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Jason Cole, National Football Post, believes Bill Belichick’s coaching has been remarkable this season

Dec 24, 2013|

Cole chats with Greg Dickerson and Andy Hart about the Patriots improbable season and whether their success will continue in the playoffs. Jason also discusses what Bill Belichick’s chances are of winning the NFL coach of the year award.

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Out of three of Dennis and Callahan A-Rod. Sports Radio about a three point seven WEEI any heart from patriots football weekly. I'm Greg Dickerson 6177797937. You can text us as well at 37937. And I just want to let everybody know. -- wasteful. All four hours of the show I delivered nothing to the -- basically guys went liberty noted Andy's dock and deliver anything you'll be wasted space. Final two hours of the show because he spoke on. Everything that is that's saying well you know -- just expanding the horizons of this program. -- literature we're talking. Twelfth century saints or whatever thirteenth century saints -- A little Roosevelt apparently made the equal quite popular on Denver has included -- well if you're talking. Yards wife and John bad for the guy who sang with the Muppets back in the seventies and obvious in a wide range of credit. It. The man who's afraid of canoes and expand its -- just entered the very dangerous. More accidents happen outside the home -- disappoint them to be honest for sure we have a gimmick to the show. Thought for sure would be you know what is your favorite Christmas gift. What is -- or which -- would you like you were favored Boston sports team defined under the tree. Still two hours left and feel and aspect I don't know do got a budget yet cliche -- radio -- -- radio and happen in the 1 o'clock hour possibly. -- no gimmicks it talked to Jason Cole. On the national football post Jason I'm Greg -- any good morning happy holidays Merry Christmas hi Dylan. -- I'll start off with our local team here in the going patriots it. You have to sort give -- to dispose of the picture. Got up this little gimmick you regularly. Look. -- don't go with. Let's let's play this game to fight talked you back in August and I I said to you the patriots would be without the services of Vince Wilfork and Tommy Kelly and Jerod Mayo and for the most part. Shane Vereen and Rob Gronkowski would you believe that they would be battling for a number one seed in week seventeen -- you believe that. A lot we -- not to mention that. -- if. A little bit. This little -- -- -- Improbable beat the bulk culture as a hopeful I was that there was electrical and severed. You know what -- -- at the world. Foreign to them that. And August. That if you could help -- culture that -- -- he was gonna win that game. Where ticker right. -- -- -- there are two. Position award to the those -- -- -- is. A new series of great for vulture country. -- based on that Jason sounds like you think he should be the NFL coach of the year. But maybe he won't be if he's not why is that. Well I think that Ron Rivera who vote for him as that's a pretty deep group. They're. Up because your liver kill the -- areas spell check. May have -- heart of differentiate. So thank you helmet every culture. I. Wouldn't disagree with that one hope that. Might have been -- it on the barrel probably do that job. Oval. You know if you put. You know that's just something that is really true -- was for the -- Its interest thing. Getting. -- thoughts from people around the league. Press fans I don't think the patriots I don't think fans and press are given the patriots enough credit for what they've done this season you said. You know remarkable you thought they would have won nine or ten games I think people was spoiled as spoiled here locally to a lot of under the enough people here locally. A giving the patriots. Enough credit for what they've done this season with all the they've gone. Prepared. To present the most. How mental it was it was -- good -- Where things on we either an injury or. Hard luck loss. The -- others -- there's 600 games decided by four point the last a lot of those are you know. It was pulled from an effect -- what. You know giving of Borland. The game in Cleveland you know vote for petroleum probable person who has brought against them that will have a problem with just today. Carolina. Resort he went one at all by all the but the fact that you have a loose. They're pretty critical game at Miami and then come back and it sweep of Baltimore out all our. You know. You know -- could run away with that. A time where you're -- office for actual restaurant. About what can be. Count. I think there are some factors relative inspired but it will more lopsided in the real world. -- They weren't particularly because of some terribly productivity. In so well but -- course correction. Jason in your mind they're legitimate contender when the Super Bowl. What because well. Not part of what -- -- I don't think anybody's it is to. More effective operative was right now. All of the journalists at Seattle built for the problem worse -- -- more and more forceful column this week. The other candidates shall there are -- -- -- I don't see any idea -- seaside view I think that. Doing what do they have failed to get better -- you know want to get there it would happen by. I -- appealed to me that you would evolve over injury endeavor. -- was Welker and -- picked up break between those two offensive. That was up problems that are not potential of those bills obviously it will be cooler season. I think that. You know -- I think the best feel good really really you. I don't think every one change that all the world today and or is a little different so I concede there was one giving Super -- But again whoever comes out of significant public. You mentioned some of the top favorites of viewers in the in the NFC. I couldn't help but mention you mentioned Dallas panel like GO wonder why. What's what's gonna happen this Sunday. It's a -- two months ago. Two weeks ago or two minutes ago. What do you think happens this week and first opposite the reports of Tony Romo baca is it out for the season now Jerry Jones Jason Garrett are willing to rule marches -- what do you think the end game is this Sunday. Law I think they're very open for Christmas miracle. -- out of his bill would apply Wednesday this week. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's federal I think the source who are further -- -- -- doctor. I don't think -- -- But a runner out those solutions. It was just before. -- -- his plan. As he -- win -- -- it would try to work well. Out just the vehicle of -- war. The met -- a look at Matt would it matter Jason. -- -- -- -- Don't look at -- -- -- Toyota champ to do some interest concerns the commercial and others that are. But dynamic -- -- liberal and audit that was Chip Kelly is. If selling. Both victims Beatrice and that you felt some good. -- football fifa football. -- you have to would be for -- possibilities of trouble. I have a chip away. In the oil it's not effective with future -- is reachable. You know who the -- -- And political wide open. You have that -- quarterback well -- government you know -- with the boys over the course today. It was through before. The court game but it. The kind of you know 35 birds Tuesday but we feel law of the place orders -- -- -- oil for all. Jason we start off by talking candidates for coach of the year let's let's go to the other end of the spectrum even though it is Christmas -- and on. Want to wish anybody out of work but they're obviously gonna be a number of openings who you expect to it can then who were some of the top candidates to replace those guys. Well you go to government obviously is to -- or via other -- what who probably the most logical. One more victory from there there was -- candidates. It didn't work through our personal -- a lot that. You know work -- wasted opportunity Detroit election and the yeah that's probably there is that -- have expired. The term effect of a target Gregg should should go I go to temple wants to keep -- -- -- is real world loss of control that -- Local color for their interpreter of stuff that are real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But would you judge to -- -- like a wreck so that's that's what really of social. Taking it the next step one of the names were hearing his former Patriots offense -- bill O'Brien is obviously the Penn State coach now. But do you think he ends up in the NFL next season. About the two of -- that -- that -- he's got his way in order to get for the it was the coach of global. You -- want -- otherwise you would why would you why if you if you want to sit and say while the change of violent. And so future if we change the buyout is obviously particularly good rupiah fell through something about level. He's going to be a top candidate just that are reported to the server for a observers believe that bill commercial. Just for some perspective I think the current number of people reporting is somewhere around six million dollars is the buy out to get him out of his his Penn State title. How common is that you know we've obviously seen other coaches she -- you mentioned Saban made the jump in past. Have teams paid these types of numbers in the past and we're just not aware of it. Good government a lot of cases where people pay the buy out but. If you -- going to do that -- -- a by responsible world that you can't hear him. And generally urgently to buy out acceptable. You know war. Certain targeted. Groups like. While the Baylor as a corporate world by. Probably he has to offer ten dollars to -- via afoul of the opposite of what -- check for every other players. It's pretty hard -- out of heroes award -- -- But I kind of felt pain for pursuit. You got that means you've got to go relative -- and traffic it was soldier killed. Those guys will pay for those -- because -- governor of the money back on the flip side. A season ticket sales of -- the same period of church when Sergio. Hire Bill Parcells. Big rooted in our Bill Parcells was trying to get along -- of the acting for the stadium. -- You know in Arlington. And you know get it yet you know public support and it bring your personal. Relic that public support and it was worth the investment -- -- -- -- because -- -- Wednesday. Jon Gruden is a name that has been linked to jobs in the past it just seems -- things like. His name is linked to jobs more this year than the last couple years do you think he comes back this year what do you think he comes back at all. In the future. The tour itself -- group. He -- or approach. He. There's a reason why change -- resistance to -- I'll -- that. So some of the -- load the chatter about group has really -- Later which is he's always evolution. Of care that but oh well maybe he can go to mr. what is not -- -- There I think that in the back of all of us. Further. Approaches get removed for not coaching. And making good money for -- drug -- breakthrough would give money it's not such money but it's really good money. But more they realize. As -- about what what doesn't bulk power. Will never ever -- or will take a tremendous amount of money to get him out. -- conflict that we all have to do talk about football McCormick. I love this country it's great is that. Someone who's been on TV radio gotta love. Dave because serpent this. Tropical while Europe is about to work a good idea as we can take all the struck. Which is what should we TP connect. Jason as we head into this week -- -- I think it's. Thirteen games have playoff implications and the NFL's getting what it wanted when it's tried to set up the schedule where everything matters in the final week. And is there any fear from the league that this parity has led to. A less impressive product less good football being played on a weekly basis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So but what you should change it on Thursday nights and come -- now. Are cashing checks. -- -- they weren't good eighteen. Despite the purpose you know most people or football purist. And vocal players -- play -- him. There there's an insatiable appetite for the people watch it crater they're not going to game. Important -- -- fold like stating you know you can the laws figure some adult book completely full. But go live with what the TV ratings took over the direction now. Do you think will see in the offseason any. Rules changes or anything different one when it comes to officials. In officiating in this league they've been. A ton of questionable decisions -- questionable calls dropping year in the league this year what do you think happens in the offseason if anything. Well what I what I -- problem. You actually do in order. You're out because who do -- printing. Or reacting to get better would get a better product. If you take -- promote the over social you know over efficient it's over efficient. From work and also worked at 10 o'clock on Christmas -- you sit at the moment I mean if you if you doubt that would be great as far as. Rules you're probably gonna choose the strikes killed trying to get away get away from -- at Logan. But the -- I can't count it doesn't Colorado. Of those mr. tribe -- group the players -- -- I don't know that. I don't know that the numbers bear out. There really are -- -- -- -- the bulk -- put the perception or for more troops to applies. Overwhelmingly players want to play. If they're willing to accept. I hit -- the more than what it's -- and so I think there's been a lot of discussion. Between the league office. Players -- to Russia about OK how -- we. How do we get away from the media and parity. You know -- we -- an -- -- there were trying to get rid of. How about changes to the review where you know I know bill Belichick's a proponent of everything be reviewed including penalties and pass interference is and beat. The possibility of them going to an NHL like centralized review system. Both are -- system reform it -- just becomes more social. The three the father of the -- is for those -- -- They're gonna get away from back and -- their -- too much. I don't think it has -- an increase in the oval will move her views but for a better word from. But I do you expect. Were five foot restraint -- Probably open up a little bit more toward him be reviewed. -- judgment calls via local if you want judgment calls can be opened up. You know they'll just have -- -- at the -- suggested that looked -- -- -- this particular deployed. The warm you know the one. Figure a backdrop is the games can't get walker. And it can they can't get the college -- -- -- -- four -- Because the you know the way that the networks have -- their respect. They want it. Quote for three hours as they possibly. Jason appreciate the time this morning on a Christmas -- enjoy the rest of the day enjoy the rest of the holidays thanks so much. Appreciate Jason Jason Cole from the national football post your phone calls straight ahead we still I didn't lined up. 6177797937. It's Dennis and Callahan in -- WEEI.

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