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Patriots corner Kyle Arrington chats with Mut and Merloni on Patriots Monday

Dec 23, 2013|

Arrington joins Mut and Steve DeOssie after the blowout win over the Ravens in Baltimore. Kyle talks about a sack he recorded on a corner blitz and the overall performance of the defense.

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Butler not 837 WEEI -- offer. Rest of the year what are your from until 2014. Steve DeOssie. Is -- how's your phone calls all day starting what surprised you most. But I 417 patriots went in Baltimore 617. 7797937. AT&T text line at 3793. -- right back to your phone calls it is a patriots Monday. But -- Kyle Arrington joins us our interview with Kyle Arrington has brought to you by Verizon. Stay connected to your patriots and hold and on the go with files quantum Internet and NFL mobile from Verizon. That's powerful eight pilots Mike and Steve happy holidays Merry Christmas you and your family. -- -- -- Mike is Steve -- Oreo. Our our but I don't got a look at not OK it's OK a little radio interview busy pride was a last minute Christmas shop and over there we understand. -- Not quite. Hope they'll upload it to them and an open letter you know me well don't we do know me I'll -- you get that last minute. Now we hit it this late in the game Kyle stuff the shop online -- actually go -- to stores and buy things have been a lot and and see you gotta hit the stores with all that traffic today he realized that. Yes yeah -- A diplomat government's position -- global you don't look at it. I speak -- -- -- speak in a position Rob Ninkovich guy played defense with said don't just on the boss tried over. You get a good feeling about this patriots game yesterday -- guys are prepared and ready and -- fell if you guys were gonna win -- on the bus ride over Tammy T bank stadium did you Kyle. Had that same feeling that you're a good position to take care business yesterday in Baltimore against the ravens. Well look at that -- guys. Bases. Out all its annual worst week preparation nodding -- Agassi yet that particular outcome from Connecticut -- Adding heading a source put the game I'll be a lot of implications. One a lot of it well so many guys. Brigade in action motivation but he can't -- coaching allowed in and out you matches so. That's an illegal -- those guys who -- -- current schedule. I was there talk of boats above the emphasis on. Being more physical -- -- Baltimore. Then you haven't been in the past against them. -- that they you know -- and every place Baltimore and that it is always profitable game hard hitting Jenny and our UFC one. Sort of first punch so. I think he came out on the -- and he's never looked back. You know that the approached offensively it -- Steve talked about this earlier seemed to be. Let's stay back. Joseph Flacco let's have let's not get beat by these wide receivers by Jones by -- but the anybody deported. If Flacco is going to be does -- got the BS underneath was that a point of -- week to make sure you got back and and now loud it's -- home run balls that he's been famous for last couple years. I'll I'll certainly only way you look at you know I -- -- -- Strong arm like Flacco on a pretty much put the ball but he cannot Bernadie unicorn or at least be seen -- doubt they'll. And I you know -- the receivers at the speed -- -- -- it so. One of the -- it was his words particularly deep ball. Is one of the technical. The running game as well it's to determine -- effort I felt I had only by. He has been -- that it would develop irritate you. Other -- so it is users are great reaching victory. Speaking of aggressive defense you're called upon to get after the quarterback and a few times. A last night did you did you know that was coming or did was that how the game -- -- always had a few fires build bone go to get a planned so you you you -- a double -- fortunately other Kamal it's a black and you know it's don't know about the quarterback so slightly on the -- -- what they that is not. In my Barclays is you're burned out -- development. And we're talking a patriots defensive back Kyle Arrington. It Brady mentioned it right at the game afterwards at the podium you mentioned against them -- radio station he. He knew that a lot of the experts and pick you guys how to win this game almost like. He had been reminded by the coaching staff pay no one expects you guys to win this game was that something bill said in the last couple of days here reported out that. But the experts on ESPN work picking the patriots to win this. Analysts say nobody you've got you've got to get it. I was there. I think -- I think Kyle though I picked the ravens are. It. Yet out of it not so. I'd like to tell you votes over about collided qualities. The holidays a certain amount that you got let your benefit payments have pursued the forgiveness that you will never happen again producer may have another what. -- -- that deputy home. You know I think he would talk about what are what are my -- during the week. What ended the week you'd -- a bit and accidentally get Nazi gang logic you loudly enough to be gay but like I said our guy we didn't get the actual base there we don't know what the last. And we do not dictate which us. Talk about Friday when bill called the audible Kyle and considerably -- -- set a practice or. Or in addition to whatever you guys do Arafat as you went and saw movie lone survivor. It was that an impact did that help you at all yesterday what was that like on a Friday go on as a team to see that film. I just. And sure -- Rodrigo bonding her to -- your -- and he knows what's. A movie like that by no means you know. I'll send it to direct. Relations you know what those guys do over there fighting for us to. Protector -- you know that we had today but -- you know you take a few things away. From elect we -- -- sacrificing that they so it was it was your district rebounding expressed an. That are the CB movie like that. I get -- on this on -- should ask an office the player now by the opportunity to be your quarterback Tom Brady. He keeps get and left that is high fives if he's on your sideline he puts his hand up skies looking for one of his teammates can revive -- -- guys. Keep leaving him -- are you doing that all purpose now -- even your quarterback yeah. I'm noticing you know you you know so I've got resists. And excited at the moment you know not that's. Did sit everything that you're going on around outside of that Margaret indicates. Kyle appreciate it good luck Christmas shopping and with the like 24 hours to go before Christmas actually happens and -- great Christmas and a great holiday season you and your family. Thank you got we got underground network. Mexico is -- to joining us when he does he's brought to you by air arrest restoration specialist. And Toshiba business solutions and possibly.

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