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Patriots get ready for the Ravens

Dec 20, 2013|

Kirk and Dino opened the show previewing the Pats and the Ravens. Dino likes the Ravens, Kirk thinks the Pats will play well in Baltimore.

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Well I think we have the answer to yesterday's question that we posed that. 959. Before -- off the year. And Kirk was going in to maybe sign his contract and maybe stab somebody in the back in May -- Determine the future of this broadcast this six to 10 AM broadcast. As it would stab in the back who would survive and who would not roll call here. John -- President. -- and I'm -- Dino and Gerry Callahan. Gerry Callahan. Well. -- -- while some seat you know I like are you kidding me and and you don't let the -- get cold and you add your skinny ass. In Callahan -- Yet -- I am yeah. Is it happened you know it happened all -- macro I was quiet day over twenty gastric ulcer I've felt sure yeah of the going to do something it's been a nice front for Jerry easy. Goes into his you know seven decade on this plan yes I say in Orange life -- mean enjoy. All the -- you've had. I guess I should thank you I don't hit by a question thank you are -- Do you nice haircut yeah back at the as VO one a two with three what is all this is a one -- -- besides. It's true I told the guy. PB by the way. -- -- -- This is -- is -- with our roots stylist witnesses. Are your your barber if you like him the ball is not a thing around is in front of his apartment and author of the guide Barbara -- -- -- -- the symbolic what one if if if your barber your barber. But if you're on Newbury Street that your style is noted as he's at Newbury Street address where's -- from PDs. From mr. He's from for just review board is yes. As as an Israeli accent OK he's the he is the hairdresser stylist to the stars cuts could there it was PDs weeks. Suisse chemical and he's we see yesterday within their -- McLaughlin as the -- that the grace that shall appear in the temples. That one to just cut. All the great. Keep cutting into -- is gone where he's -- a third of the way -- says. -- get out of bare -- right now -- -- are -- itself. Around the temples don't you should dire all out don't I wanna show up on their ball black yours can be and that's what you that's Kubiak. That's the code -- low as Bob Costas -- It is because sense now seems obvious that it's it's like a midlife crisis type I negatives you know yeah it's. It's it's not as damaging as the people who. Wary to pay and don't think anybody that's but when you -- you're -- people look at you and they know and they did. I guess the idea is -- dye your hair you want people think better view it's just the opposite the total opposite yeah it looks people -- yes it's good for us we did that. But not good for will will. OP EB eating captain -- to -- mark -- that the -- parliament's question. Analyst judge should have -- -- -- should -- in advance of -- with us. There's only so much -- -- what you have to work. I. Particular week I'm not sure why it is maybe it was a Shaughnessy column. Maybe it's. The grinch. Spirit of Christmas it seems like a week to take contrary. Or unpopular views and I'm not afraid to do that -- -- he's not afraid that while fan what people are are are certainly afraid to do that. I would say in no particular order we can discuss this -- the free form Friday at them it's that simple Friday when everyone called it. I'm not sure why this week is exactly playing up the way it is. But I got some bad feelings and some negative spots and try to be negative I'm not trying to be -- Rick Pitino about negativity in this town sucks. And no particular order got a bad feeling. About the patriots and ravens. I I the more I think about it and the more I hear about when Kobe Bryant and a 48 and a half million dollar extension. You just get some money down the drain. The more I am convinced that there's no way no how under. Any set of circumstances the bench Harrington and the Red Sox should consider extending David Ortiz. Adding to -- important suspension was just about right I got real real bad feeling although it's gonna turn out good. About this Super Bowl in the meadowlands in the first week of February. And I'm also gonna say I think Rondo. Should be the centerpiece of this team and this is little caviar. Daddy needs to sit down. With the coach and general manager and Rondo and get a sense of where his head is at and how he would embrace. And accept this being run -- team. I would get from the Max contract and I would build my team around Rajon Rondo this the day after. -- -- It is debt over well at least for a couple weeks and he's dead -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like I just you know I usually start -- -- wonderful you're now the Cole -- If it's deficit mimic that I don't go first no not -- sorry it's meant -- -- -- not even. Now all of the equipment and show featuring John again not a lot that's a lot. The current financial I'll just be Ed McMahon like Johnny Carson show public doc. To play the was tuchman doctor let's throw it portrait. Studio -- Is your patriots ravens -- Solely anti pages where they currently stand pick or Israeli pro rape it's part extent does that look at the ravens a look at the team of the quarterback who's thirty to passer rating. Which -- that thirty yards per attempt and who wants that the league is close the top. Is intercept yes he's tied for the league lead in the non. New York division Eli and -- -- interceptions he has seventeen this team is one for broke him a lot of credit. They won by Q3 points each time I mean you have to think -- if you pick Baltimore. If this is going to be last possession down. Not so sure about -- probably right it's gonna be an ugly in its -- grinding game. But the thing the most important that you just said he has they've won four in a row this is a team that I think off to a woeful two and six start able. Yeah and it was -- Super Bowl jinx you know when you win the Super Bowl when you're in the Super Bowl you don't get back in playoffs all that sort of stuff and it appeared that that was going to be the case. They have to some extent I think figured it out. This is a tough minded team. This is not the Houston Texans these are not the Cleveland Browns and these are not the Miami Dolphins. Three teams the patriots struggled mightily against. While Flacco has thrown I believe. Five interceptions. So far this season that he has in his worst season as a professional quarterback. I think this is a team a trip to look at and say what do you done lately. What how do you play him now he -- done for me lately and the other thing you asked me is that -- anti patriot or or or pro ravens it's it's -- ball. I think we have. Reached the the -- come to Jesus moment. Where Belichick and Brady for all their powers all their mystical magic for all the fairy dust raw talent as head coach. And a quarterback in this league. Have have somehow some way managed to piece this thing that together with bailing wire Silly Putty in and and duct tape. I think we may -- Parcells watching the team that is on the precipice of saying you know what we defiantly. Run out of reasons rock recent run out of ways to get this -- I think with a group I think from a Super Bowl perspective on Sunday and Baltimore against big six ravens team that. Is thirtieth point eight that we can -- -- it definitely office. I don't see if -- may ballpark definitely when the game -- this I give the patriots -- when their when does not that. Baltimore's no better than Miami Baltimore's no better than doing a Baltimore's abandon any of these teams. On the take you wanna have a deeper conversation -- Denver that's fine was removed Denver. Picture it's just as -- -- -- -- Baltimore by the way they play ten times they split I don't think they are I think they have managed to get it done. I don't think based on the personnel on the says no criticism of Belichick Brady the people who were still standing I don't think you can remove. The number of absolutely positively key players from your offense and your defense. And say well you know it'll be -- It'll be marine it would be cool man to beat cattlemen it'll be Yemen -- -- be high tower I mean you -- removed. I think arguably if you start at the beginning of the season right. And and you listed the top ten players on this football student that will be fun and -- only wanted ten. 12 on the top ten -- -- -- -- -- -- on on in 220. All right so number one we do that is Tom Brady right sure would be the second most important person. On this team when training camp started and percent of the 53 man roster were absolutely positively healthy. Other said the time gronkowski those still hurt -- appropriate in two or Wilfork. All right what do that -- wrong. Wilfork. Would be for. Probably -- a -- Okay who will be five Mankins maybe that's what. Disagree with sincerity Google boss. Keep right -- -- number eighty gronkowski. Wilfork. Mayo. Mankins but he won now you are usually I would state toll. I would then stayed. Let's go all the way to ten -- that Gostkowski. Our art that's far. That's fine it's -- and that's fine -- -- -- it took -- 78 and nine. Drop another opposite linemen but he won Ballmer. Already good guy. -- -- -- -- Ballmer. Off over slash shoulder OK we'll give us the seventh spot the two guys. Don't just say McCord. Sure. Carolina. -- -- What we got we need one -- it's probably said with Welker I don't excellent future that I probably shouldn't bury our have a great year. With a considered him a -- to Welker. And mental -- to. Hustle -- -- -- -- broken off Wednesday at eleven players. So let's go through the list and say. Who's suiting up on shore -- like this -- -- -- pretty advocate and he'll be there. Number two gronkowski. Not gonna be there will for not going to be either mail. Mankins he'll be there but he may be in a different position right right that will chalk it up eight. -- percent he's not DC 80%. Probably. It called for penalties emirates this morning on every single play content. Sneered and a guy I guess -- -- And negative. Negative. Total is at a certain percentage Mankins is mitigated because he's playing some what sells. -- -- -- -- According is there Chandler Jones is there. Got scouts is there. Most critical people in fact -- what's to make the argument. That mail may be more important than it's been does -- and by the way Tommy Kelly's usually happens is back right. My point is I think they have done an admirable job to get where they are minus all the personnel that they are this. I think against a eight. Team -- team efficiency by the way it's afraid of the page. In Houston Texans attitude was. When the page which came to town preacher we suck get beat. Cleveland's attitudes assert their self image one. Of the -- they got. They got to big leads against the patriots have a commitment to scared I mean they got a big -- they get I think -- well the ravens are a good team they're fine. They're average that the Finnish state NATO wouldn't be surprised the patriots right now I think -- nine and seven. Kind of team if they had this roster all your advocates are really even game. Having one team finds a way to win late there's no way to schemes and you blow look at the ravens went this year they -- Houston. Week 339. We now know Houston's maybe the worst team and for. Expecting out of the mix all their winter clocks every single 1 o'clock because they have a struggling offense right let's -- let's have a struggling defense I think it's -- The matter with -- -- he's having with out question terrible the worth worst statistical. Season of his career. Do you think he's going to be. Ineffective against the patriots patriots typically defense. Can't stop on account stopped the -- is better than Jason Campbell. Would you say yes he's got to execute a lot. -- yes yes he's better and those who was the Houston quarterback -- -- pace Keenan he's been -- -- better I think he's better than -- better than how to deal. I guess here's a better this year though those guys in the better your potential. Why is that that's gonna change because the pages guys -- bank surprised. With the difficulty it required the patriots beat Houston. Yes sure surprised the difficulty -- required patriots beat Cleveland. Yeah yeah should not be surprised -- the Baltimore Ravens a better team that both of those two teams put together. Might provide the breaking point the -- the other thing needs this game more the more desperate team. Well I guess technically Baltimore yes I guess yes they're they're they're -- loss away from. Disappearing yeah center -- to play this game without immediacy with the desire at all but I think the patriots think there's a safety net called buffalo in the final week of the season. -- want him out of that but hell you know we capital lose on a last second field Baltimore Ravens at least we know can beat Buffalo's pass and make it to the playoffs. I suppose that's -- to a top that is a fact probably look at them much technical teams these guys these teams don't like each of her recording say they hate Hillary yeah I guess never say stuff like that. This team knocked by the AFC champ which a question knocked them out of class before -- beat in the regular season last year. They don't wanna win this game the reality is right now they are banged up for just an OK football team it's too. Teams will be the playoffs I think. Facing each other here on Sunday but I don't give a look at up -- down they give one team huge advantage. Over the other associate the one big advantage I -- statistically. You break these two teams down is one quarterback is having his worst season in. Eight or nine years and enact quarterback is having three times this season the other quarterbacks. You're looking at an entire season we look at the patriots season you say well they were without -- than they were withdrawn now without -- Did that not have an affect on our on on how they play their offense the red zone offense everything they did offensively. Change with apps and sub in the presence on. -- ski while he's gone he's gone and and and by the way. I think. Would you say the patriots offensively struggled the most. -- in the red zone correct correct. -- and and you can look at the entire season the ravens entire season the patriots and say this is how they're like it doesn't matter. How they're playing in the last two or three or four games I would tell you the ravens are playing a lot bit of the pay. I -- I disagree with Rick yet we'll look at offensive we'll start up that's patriots. Last week put up 453. Total yards Buffett's against Miami and good defense right say -- middle of the league. Baltimore has done that this year they've reached 400 yards -- the -- issued a week before it gets Cleveland. 484. Yards of total offense Baltimore is not a with a hundred yards of that. In the individual game the -- course office is so bad you're right team without Wilfork in in the -- up to leave it no Mayo bigot and moved up -- down field. But the score thirty points against the they scored thirty points against. Apple is 21 point eight and a that you -- they outscored the exact number that's not gonna -- They score 222. Now what that's about Olympic -- and here's the numbers are skewed -- You look at total team offense patriots are number eight in the national football with 390 yards per game. Total yards per game. All of for granted is 29. With 310 yards per game so it's an eighty yards difference now here's where that number -- cute. Are they -- the eighth ranked are they -- 88 best offensive team. Without gronkowski they're certainly not right so these numbers were were were amassed. In part on the back of rock huge factor yes you factor yet there are so I don't think the major to really eight. And based on the fact I -- much of the it would elevate. Baltimore past 29 but here's where it started to go just a couple of minutes ago the patriots are struggling in the red -- -- got a question for you get the tensions. What team in the National Football League is second. In red zone defense. I'm against the ravens that would be your Baltimore Ravens number two all the behind the drug addled Seattle Seahawks. And not far behind Baltimore is number two red zone defense so their strength. Goes up against the patriots weakness. And I you can talk about total offense running the football passing the football but scoring points matters and publisher bombing away. From fifty yards out or forty yards out or thirty yards out. We're talking about grinding out Indians grinding up points inside the red zone patriots can't do it anymore and Baltimore stop everybody from -- That's why I've got a bad I just think it's going to be bring you that -- win this game comfortably. OC you know -- took a beating last week on Twitter my set. Was enough to say I think the patriots are going to lose to the dolphins. So that what's the big. The -- that addiction reckless I think the dolphins are gonna whacked them pretty good. Of course it well when they did race and the patriots did lose all the people were kill me for making that prediction before the game happen. It back to you said the -- -- I was trying to make it sexier prediction. By saying the -- I think you are. Changing his true as what you did about an hour after the game -- say anybody here to apologize to him. Hypocrite for saying it I was wrong about this many to keep more repeat. He did he took a tour victory yes. I did you did I did you your -- I was wanting to victory lap for all the people I just said they gonna lose that right back and look like -- -- is -- just operated. That's a net loss of the dolphin that's I don't mistake by making any sexier pick -- say and dolphins are gonna crush and I didn't get an -- I could beat him. I don't like either team crushes either team ethic with 67 minutes ago you're going to be looking at a three point game earth tie game it's going to be one play and it's going to be. Whatever happens it's nice to have -- house in the spot -- -- -- to be that kind of situation field goal game if -- -- the patriots win right now Matsui with the ravens went right now it's two teams. It banged up all over the place on both sides. I don't see either team going to the -- I say the ravens need to game more Tom Brady disagrees with me. Yeah and we needed so this is there's no bigger game -- this one for us and we have to put everything we can't include so. It's there isn't it very important game as the season goes on eighteen games get more more important and we know how important this -- is -- to try to win divisions. He said the same thing about is the same thing and it's it's the way they operate them. This is the most and huge game for that job surprise your you're don't -- they're playing their ride this is their rivals now as the team that is. Destroyed them last cup -- knock them out. Beat them twice last year -- our players a few years -- tell me they're not intimidated by the patriots but not to get pitchers I think Cleveland probably was -- Miami was and I think Miami to a certain this up but they were intimidated going in. The mindset I think of the ravens is much stronger much -- much more self assured. And the browns the Texans the dolphins were great -- -- that makes it the 29 ranked offense in -- -- better because there shortly -- should've been short all year. The defending champs and sure there short everytime they play every single Sunday. It's the Fed cut off that's -- Ray Rice is every three yards a carry. Yeah I'll just a good -- that's not that's not good and you -- be a little better this week. The move the ball a little bit. It's going to be 2421. Game 2126777. On 7937. It is a patriot Friday as a free -- Friday we decide whether gonna do. -- answer the question that it would be the top -- upper structure show know this is George sureshot would have. I'm gesture sidekick I don't know I don't know it -- get this Atlanta -- that you want a -- along well. How you mean storm blow hitting that ever. -- -- It's an interesting and well it's this sort of -- hero. Who -- afford to do that aren't well. Jerry's gone. It's -- that anything you wanna say about Jerry he's gone and I want you guys together sixteen plus you any good memories good -- not one of them that never happened moderate.

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