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Defensive end Rob Ninkovich joins Mut and DeOssie on a Patriots Monday

Dec 23, 2013|

Ninkovich checks in on Patriots Monday to talk about the team’s win in Baltimore. Rob explains what they were trying to do against the Ravens and how they managed to shut down Joe Flacco.

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Well -- and ID 37 WEEI Lou all four. The rest of the year Steve DeOssie in the house we're gonna get to your phone calls here just seconds 617. 7797937. Are patriots Monday rolls on we're joined. By Rob Ninkovich he's brought to you by Samuel Adams. The Boston Beer company and -- -- attract your corporation are right. To Kyle Eric instill Christmas shopping he just told us please tell me rob that your done your Christmas shopping for the year. Not all that didn't finish up so. I'll be out there you know like people. That was that the part a lot of. I would not want -- right here. I don't -- -- Rob Ninkovich for parking spot I think god probably sealed and so you know what rob go -- you got this bottle I'll go -- a park and now the X slot seven miles down the road. -- group appeared outwardly so hopefuls very. -- -- word because something something came up on the defense yesterday you guys are. -- how would would look like grow wanted to best efforts of the years everything signal that visual products in this week. Body -- This -- really. Just emphasize you know the better prepared to -- more execution -- on the practice field you know the more confidence in the pastoral play. Well you know. Some games are so gastric. Restarted. All the Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday -- I was very -- factors or her own. Extremely well I wrote to order their jobs so now -- the sort -- doubt to. -- you mentioned in the in the Tom current piece your quoted as saying coming over on the bus ride here I felt great. I knew we're gonna beat these guys you know double the gestures from the fans out confident you weren't you mentioned practiced it. The always had that feeling rob was this a different feeling than usual because the week of preparation heading into Baltimore. -- yeah I think it in the Miami game you know we let that -- go in the second on defense the term -- And you know. Refrigerator a lot that's been here. You know we are well. So you know our concepts. You played him -- in the past what brought people -- here because they do well so. Artist -- rather have a good game plan and execute the game plan there -- -- about sort -- they have a great week of preparation. Hopeless at your game in the game and then also. Promote. That's motivating and so Oscars -- -- -- The -- and that's there. It is part of that motivation of the fact that it of the game's been physical wouldn't lately -- that was that. Appointments as most guys is -- to get more physical with these with the Baltimore. Yet I mean every time requirements or the physical game evolved very sort of the way it is you our market. When you look at the schedule. -- and like there's going to be your -- and it's a few. You know we always quite -- those particular so. -- our guests order it became a popular liberal certain performed well for orders. Rob Ninkovich joining us you guys made as a defense Joseph Flacco look really really bad especially in the first half to get. Got that seventeen up and lead their rob do you think he was affected. By the left -- the the brace she was wearing the commentators on TVC -- Phil -- seem to think that. That bothered him throughout that game got going against did you think that was an issue for Flacco that knee brace and his injury. Yet acute -- -- commission to order. There are usually. You're a little bit and local artists. Return for the pocket you know -- possible -- are trying to move their immediate trying to scramble. Trample eager or able -- -- pretty quick so. Not think that the that in the year the brakes and some separate sheer. It was a game plan more aggressive from the -- in terms of play calling. Than usual. So you don't really ever a certain amount of pressure call that we have and in -- there when we had called Lowe's we -- -- her job out there are. You know Karl cooperate sitter and that'll. Comes from several doing their jobs. You know. China -- -- -- -- why -- all the and so he cooperated here or liners are in the weight room so dude good. It Harding played there and you know he's -- dinner and take him now so. And then on you on that there at sports at one up. You know -- Silver he did a great element a -- -- crack in the -- that's that -- not -- her daughter so. So murdered original course on the computer. You know. It goes back to the media talked about a pretty talked about apparently -- check reminded you guys couple hours for the game nobody picture not a thing everyone has talked about this year is the player -- high tower he play. -- alongside him Robin he seemed to be as active as he's been all year in that game yesterday had a tip the pass that. Was a huge play for your defense he was involved in the Ronnie was involved in covering Dixon a panda at times. Did you see something different from Donta hightower this last week a couple of weeks that lead so all we saw watching that game yesterday. Are saying you know I heard that a great years here urges. Propositioning being more often on the field. You know again when he's out there you make in the calls. It says that even has progressed he's become more comparable. Where. During that receiving the calls make it checks that are on the communications course. You know -- was that those -- birdie hole communication. On the issue and make sure every hour Rampage out in coverage -- problems you know. We're on the same place again. You know I've progressed throughout Europe but you don't agree and are there -- urgency here the rest of the year. Rubbed the movie help because of -- you should get a ticket every week. Leo everywhere street go to Canada and yet it's good or just about situation don't -- -- -- whatever 00 yeah you know it was while he pulls one of those things. I'll admit immunity deal -- and Richardson well. But I don't know quote -- and deceit. Your your Robbie your captain -- does -- talk you guys before it is to tell the captains before tells the team that we're gonna. Have a changeup and you'll see the fighter we're gonna go see lone survivor you guys consulted about that stuff. -- actually earlier we have aren't here so to -- -- so the papers or something. Those -- I get shot on this you know. You're on the sidelines for a lot of us there at the end of the half but there was a period of time. Where I think it was six out of eight plays there was a penalty call between the offense in the special teams and just. I was trying to imagine as a player -- winning and -- I officiating crew rob calls that many penalties. Does it affect the game -- as a multitude of flag let that does that change the rhythm of the game is hard to get into any sort of rhythm. When a crew is constantly calling penalties whether you're on the fielder on the sideline that's tragic time. Her I mean that the sometimes the other there could be some sort this year where there's no preserve come together challenger right which -- it's understandable. Quote or make sure everything is perfect let. Oh yeah but he's got -- -- -- integrated. You know that he's you know whatever flags are prone. You know -- -- and so the flag earlier this did everything right so yeah I think it the player. You got remote suffered. Be used he used -- an -- and tartar control and that's -- woke up. Either mental toughness fight for parking spot today PC and get out of his ways -- -- -- the patriots. Our rob appreciate the time is always Rudnick Richard who as -- Christmas happy holidays. Odd to rob and his family and he joins us here on the eighteenth the -- eighteenth -- the nation's spouse is now the most reliable forgy. LTT networks we talked are patriots Monday guys we talk to you with 61777979237. AT&T text line. At 3793. So we opened the show talking about the defense and does not map Patricia runs the defense but we still look at Bill Belichick is the architect. Of this defense. We come back let's address. The question of Bill Belichick and this year where does this year through fifteen games. And with one week remaining in the season where does this season rank for bella check among his coaching seasons he with the patriots will give -- thought to get your thoughts next.

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