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ESPN's Mark Schlereth with Salk and Holley: Pats have a good a chance of winning the AFC as any other team

Dec 20, 2013|

We talk football with ESPN's Mark Schlereth and get his take on the Patriots, as well the as the rest of the AFC heading into week 16 of the NFL season.

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We know march -- on the line as we'd like to do on Friday is. For a patriots Friday marked -- -- -- salt and Christian forays well. Hey I'm very mellow -- what's gone on. You know what I just landed in beautiful downtown Boise Idaho for the same it's the debatable tomorrow I cannot wait. Our should be grateful I called -- Now dominant mr. -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly Idaho my roots men and auto albeit we used state and put yes they do. You're I don't you it's plea to them and -- couldn't -- exactly so. -- -- but it is Bulgaria but but he acknowledged but it there's going to be a. Hot off not -- sounds more fun than you and a bunch of college buddies crushing Boise Idaho really that does sound good marks where it. Joining us -- -- and patriots Christian I'm kind of going back and forth. And it's really been the subject here for the last week or so after the Cleveland win in the Miami lost -- they still Super Bowl contender my contention is. Nobody else is that much better and they've got Tom Brady so why wouldn't -- Yeah I would agree -- anatomy obviously you can you can Poulter holed it is pretty much every AFC team. Our view -- unity and the economy you know right now is that I guess that probably. Mean -- -- looked it says that the number one team that need to be excused their Broncos obviously knew that there could be them. But you know I looked the part of it. -- -- the brawl occurred aren't there and their game plan at the office or 49 point. There's all of the office source port enforcement will be okay over the presence so. For me even cultural and all these scenes in. Obviously broke out in that whole thing work but they've had injuries all across the board. These are operating -- you said. I look at that they've got a good shot as anybody did not play well and Ed especially at -- with is that. They look here right don't think there's anybody -- you know gonna dominate that and that soccer. You know mark we're talking earlier about rivalry games and the patriots you know it's always been the jets but it seems like. You Baltimore's been the team that when they play the games actually mean something you know oh did you kind of feel the same way area what makes a rivalry game in the NFL. Well I -- it though is that there is that aspect it's got to be competitive. There's got to be. It has got to be -- that that being something you know I think that. But the other hated rival your -- -- that are all the members have brought those -- is the raiders regardless. They were there batted in and remember the -- is hate the cowboys more than it but he also. Yeah there's always that -- that kind of hatred -- that that is the wood to see -- good place or something. And there are there'll be meaningful games in this one is as well. All of that it really become so they're really becomes -- it needed. Deal the other thing I think it -- this or more robbery is. I'll operating hasn't performed up to Tom -- -- -- -- against the Baltimore -- it's only -- that he's played. Against where he has more interceptions than just touched down. So -- do you look at that that's got to be an aspect that you're looking at as well. All of that makes her a little bit more of it -- that your rivalry the last time this place up couples on this but it is it's such big games they've been. You know they've been for Ferraro is a few moments and in the playoffs so. Yet that it's a great matchup from the border watch are so. You mentioned a huge part their mark which is that Brady has had more trouble against the ravens and anyone else why. What is it did they do -- it personnel as a coaching or what is that they dude it is slow down Tom Brady. Oh I think it I think one of the things you have to understand about -- football in general so. It's demons sometimes for an hour combination of the two and aid scheme you run with the personnel that you. Just -- matchup well. What is football and the thing about the new pictures that there -- week to week game plan team that played out in that we work where we want what was -- You're gonna have to send -- gonna stop. Well there's definitely -- But he has staple plays that they're gonna run but. They really go for week to week it changed a lot that the way they want to attack -- it. I think the thing about the Baltimore Ravens there's there's couple -- It had it at Walt good first quarter it will disrupt routes. Did -- do good job with that with somebody behind him as they did read over the years. There has just they act in that the nature of the Opel to work disrupting routes were disrupting -- advocate pat. And we've got freelance guys who gamble he'd beat beat beat a couple times. Well walk and not make -- play and it may be changing what they have that that -- and what they don't really low the other thing is. They had to -- ruptures. They have been good editor Paul Kruger and -- last year this year it's that Dumervil. So edge pressure for the most important thing I'll go back last week in Miami. I thought was the most phenomenal plays that I have seen all these Tom Brady in the pocket eating pressure. Sidestepping. And stepping out and throw the touchdown -- permanent you know our government doing. So a -- right. This is good so. So I'd like that it in the that scramble here is the best in the business when it comes to understanding pressure feeling pressure moving around the -- manipulating the market. It's funny now -- throat and he got the novel that. Well they've got a great job of Baltimore -- the edge rush. But also collapsing. The center of the market not necessarily. Two -- in the battle but to continue to put him so he didn't feel comfortable moving up and move around. It's -- is -- all ocean I don't -- -- eight lane and now that now they are down. From being counseled -- -- -- -- -- how much you know this because. They've been able to collapse the pocket it useful body does not -- -- single body uniqueness and throw around. But -- -- the ones you want it all pushing in this there's a bunch of bodies in there. Did have room to maneuver and manipulate that pocket. And I think those that you think defensively that they -- there anybody else is in the court suit certain operating at all. Our social based on everything you said nudity -- so far with the up and down season that -- have. -- theater season it's season we trending down ward a little bit now the ravens. Our starter you know played really well when some close games and I -- Google Latitude. What's the key for the patriots to beat Baltimore in on the road and what's most important thing -- we should be looking for. Well I think there's couple that won the Baltimore Ravens had so much better job. The vertical passing game. When they're dangerous there complete and the ball. They have not been good underneath it -- and while old they're chain movie that you get there it could have -- without the ball low. They have not -- they have not the only other needs that very well and you don't have. I'll guys that. They're good at bat that it will also -- -- you know that have been one of the major. Issues that they patent have been able sustained drives where they have made their money or big place. It to where it plays over the top leaders towards Mitt. Aura of Jacoby Jones or beat -- special teams as well on the returns and that's what they've been good lately. -- get -- so in position to win all the tightening -- -- to a three big plays especially in tortured because in the passing game. And you know last week it -- -- also. Actually that difference for them if you can eliminate a couple -- it. Especially you can just eliminate it special it is the limit it to a three people. That Flacco throws either Smith -- Jones. I think you win that football game and that -- kind of those who shall -- order -- your -- -- Google or be able to beautiful walk on the on the on the scoreboard. That's where they've been winning games -- judicial NATO that you are. Mark great stuff is always enjoyed -- it sounds like a raucous time. All. -- Backpack. Through what are we wish we were to thank you so but to talk to you soon. They others march layer at the brought you by DCU. Digital federal credit union what can DC UC view -- Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates also buy at Mohegan Sun are ranked. Mark feels like the patriots can win -- gives you pretty good reason. Why yeah why this defense can have some success slowdown in the deep passing game. And I feel like that's something the patriots can do feel like the crossing routes on the other things that given the problems finished and they shut down the deep bombs yeah I think with Aqib Talib on one side. Canada on the other that's not the thing that worries me most. The other thing he brings up those great point right the collapsing of the pocket. With a loading on and others coming up the middle who does that better. Then the ravens -- -- -- that that's the setting for the game let me throw one more curve ball watching your current smacking them Bill Belichick today canceled practice. No practiced -- What did he have his team do instead of an axle and Ali left and W.

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