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Around the NFL and the Wide World of Sports with Mike Tirico of ESPN

Dec 19, 2013|

We check in with the great Mike Tirico to go around the NFL and other sports as well with the well-versed chief play-by-play man of ESPN, Mike Tirico.

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Mike to Rico a joins us right now on the AT&T hotline Michael -- What holiday right. Now we're we are there so much hijinks you wouldn't even they can't even imagine there's a lot of greens -- that. -- Yeah there's -- grinch talking the holiday season you are required. All world required. I don't agree should be possible. You watch and 24/7. On now and HBO all about your hometown and Detroit in and and the red wings. I have not I'm I'm so -- in football and you're great for basketball wouldn't do we begin Christians David I've not watched any of that. I had had a bit as good there's no way to -- is committed to bloopers. Now it's not know it's not not yet it may end that we don't want episode but. Not not -- you know they do such a good job with that stuff HBO just they just nailed that particular thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Milk into what you were considered court ordered three or four coming up this year. And and next you're with multiple outdoor games keep it special that people looking forward to it. For the for the once a year and it and to compete game is not. Downtown. Is right next to Wear the red wings play in the board -- in baseball stadium where the tigers put. But is being played 45 minutes west demand Harvard university and stated so we'll have a 10506000. People for the hockey game. But they've put up the -- -- downtown as well. And they're doing an alumni games it's funny they're so much local talk about. The alumni of the red wings -- might -- maple leaves -- games although it stopped it actually has been incredible buzz to it up for beating to different places. Well Mike I do wanna rescues that you're up to your your ears are here are your eyeballs in football so let's talk about that and you had. An incredible game on Monday night just incredible -- you're calling your enthusiasm and Justin Tucker. Hitting the 61 yarder are the ravens. Doing that -- thing again in your opinion. I think they are I think that will certainly and obviously you can dive into the ravens have been viewed the pats fans -- primer. This we -- we studied the mall -- him and spent on them and have complete game. Victory it's really rare or when you think about it or weeks three games and ended. Was somebody make an -- global over sixty yards in the last minute. -- game and that would competency and and Matt write it for Tampa and talker. It -- six dual goals and do -- rather than just incredible effort in the team always seems somehow some way. To be. More than the individuals put some of their part returned it to the greater factor and split out and mr. Reagan's team although the cast is very different. Seems to be going down that road I don't think they were on the ball -- out and I don't think it's -- passing game is where was last year. Gained two playoffs but I still think you're very dangerous group right now. Did you say that Armageddon was upon -- the right after the over apocalypse the apocalypse it's a coincidence that when the kicker. Or eighteen new Yorker what do you make of that. -- -- -- As -- bought plate as its football we would have believed -- and so -- And you know you play against and so on -- some bodies and through and I'm doing it would have much dead and my son's friends. Here in the area by. You -- -- -- to be -- for most of your mind and -- owners all he does ticker. I know we can even more so. And that in -- -- -- it you know and -- think I considered little tongue in cheek but also. You do realize one -- area that has been that that would have been bought. And years ago awarded coral area that is -- -- most conscious effort and in Monday night games without being. -- about it because. Currently there are three or four starts the Monday night you'll people who work. Very old delete and those games calm down to how those guys to a Monday night election winner or loser game I really -- That helps being tired in the NFL with so many people or. Physically while it was mostly well -- when it was money -- so what happened to these games because it and it keeps. Did you see the looks on the faces of alliance I mean he a thousand and a priceless shot of a vigorous fairly who was right in the area. -- just look kind of like what. What is happening here. I'm fairly critique media that it could be good Beebe was without a bit. It's -- franchise and Red Sox fan or member previous championship right here. Just remember how it just seemed like it was. New inventions out ways to lose leads to lose leads way to blows season's injuries that happened. And that's where the lines are right now and they've won. One playoff game here and over five and decades and -- -- well in 22 years. Or completion in twenty years ago it's just a franchise that always finds a way. And I think only fitting that three times Serbs said sixty -- pupil beat it's you know has been quite up to Detroit so. Political figure that they are arguably diplomas opportunity. In the seeing more and I think it's one of those things -- -- -- Chicago's -- pretty interest in two quarterbacks bounce around they've got a great chance to win their division. How nervous should patriots fans be for game in Baltimore this Sunday. A little bit right moment in the -- and hot under 46 and kind of carried out that one war broke. What I look at their defense and that's what has been -- like -- their defense different. They're rolling in guys you know it's not just Dumervil. And Terrell Suggs they have Courtney -- calm and play a little bit. Guys in the interior playing -- their linebackers are making depletion to -- has come back from a -- is -- -- have returned to warm. Daryl Smith -- -- who is replacing Ray Lewis. Actually is giving them more has covered it realistic at the end of his career. An additional units in tackles. I like winter quarters of play may have sides on a corner and that concerns me with the patriots because we're. When you go back of treatment district does this week I'm watching the game on Sunday and I'm watching me and don't shut Brady's throwing. Agency the size the Miami quarters relative to the New England receivers is -- to what gold balls -- completed. And turn into touchdowns so that worries me. For New -- in the red zone against. Best defense they're gonna have to cope with creative ways to get guys open -- round pick routes and spread and the few why I'd like Tom likes to do so. Netherlands would go to Texas. What's -- that would be the 73. Exclusive story to hungry so and so that interest and John Burton John Burton bullets and sold so -- it happens it has been to war with it. It won't come out this year will be another five or six. John did what he can talks from so I don't know if he's gonna go back when he's gonna go back to come see you remember circular orbit by big ears and if you want to go Texans who bought some -- it's not about there. -- basketball questions for you the first to simple and it's only because you're just the pure play by play guys that we because we've been arguing about this Comair a -- All over a -- over ash our power you pronouncing his name. Now each one of those change on the fly here he was a chic and it with option. And that's the last I heard and then I heard read it from people. I trust that you didn't read different what is. -- to broadcast a goal with a get what you eat. It definitely changed. The pronunciation of degree or it was changed when -- wrong when he came as a -- in Chicago. So there really answers you know now -- have to show it live at home where the big seven footer. They do you think. Do you think that he -- -- an impact player amendments this hasn't been a deal between discussed between the rockets -- the Celtics but just tell me what you think about it. He would not -- him. He is not a franchise is building block but he is they bury my opinion in very solid contributing peace. 20 good group. I think you'd better you'd get much better defense much better defensively. Up until we you know you have pro ball -- -- into the -- and run away. -- it's not going to have to clear up. Aside and take guys -- -- one. Of the lucky would be tradable commodity you're Dwight Howard are not so I think you're talking about Clinton makes everybody better. Defensively we took rumored I'd better compete and or play one way -- even to -- inside. By two you could fit the Bill Russell Lowell walked into the door so it's -- -- -- Keep its relative. Political peace. And look into a ball in the cumulative another solid center who's the starting center in the league. Two other things we have and what we're gonna explore the rest of the year. And put him. You are regarding next year we get into the draft music for the lottery and we get a quick retreat over steps so detail on what the compensation and to know him. There aren't a lot of unconscionable objects on the Boston roster. -- -- -- -- a big men that I know can play I would do that. Monday night you are aware. What we are closing down candlestick. And dignity. Great example of how old. Great the consistency the patriots has been and how impossibly at a post forecast. -- -- Atlanta would normally be as -- championship game -- it was a -- -- -- -- Can we get with a huge comeback. And they're so we have rematch of that game which you would almost any other year say that what a great game that is. Still it's fortunate in both like to me at the top five pick in the draft coming up because they closed the tough schedule between an idea now. The league as what -- relationships. Washington. Houston Atlanta are all teams that are gonna pick up really early in the draft picture. Training entry in the eighties and post your life what is running new England and so are good. That's a great point you make right at the end okay that's the game Monday night's San Francisco hosting Atlanta Mike to Rico we'll talk to again next week thanks again. -- Utah behind -- grudge free as well thanks Mike is Mike to Rico. And we were right. We stumbled on to the truth the vote over their -- horror announced the name he's had his name unchanged. The pronunciation three -- four today. It is that -- that three of three people who have a lot of respect for the amount. Differently -- Rico who I would -- he's as good as solid play by play why you're gonna find your horse's ass off. You know on the how to pronounce the I give up on staying with a -- I like like -- -- it's gonna ring to it O'Meara chick doesn't have the same room. O'Meara -- on the gay guy want to look I have to score -- -- I want all choir right. -- -- Pass -- on my team I don't need that now it's well that guy held a sounds very harsh he systems so important right at the end there is that the whole idea that's why the patriots own right he's right. I mean when you -- see division champs that the next year -- Capote and it really is and it just points and I mean you know and. You know that -- partial to Atlanta because the whole -- war -- -- -- to make sure you know very very interesting guy and and a great general manager. It's not like. He has been just talk about him specifically it's not like he thinks ought to have a top heavy roster. And I don't believe in building -- one through 53 he was it is his formative years of the GM respect right here. In New England watching pioli and Belichick so he adopt that philosophy full -- but when they had entries this year. That was at data never -- did you just didn't have enough to sustain all of the the injuries and the down performances that he had from some people. I mean it's it's really hard to do I know we take it for granted and we talk about not taking for granted. We still do. Now of course we can't open and hope they won't -- you demanded excellence and every time they're not winning a Super Bowl it's another year Brady's prime. They goes -- put that up their 461777979837. But also welcome back to Comair is sheik -- It's not gonna happen according to cater more to your ASCII or at least not now but should -- it's welcome all WE yeah.

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