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Tom Brady on Peyton breaking his touchdown record

Dec 23, 2013|

Tom Brady joined the show and discussed the teams big win in Baltimore and his touchdown record falling to Peyton Manning. Tom said that he does not question the Patriots off-season moves and that he has complete trust in Bill Belichick.

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Welcome back patriot Monday Tom Brady's gonna join us momentarily should do this ahead of time as opposed to afterwards -- we lament the fact all we went to ask him that. Off the wall question we get to Tom -- He gets on the air as we always hang up we think right now we -- Asks I'll frequently doesn't get high five it's it's yeah it's a sign of the status because you get guys walk in my -- Feel like Chris Jones -- You know that guy Buchanan who's -- buck Buchanan what percentage you can't walks by. Would you smacked Brady an anyway would you even -- has left and Josh -- from Java client he's probably thick -- five room -- get around to get his hands up didn't like bang and twice you have to do really gently you know you wouldn't wanna like. If you -- the new finger on the street gets from this quote she did and he looked -- -- -- movie you know while you slept in my hand. And gonna have some status to it's like it was pretty eager to do it he wants and a half ago left all right. Patriot Monday's our conversation with Tom Brady is due by northeast electrical distributors. The cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess hospital and the crescent credit union and as always on joins us on the AT&T -- good morning Tom -- More than they left -- high five yesterday. It is it. An art at a. From that amortized over a reservoir where all my guys are all right not healed and as through the -- homicide -- and so. I don't know I saw it here on an IQ did you want to get in there with me. Eight it appeared to be most of the guys on this football team. The most satisfying and enjoyable winner of the years that's safe to say. Well it's pretty it was a great win. To go on the road against a team that you know we struggle later allowed or two times we played government. And really huge -- -- our season so. Yeah I was satisfying and we talked about early in the street tough loss to Miami. And I think -- factors have. A long week we put a lot into the week there was a lot of preparation. And there were many people that. All the you're going and then beat those guys know. That was a you know really a great. -- character stresses he. Which leads me to my next question don't spend this bill massage the message tell the truth you when your teammates like it. When everybody picks against you don't. Well I mean you look at it. This week or probably they cannot yeah Allah that you know it's the across the border are fickle -- over built right it's going to be some. You know easy -- which is you know so far from the case in -- south so. And figure -- ignored. Ignore all the -- and it's so much hotter well what yes it's a lot of lists you're on our folks on what you folks are so. Every team present different challenges and the related to ensure like we -- you know could match up against the guidance. -- we played great defensively -- great on special teams against -- that's such teams units of the leak. Or does not censor it got through -- -- and starts so. It was a target women and you know about this game that's coming up there's one that's most important one of the year. Tom you will not set the records this year you probably won't win another MVP but it doesn't seem to bother you. We always that way or was -- like ten years ago would it matter to you right now which a personal numbers are heading into the final week. Well I think you wanna do you wanna play especially care I think that's there are only thing that really matters. -- however you need to contribute and help the team went in that. That's really what it's always been about for me so. I think he's not the individual awards and accolades and peace or to -- either don't. The other not is there's just -- way as much on my mind is there as some. As to what -- -- trying to do which is you know win at all so that's. That's always the most important thing for me and and it seems Orton it's great that you guys have great years and Eric that a lot of players this year that are at phenomenal season so it's certainly credit those players what they predict human. You know put -- were Gartner. Or try to win a championship so that's. And that's that's why we work hard all -- and that's why we put ourselves in a position like we have at this point -- -- get fired the first trying to predict when this week. Which are being you know great -- first and that he then went -- quite a bit of adversity so. I really -- our mental health professor gave yesterday and that's what we're all about. You I know you didn't know you said he didn't know that -- Manning had broken your touchdown passes record you didn't see it was before you guys but a solid as she didn't know that he talked about you mentioned you. Immediately after the game said it's nice to break the record but Brady probably break it again next year. What what did that record mean to you that fifty touchdown passes and do you think you -- someone else is gonna break it again next -- at the way the game's going. It's an incredible the mean that -- if I made that broke strip he liked. We didn't 2007 was incredible Marino after 48 at 849. Net. I was lucky not to be on the scene where it broke straight he would. Fifty orders are unbelievable search fifteen games and they've they've -- draw on the all that. It's an incredible rate what they've done offensively and certainly in passing and has been incredible so. It's really a credit to those guys and what they've been able to accomplish in. You know there's no doubt they were the best offenses in the history of the -- so that's party he would do and a you know they've put themselves in good position. Orchard they wanna you know finish this season strong also so it's pretty. Are pretty cool that he's it would appear. How could the case be made at Marino's record when he said it might even be more remarkable what -- Manning have done based on the area and the way the game was played back then. -- -- It's a lot of pressure approximate target for awarding Beijing and and just grow or five states like. -- what he's done over this year and I remember 2007 and -- brought him in a -- I you know you'd. You play our the year where you have your not a lot of personal past the -- -- you're you're -- for a game. It's it's pretty incredible so. It's say. Like I said it's a credit so that offensive. Certainly patent one of the greatest to ever play games. They DC where. He escaped pullout and they dated for a great job offensively so agreed on the need more great quarterback ever place so. -- 48 touchdown passes 48 or enact it you review -- I'm sure at some point all these records are gonna be broken that's just the great records are. Lectured you know compared -- -- Syria. It's pretty pretty remarkable. Achievement we -- -- cover it brought pat. OK I guess is that there anymore we spent -- offseason. You know being critical of the moves -- -- -- made or didn't make offensively particularly Welker -- demeanor and his stuff happened and we look at the roster you have to work with the season started seeing you know. How is this gonna happen how he's just gonna score points and we game to -- a moment at all. During the offseason we kinda had some missing for some doubt crept in about what this team this organization -- doing the direction there were any. I don't think I ever have it out where the direction of the team that we're always. You know art direction is always the same that's to try to. -- try to figure outweighs the two games so that's it's never about -- You know PR move their member about such -- short term interest and it's always. You know that the long term best interest for the team and organization and so that we can go out there and put ourselves in a position to be competitive in every single seat in the we've been able to pediatric. I think our team and the great work ethic it obviously starts. You know it's Rick mister Kraft and Jonathan and coach go check in. What they're able to bring to the table so. They they set the precedent for us and we get player shall everyday -- and you're a return to it the best we can't. Why -- a follow up on that why don't you ever ever allow yourself to bitch and moan about injuries or departed offensive weapons that you know longer out human nature would have most people say yeah actively disguised -- disguised injured. Is it because of a leadership role that if you say that if you were to bitch and -- would send the wrong message to your teammates. I just don't hit it there it is our. Help. Or. I don't know what benefit that is. I don't know that helps but I certainly don't think it's and then there's no solution Angela. Bitch and complain about all the things that you wish. You Albert don't have harbor. So you try to do. The best you can do based on the circumstances that are so there's a lot of course he's that we never anticipate. But you know I feel it and move on and try to go out there bring your competitors -- -- anarchy every effort we try to be greatly here be a good example like I at all. He's great leaders and examples before me. You know and our first year my my expert here that I got you. One word group got -- I mean -- -- -- You know complain I mean complained about the situation that was a great example for me that. You know they're somewhere else I've opted to go there and I happen to be me and I try to figure it out the best I could. And ultimately result that are championship Britney can't tell me that border that either went. In a group got hurt that we have which it's the way and assist the Waco. On. Different guys get their opportunities and we've got a lot of guys that and then. Play well and we brought guys in over the course the year guys that have played roles that it contributed their outlook when being -- You you can never predict what's gonna go on in the competition. On a daily basis of them on a weekly basis not they would based on Sunday. So you really focus on that we can figure out where your matchup are -- -- or try to like he's so. I think we showed that we were competitive that -- in every game I -- I don't think. We've gone out there dominated every week but I think there's forty weeks where we've done more than the other thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Domino you said it was a great movie really elected that was good to hear 'cause I'm a look at -- to see them but do you think it helped to that little field trip on Friday helped the team. -- -- I think it -- that winning games now I think good they're great message I don't think that it. I think what helps is when it's low regard you want somebody and our level of exit Q I think it was a great message for our unity here. And I think you know will talk about that and continue to communicate that -- where -- adverse situation and then you know. Not gonna ruin the movie for you but you know it's a -- a lot of correlation between. You know with these guys. Food. In the military and their training and preparation I mean believe me either. I don't know that your serve our country and fight for our freedom those are the real heroes and -- the guys that that we look up to and admired their. They can go ultimate sacrifice and -- a little elections that we could take from them about their preparation and their training. They're metal toughness their discipline and I think the way they fight for each other is. You know a great message that's a great message for all of us here it's. You wouldn't it make a mistake you know it's. It's it's oftentimes fatal example are we don't place there were hard to resist -- games so. But I think you understand that when you make the picture let other people out. You know that's what sports are about that's -- competitor is about. It was say you know really our message really resonated well thirteen. So do it there was it was a good thing pressed the Columbia. Talk in the previous four games you threw it 504152. And 55 times yesterday 26 and -- at 34 was it determined during the week of practice that you're going to emphasize the run. Or is that. An offensive path that was chosen once the game began. Well we want this to stay -- we know it or they bounce that just turned out that. You know our execution of the run game was really good all day and -- acting -- it was and it is what -- themselves. As the game of all we got out to a lead and then. Tried the you know this play Smart and play aggressive try to play aggressive but for the most part here. Try to force them to defend our running game and our running game really set to -- the whole second half -- -- in the first chapter and move really. A Fisher Robert -- are back. They're great job -- hold the line. Did a great job against a really good defense the front loading not at our best in the game -- -- credible player Tuberville -- champions. Say they really got a -- Hartford. Current Jones are really good player so. I got a lot of respect that he -- real battles against average I thought that was -- the weight of the best way -- you know we played alongside. It's on to what extent does the coaching staff -- the officials for that particular game and share that information with -- They know we don't talk about the rectory and their crew and what they use this election victory that. -- call penalties and handed out on quite a few of the gains. We always say you do business says that this is being done. And you know what you get out there and the other problem it typically when you get the playoffs they'll all much so that's probably when it gets physical tickets. They're more contact in the secondary you know let you know he's trying to they're player beat it -- I mean are holding on every play and are slowly and note the penalty but. Are holding off at the minor player -- a -- on the -- -- later article on the trigger -- play it's really just a matter of if it's a -- him up. Where direct recipient of the flag but it. That's that's the way the NFL is that you can call -- holding penalty on every single play their -- search term and you know how far they're gonna -- ago. I've never seen the ref call. Off sides on a sector. For for turning around to listen to your your cadence that was a first. You know that for me it is so. I don't know. I don't know what that was all about. -- to ask did you get an answer it who you ask. It and now I am not very politely that I have. Did you think heading into the season that. -- was capable of this kind the of -- hundred passes was just a question of him staying healthy. Well he's got a lot of our security he's been out there every single week the biggest thing for him. Neverland since they got Marchini at. Have really good stills that he's I think he's really worked hard. Earned -- position to become more than natural receive college. This year is revolutionary and you know huge break on his ability. Beyond the field and get better every week so. It's really been a huge commitment for him over the years. -- at a picture himself for European soccer every week and dependable player. I'm so happy for him what you get accomplished as an individual and what he's brought to our team interpret. Certainly hit dependability and consistency are we on a weekly basis. There -- the best punt returner. In the history of the NFL and what he's been able to do to contribute offensively this year and really remark. Did T sizzle slugs have anything nice to say when the game was over Tom do you. You know what I didn't really. The former communicate through -- I got a lot of respect for him -- incredible player. So I didn't really see him after the game but I ignore the best of the and he played really well yesterday so. -- -- -- really good players -- these -- great player. I also a I got a lot of respect what he's it would appear partly to. Are we at with the quarterback question of the week brought you by crescent credit union obvious save perhaps and T shirts from every year. Somehow they get lost to mr. I don't know there in the locker and then acting quickly and a locker at the end of the year. So now -- ago there -- no longer around somewhere I don't know where strike him layers Bynum and donate amen. Let. Here murder also report had featured succumb. I I don't know this for a fact my guess is that somebody walks through your home. Would they know there was an athlete living there with like trophies in all kind of stuff. It would we know what was your house and we walked through from -- standpoint. Not really not really not my house so I don't aren't really any room like that. On American plates -- there are some pretty special memories in that I've ever come up with over the years. Pictures are pretty cool event and I think inadequate. People that have always looked up to and I have room kind of a -- TV room where. Some of those things artists -- they've -- at our -- taken over the house there more deadly -- everywhere. All of that stuff kind of gets removed. That's why his -- to keep you out you know not on the catwalk -- talk Merry Christmas Tom. Partner here. Our anchor Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline the quarterback question of the week -- at credit union is now serving Boston problems and beyond visit crescent credit dot org to see how you can experience a great feeling better banking. Crescent credit union. Dot org also brought you by northeast electrical distributors cancer center at Beth Israel deaconess and crescent credit. Deluca I think some novel questions and you did too yes man wins this week. Was it dumb ones you US the best question it is the best question and you would get answers. Did you ever did you ever wonder I asked a wonder that every week yes when I watch Brady play what I want to communicate -- teammates minute watching the -- That I talked to him. I always wondered did he have those moments don't you have to -- out of those moments I will let her go I mean obviously would hand and -- -- does -- have a million pounds and -- -- and with a murderer. But you also have to wonder as the teams being constructed each offseason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yes and you know like -- -- -- song when he went to Washington Nixon could we have. In on that may be or whatever -- -- he held outside. You have doubts emboldened goes for six -- -- an announcement we have we would have ever expressed express them a little worse there was a really good question direct. What was the worst questions. The security real stinker roost and they usually these ones stiff but there was on the one ash after forgot the question in the middle of the -- I was about. You have to you already announced that right he gave England Lansing it was my -- listen I don't know -- I don't blame start here the answer yes that's you know animus all the answers and I figured to you know the good questions on a roll you know go in Connecticut and I -- The final hour Dennis cal -- patriot Monday fault lines open we will talk with you next.

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