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Salk and Holley's Four at Four Year-Ended Edition - 12/20/13

Dec 20, 2013|

We tackle four topics around the great moments of 2013 in Boston Sports.

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And now word excel and -- school. -- color or for a full four. Fun cleaning. Green card. Well we solved it Kelly and sports radio and W. 44 is brought to you by Marvin windows Ben what are we have today today is all remembering. 2013. Years that was and we're gonna start with the over its parent. I wanna know what is the greatest moment. Individual moment for the Bruins and 2013. It's gotta be that first time tour group -- on the skates put the puck got past. With a who's against that Rangers right. -- king of ping ping and -- Does not one minute this is the easiest one by far is definitely the comeback Grammy game seven against Toronto that moment when they tied -- up. Even better almost than to win them over. It's just. In the nine months or so since I've been back to Boston that was the single most exciting moment I was their fourth person. I gotta go about like four. Maybe not exciting. Maybe just feel good to see -- the fancy the national -- yes after the bombing that that was. Probably. Teacher ought to acknowledge it but it does make you feel kind of connected to the city and everything I -- -- class act of religious come together moment. As the greatest moment outside of the actual World Series win. As the greatest moment that 2013. Boston. You you can go anymore than say when the band sang the National Anthem there -- Ortiz whole. Package. Most vacation deals include them because that's Bermuda it's easy Ortiz this is terribly since the gap because. Put myself in his position as bars. You know there's no filter there's not you know. Not pleased to have you -- every want and nobody is -- down but right. And the FCC even said after a week we stand with David -- can -- crap yeah people ball -- memorable going to be not to forget normally are the easiest answer. Is the mean he's an outside of the actual list of the easiest answer is either David Ortiz is Grand Slam. Or Shane Victorino Grand Slam in those two moments in the post season. We're so huge spot just for the sake of of taking something outside the obvious. Coach Mike Napoli home runs in Detroit awful Verlander backing was incredible there's so much it stayed in you know the Red Sox now point. Tied 111 game there. And -- -- they were going to win that game right near -- are on the mound has gone back and forth. That whole game was incredibly exciting was freezing cold afternoon game in Detroit. And now when he hit that -- just him and shot. Awful Verlander that was that was one of the underrated great moments of the year it's good when. Factory. It doesn't thirteen New England Patriots have had some nail biting finish is so amazing comebacks of those games was the greatest comeback. -- 2013 patriots. -- I have read a lot. Man. She's. -- Cleveland to a New Orleans. What's being here. I think Cleveland past two years I mean that is there's no way out that that game watching it in the stands. And collectively. The fans they've given up hope and ended in the browns'. No way had a talent -- do it should be hanging around the path and yet they were killing them yet the patriots scored public points in a minute. And it all -- case everything went right for them to -- Mac games. And that was the one game up -- -- it if you're watching -- you were saying they're not gonna have a -- they're not -- come back from the -- they've had their chances -- dot. Ever -- a day it was amazing it was that. That was grade but I'm gonna go the other option here more for my own personal experience of it the New Orleans game being at Fenway that day. Getting ready 142 of the world's here of the ALCS rather. Which later was the night were David Ortiz hit -- Grand Slam. But you just the moment and and little and I talked about as we sort of shared this thing where we both got off the air. We thought that the patriots because we have the sound on the we sort of were under the impression game was over. When they had punted just in the -- on the golf ball back and has your walking. Through the tunnel under Fenway Park everybody's eyes were -- -- every one -- that he knew it was packed in there so we're going from TV TV watching each one. And when he threw that that touchdown to pumpkins. People just was raising our average is like a wave now of people jumping up and down -- flying everywhere -- story of the tunnel at Fenway Park that's that's a great -- her story to pull it off from minority rocks and I'll take it acquittal was pretty good to -- at the airport because there has not to Orlando. And stay in the party here at the end of pupils are honking their horns. -- in in line at the airport Logan that's pretty it to him -- like being in a usual places for these games. The year unusual. Track -- it. There is a new Motown sensation that is sweeping the nation. As Christian warriors Nat -- He's been a lot of headlines with his dance moves so Christian. What was your favorite Joseph -- dance. The team -- -- -- always the easy disease and you guys got to look this mrs. priceless I'm not sure they get three touchdowns in this game. And he busted out the bye bye -- from instincts. Didn't like take it was a look at Twitter conversation that led to -- somebody or systems to do with -- the late night Jimmy Fallon OK -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- some like we do this dance. And they're gonna give like make a wish foundation when he gets a touchdown -- what does he bust out an abridged version. Abide by five it ended -- going on -- Balata 101000 dollar donated. It was like talk about throwback moved me nailed it that he talked about does that mean you you are his -- some -- right and yeah PR FL -- To call you up -- I'm like hey. Uncle uncle Christians or because Dixie speaks the atmosphere IRS. Hey you big C -- out there with a big joke. I'm thinking about Boston output by -- a -- it like I'm a rookie of my draft America. This athletic pass Detroit I have reviewed just for decades he answered my job. Without. It's. Literally created. I got the Justin Timberlake yeah. Favorite place that I could do to get around so it turns out as a gift. To that. Are so he does he call you had no I told every undrafted rookie out it looked bad litigators are -- -- -- maybe. Three to five seconds to kind of have some personality in this league. And if you're gonna do it do its -- it at the same time that we dollars -- you got a -- group because they will be a little bit that the deal listen. -- it's and it's time to celebrate. Enjoyed it doesn't mean you're not working hard on trying to river your move was what that jump the population of my age gap he batted in the freezing Bryant yet have pulled it out fence -- Little anger about that affected personally this year the patriots use him robbery he beat Hillary why -- don't over four. I have no idea I'm doing something to -- of -- say I'm done with forays were not at this atlas and I hope not perfect from the top down big tonight a much -- 44 days that it meant -- -- -- doable -- that's -- -- are you actually got three. I -- four. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I lie awake at night thinking my possibly in the same for four for tomorrow so no one viewer question for me today that's fine I stress over this. I'm an aging prematurely can tell. -- -- stooped over her look at travel 122. Separate.

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