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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston, brings the latest Patriots news before Sunday's game in Baltimore

Dec 20, 2013|

Reiss checks in with Mut and Merloni to breakdown the Patriots injury situation heading into Sunday's action. He updates the status of left tackle Nate Solder and wide receivers Aaron Dobson and Kenbrell Thompkins.

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I'm like -- -- BS PM Boston joins he joins us here on the AT&T hotline. Mike it's not -- are you. Do well that's how we doing today. We have talked so much football today patriots and ravens and I guess it by a by pose the question posed to Mike -- If you had to pick one this side of the football Mike you might be more concerned about heading into the scheme as a -- follows and covers the patriots the offense in the red zone or the defense. Heading into Sunday what side of the ball -- Maurice about. I don't think it's decisive -- but I would say defense just because I think at this time a year you start to see the defense is playing more of a factor. In these gains and and get the inability. Actually play inability but the struggled to slow down opponents run gains and I think it's really more personnel based than anything they just. Have lost those big guys at the line of scrimmage and then you -- in Jerod Mayo and and usually that's the one thing you can always count on. At least from my view from the Bill Belichick coached team if they wanted to they could make another offense one dimensional by shutting down the run. And I don't see it this year if so that would be that the area would focus on. Yeah you know the thing is with that Mike is -- I've seen his defense on the go without these guys for a law that they are what they are they don't look good but they may become the big play maybe they failed a category. The issue that I have offensively is I think -- About to see this offense really start to struggle in the started Dobson coming back is going to solve all red zone issues. And I don't understand but in the red zones with -- with them it's it's unbelievable. The way this defense is handled Tom Brady with they'd better weapons inside the middle field and a better offensive line scares -- -- for Sunday. Well and I understand that completely and I and I can you could make it strong -- -- because we're talking about a ravens offense. That didn't even score a touchdown and Monday night game so I I I did it for this specific matchup you could make that case. Couple -- on the offense from here I think the thing that concerns me. More than anything is just sort of what they're doing on the offensive line and you talk about -- game against the Baltimore Ravens the first word that has pretty much come out of every players vote this week. Typical you gotta come and meet the physical match against this team and that starts at the line of scrimmage we've already sort of established that defensively. They've lost a lot in that area offensively. Is -- they're gonna play at left tackle with the concussion. I would lean towards no but that's more of a gut feeling so what do you do then. You know that Logan Mankins kick out -- have. You know a rookie undrafted guy and Josh Klein at left guard -- possibly against Cody nada you don't like that matchup so to me. -- like I I get the whole red -- thing an Aaron Dotson back I'm not even go even further back and say. Let's just talk about trying to control the line of scrimmage with a banged up offensively and that would be the bigger concern. Like recent ESP a boston.com -- has been talking about the offensive line after a couple days that means the running back group I. I've reached my breaking point Mike he sat for game seven team plays fourteen plays he has nineteen. Nineteen red zone touchdowns as the beginning of last year I need more Steven Ridley and I want to carry the red zone do we get that Sunday against the ravens. Why I would agree with that -- completely -- I think like if you wanna talk about red zone improvement I understand people think adopted at six but three might be able to help them. I would actually lean more toward what you're saying the running game run -- a little more down there now. The ravens are very tough defensively in the red zone having given up just fifteen red zone touchdowns this year one of the best. Figures in the lead so. I think the answer as to as the coaching staff got together that we can mean I think the answer is. Try to run -- a little more down there and it could not Ridley. Well that would let Garret blunt I mean he had a couple good runs at least one good run last week in the red zone so I do think fit as they look for solutions as to what could be better. In the red zone. The possibility. Of turning to the running game a little more than they did would rank high on them. We were out we would dates older man and always kind of back to limited but back to back concussions now -- -- -- talk -- -- protocol in the NFL. I asked that CNET last -- may be how easily happened with the needed head did not -- Kind of that was impossible from the play this week. Yet then that would be my feeling Q and and he's been at practice the last two days I assumed he was limited again today for the second straight day and what you did. To me that the question where we I think we're at a very uncertain. Place right now with him and I think you have to take that into account if you Bill Belichick think take you know that he doesn't -- for this game. I mean the uneasy nature of the whole thing. I think you gotta be ready -- your contingency when you can't count on him. Going wire to wire at this point so. That's basically where rather very uncertain picture where relying on your left tackle the guy you want to protect the most important player in your team. You can't really bank on that being there on Sunday. Hey Mike in terms of the water receiving corps we saw -- dole again much more of ball last week and at a point now where. Forget the limited snaps he is gonna play and as much as as as they can allow him -- and me he had -- end up being. The engine of this offense between the twenties. I think we've we saw more of them I don't necessarily think that means. Wolf he's -- at the top cute guy going forward to cut back the same thing we sort of touched on last week my I think. He's very similar to settlement to when you're in that -- receiver package. Stacked there can be a benefit to that if you wanna play the small ball if you will but I think. You do like to have a little bit of contrast in the paper receivers you put out -- adult and has earned it he's -- the other irregardless. You know maybe electric concept of a six foot three Aaron Dobson or six foot one. Can broke -- just give you a little bit more to catch radiate from the outside part of the field. Inability locked in as the number three guy always going to be in the slot when they go to the to receiver package I don't think it's a lock that don't necessarily be there next admin. You know Mike you look at he's in Boston dot com you Tedy Bruschi steel gates. All of the ravens winning here a tight ball games and it be public most patriots games have come down last five minutes of opportunity to win or lose it. Are we facing that reality of -- must win next week against Baltimore and maybe not only win a division but to get and. Well yeah -- it's certainly looks that way in the UN and if you look at what the dolphins have I mean I have a winnable game this weekend. Against the bill that I'm not mistaken and so they wind up the patriots lose to come down a week seventeen. At home and an -- is that it it changes that quickly last week we're talk about the possibility. Of possibly the number one seed. You know in the playoffs come entered talks broke 22 weeks later -- the wind drifted in and and to me that's reflective of both what the patriots had been. This season which is the team that can beat anyone in the NFL but -- -- anyone in the NFL and also reflective of what the AFC. Is this year and that's wide open anything can happen. Catch on this like my last question we started the short talking about this is a rivalry patriots and and ravens here. You're around these guys but what it would -- just what they say -- the media without sort of that filter of it do you believe that. In a -- this team debuted the ravens is their biggest rival is that hatred. That we see last couple years is that still there with the patriots and the ravens. I don't think it at the same level as that check. Because you need to jets twice a week you know quite a year. I think there's certain -- maybe you know with the weighted jet gold coat pocket and look forward gains and and Rex -- sort of setting the tone I don't think it's at that level. I think. Starting -- the top of the ownership the coaching in general manager level there's actually great respect between the patriot and the ravens that makes it different. On the field. You know the -- and -- stuff I think that's real there there is something real there. But I don't think it's head at the same level as the jets that that's one I would probably put at a higher level -- this war. Are all the pics -- various PM boston.com last week. Mike told us everything says pick the dolphins entered the patriots this week he's called the ravens as our. A lot of people can check out full breakdown and ESPN boston.com. Mike enjoy that seventy degrees in Baltimore we'll talk to you next week. Can -- meant something tells me that might wind up on the patriot locker room all the. Shouldn't let ex -- -- -- Mike Griese has been a boston.com is joining us he's brought to you as always. Up by nor -- power equipment by town fair tire. And by EMD milk pork division of Merrick KG AA AA dogs dot Germany. As we said we began the segment here 1 o'clock we agreed at the moment the year for they show up Boston sport but the show. Was our run in with our friends at Chicago. And -- we come back we'll bring you the highlights three live we talked Chicago radio during the Stanley Cup final duel right here 93 point seven WE yeah.

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