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Comparing the Patriots to the rest of the AFC contenders with Salk and Christian Fauria

Dec 20, 2013|

Former Patriot Christian Fauria and Mike Salk look at the Patriots chances given the level of competition out there in the AFC today.

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I know Michael Holley today Christian Fauria is the end of former patriots tight end. Who has an incredible record I just learned this today. Of all the records all like it until we see weird records who was it. Josh Gordon they just off few weeks -- -- against in the -- -- -- Cleveland. Now has the all time record for yards -- receiving yards and a four game stretch beyond which is coveted. Yeah I mean I don't people go after that record a joke if that is the goal at the beginning of the year hey look after lie kept. Calvin Johnson -- on nominee Allen's alright now stressful but really good I want that I -- four game stretch fit right McCain -- I got the incredible four and a five game record now battled but your record and your record sounds incredible -- you did not achieve it here no I did not nor did you achieve it in Washington or Seattle to know the places you played but in your final year. In Carolina. Up what do you do I'd love. If you have an I don't know ages but if maybe Testaverde NI. Have. The NFL record for oldest quarterback to receiver -- for touchdown that's enormous yet he -- his light. And I think before that it was it was owned by Vinny Testaverde and Troy Brown when they would be played here Troy poitier. Man I think two years later one year later -- be and I looked up and in Carolina. And I forgot what his -- was maybe it's. 45. How might he might have been reported by how he was an article supported by 45 to listen. He was old I'm impressed loaded he was still run around playing when he was pretty close to the city he got up two old guys right. You can have like a medium aged guy like him eased into it we're both all we were like. I used to be I was Dole's got a team for Carolina and he showed up there and then I'll trump you he really maybe fuels like. When a plane to Seattle Warren Moon showed up he was like 41. So an arm or relate skies hole. Tonight becoming forty myself organized McKesson not battle. Warren Moon is so much bigger in person then I thought he was going to be -- -- get to know him a little bit now Seattle. He's personal he's huge I didn't realize it was that big -- I think let them run around in Houston you know the run and shoot throwing the ball all over the place. Harold maybe is like -- like a special round help matters like I always the Warren Moon is kind of a little guy just run around throwing the ball. But then you see him he's he's really a big the attic dude it. He's also he's trying to. I mean there's other others are really Williams of cornerback black character of people -- Why I mean argue that you brought in Damon Huard is out there and other other great Robert used to play for Seattle. People see the Republican become happy and then -- war. Don't like all Smart cop like did you crazy for all they had ice like outtakes of socialism Vegas every now and then and the way you would crowd around him who was was ridiculous and -- great thing about him is that he had. A way of okay. Saying hello and then ending the conversation. And make you the other person feel light. I did they meant something to him right he wasn't it was like I'd be educated daughter Grasso was light. Yet like a standard like lines like hey nice to -- I could take you have a good day and if you just walk along. It was -- got one out like. He's got this whole thing all you've got fed up or slide refused the -- because. Upper big baby sit their talking appeal for hours. Hours yes now we get down move your -- guys -- don't feel like you're nice guy -- if you got something. -- always a lot a lot today we'll talk a ton of pitchers they -- -- at a hockey later and I'm hoping because I like a lot of your stories of playing in -- guys you played -- I hope would sprinkle in some of the stories. Your -- passed and playing with a -- Georgetown -- -- other teams aren't. From what I can gather and I don't know you well we've we really just met today we met once briefly on the -- -- -- Just for the records and so that we have this clear Testaverde at that moment was 44 I'll close you were 36. How is your thirties -- your old our old in the NFL you're sick he hears only thing that's Crimea he was. McCain it's it's you sit there ever watching him in the 1987. Or 88 he got the lead it was it was. 87 he got no leaks no -- on the Alvarez sizable highest paid player ever right. Mean this is a guy he was Tuesday. -- kids like high school. So it was just it was a trip boy -- like literally sat in the front row and me. If you're 44. And some other got to Europe all the football to his twenties but what can you possibly have in common like -- you possibly relate to the other person -- just. It's amazing he he played into his 44 is incredible right to have such a long and had a good career. And he never came close to living up to the incredible expectations that -- their forum. When he first I mean he was supposed to set the league on fire ya right I mean other than he is in that category with Bledsoe and Manning it. And I put Andrew Luck now in that category of guys that we're supposed to completely changed the way football was being played. And maybe it was because he started in Tampa I never really got a problem we have a lot to do and I know bill -- some certainly Rodham a couple of different places where he was. And it was a good quarterback but he was never what he was supposed to be and he was supposed to be Peyton Manning before Manning was. Yeah I think a lot of stuff blazers. You want to Tampa and EPU historic a bunch of interceptions cream sickle uniform it's just like who wants to go to camp of who compare. 08 Q can you compare now. Tampa like Tampa back then and 1987 every what's that what's the modern day comparison to like what's that. What's what he would you consulate in the NFL in the NFL yeah patriots were that team really almost until much like -- -- like what how glorious they were like never wanna play in doing was blown off course and you'll knowing line. -- -- that whole floor area would be great to New Orleans warm. New Orleans. We just do that now because there's no commitment to win the aid is the fan support was up and down and you're laughing -- Cincinnati was another one stolen I mean no notes and they're they're they're wore her port number to go back I always based my decision like. About -- went to I want to Seattle dropped into Seattle. And at that point it was that the -- he was just kind of tapering off. But there really wasn't much to do there firsts you know for young single guy like what do you do. It just like you don't bars most guys -- on record to our plan was sure to just wasn't really interesting to me narrow. Our solid about what took place like Miami Arizona. Like my level we toll differently better would have -- worse and I don't want to -- I -- you don't you hate to look back and I would Jesus but I just wonder what it would look like just based on the fact that there -- Or New York CD but I like some -- -- -- to go out. My plate or to let my guess is that they are played fewer year but maybe your career -- may be would have gone into acting maybe -- I don't know maybe just would become like a -- Coke dealers have. I'll be dead by now who knows where -- direction you connect on anyway out we will talk some football opening but let's start there patriots. And a rivalry game now this is Baltimore's not their -- right are sort of thinking about this today I liked the idea of some rivals. Like your of the pit at the Bruins were talk about the and in the Bruins and Canadians aren't the arrival EI for the Bruins. But right now Pittsburgh definitely -- rivalry re -- eight Pittsburgh even if it doesn't have all of the historical context. That that that Montreal does -- the Yankees but for awhile I think in the ninety's there was Indians right I mean there's -- rivalry that that was one sided for the Red Sox I'd like sub rivalry. And if the jets are the closest rival because of all the history between the two teams. Pittsburgh is another pretty good one Baltimore has to be -- rivalry for the. -- -- You know they played so -- so many times. If it's almost like you know Indianapolis was the patriots rival in my opinion. Start -- 2000 drivers all the games met somebody so if you're going to be a rival. Both teams have to be good ball teams have to have something to play forcibly to lose. The jets. I mean like I got here. The practices during the week of the jets game. Was ridiculous and an -- I -- Why what is the difference what is the big deal it's not like college will Wear the the rivalries have been established -- right there forever. So you kind of knew -- kind of forgot wider pit stop -- in the first but maybe steer the border Colorado have a real rival -- we created while we create one against Nebraska and they were the best -- Nebraska think of that has arrived well -- daughters of the colors there's no -- -- -- -- -- right but -- bill -- created the rival. Because he wanted to just bring more attention and they were the best team right we got we both could say top became a rival Oklahoma stunk and it became Nebraska Colorado. But -- the jets I'd never got it I decided I wasn't aware of the history but the ravens. About it how many times they play -- -- More time the last reported four times what is and it's 22. Some immunity in the in the regular season law yet also lash of the plate twice. And I games meant something of hero for that. It was like a big kick that almost and this would be it a couple years before that with a blowout in the post season and the pitch in the ravens there are that team that kind of have the patriots numbers as far as. You know source -- factors as far as what to respect indeed he's even coached here for six years and now over there in your PC and everything and and you also have Spagnuolo whose over there with the ravens so there is so he has a history based on would use of the giants so. They have the blueprint. And indeed you've thrown Harbaugh who's. You know with -- -- As far as coaches that like put Borland definitely be in my top on -- tough spot. Up current coach or coaches in the current coaches right now out probably day Harbaugh. John. You know I Shiite I don't either one both -- at -- I was get a mixed up I don't know who -- visited Jim isn't it resist it doesn't simply quarterback on the content to our Jim played quarterback. And as -- was a pretty good player now. I know I remember Jim my point is receptive you look at him as coaches now I was that are ago I don't know what they're so there's also completely insane -- seems to have at least the level normalcy. I reviewed. Andre seems completely -- -- -- those -- like going out at a high school advocate -- -- Jim Google run up to -- some monitors -- tobacco it was my little brother my -- -- was -- out they're going to -- delivery was you know do whatever is doing John was just sitting around intention yes that's kind of how I am -- -- are you go do your thing I'm gonna talk to this huge -- You got Jim and John is -- your list of long -- are so poorly you get two more. You know. It's I'll probably put in in the X John Fox. One of my all time they're coach is yes definitely all time there -- -- season a top five yeah definitely joggers dog stubborn guy that's. Like football is important to him. But John can have a conversation with few other than football during the football season. Okay we're diving is -- -- like -- got one coach that actually sat down with during the middle of the season and had a discussion that didn't involve. Football John I'll be going to come up -- is our energy needs you know Israel. Polo shirt to sit right now stimulate you know regardless if you had nothing do with football and that's I can appreciate that because at some point this is your your literally. Going nuts with the ball your information that you have and you want to get away from it which I'm sure they do but he. He was oh he allowed himself to have a personality a normal personality were a lot of coaches are guarded Sean Payton Tom Coughlin to Indy Reid is there one other guy you read any Reid is another guy Tom Coughlin. Islamic so when I was giddy when I was a free agent there's a couple teams that knows I could of went to Tom Coughlin with one on -- second play Coughlin -- check. I forgot the other guy was the other guy who's in Detroit a long time ago following fonts no. Mariucci. It might do when he fox not a was married Jeter it was. -- coached Georgia Tech national -- should gay guy who was that he was in San Diego. -- with the names now from outlook about. The world. No not nor does and we're talking 1996. I don't got an outstanding Gettelfinger. Anyways so he was all those military style coaches it just seemed like they never could actually. We do anything other than coach a hard -- way or coaches I don't want nothing to do it like Tom Coughlin was that guy I heard bad stories about bill. You know was he when he was with Cleveland. Which were quickly debunked what's not what's actually got to the stadium and got the team realize that they were all false. But yeah those those guys that -- is a guy AB Andy -- Joseph Gibbs was another guy that I used to take all he's he's got I would love to be coached by. Couldn't stand planet couldn't stand it just did -- was doing right and owners don't -- a front row and everything got that a -- It's got to have a clue what's going on at this point I mean I just bought stock in a different era of the half and half or just you know if he'd been there are you already sold one of those things where you wondered why didn't conduct. I was involved in racing -- he'll buckle on his life usually it will more concerned with what going on in now -- at that point. So John Harbaugh anyways going to be in your list of top five coaches patriots who play them this weekend. They've had the patriots number maybe more than others and you you mentioned some of the reasons why Dean Pees Steve Spagnuolo. John Harbaugh some of the players that have been around for awhile. But we can't keep talking about this because. The the the question specifically about the patriots is north. They are legitimate idea legitimate contender are they the team that is just had too many injuries are they the team that was never really that good to begin with and we've kind of had all three. All three. All three things. Brought up my callers by me by Michael by other people will be in here on the show and my personal feeling has always been there contender. And none of these injuries have convinced me that they are not a contender. Whether it's gronkowski which is obviously the worst of them or Wilfork or Kelly or Mayo. You mean you know normally you know all the defections and issues Wes Welker were definitely going to be getting him in a few minutes is it looks like he's going to be out for the rest of the year. I've kind of gotten to the point -- largest bank. They -- quarterback. And that's kind of all the matters at -- like an adult that there and they have yet to be blown out a game all year. They have not lost the single game by more than a touchdown and unable who won two games by more than a touchdown but they've only lost one game by more or the -- zero games. By more than seven points they've had a chance. To win every game you know their personnel is good enough. To keep them in the game against anybody Baltimore Denver doesn't matter. And if that's the case it's gonna come down to what. Brady vs Flacco at the end I'll take my chances -- society -- -- black so this black. Got a bit of that. That that though a little bit of that magic that Brady has now it's not like he's not playing great. But when he needs a big play he'll get -- -- big play and he has and he has the weapons it could just go look at each team -- offensively as far as the weapons. -- you have -- Torrey Smith you have Malcolm brown -- Dennis hit. Two Colby -- also -- -- who would you trade. Would you trade. Well would you trade -- element or would you trade. On -- cola. What would you would it would it would and operate -- the Rondo who would rather have the ravens are pretty happy with who they've got right. And yeah I know he's strong fast physical receivers. They've got a full complement of guys for him to throw the ball too but the question is does it really matter. And you know it are they better enough to make up for the fact and I think but I think it's -- if if everything's even the way it is. Your ASCII. Joseph Flacco to go to Ottawa in the game are edit your ASCII Tom Brady go down the with a game I think it's pretty even as far as. Won't bet on it is based on Dennis data coming back. And the weapons that they have they have playmakers that -- date. And more -- at the right attitude to have that they have a set -- when they get that situation they don't freak out who paid big big focus. And a couple of big plays. You watched the last week's game against the lions. This court touchdown. -- their kicker literally won the Mac game. OK so but when they needed to drive down just to get enough they got it they got a third fifty. And -- been doing the same thing. But that the weapons that they have is is good as Brady is. I just don't know how much longer he continued doing an end. Maybe he doesn't much younger now this year or for like I've noticed this year because it's like every game's been close right. -- -- Colorado -- way. But to me that's gonna help for them and I said this after the Cleveland everybody's freaking out as I like this. -- didn't look great in the game but they look good enough to keep a close until the end and this team is so battle why would you -- want them to cubicle while I really don't want don't have that in a bit I think it helps them that a superior to them. I don't know I haven't so but I think they have good enough talent and I think that they've learned so much. From these these these battle tested situations late surviving adversity. Late game situations but is -- you to come up in the playoffs. I just feel like I have. I'm content with them I've seen this movie before adultery. It's it's -- my and that's why it's like you wanted to question is was and pop market they go Vicky. How would be surprised if they want to civil right -- to win a Sewell. But I would be surprised there's nobody in the AFC that I am I can. Give that stamp of approvals they listen there's no issues here. Eight we have all the right pieces and all the right places and they're built for a playoff for -- 661777979837. Did you guys involved with Christian Fauria here also have the answer. For the coach you were thinking of Bobby Ross asks Bob rock and courts are. I think of Bobby Ross all do -- imagine Bob Ross the guy who used to do the painting on on PBS you know I mean I'll have a little cloudy low clouds and happy little trees like I always imagine Bob Ross or Bobby Ross of like a huge row of the fact that -- no matter named Bobby -- From the painter guy like you know what that guy's name. Everybody else would say it. It's the duke -- but it paid -- about Atlanta high school football coach who looked exactly like that same hair producers certainly had a little bit more personality I guess but he looked exactly like pimples you know. Who didn't watch joy of painting when you're here -- -- and you 61777979837. Samir calls on the path to more Christians thoughts plus. You mentioned Wes Welker is name the Welker and Evan dole comparison constant change as of today it's a salt and now here at WE. -- -- or clear of the Pittsburgh Penguins -- today for the first time since his. Incident with -- or we'll have some sound for you -- within about the next half hour so that's right and by three -- The by 3 o'clock captain for corporate sound. Of course national importance -- right now in the hands of the commissioner Gary Bettman who decide. On how many games to shave off the fifteen game suspension. After that repeal don't shave off any at all Christian Fauria is in today for Michael. Talk a lot patriots of course who talk some hockey later by. Wes Welker the Danny Amendola Wes Welker thing's been a hot topic I was wrong. I was wrong at the beginning the year I've admitted that I was wrong I thought. The Danny Amendola come right in the that the injury issues of his past would not crop up again that it was bad luck that it was not that that while they may have been true. He's not not a tough guy yeah they were they were injuries that. He actually came back from earlier than expected I mean they were kind of -- key things in the guy got injured it wasn't like hamstring over and over again it was a recurring meeting got hit hard and broke his collarbone. And came back quickly from outside to sit and look. I don't see any reason this guy's gonna continue to get injured they got a younger player who's conceivably faster has great hands. And in this system. Somebody is going to catch a ton -- balls because you've got Tom Brady and you got a system that allows that inside receiver to make catch after catch after catch especially on third down so I figured it. Welker -- -- look what's the difference. I was wrong it turns out I don't know I'm a big mannequin while not -- physically but I can admit something like that. I was brought we've missed Wes Welker there's no doubt M and Lola has been good not great I thought he would be better. The injury issues obviously did pop up again I don't think he's really been healthy all year which is why I think the production has been down. And wall yes somebody it was right somebody is gonna catch a ton of balls it turned out to be Julian Edelman and not Danny Amendola. So -- so you're saying you're wrong about. And in tool not being able to. To get the same production that Welker I thought it would be basically got it -- I think you're still right thoughts I still think you get credit for being partially correct goodwill that you can order going all the I think you -- I like -- elevated. You slide element over there and it's almost like all right waiting it out -- -- -- -- he got -- adult so you had one of the guys were it was going to be that guy that kind of took after him and got their production that at that Welker got it just didn't end up being the guy and you thought it was going to be. Paraded as a matter ridiculous you away wonders whether it's an -- whether that -- -- -- thought somebody. To be consistent enough to be on the field long enough and to give them the values that they look for. And Libyan element which is which is great but that. Here's a guy that we have that. People will be trying to push in to that Welker mode since he got here and and he was like America we years ago that while settlement is no locker -- he is now. It is. It'll say -- doesn't run the same but he's he's given -- production the 89 receptions. Eighty nine's gonna -- on balls. I mean isn't that China and just to be called back to that was really guys that will welcome report walker writes about that now that -- does this believe me. They try to get me to be that slot guy and rebels drop could build a come. -- got my brakes acrylic. It was like. Couple like you know overturn row -- option routes. -- -- and listened watched Roy run. Watched for -- -- Graham and I would look at it sort of what we can't do what they want a tight end to do that what was the thinking it's an eagle on like a normal regular person now and you get you're able to flex that -- how and now he has more space to work now he's on maybe -- policy to come down amidst the mismatch or even feet. He's during the rout against the linebacker was gonna -- inside too so he -- way to run a little bit you have more try to make -- break it's just that it's easy pitching catch. Easy easy easy route and you couldn't you said it wasn't your it just wasn't it's like. So coaches how this -- where it Basie once wrong or throwing it out it's like. I got one chance of doing an outline you'll know the best. But given the chance -- now now not like -- -- was made up -- on their like we're gonna draft Ben Watson thanks we appreciate. I'm happy I have been Watson may be able to do this better -- -- -- any of the tight -- were they able to do it from the -- do you think. Hernandez did it did Watson duke or any in the eyes a you know it just. The sent those guys if you have a feel for a big week because of eventually we gonna wind -- got into that role it and ran that Ralph specifically for how they needed to run it and Tom what -- just the but. When you have those smaller ship your guys they have that great you know close close in speed. It's -- So the great irony as we are right now is that Wes Welker has -- I think is 22 more balls so far this year than any mental but that's it. Welker is done for the year it looks like Welker is going to be shut down for the rest of the year because of the concussion that he should've been shut down -- the first time I remember talking about this after this he got the concussion the week before they play the patriot out and I -- short week to rank right and then in eleventh he's gonna play. We think he's gonna play. Is the NFL's big thing is is concussion protocol BitTorrent the protocol I guess sort of except what I don't tell anybody that -- elements -- -- -- matter if you're not supposed to be able to -- it like activate it now goes to the players are suing the league because the league is not doing enough for economist -- what are they thinking it's that they could out there playing with a can. -- -- -- If you're a game if that sport -- your livelihood and you know that if you admit to a concussion and -- have enough and you have enough. Vision and I clarity to kind of make it through it then why not ten years -- all buy it before we knew would CTE was before everything you've been disclosed -- it now alternating I know him but now to -- I I completely understand that that's how players think I'm not doubting that they do. You par for them to fake it away with -- supposedly. It's supposed to be harder it. And I think now are -- it's your livelihood I understand you wanna play. But you've seen David -- right you've seen -- say now yes -- seen it all of -- you seem Herschel Walker who were just watching to cough from behind by Adam Vinatieri before the show you've seen our Tony Dorset UCL all of these stories. Yeah I don't get it. It's it's easy it's easy to be retrospect I don't know back in the moment at 25 and speaking about the future in -- about how you're going to be labeled on this it. It is what it is hey you know what that's umpire about that but don't start another lawsuit tenure with the guy you're you're played yours you're talking to players in general I have no problem. In fact I thought the players. Were absolutely right in the first lawsuit if the NFL and anyway held back information that the players should have a before making a decision to go out there and play you know that they absolutely deserve to lose the lawsuit bought. Now that that stuff is out there. Don't don't so again -- -- wait a minute so what I'm not saying Walker's gonna do that but it goes back in their plays. As a horrible game against New England probably would have been better off not playing between a bad game short of the sticks on one big the rock you know down play on them the muffed punt at the end where it doesn't over but he get out of the way or come up and catch it. Himself a minute a couple of problems in the next game. Maybe two later it's another concussion and I was gonna miss two more games and and is this past week. So I'd rather have a -- -- dole will end up playing some new plays the last two games which I know it is a big assumption with Danny Amendola. We'll end up playing one fewer game than Wes Welker if he has. Hand catches. In the last two games total which he should do more than me at ten judges -- eleven catches just last week. But let's say catches ten or twelve more balls and he finishes ten receptions and one game behind Wes Welker this year. We really gonna sit here and say it was a horrible decision to get a younger player with more upside over the and over the entirety of his. Of his career and view it allowed Julian Edelman to blossom. Are we really get a -- it's it was such a disaster. If it catches him more balls and ends up helping them in the post season and maybe doesn't drop the pass in the super ball to help win. It's as though -- I think the fact is that. The patriots were right. By by doing what they did. -- they were right they they knew what they were doing they could see the value exceeds value walking out the door they conceded that we need to replace him somebody else and that's what they Douglas and that's what they've done. -- for everybody it's it's the tape Bruce skis and Tom Brady's that's the exception to the rule. Okay most guys are not gonna end their season play the entire season with one team career the exit actor Chris it's not gonna happen. -- get -- that at least Crable les military least. Brought in here as well you've just done he he came here from the team's free agent so it's different situation but. Double -- David Givens Deion Branch anybody who had a significant impact on that. That that's Super Bowl run arbitrary -- different. I think there's also some guys that bill. Just values. At a different level than other guys OK there's he's been at that guy. That he could trust are so watchable -- -- -- why it was Troy Brown that guy more than Wes Welker. -- you and -- do you think Washington if you think. Some issues that that Welker and bill that -- go back of the feet issue going back to be bad for the last year for the first game is just per. I think it's I think back. I think it's a hole. They don't mix sometimes I think there's mutual respect. OK definitely put. West has kind of you know. Definite about not -- abrasive personality goodness yes he's -- Mississippi it it's solid good fun it's like listen I when I tell my kids listen. Not touch that OK they walked by and go touched. Just -- it might go a little bit -- sounds like they inherited that directly AF probably at its lake its policy eventually like you know listen I have a choice between somebody. And and Troy Brown is that guy that's always doing everything right you know print everything in you know I encountered -- -- -- not gonna moan and bitch. You know that there's a difference there. And believe me it doesn't let you go back to one lower Malloy. Left the team -- mean that was -- we don't know what's going on but I bet if you. Give them some truth serum and they're allowed to say the coaches are allowed to what they've really feel about lower Malloy. They're gonna say some -- and -- lawyer -- fans are not gonna -- really don't like it. Federal what is my point is that there's a reason behind I was that the normal stuff was just they thought he was done physically just wasn't fast enough they gave up so many yards on the ground that year. And in the -- in the defense is had a bad year I didn't think it was personality not I don't think -- Arafat is just I think -- done. I don't think it's I don't critics I'll be a little bit of both of I think about know what you're what you're getting for what you pay for what the -- -- the rallies -- almost two different things six point 77797937. Christian Fauria is here Anthony is in -- I -- -- Are you doing guys and dignity. I just wanted to say -- -- -- you guys talk about him and all. I think Gelman has been an absolute value to the scene and as you guys -- seen this year or crossing this year. He he'd been able to produce. What they get less about it and all what you gonna do in the future hope they keep also the men and it fail -- I mean he he's been such a great improvement. Just talking a lot and and in the return game. Oh Welker -- -- on the -- it's -- you to heart so. For me to say that our super strong about it. Yeah me -- ha -- I mean this Ellman has been slowly. Increasing his value. Is is confidence. In his just his ability to make place. -- listen nobody nobody was -- to make a play at the end of last week's game. -- they should have they had four up editor's note to bring the ball OK so. -- you -- guys there but as far as. A guy that that you can count on physically that you cannot physically yeah I think he's he played multiple that he played defense is that same mode. So even sillier things for you so. And build up where you know deepens the ball and this is fourth heightened -- comparable. To -- toughness at all -- You know I think the problem -- -- only when I was younger receivers the. Flat that's Iraqis and is is the last. Nobody stepped up at the end of that game -- although they did -- right up and to the point where they had first down at the fourteen. Up until then they did step up cattlemen in any mental actually had fantastic games. -- Alan -- who missed the ball in the end zone also had a or maybe he was interfered with how to fantastic catch earlier some guys had stepped up. Until that final final four plays of the game but whatever put that -- There's don't they were missing their actual starting wide receiver I mean they're still missing Dobson. They still open missing gambrel pockets and not that I think the world of those guys but they have size they have some level of speed certainly more so more size and -- dollar settlement have. And and they allow everybody to play the right position as opposed to having to move around and they are no you know you're normal plane in the -- need somebody and the outside in this set because Dobson is and here's all the sudden. And -- on the outside and -- dole is inside in. -- this week you should get Dobson back to looks like he's gonna play out the first time in three weeks with a foot. How much does that change what this offense can do Alaska that question plus a -- sound from Brooks a typical play in next assault -- Holland Christian -- in a on W media. We give you some some names these are. In the last what seven drafts we look the last seven drafts these are first second and third round picks of the patriots. On defense. And the goal here is to look at where they are right now it's okay they've had a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball. I how many of how many of their of their draft picks -- would be there to help feeling for some of these guys and you start looking at them. They're they're definitely some guys that are on the team I mean you god damn McCord be Chandler Jones Donta hightower. I -- males one of those -- injured Brandon Spikes is on the team. Logan Ryan now in Iran -- have have filled in somewhat ably but there's a lot of other guys. That you look at him and -- if one or two more of these had -- need to you'd have a little bit more depth and your team. You know look at it -- a quorum court for looking at Darius Butler. Meriwether who was here for a little while was was serviceable but eventually gone. Jermaine Cunningham Ras I Dowling. Table on Wilson who's who's on the team the terrible. Patrick Chung Terrence Wheatley. Shawn Crable Ron Brace Tyrone McKenzie. I mean it that's a lot of names or you said OK if you just hit -- -- -- disburse their third round and not talking about its sixth seventh rounder is where you taken a shot may be worked so maybe not talking about. First the re -- How much better are you have shown brace works or Ron -- router works out of the how much better your team. How much better are you if Shawn Crable. -- worked out at linebacker. Or or Jermaine Cunningham up and you have just that one more piece -- depth. To be able to handle the loss of in this case Jerod -- how much better -- your team if a few more of these had worked out. Well I mean our arms to the question is that he you don't know I mean there's there's just. The silly things that go into drafting players will be a lot there's a little bit of analysis. There's a little -- scheme. There's a lot of -- I think Daschle added a lot of it has come down -- in the guys please help me. That was the system -- he was and does that translate but the same time resources to kind of doing that homework who associate looking at the coach is supposed to be talking to their assistant coaches -- you look in the -- and look yet who they play and what scheme those guys play in the what their competition -- You do you think of some of the guys and yet it's funny because you know bill being the defense of grew value is you with -- That you would that be batting a thousand. -- and it just adding it comes to more but not that he's Babbitt how hard it is to be successful at judging talent playing in the NFL level. Is eighteen guys on this list and I think it's five or six of them are playing with the team and maybe it's seven of them but it's not. It's not a huge number now I know no team is going to be perfect and I don't expect the patriots be perfect either. And and it's party. You know I I I eat I'll defend the patriots in general I think there -- good team. I think they've hit on more than they've missed on that but I also as you've heard -- say so much of what I think about them is they've got Tom -- all -- and it and it and if you don't have Tom Brady how many more of these conversations are we having saying yeah but look at -- -- -- look at that is why aren't able to win this game because they don't have a linebacker here there and have a defensive end here they -- of this -- there. And Tom Brady right now saying aren't. OK we don't have that guy that's fine I don't marched down the field at the end of in the game. It is you can and you were allowed to do you can get away with so many things based on the fact that you have the hall of fame quarterback eight. People don't yet fans don't get -- maybe sell them due -- speak for everybody. How fortunate. They are that they have the ability to pretty much applaud whoever they want to add any different position. And still have a chance at winning great quarterback play great coaching -- great game situation. Coaching. Third down short game management. Look at the games that -- that they want look at look at it and wants saints game mean there's no way they should've won that game the Cleveland Browns. Really -- -- -- fat dumb -- -- affairs call but there's no way to sort of won that game. Bad coaching terrible decision making onside kick where there's nobody in the -- the field pay eight -- not take it. Those happen all the time and that's what I know they don't happen all the died while they seem to America and Australia kicked. Maybe not that specific play but the category of play that you're talking about look at the watch in the patriots my whole life. Watch them when you were on the team and certainly many of the games that were won the between a one in 04 I mean during that during the three Super Bowl runs where like that corner where with a. Patriots. Taking advantage of somebody yes that mr. yes and and that's what -- is constant so if the margin for errors so -- right and everybody has great players. I mean did he just don't have the best players made the bet they have the best players. On Sunday planet won't have a of the best players on offense or defense there won't have the best player. Okay it probably the league the last ten years and Tom Brady. He's in and he makes those other players so much better that it it's so far we can talk about this even like it's I could -- Belichick. I can go out his rant it's a bill Belichick's yanks this guy can't draft on defense eighteen guys in the first three rounds in the last six years. And six of them are playing for your team right now one of them -- Six out of 1813. Is a terrible number bill Belichick's stinks but. That I'll remember that their -- for. They got a very good chance still going twelve and for taking the number two seed. And they have Tom Brady makes up for all but now but doesn't make Belichick a genius there are other things I think that they've put him in that category the fact that they make you were of those mistakes down the stretch the fact that they do have enough depth. To make up for the fact whether it's their top three picks or not they had enough depth to make up for the fact that they've lost Wilfork and -- and -- -- Those are all reasons why I think the world the Bill Belichick as a coach. But it's funny you could rip them to shreds except for the fact. They've only lost four games all year and none of them by more than a touch. You wanna know what you'll see how good of a coach bill really is similar to what you really see a good coaches. The day and at the two years after. Pretty -- I think he'll actually -- -- then I mean by the time -- -- unbelievable through greatly on the regular program might my legacy is -- I've always does point to the -- hey I did it with -- counsel for one -- time we -- to talk to me illegally now I went eleven and five and -- -- don't talked about it but that was his belt -- -- almost a situation where you had so when he studs. I was still here. You still had your core computer without Tom Brady I mean it so yeah -- won eleven of -- -- about the guy yeah listen. -- island Clinton's high school. At same time though they had so many good players. They aren't defense what they're saying that a lot of that doesn't matter because you've got Brady. While. I hear they didn't six or 777979837. Nick is in Milton kind. I -- don't got the -- Robert I -- go to quick question and I'm not sure -- can get to this right now gotta do a little research note talk about you know spell check in. This not draft pick it will be interesting to see you know economic team like this -- -- -- -- first round draft -- they have nest for their third round drop their net. You know through the years that we're looking out there and I don't know it's you know most developed check or not but. Because that -- -- got more -- but it -- -- to see here on the week. You know -- stamps compared to other teams but -- -- Well -- thankfully for you know thankfully we have an intern actually a couple of interns here as far as I can tell they're doing nothing but eating a chicken wings from the 99 in the back room. So will come on -- one look you look at the Steelers the Steelers. In. A bowl let's look at the Steelers and the ravens house. Steelers and ravens you guys got that back their Steelers and ravens exact same time frame. First three rounds which is what we looked -- for the patriots get on it we have a control group. Not clear to just say Belichick this in the patriots that. -- take a look at to their competitors to go look at those two. And let's see how many of their how many now look at. Things can change based on. How many how much space there -- in the patriots have had. A lot of turnover which is one of the things that makes this I think important like the Steelers a predator can orders. Solis went up or you'll go back mentally interns do you know into the class didn't like. -- -- yet. He's seeing -- hurting parity Ruth Graham if it can't let them a couple of experts. But the great thing about I want to show -- how cool it was running a public computers the keepers then -- Patch -- I don't -- thousands of is -- reason you don't get out of here today I tell me what he can find you know I mean we we got you here deeper reason. Go to Tony was in Baltimore I tell me. They -- they don't think -- technical Alter on. I'm down here I -- -- talking about the rivalry and being up patriots and in Baltimore. We hear it now book or what the big deal when the Steelers played the ravens it was like a holiday around here. But nowadays. You can tell from the fans. Even the other day when I was in roots Chris steak -- and I ran into real slugger and they -- and good outlook. The pictures you're gonna kick your you know what this weekend. G he had a local has basically sit back and nobody each Tom Brady and is alive. And -- -- asked to tell you. Let's stay the patriots. -- and -- anybody right now. The impression I didn't know there was a Ruth's Chris in Baltimore -- a guy I'm very impressed and everything I hear well Baltimore in the anybody there can afford it. It is also next bed that's not here that's not about Suggs. With his. About how we eight Brady and it's just days -- smug. Sorry the patriots want what I mean I guess I understand some of the patriots have been on top and all that blood and it's a rival recently shoot eighty coming I'd love hatred on in sports yeah I think he's one of the things that makes sports go ran any time two teams meet each other and and base to start to each other. Nothing makes a vessel makes a robbery right. That's what makes robbery at the jets is that robbery -- -- one -- it was last on the game really meant something moving forward would you hate Tom Brady you played against them. I would hate that he was so good -- hit -- -- in the house of -- not mad at you if you play with them if you played with them. A you've been around a locker -- he would he does he what he can do for you and how we can make you better what -- does for the team and how professional he is you can't he can't freedom is a winding instilled. To them and when you hear guys -- -- easy flopping easy it is the idea -- NFL's personal flopping does he do that. I mean like by whining that's like base of the NBA's version of elders and flopping like quarterbacks who -- Always point to delays wanna -- -- play ball now -- neat. Like no I'd take that use it like that's the rule take advantage of it it's gonna help because the guys throughout the big deal. Animal might might be with. The hole about the Sox comment it is it's like is -- season recent internal jealousy Google's way beyond football you know just. Mary is an electric company here about Tom there's guys like definitely it's a John Elway. Hated John Elway you do well -- just because he was good in 2000 Seattle and they always were beat us. And John was just it was -- back. And like if we were down he was bringing him back. It's nothing to do with. Yeah him as a person he's group and in the in the valley want to not hills high school. So but I can understand like his irritation by. There's there's a there's nothing not to like I and I I do understand I and I love I think Terrell Suggs rookie -- right now I hope we hate them I hope he says every day that he's gonna do terrible things storm and I hope Brady hates him back I really deal. -- good teacher oh sure like it not like. I don't wanna see numbers like hugging at midfield logo I don't know I don't think I want him to be a stoppage at a leisurely walking away perfect the -- or they hate each other the happier I am the more I get excited about this -- that you can really go that day art does that mean they're trying. And that's gonna play and hand. Hands Brady not slugs -- news -- -- loses to put his head in his hands down -- -- -- -- -- next you know he's chip. There to play against -- micro. 61777979837. -- Terrell Suggs hates Tom Brady that's fine what do you make of these draft picks I mean six out of eighteen. Six out of eighteen defense of players taken in the first three rounds by Bill Belichick and the last seven years are currently contributing on this team six out of eighteen. In that number was different how different the patriots 6177797937. Christian Fauria is here so Kamal WE.

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