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Salk and Holley: Sal Paolantonio joins Butch Sterns and DJ Bean

Dec 26, 2013|

Sal Paolantonio discusses the Patriots and the rest of the NFL.

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DJ and you -- young career I wish you all the luck in the world I think you very talented Rangers stuff you write about the -- and other stuff that you are off to a great start. If you. Travel around as much as I was fortunate enough to do in my career and meet a lot of good people I hope you meet some people like our next guest. Sal pal Antonio he's one of the good guys they sell yeah yeah how are you to call my friend where are you right now. America's dominant self self serve up to -- -- Churchill or. Finally it is seasonal apparel -- source. Very nice -- my good friend DJ being writes for WEEI dot com. How are you a -- -- -- -- great cells that had done. So selfless patriots team let's start there. I mean they can go to the Super Bowl we all know it every time they've gone they've had the -- there in line to get by again will want to go to the Super Bowl on why. There are they independent city championship game where our title in Denver and convert -- let it be pictures are all. Vice Versa what about the -- it's going to Denver. Yeah I think I think it can happen but I'm not sure that it will I think just -- -- restarted two win that game. But you know get -- you know Denver Broncos I mean. To Denver Broncos. Are never again despite all the gaudy numbers as Peyton Manning has put up. And the patriots are not a give me I think. In the AFC. Every team has lost every team has lost. And any -- city. I think the -- team that's really the toughest to -- Seattle all the Seattle they're the clear a clear shot at a political suitable. -- the FC as you just kind of mentioned is a lot more wide open in the NFC is but. When you talk what Super Bowl contenders. How far down your list I guess to you get before you start talking but it seed teams and really having a sharp it'd winning at this year. How well our our I think pat I think you don't have to go too far. Mean -- I think that the Broncos are playing the -- capable playing and they have a suitable environment. And I think that that is key to keywords. -- a suitable environment. They're pretty much unbeatable. But it paid all that it's it's totally wide open. I don't I think honestly. The team that has the -- flaws right now is actually the Philadelphia Eagles. If you look at them if they have eleven possessions and again. They're not score five or six touchdowns. That's personal or a lot of pressure on the opposing defense. That's a lot of touchdowns. Here tendency is to begin eleven possessions. They're gonna score five or six touchdowns. There -- is playing very well they've only really been shut down. Three games at Denver which was a total blow out. Thought Dallas when the quarterback -- and trust. And the New York Giants from the starter Matt Barkley as their third stringer. So every every other team their offenses played very well. I think that's the one team that nobody wants to. -- -- actually -- Eagles are gonna win by two touchdowns and now on Sunday. So we -- assuming -- doesn't play. -- I don't I don't think it matters -- I don't think it matters I don't think the Dallas defense can stop the right people get people get a letter twelve possessions Eagles or score five or six touchdowns. Date -- since you brought up the NFC we we obviously -- things here in Boston from a patriots perspective from the AFC. When you really look at the NFC and the reality that the likelihood is that San Francisco and even warlords -- Carolina are going to be the two wild card teams. I mean think about that you're setting up a first round possibility that San Francisco could going to Chicago for example and Carolina we're going to Philly. I mean you're set up two games where the road teams might be favored in those games. Not Carolina. Will not be favored and I'll take it up a -- I just saw that Carolina looking. You can make it very one dimensional offensively. I don't think I -- I don't think there's really one team that goes into -- as a favorite right now that Seattle you know I think -- is gonna pick a. What if it's the world and sell -- if for example Carolina stumbles in Atlanta this weekend and -- Carolina wins in Atlanta and New Orleans ends up as the wild card. And they go into Philly. I really liked -- offense and I don't I don't really think. That anybody can hang with them right now especially at Lincoln Financial Field. -- go back to the AFC I mean obviously does it build -- in the Peters that overcome a lot of injuries specially their defense. Are the Broncos right now doubt they're starting to get banged up are they. Well I think you know element has really replaced walker. But but nobody is really replace gronkowski. Yeah I think that's the major issue. After that work for the Broncos. I think they have enough to pass rush without Von Miller noted that early our embassies and I think the one thing that they have not saw. Is what I call the -- defense. But we got out he sensed it. You know chopper down in San Diego chuck McDonald and Indianapolis all of them attacked. The line of scrimmage. Played press and coverage. -- the timing and rhythm away from the short and intermediate routes. They patent Peyton Manning called on the ball. And limited number of possessions. And when you're limited number positions illiterate Hitler and his ability to score. And that's exactly right when you look at the two Delgado problems. Let us know I don't bring replies. Great look at the -- Brothers and -- they stopped pretty demanding. At the blueprint right there -- call the possible blueprint. It is the -- blueprint. So our guys like a guy -- lowest since since and with our children here they go you just did that that was just like -- the collegial thing when he -- shows in new York and dead -- New York accent comes -- a lot stronger than it usually is a -- -- trust -- rule the world does this story for -- -- -- go gambling. Owned a bar right outside Yankee Stadium so I have had many Yankee Red Sox. Effects where we were we were game seven rights and open. The don't take my grandfather -- -- bar -- shut out. Right right before I was born -- 56 but it was reply or. -- well. More power output he'll have the real the year who beat specific. You guys have a great holiday I gotta run right sounds great talk and he would excel and you know the talks or writes out --

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