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Brooks Orpik returns to Penguins practice, speaks about Shawn Thornton and the hit that put him out

Dec 20, 2013|

We listen in as Brooks Orpik speaks to the media for the first time since the Shawn Thornton incident over a week ago.

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I'm really just bad headaches. And again memory loss and just -- serious noise again results. As riveting as -- -- since the incident there that there's something wrong. That's Brooks or -- describing as some of the symptoms he is still feeling as a result of the incident which jumped or Christian Fauria. Is in for Michael to -- Samir before calls here in a moment or duplicate wanna play yes. But the other things that Brooks or -- that our member Horton hearing. I took place he's given a fifteen game suspension that's now under appeal to waiting to hear from Gary Bettman. Now that you're here for more prepared to wonder how this changes one of the questions for him and what we have two other cuts here the first one is on whether or not he's actually watched the incident that took place he said this. I haven't watched it and I didn't I don't have any memory of itself I don't really have a thought on you know I have been kind of avoided a lot of really have any desire to watch the Jonas. Don't blame them I don't I don't know that I would wanna watch it either -- at the end and the idea of seeing myself. Lying on the ground get punched in the face a much or have any desire to want that. I mean you've been injured and yet you have concussion or any cheap shot type thing. Oh yeah I already it's I don't see what you would learn from it. The owner is why you watch the film is right OK how can ever -- myself Paul nauert it's. It's -- groceries were. You want to label or a guess at some point you have to admit that you kind of lost you know in a way we didn't do anything he just sat there I mean -- you just got pumped to drag down from behind and. And and punched in the face was lying on the ground I wanted to did anybody ask Kennedy whether or not he had re watched his hit on Louis Ericsson. Or whether you re watched the James -- -- today ahead of Brad marsh and that we did anybody ask those questions. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll talk soon and late night talk soon day after he's really apologetic. I got to know pretty well us an internal 45 years last year. Think receded probably I don't know. The long -- goats probably 4050 times together we're coach you don't flush yourself Modesto. I it's. You -- he's really apologetic and it's. My records are from the perfect didn't see your first being completely clean and he gets it right it's must see all. I think you -- mistaken regretted it right away. And I've had a -- doing mr. incidents that I that I have been a part of it and I think he just turned their from a move on and try to be smarter in similar situations going forward. I write and I -- -- on freeways and he's he's always been pretty different from my. I don't know how you can hear that and Steele believe. The pieces in any way analogous to the top Bertuzzi. I don't know anybody you know much about this story. So -- -- of -- unfortunately is money hockey growth which is too bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Could you possibly get into hockey bill. -- that's -- but that would give me a moment -- rant about the art you know nothing about the idea. And you can jump in and mr. ban since I knew you guys have been following this with me for the last couple the weaker though. The idea that this would be in Italy similar to Bertuzzi becomes even more in Spain. What you hear or -- speak right when he say text me right away I understand my record not a 100% clean I kind of know what happened you know. How do you possibly still see this as the seem completely awful horrible thing that Bertuzzi -- a few years ago it close. Receive expert for instance they'll call or protect clean players that can he himself right when he says my record is not clean in fact it's conceivable I wasn't clean dirty or however many minutes of her earlier when I hit -- -- Wasn't just about say that I maybe started this whole thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I should've thought Doug Hamilton and I probably should answer the -- important came over after that. And if I don't all those things made it wouldn't be lying on the ground and just now coming back from a concussion. Made it wouldn't be in the middle of this conversation right now it's by a dominant effort. I've got there again don't deserve some that can't do what he did. I really hope Gary Bettman and I can't believe I'm betting Gary Bettman all people getting anything right. By I I really do hope Gary Bettman she made some of the three games off at least personally -- cut -- half. But it issued three or four games off this to make it legitimate when you hear or talk and like Matt. Come on it when it -- hand out fines Julian and in anything it's almost like they always. Go above and beyond knowing that there's going to be some push back so they want fifteen. Oh sure -- would -- in a corporal Jeff but they'd be happy with -- -- this point they're there they're already at seven I mean even if he even if you order right now reduce it. He's already been out seven games he's already missed seven games and they continue. They had been winning finally lost a second game in their last night. So there what five and two in the seven games and he's been out if I'm not mistaken so what does a deadline. When is it one -- this thing particularly if you -- off until fifty -- well OK now right early Saturday their way of getting what they want to tell you what they should do that you know if they really want to compromise they would do something like that knock down the suspension. -- after the fact. KM retro act the Alley for the games he -- Quickly glass bottom Brooks or prick who spoke today to the media. And was actually asked how we felt about answering the bell should he of body that Doug Hamilton. Or -- important to answer for the borderline hit on Louis -- And I play. -- -- It happens and other. My opinions probably different than the next guy -- different from the next guys. I think it's just. People out there on opinion on that. -- just thought it's different seasons so. There -- a lot of fighting terrorism case. I don't know man. If you don't -- borderline hits than there does need to be that much fighting. I mean he's saying it's it's just -- how the whole thing kind of reeks to me on one hand -- Rick says yeah my reputation isn't perfect. Which by the way make sure borderline hit on -- even more -- Did you have a borderline hit but your feeling is -- I don't know why would need to actually answer the bell I mean if everybody into the bell on every hit and they're becomes. I cannot answer the bell. And not just from a non hockey through the years like how do you not external down I mean the -- what I mean you turn it down the growth of a lot of I'll fight you -- down -- I mean does he do it twice in the game twice he said no thanks I'm not interest in the methods -- -- and I'm good right now maybe negative you don't -- gloves then you're not fight -- and that's sort of the way it worked at one guy drops the gloves. If I wanna -- yield which again I'm not sure I see happening in the near future if I decide I'm gonna take on Christian for a maybe catch a beat down a fire up my team and I dropped my gloves and you don't -- in the penalty on me. On how might now have cost my team even more I think you'll fire us up to -- Attitude and I wouldn't fire you up any I don't watch do you get beat we get our ass kicked out of that -- are you up. It's a flyer hockey teams every -- like Gregory Campbell goes out. Gets his tail kicked you in the -- you know -- the sticks in the ground they're fired up that he I think what do you look up from the presidency is a lot of pointing and died -- I don't feel like you have my back. Not against her support is -- I don't I don't you have my back what you're going to jump into the fight with the amount will it take congress -- by myself. I believe it's okay you skate is that that -- -- -- forwards okay now back there are so I think it's idiots that different. It's a whole different technique obviously fighting with -- with our ice. It's like you who like me keep your Hillary asked me what they took the opposite. Professional athletes are outside of Boxee anime. It I'll be occupiers. It -- probably our most up on people ballplayers a bit ago were top of it. -- they actually see what those guys go through how they train how long season is and you basically have to be. Skater and a boxer at the same timely to boxing lessons in there and male models guideline I know you with them my point is outlawed on the i.'s a must and ought to -- myself much -- Just flat out not to when it. I mean whether -- whether or more of those guys are not eventually at some points I was gonna challenge you. According to Brooks or -- doesn't need to respond to those challenges visas and wanted to be. Too much fighting in hockey whatever -- that's what I have to say anyway patriots have been -- -- -- on the jury is in and wanna fight he just keeps saying no no thanks so much into a computer. Which is fun I like not everybody in the NHL needs to fight but if you're gonna leave your feet and try to -- dudes out that you better be able to answer the. At the heart of hockey right in the fighting is part of it like that -- everybody set. But the sport itself right fighting is is accepted it's partly due up two point hockey. You probably get it did and I know I'm playing football or baseball whatever the fight breaks out. It's not really -- part of the game. It's not it might be partly deep right out running out -- and eagle (%expletive) off Tom -- real quick the new drop my gloves and go -- back in town to maybe he'll get pushed out -- out. The company game but that's sort of you're right I mean that's obviously part of the -- strategy of hockey say I'm fourth line Winger stinks and I what are your first line you know your your top tier defenseman. And try to get him out of the game because he engaged in a fight we need to good read from my team. But not everybody in NHL game has to fight and you certainly apply any guys that are skilled guys that don't want me Wayne Gretzky wasn't dropping the gloves and anybody -- cross. And you -- -- -- what texting him but that's right jab at you how would it -- going onto the ice like 8000 bomb that guy I'm playing hockey. Then I'm making sure -- part of my repertoire is the ability to protect myself or knock somebody else are you had to -- -- I just think these guys had to make they make. An agreement either say look -- going to be run around I might late dudes out and if so I'm going to be able to fight to defend myself or. I'm gonna be Wayne Gretzky or you know Sidney Crosby whatever and I'm not gonna fight but I'm also not going to lower my shoulder. Jump and somebody as hard as I can't he can't make an agreement you know to me like hey convert you it's a non verbal you've entered into like -- capacity so somebody crosses that line. Okay breaks that non verbal contracts that issues that's the point and that I am right now it Diana Don amber and I you have shown important going after Brooks or -- them knocking him on the ground punching them when he's not fighting back that's how you wind up -- -- that doesn't excuse Thornton. You can't do that but that's how you wind up in this situation just aren't something.

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