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Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley: I don't care about the playoffs, right now I am focusing on Buffalo

Dec 23, 2013|

We discuss the incredible win over the Ravens, how luck enters into the coach's decision making, and the development of Julian Edelman. Finally coach Belichick offers his review of the new film Lone Survivor.

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The coach's hours of course brought you buy a Mercedes-Benz streaks cakes and by Lexus of watered down Bill Belichick. Just sitting down with -- -- here that and patriots Monday and WEEI coach. First of how are you it's it's the Christmas is is your Christmas week so what do you guys how do you spend this week do you work out practice with that with Christmas in the middle of the week. Well thanks like it's. You know good where your own. Gonna take Christmas off Wednesday so -- kind of due Wednesday on Tuesday. And conduct and of them -- different Saturday so. Just had to move things up a little bit you know fortunately -- a team that week. We know a little bit haven't played -- awhile. Since Alex and the lifetime since we opened the season with them bombing. I know -- three months ago since three years ago. But we do know them a little bit and so. I think we have -- -- that that story and some for corporations based on the about time we put on -- put into him in the offseason. And and preparation that opener. Was a big a big thing in the Belichick household -- your father was coaching or scouting or doing something almost all the time what was what was Christmas time in the dollar check household as a kid. Bomb and we usually the C Lama moms are friendly heroes and the -- West Palm Beach I was not not seriously think -- fantastic no white Christina Belichick family Christmas that's what I was missing all of these years big game yesterday you sound incredibly sounded incredibly happy after the game. With the way your team play and it'll come together. Well I just think it give all the credit in the world of the players -- that is great job all week preparing for a good job of executing in the game. You know though our situation football -- it was better red area third down on special teams is outstanding. We got a lot of contribution while at different people -- we showed some toughness and run on the ball. Stop the -- covering kicks try to play physical. And and we play for sixty minutes you know even at the end of the game and in those plays didn't really matter -- in the in the final outcome of the game but. We competed hard and opportunities to make plays in the game guys that that made them so. You know it was no. Point ending it at any time of the game I felt like where everybody wasn't 100% into it totally focused on what they had to do or grosso the scores situation isn't. Minister and probably the team handled themselves all weakens and obviously the results yesterday. You speak frequently about how difficult it is to win games in the NFL any any given week. And fans are always paying attention to -- that's -- twelve and no team against -- twelfth team it should be an easy win that kind of thing. And you don't pay attention that because you know how difficult it is but do some wins. Carry with it more value to you every wins an accomplishment but yesterday did sort of field. Different as you came on your post -- news conference it felt like. Maybe they were that you recognize that that was an especially good win. Well was different because -- when they have ceased so that that was different you know it's looked all wins are good. But you know you went three UN -- he went five games will have five wins is pitching -- -- NFL you can win more games and that's. This year worried when we got to eleven now we have some crucial port and that was. You know it's a proud moment let's see you work all year to get that Oden and only one team in the division can be champions and fortunately this year it's us. You know that's ought to be proud of but you know it's a good football team and they're very good football team in their building they're good football team as we know in our building so. You know their very challenging team to play on every front -- well coached good players there. Very sound in all three years of the game and they consistently won only one -- one playoff games since coach troubles and ourselves. Their battle hardened team -- a veteran team they're tough football team in the playing very where they are playing very well. You know -- -- the game yesterday -- in four straight -- six. Those big challenge worst go down -- but in our players responded well on the net. But think one of the interesting things about your job is that you're responsible for so many different types of things you -- and knows that you're worried about watching film. You have year York personnel type responsibilities. And then you have. Motivating your football team what you're gonna say how you're going to find ways to motivate them. How much time do you spend thinking about that last thing how to motivate your team. Of independence they depends on the game situation -- the team and so forth but it you know -- -- -- in general as a coach you try to do everything you can't help retain whatever that is. That's your job just like it's every player's job to do whatever he can to help this team whatever whatever form or fashion that's and whether it's. Given a look in the practice was when in the kicking game when it's -- rules situationally on offense or defense. Well whatever happens today and so you know we all of roles although jobs to register under this weekend problems. He said my job now covers. Some different areas but. I try to do what I feel likes best in each of those areas that'll help the team and there's no set formula for a lot of times -- -- field by. -- the way I perceive the team or the situation that we're in that particular week or at that point on could be the first week training camper could be. Fifteenth week the regular season it's there's no there's no book on news. Kind of get a sense and and sometimes you know like a good feedback from. Our assistant coaches. The people on staff or strength coaches or trainers. And the captains and the captains on a regular basis and we talk about those things. Weekly. You know kind of business with the speaker in addition we do this we do. And things like that sometimes they bring up suggestions and we -- in this of one dollar and I think the team like here that are. You know I think this because for the team to think about her here whenever and so. They can come from a lot of different areas that. So the idea to go to the movies on Friday is that more about the specific movie. A chance to see -- a message that that movie might might present for the team or is it an opportunity to cheat and use it to change routine but also. To get guys out two to it shows some confidence in them was there a little bit of all. Well I mean I think and look -- thing watching movies and much to do with the outcome of the game I think it's you know you have a team -- Do some things together over the course of the year round. I think it's like a sense of particular changed him every chance -- -- -- it's a good movie that. I don't think that's was about -- and that's close to resist the movie's not bothered do everything else on him I think. Our performance yesterday it was a result of players and their preparation and their. Performance under pressure on Sunday. And -- thing -- do you know golden who is Michael race. But you know I think those things are good you know for your team to do from time to time so. Guys get together on their own -- it together in groups and you know go out to dinner go or somebody's house or do whatever -- room constantly whose team and do something I think there's been set that's something if you popcorn down. You cannot have those some. Coming and I that's come in and -- Christmas Carol -- sees it there yet. -- dean O'Flaherty. Maintenance. And start packing on the pounds enough time here is circuit -- Throughout the course of the season. We've seen the patriots find ways to win close games we've seen you win with defense -- with the offense. Win on the road and a dominating fashion. All things that I think you need to be able to do to win in the playoffs. Have you learned everything you need to know about this team. To feel extremely confident about how far they can go. Well -- in on and are really think about that right now Anderson of buffalo and that's that's the game that's a and so I'm not currently -- care about the playoffs -- Well what you know -- this doesn't become an in my mind right now I'm just thinking about what we need to do to beat buffalo and that's the only handle so. What comes after that comes after that rumbled -- and take that when it gets there that we're definitely not the area it and so it's certainly just the ultimate potter doesn't that. Think I'm just kind of wondering if after the fact like after you win a Super Bowl in 0134. Something like that made you look back and you see something in the course of that season. That might have been a seminal moment that -- that kind of clicked in some movement maybe that was the moment where I learned that this team could go all the way. Would you happen would you be able to know if you pass that moment now come forward yet -- to the end of season. Well I don't think there's any question that there are those moments in the season there's no question about that. But you know sometimes you. There are more column that you just don't know which ones you hitter which ones you haven't. You know maybe that's milestones along layer you've had some important moments that not necessarily all good they can be bad they can be good. Boring moments. There could also be ones you know ones in front -- certainly. You know in the 2001 season. You know for the moments that we had during the regular season mean we had some great wins and some great. You know of the Troy Brown punt return against Cleveland -- Miami game. But then the snow game I mean. That took it to a whole another level bit. I think at the end of the regular season and say well you know and feel about your team well. What happened in that game was. -- something that and happen only here in the conditions in horrible situations so. And I think it's I mean look back on at the end of the year and try to find now. I'm all curious about the development of young players see you get a pretty -- lot of young players on this football team especially in the defense and we saw what if you in the make big plays late in the game yesterday. I I think we make all of the -- make a big deal about the draft and where this guy drafted and what's -- I hit percentage on guys you drafted but how. How much do you weigh in the development process for young player taking them from from step NATO to point B we're actually able to contribute on the field. What's huge I mean that's that's really what this league is there's so few players. I mean it's got to be way less than 1% who are really ready to come and play in the National Football League. As rookies and and in my commending contribute amounts and that but. When they look back and when you look back. 23. Years later you see a marked difference in where they were as rookies and where they end up. And so you know our job as coaches and and the -- job is to try to. You know gaining ground on that. As quickly as possible -- and then you know the OTAs in the spring and conditioning and training camp Clinton certainly week to week in the regular season pre season games. Let's try to get that -- high level as you can as quickly as possible and I think the development of players is. Critical to the success that football team spend Christmas and honestly it's such a long season. That you have a lot of valuable practice opportunities and I -- opportunities. You know before pre season games I mean there's there's a lot of opportunities to improve and get that are not only individually that is collectively as a team -- -- you know as a secondary and offensive line as a punt unit -- -- whatever happens to be. And if you can do that rolled us through your competition out of what the other team to do and then. And you got a chance. I had this question. Mostly relating to player valuation and the drafts of the wells freeagent but I also think in terms of leaving game planning. Do you ever allow for the notion of luck to enter into your thought process. Let's take this guy and you might have a long way but maybe we'll get lucky. Let's try this on Sunday. You know we haven't had a lot of success with -- before but maybe we'll get lucky does that thought ever entering into your -- as it clearly chest. Data and facts and evidence. You know what what -- its country's kind of two different questions that I on the personnel on the -- You know sure there's some point where you'll be doing you know you take a player. Questions what pricey wanna pay form whether that's draft choice or. Trade competition whatever happens today so if you feel that the prices worth. The risk then yes sure it will you know it is absolutely in a -- again the sixth round and -- tournament second this. Two different things and so. I think that's definitely part of it in from the game plan standpoint I think that you you know as a coach you definitely wanna feel like you're given your players the best chance to win. -- there's no worse feeling than coming in on Monday and look in the plains and Monica we have no chance on this what we ran the program. Or what we told the players to do and -- do we told him to do. The way it worked out that it had to play and no chance to be successful -- -- a terrible feeling absolutely eat you never wanna put your team. And that situation knowingly and you do the best you can keep them from in that situation and -- -- -- it happens well. Then you learn from that and so in that happen again so I think you wanna be careful about -- I would say I would want to careful well. Put a team at risk. In a situation. That I wasn't totally confident. You know and to say well finish out this works on the unless you're willing to take that chance now you know. But two point play you're gonna wanna play that you've never run before they've never seen it before. You feel like that you know might have a chance to work because it's knew it and you know if you make you make it if you don't you don't but that's kind of with a two point plays anyway. Yeah that's one thing and you know I think it's another thing to. You know take a chance. In it in other situations don't then nonsense two point placed on important but I think that's philosophy. That you know many teams use that than the two point play at -- something and that. You've never practice against defensively as we've never shall so -- then you know maybe maybe that's maybe that'll work and if it doesn't then. It doesn't but it it's not like. You know run on some crazy bullets. You get an eighty yard touchdown around some crazy play and you turn the ball over and give them touchdown -- You know I think there's a balance there. I think overtake that with media to the golf course thing because there's so many times forum planned. And I think -- I just send it off to the right side -- foot and a half maybe I'll get lucky. And -- that thought is always in my head while playing golf word or anything. And you're suggesting that the idea of just. Allowing it to play out. Through the fates is not a an appropriate approach I'm gonna read that -- more. More well. You know on the golf course my approach usually is the analysts. Let's round again and pizza restaurant and a demagogue it but it's -- -- -- patents that go for the pin over the trap. Let's just try to get it on the green and -- misses at least on the -- and you know double and triple bogey range and in the may be good chip and putt and I could still save our in house it's. I think realizing implanting in the -- Pacific -- I mean on the golf course on I've -- little bit differently just because. Skills. Limited the content development aspect of that brings into question about Julian -- I mean he's a quarterback in college. What are you see at the beginning from Julian -- how do you how do you judge him. And say this is a guy that's going to fit in my offense as a receiver. -- how do you make that transition in your mind. Well first they were doing was to work amount we and we -- amount it was three different times prior to the draft. You know both as a receiver and is punt returner. Chris who wanna get annihilation in the kicking game coach Bryant went up there and and you know I'm you know taxables that I mean. You know you could definitely see Julian athletic ability in and his toughness. In run in the option in -- and you know old runner that goes heart attack against good competition like state teams like that that they. You know they played on the schedule but you know projected him into a new position is. That's another matter and you know I think any time you think about the ultimate player you have to. You know number one season mobility number two you have to have a player whose works hard and number three a player who will take coaching so. Know if a guy has talent and he'll work -- it man. He can take the information and he's been given in understands that and processes that. You know oversee guy's heart hasn't catalogs and do away okay what -- aggregates and better. Listen to what you say it doesn't work hard enough Selena firm proof will -- you never gotten better I think he put those three elements in place talent work ethic Dan. The ability to comprehend and in improve. And the player should get better and that's. I think -- certainly had those elements who worker or mechanical thirty passes his rookie year. And -- as -- knows just about any player we have on the field but his rookie year in the Baltimore playoff game on the Johnson won a great game but you know it. He played very competitively so. And he's worked very hard since then on both the return game. Offensively as a blocker as a receiver. And he's also contributed other aspects of the game to you know -- -- kickoff coverage and you know announce he's not doing that now but you know it's only done in his career and and he he always works to get battery woes were to try to do his job. In whatever role as US do and that's. I think led to the improvement he's made over the courses for. Some out there for the hands team yesterday and interpret the middle of the of the -- could return into whether -- blocker -- -- team in the middle of the wedge and a prospectus so perhaps. That's price for the best for everybody our time for the coach's question of the week. It's brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealer is the all new Mercedes-Benz CLA. Has arrived see them on the web at MB usaid dot com. Joey and Chris around Ireland as asking you just very simply for review of the movie you guys song on Friday lone survivor. That you bill Belichick's movie yeah. Remember it. You know great I think that is a great job of capturing the it's not not only the -- technical and fighting aspect of it but also the very personal side of that the the commitment of the entire unit to helping each other fight for each other sacrifice for each other. And you know there was certainly an element of toughness of teamwork. And leadership. Not just for the goes over on the mound Slaton but also that the sport behind them and on the train and went into the man. You know kind of how it all came together so it was. Analyses true story and and one that was. I think portrayed in a very. Now it's silly emotional way and you know one that you could innocent Americans -- -- would be proud of the people around that are defending Johnson and fighting for our freedom you -- movies and he cried and -- -- emotional movies and really was I mean the first Thomas saw it was after the Cleveland and I I was pretty well -- after the game -- almost laughed. And then at the end of that movie house fluently aunts uncles. As a double their former. It has something to be exhausted at the end of -- movie that's what I haven't in the it Million Dollar -- for whatever reason and stuff like that -- walked just completely drained emotionally Q. It's like in ten for healing is almost yeah. -- extra excited midnight to let you're right it's you know when movies can reach elect -- exhaust you that was pretty good movie. Well and and really kind of a special part of one couple weeks ago when you know more all over was you know kind of hosted a premiere there it was. Actually -- -- on meet on Marcus trial after another thing I'll while Jesus this is the guy that just you know went through this and and so. The -- you know there's -- you know he was real impressed meeting you to write that. I'll. Move that it was more ago where there pay real quick and you started -- they'll they'll check foundation. I just saw the article on -- this week so can just give us a little bit about it and more people can do it's. Some interest them and holiday season. Certainly -- go to on the website but it it's really. You know just the way for you know for me to get back to you know in particular football across two sports and a very good to me and -- you know two organizations or individuals that. You know meet the criteria. On the you know I've been very fortunate and you know have done things from -- many other people's organizations and foundations and you know -- all is said to me you know and I can do for you ever let me know if I can help your foundation or whatever room. Just felt like this is probably a time to you know formally do something and then and it's my you know have other people. Life help help me in you know just that come -- continue to feed off each other and and support them. Student athletes. And coaches in those two sports that been so important in my life. Well we certainly appreciate it coach thanks so much to talk to you next Monday have a great Christmas -- sensitivity to signs all listeners happy holidays thanks are there you go there is our weekly interviewed Bill Belichick be right tackle Bob -- at -- and all in WEEI.

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