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It Is What It Is Cast: Breaking down Patriots rout of Ravens

Dec 23, 2013|

BALTIMORE -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down the Patriots' 41-7 blow out victory over the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.

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Welcome back -- back -- made him in the inner harbor in Baltimore where the New England Patriots haven't -- yeah I think there. And final late morning winds haven't run that nobody thought coming. Over the Baltimore Ravens no warning that maybe it's over there right here quite a rally along. Patriots are. Brett wouldn't want -- just told -- and I think it perfectly. Further proof that. Anyway when you really want to. That all of you -- the lead over you there in the third quarter into the port portable. But in terms of anything. On both sides of the ball as well. How imperative that the bill London -- I don't think -- -- part about. Wanted to be urgent need to take very. Flight where the run game. You -- their defense played all of that. Walk in buffalo ninety. They've -- that didn't matter they. Several of the patriots inside the locker room just told me that we didn't want to back here we wanted to win this. Momentum is there. I noted you know you can debate whether that meant to help whatever it. Important to them here but in terms of momentum in terms of playing well in November playing well and it never having it carry over into the wealthy. Definitely on the road again definite game. Ever go to over the course of the year but you can argue whether it later in the game in the -- time before the season right but tonight -- played their most of the game and here again. -- even mean it was all there for them -- -- coming to Baltimore. And be able for a 41 point. And very friendly and when he came home. One of the exactly what look underrated trade I think in my opinion. Of the Bill Belichick apparently affected -- -- got to basically. And one right in the case. I was up 41 nothing game stay there. Play. Recovery in the operating on the game Ballmer really the -- I think you're going in there with Logan I was. Well before he bravery. If you know I'll call them. Right what did the guys lined up that people older than that and the guy lining up. Opposite -- made it would be won the world. Number of people on Google was not the point today but Reagan defense a big reason really -- The patriot grave I'm out of here with a win that now -- them -- if they can only be buffalo home. First round body like that -- an important thing. -- -- Although one today they win their division that we know they're going to be at home they have a lot to play for next week into the -- of against -- ravens have. I mean and bill the good beard finally because there's only did they believe the -- -- -- -- -- the ravens are filled in the playoffs right now we're standing. Eight North Miami exactly need a -- to go their way but there's still in the they're playing their playoff lives that. Going right play. The problem bill they know that the -- being. Going to be relevant very. Relevant -- but -- coming -- -- -- -- -- game of the year for the patriots have come at a better time final again victory. 41 of the ravens haven't. -- patriots win their fifth straight. I don't hear them -- -- -- ever -- from right off like battalions that we. -- dot com.

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