year. As you and I know we're sitting up there in the fifth or. It's one thing did not score the power play in a crucial part of the hockey game at home with another to -- -- a real bad power play have all that energy and emotion sucked out of the building. And be very difficult place to place for the broader than a good job. I think right now. Looking out to the future when you have a guy like a crew look at Doug Hamilton when he comes back those are going to be some pretty darn good young. Talented quarterbacks that power play that's putting things I think a really good. Light for things to to -- double stretch. Have any of the Providence call ups giving you reason to believe that as guys get help the air or off suspension when they get guys back into the lineup. That bit there may be some guys we're gonna push some veterans are some some current roster players out of a spot. Yeah Ryan Ludwick the last couple games dale is shown us that. You know he's got over those early call up jitters were you just don't want to go there's a young kid try not to make mistakes especially under Claude system. However I think the last couple games he's taken his game to another level. Which is so authentic we've always talked about one of the strings for the Bruins hockey club mr. depth up front and how important that third line as well now almost a given their lives it's. With young guys that seem to be accountable defensively as well but can go out there get some offense when the top two lines are being shut down so I think. I think Ryan Spooner -- really. Answer -- -- I think you'll put to make some difficult decisions you know I've been talked about how -- -- all season lawman who -- thought here he is. Almost leading the team right behind great you know -- in points tied for gold. With Dellucci took here's a young kid that's really got a great job that I also think one of the kids that sit down a course for contractual reasons because because they could do with they'll have a clear waivers. I think Kevin Miller did a really good job when he was back there on these so. The organization right now I think at the feel pretty good about itself when it's everybody healthy it would help some really really. Good positive competition. That allowed to coach not a happy yelled screamed so much. Milan Lucic has only one goal in the last month has has slumped a bit offensively is there anything that's different in his game that you noticed. No I don't think so I just think that he's a little statement middle of -- you can see that line I think is really get a good job. -- -- all these injuries we talked about before it happening is yes you can have this polluters. And that third -- sort of Bergen. Raise your jobs posted -- but do their job but what you really need. If your core guys who were healthy to Bergeron to create she's do you give a lot of Dellucci to do their job and it for the most part they have. I think with -- smallest -- days physical. -- content and is that presence felt there I think he's doing his job incorporates opportunities for -- the goal scoring will come. The way you have to for him I think it -- only goes north and -- goal of the front of the net and take the body at every opportunity especially on the fore check he's doing his job. I never look ahead to these things when you I work again. And according to. Together tonight it's got a -- bed I'm yet to get -- copy this morning. Dell's joking that he's actually. For the first time maybe ever gonna take a nap this afternoon. Well if you look but Dario architecture in my mind driving you -- you haven't to go get him caught because after the game he makes me run all over the course. Certain adult beverage. The -- wind out of the game so I'm sure you do the same thing. Or actually dale is pretty great brought instant Duncan -- month's -- at the holiday yeah sprinkles on yesterday's knows chalk one up -- providing them for him -- the other way or higher. Thought Garrett -- he could somehow that. Very well as appreciate time I'll see you tonight but hey guys that don't want to take care. That is Barry Petersen minus and Ali why am working with -- I and I'd never I mean it's a rotating cast of of expert analysis to show up an Italian player and it doesn't mean they're all great -- it whether it's -- happier barrier accordion doesn't really matter in that regard. But I never know -- show up or if I ask well take quick break back to the calls that you guys 6177797937. Its telephone number. AT&T -- line is 37937. Dale and -- and for John Kerry and Kirk Sports Radio WB yeah.

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