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John Farrell on the Hot Stove Show

Dec 19, 2013|

Rob BRadford and Alex Speier talk with john Farrell about the Red Sox offseason so far and about preparing for 2014.

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Well I'm sure that the manager is happy that neighbor he's on the apron on the year and we can ask him that exact question John -- joins us on the hot stove show. John thank you very much for joining us once again. -- -- -- It perhaps most -- first of all -- All it is is so far through downtown is on I tell you what it has it has not been the rule amendment ever since he -- -- those were your moves. Yet a hundred moved -- signing. And then but you -- trade yesterday so I guess the first question we can talk about is. Take us through the thinking behind the trade the. Well we felt like there was -- need to and then that very clear that spot adding to the left side of the and so regardless so. Whether Stephen Drew resigning here or not or we go forward some little subtle side there was still the need for. I think some experience. Practically at the shortstop position -- you know that's the -- that plays all the infielders and has that in news. At the skills that you guys are talking about the you would we'd like -- collapse title of the birdies out with our performance with a look at her as a he had a switch hitter good putter flow upside with so like. With all the other right -- infielders at it's it's a good complement to those. That are currently here. I but at the same time if certain things all -- all but certain play -- -- Stephen Drew doesn't prohibit us. From having -- well. Yeah that was gonna be what I was going to ask basically if you had any any read on where things stand with bout with through and you know and his market because. So many people have moved very early in free agency and he's kind of the one guy. Who who seemingly has kind of has taken the -- traditional. Free agent late December perhaps January -- You know like I can't say where things are currently. You know I know what we've tried. The number of conversations have been had has had a workshop course. It's either they're not very good job force last year and I think they'll also I'd like to see this come together but at the same time the peace. We don't well at least he's looking to see what our opportunities might be out there for. But I think the one thing that we continually go back to internally. Is that one of the things that I think a lot of swimming Walters question it was he was the depth of our position players. Not just the only five on the roster than others the thirteen guys over on the roster but other guys that came in when we when we've had short term injuries. Sort most the most talent players that we can that the organization in the offense. Of an injured because -- -- -- the Stephen Drew to suffer concussions from trying in -- missile -- within the industry. And at that position shortstop. You know. -- -- -- I absolutely you know certainly -- the fact that you had to drew plus middle Brooks classically -- -- Bogart's emerging later I've I've said many times was. One of the most critical factors in terms of roster voting for you guys. Last year I'm curious to Timmy right now where you guys stand. I wonder about kind of that center field right field depth. Equation you know right now as things stand clearly Bradley would be would be the presumed option. In center field with Victorino in right. If Bradley's they were to be injured where would you go in terms of the depth of those two critical defensive position. Low and in fact what happened last year when when Bradley was on the club and and you know Jacoby needed a few days and we put chain and several had. Not in right and accommodation of Jonny Gomes thing. And my car and left. You know what we're still -- those seminars. Yet you know who won the one thing about Tennessee's relentless he never stops looking for ways to make sure that there's a line of defense. While playing that you are Frontline guys in and I'm sure that all these steps positions are being in the apparently options except. John Ferrell lives of the Boston residents joins us here in the hot stove show John speak to Victorino. That was another piece in Newsweek came out earlier this week. He gives the update on where he is that after having the surgery performed on his thumb. And do you expect anybody. To not be ready for spring training. Right now no -- expect it'll be ready. Even in the you know that the physical issues that -- -- and and Austin -- true -- correct for surgery. You know we've we look at the early part of spring training we'll have to monitor the workload in the activity in the and then maybe some. Built and reps for that but we feel like that's six certainly spring training will have -- at bats to get guys ready for the start of the year. Negotiate with battle and you know a comment you the injury. That when he went to a lot of three and he played. You got to play it hurt. It was something that after. -- period after the regulars after the playoffs. -- MRI shows and things went through the rest period and then a reexamination. It was clear that he needed to get work done on it and then doctorate in Cleveland -- that and everything points Symbian Redick. I don't surprised that he only needed one surgery I thought it might end up being antibiotic they thought I was gonna say Johnny yeah I mean this is a guy who every part of his body -- -- banged up. Throughout the course of the year now it's over was there one instance or one injury that concerns you the most that -- really. Was -- -- hey you know what may be won't be able to get through this. Well that the -- in little vacuum and hamstring that. You know they're there in a related complex and kept -- -- -- -- we tried to go 35 is given that aren't -- can't overcome it. And in -- such as a player to places. Don't get such a high pain threshold. You know you. Yeah you're the player won't walk on the field than any legal and valid sort of medical staff and the players giving you and how they're testing out all the other. Not always feel perhaps within range of motion that's all those things going on internally. We we kept -- and -- kept recurring thought this as a chance to be a long term thing or longer than it was. Well I think because of his pain threshold he was able to get through some things that maybe other guys what. I'm I'm curious you know what of the other aspects it's kind of -- -- about where the Red Sox are are going this offseason. Is the question of whether or not you guys would be comfortable dealing from -- you know quote -- quote starting pitching depth. How much comfort is there on your part with guys who aren't necessarily Major League proved in it. Brandon -- I guess qualifies someone who. To a degree is -- -- but you know with so with the work man and you know Barnes Varnado. You know that is Della Rosa Webster type of group. As as viable depth options if you were to deal from the primary six starters who you have. Well work and would give us that that he would be the next step. And we feel pretty comparable with him even in the resources made in the number of other. -- -- appearances so he would currently you would give a starter numbers seven. And feel like the what those challenges that Webster. You know approached in the spring training everyone has their sights on this -- -- -- is a guy that's gonna come -- he's -- a breakthrough yet. There's going all the way and here we look at that last start. On the last day of the season all the more. It and what we've got to get to the point where -- Webster's I just try to stop on the plate it's so heavy so alive. Where did you get the ball more starts what he was doing spring training. And yet. You know on the environment in the regular season as a as a little more pressure -- guys -- and in this case that's what happened. But he can't find that a lot stuff amongst the two -- I think the next three yards that we talk well alone are not alone in Barnes you know what we we feel like over the next two years. One if not two of the guys we just talk about are going to be you know rotation. And we wanted to ensure that we can kind of incrementally. Build those guys in rather -- saying OK at the end of 2015 we there are -- unfortunately after two now. So we're just trying to that and stay ahead of the curve a little bit. And gradually work out -- tell us. Question from me. It's it's pretty amazing that we're sitting here I've. Not even Christmas and you could probably say that you're okay with the team you can go to spring training win this team. Has this offseason -- now as you thought it might. I'm more than -- I mean that's a little bit better so good and so tactful and and concentrated on addressing the -- that. That are that are here and the pre signing ever done that. And yet. I would of thought that it would have been much more clarity to the pitching market it. And whether or not it's the market situation that has put drag on it for a lack of better -- -- more house and all of off the board. But you know it's it's amazing that. The amount of really good starting pitching still on the open market access. If you would think that that would be the priority without an actor addressed first Vikings. But whichever region out of market in the open every year articulate at all this we're -- Almost to a point where it seemed like it -- market rather slower. My last question John I'm not sure how it works in terms of internal politics but. Do you ask bench Harrington for a roster Christmas present and if so do you anticipate. That he would be forthcoming in fulfilling that wage. I wouldn't look at those basic terms what her. I think we're able to open up for a pretty good presence already announced the return on Napoli and and arms and I think it will -- with a very good selection when you consider the strike zone ability yeah. I can you know what salty you know the length of the deal that suited his needs and I think -- he's a very good fit for us here for a number in more than anything his desire to win. It is what stands out in the united going to be a great -- -- -- -- -- -- guys got a pretty good wished us right there. In yet. We're or not even with Christmas as you mentioned. Still a number guys that are out there and and -- -- -- some things you know some colossal. Yep my my thought is always been that you already got your ultimate Christmas wish list for -- since you -- net you know I have at the back end of the game. That the most straight throwing bullpen in history perhaps. With coach here and and move he guy and you know it is -- You may not have to live through so many late innings walks which probably -- a manager is going -- add a lot add years to your life. Well all Marcum -- the battle right there. But I think the thing that you know our guys do command that it is the strike zone and if you start to put together criteria we're looking for production is great -- is not want. There are similarities and style you know what he took a little bit similar to two volley -- a fastball split. Primary combination with a little break and Baltic news well. But I think more than anything if you look at the strike -- on the course this career. And he's been pretty dark successful there. We're -- well baseball was that John was number one in the John Ferrell Christmas list. I did at the Ferrell household everyone makes -- list. It -- yeah I mean I don't I don't need to Monday but I tell you that it's a total total number one. Who you know we all look at our our families look different situation then when health since they OK in -- and out of work it's on the DL we're ordered a pretty good shape. Yeah I know your son went through some troubles I know he's better right is everything's pretty good now. Everything's good everything's great and then he's headed out -- -- spring training where they're complex for the Royals right after the first of the year. You know fortunate to -- -- guys are or are in the game. Ever carving out a -- That's great that's licenses three good kids and my kids and I'm halves I'm calling dates are as -- to put together -- -- every week. You're I had what what's the worst that that you put together for the Red Sox will -- Oh. Well you know Diet -- in the press box. -- short no listen short game's -- short games so for us to its strike throwing late strike throwing stuff flew. Well you know it will be a challenge and they are you -- from a that's true we'd -- get to that commitment maybe next time but overall quick real quick before we let ego. We talked about this at the winner means. Are you on board with the with the -- that out the replay and -- we can explain that later but are you on board with the new replay rules. I am yeah and great there I think what is going to be. At least introduce this year will not see what the end result will be that there there's that fought feeling that if this obviously year process to get to and product they'll all be using at that time of the future. But at least you know I think -- we didn't get ample play plate and if you got a chance and challenged that and review it. I think everyone -- of the same thought that we get every call as best. Or quite as possible. And when the umpire draw board this I think that speaks volumes there acceptance. I'd definitely consider there's going to be some growing pains -- on how to use and they get one challenge in the first six innings and after that. You can challenge in and particle go to that you know the video review but what we've seen. He was used in the air all week on average the challenges they can liken him at fifteen seconds so. Maybe that's the last time the five minute argument that might have a play the waiting game and give back your request that. Sort of -- thought it was funny because when his first came out people thought there was going to be no more arguing but that's not really the case you. -- no not at all and even if let's say let's say is our challenge in the second inning. That doesn't work into -- argue a call in the third fourth fifth and sixth inning you are you you you you still can. Go out and protest you can go to the video challenge network so still arguing and has not been. Removed. I guess the best -- it's almost certain listening. Everything stays the same we just have one more. Item and are told well and that's to go to the video review in those -- note. It's just stop and reflect well though Boras this offseason goes on John thanks so much for joining us once again you're always welcome here -- Austin or you don't that though. So nice to -- a great deal of -- I think it -- for helping us to warm the hearts and had a great president based on our apartment are okay. It's John Ferrell -- to the Red Sox.

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