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Dec 19, 2013|

Rob BRadford and Alex Speier are back together on the Hot Stove Show. They talk about the Red Sox and David Ortiz talking contract extension, and speak with Red Sox manager John Farrell about the offseason and preparing for 2014.

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We're back we are back. Rob Bradford W yeah I dot com Alex Spears stable organization -- Stokes ago. I say we are back because Alex was not -- this last week Alice congratulations. Thank you thank you on missing the show last -- yourself yep and I thank you skull Robert -- mastered now Tim Briton Ian -- for. Filling in for Alex the lowly or are people fill in for you in the hot stove show out we were down the winter meetings. And it was a good conversation but now. Something about when you're sitting and that's the and is the hot stove show. And it is the hot stove and Alex beer did I say if you're sitting in this seat there's something about that. That is special. Well thank you rob I think that it's the the unnecessary invitation of big words. Ask Padilla and -- value to the word forum to do that all the time again this is the hot stove show where sponsored by the lead the beaches of Lee County. Santa bell along with my -- -- -- distinctive clothing Marbury and last -- looked great once again today thank you -- -- saying that. We're going to be talking a lot of things already tweet that notion that yes -- you ought to have a pitcher will go to. But we're -- was John Farrell. -- of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell at 630 he is a special mystery guest which Alex -- mentioned on Twitter of the mystery -- use you a favor and it. Well as I said before this beyond. Will be Agassi the mystery guest reality of it is usually. We don't have somebody. I and that's what that's what I -- -- some time. That's why I always go with the has -- history suggested leaves it uncertain whatever -- -- know where to hit about locked in once you get John Ferrell locked in to 630. You have to scream from the mountain tops Alex. Right and now I'm I'm kind of more of a C level guys are well we don't we still have a lot to talk about before we talked to John -- You wanna join the conversation will probably isn't obvious -- -- phone calls. 6177797. In 937. 6177797937. But before we get to the call before we get to John Ferrell. There's been a lot going on before the winter meetings not a lot happened at the winter meetings. Red Sox made a trade for you to feel right now you'd feel the infielder. We don't know where that's the league with Stephen Drew we still haven't heard much about Steven -- market which dominated our conversation. -- the winter meetings when we did the show last week everything came back to Stephen Drew like you woke up. In Orlando that you had to find a way to -- Honesty because there is nothing else I talk about since they had already -- basically already cemented their roster. Outside of that left side of the infield question in the kind of like just throw stuff against the wall and see if -- stakes trade notions so well. And it's that make it so they make this trade yesterday and they traded for Jonathan Herrera 29 year old utility infielder switch hitter Franklin Morales Chris Smart and Marcus been a lot of time on this because Jonathan Herrera is a guy you spent a lot of time when you start seeing him play in spring training we start knowing the roster construction. But what was your take away when you heard about that. They have a fallback option in case they don't sign Stephen Drew so hypothetically they have the roster that they may have going into spring training next year. But you are still in a position where you can continue to pursued through. So I think that it's a nice fit for the roster. As someone who is a better who's who's a pretty good hitter against against right handed pitching. And he represents a nice backup option for. -- -- Brooks Pedroia and that's the thing is that wind everyone's focusing on what you are considerably was on the winter meetings that we're gonna get a short someone who can play shortstop. But another priority that they wanted was someone who could hit. Right handed pitching somewhere preferably from the left. Side because they didn't have a lot of that in the system that's why Brock cold attractive to the -- yet and that's something they've really been you've you've heard him talk about that quite a bit the last couple years just the paucity of left handed hitting shortstop in in professional baseball. So it's something that they've clearly targeted in the last couple of years. With the acquisition of holt from the Pirates. In a deal that otherwise turned out pretty poorly put them yet without with the signing of drew they really like the bounce that he brought in block Cole did when I'm against it in Seattle last year certainly -- -- -- Colton Brandon Snyder both and both. Really played important meaningful roles in -- in specific games. While they were trying to kind of it stitch everything together between Iglesias. And in the return to the majors of -- Brooks you know so the hurt trade wasn't really the talking it's a complimentary thing -- need to use. Added positive that I think if you want to dig in on what the Red Sox were doing since the group market. Has really revealed itself we can't advance that conversation as BC here right now the talking point this week really with your keys contract. I was down -- Dominican Republic last once you start on Friday. When he first brought this up a -- Talking to the Red Sox about an extension he also -- said a few days later about how he has no agreement with the Red Sox a bulk. Not negotiating. Until the year is over he said that. So when you talked about this Ortiz extension it's a great talking point -- -- it week in the other shows have done a great job of of going through this and in some more for some over yet are against it. What's your kind of our analysis not not because -- -- needs this isn't about David Ortiz he's a great guy and and he's done everything for the organizations that you sign him to put that aside that is not part of the conversation. Analytical what is your take on giving David Ortiz and expect. I guess -- if if you're the Red Sox fan in theory you probably do wanna make sure that he doesn't see his performance level fall off a cliff just because. 4838 -- -- unprecedented firm to sustain the performance levels that he has from 3637. Or nearly unprecedented at least. And so there's probably some skepticism about that you know necessarily about how long back and continue. At the same time you wanna keep. A franchise icon. Happy you want to see him retire as a member of the Red Sox though. You know there's there's a certain you don't really want to get into a game of chicken if you can avoid it yeah well let you know what. The lessons that we learned in his last contract. Was that if you tell him in August. It you are and you that your intention is to sit down with -- get this thing doesn't eagle but that he's going to say oh hey I although it. I even toward the toward the qualifying offer dating game he got a little antsy there by I think Alex what it comes down to for me is that. If you think Dave Ortiz is gonna have a year like he'd had last year this. If that happens is they're going to be a team willing to do something along the lines of two years at forty million. A long lines of willing to give up a draft pick while doing up because they were almost certainly off for the qualifying for the Red Sox which would probably be around fifteen million. So so. -- -- team is gonna do that and there's David Ortiz. Actually believe that he might play somewhere else other than Boston be willing to now. I think all of that is a possibility in I know he loves Boston but you get to the end your career at the end of your contract. And you have a chance to get that last big payday. That's. Tough to turn down two scenarios one John Smoltz who did in fact to leave the Braves after all of those years there in order -- because the Red Sox made. A very compelling offer and you know it's interesting -- is that I know I haven't talked to smoltz about this but I would assume that he wasn't exactly thrilled about that year that he spent. You know bouncing between the Red Sox the Cardinals just -- -- he ripped the Braves -- wants -- lap now that that spring training boys a everyone come over and listen to be -- the brave effort and straight days and then the other scenario of course is Mariano Rivera where the Yankees had luck. Mariano you're the greatest ever we wanna continue to pay you is the greatest ever what you do but that doesn't mean we're going to give where we're gonna stop at two years rather victory. Which is you know if you remember where the Red Sox tried to kind of 88 tried to kind of create a little bit of chaos in those negotiations. I'm in Rivera's -- contract. You know that that's kind of the other scenario and I mean for me it's really difficult to imagine. Ortiz feeling compelled to leave the reds saw I. Because I think there's a slim chance but there's always that chance arm. And thing is. I think that what you looking for is really one -- just turn it over one year fifteen million if the Red Sox. Point of view is disciplined and making good business decisions he could certainly position and this is exactly that. This is a good business decision. We don't know what he's gonna do this year but if he does what he did last year. And you don't sign them and you do -- creep closer to free agency also -- you are going to be and a potentially paying more. Potentially but you also have a little bit more certainty and what the value of that investment as opposed to let's say that he you know that he suffers an injury or significant and decline in May. And then all of a sudden you're on the hook for fifteen million dollars for a guy in free agency would be getting three. And they asked they asked remorse -- the other day do I think that they're gonna. They sign Ortiz during the year I signal and the reason I -- no was because there history their track record wise when Schilling with Pedro. Of getting that cost certainty throughout that last year even through all that aches and getting that point and then dealing with a -- right. True you know and again with Ortiz the last go around they sent out signals to him later in the season that look we want you to be an important part of this. And where you know and they're willing to pay market value ultimately and Margaret in a franchise like you have I think that that tempered it somewhat but -- think it tempered hole. When we get to the -- a great conversation I mean I think -- thank you David Ortiz. For -- something that's actually interesting in this offseason which we really didn't even expect this earlier right. Certainly not we talk of the extension -- focus was going to be on -- Lester rather than not I'm Ortiz okay we're gonna talk in the last of the good conversation to look at Hewitt talked about. Ortiz we're gonna talk also about Jon Lester what you should do in terms of approaching him we're also gonna get to your cause he. Lined up Jack Phil -- all the rest of you right after this. Welcome back to the hot stove show up rob Bradford would Alex beer bolt of WE GI dot com and we're going to be taking you although only up to the top of the hour with a great. -- -- B we review all through the night or at least for a couple hours on planet Mikey that's at 7 o'clock but right up until that we're going to be talking baseball offseason. Hot stove. John Farrell coming solace in about five minutes or so. Before John -- joins us was cracked through some of these golf Ira I would like to -- Torre after -- just expressed my enthusiasm -- one of the great underrated -- of these the call it there but she's nor the Kolb be better. Now if they award -- distinctive close. -- New Hampshire are you doing Jack. And it didn't Ellis detect. -- -- play at Hampton beach every summer nice to know. Yeah oh yeah this good. When he got word that I've read a story on line -- -- could -- could verify that the Yankees offered and Pugh Pugh. 140 over seven years to meet her and Boris Said now we want a more money than. Yeah I saw that as well and I'd heard that that's what. Morse was asking in terms of years but the money probably fell short but it would really trust and Jack I'm glad you brought that up. It's -- everyone thought well you know you have Bell's Barry. But now you have. -- very you make the offer to -- you have Beltre and that becomes a really trust indeed I still think they need pitching but it becomes early -- well being of course if you sign both tells. -- -- and -- probably going to make an additional and then and Gardner yet you -- Gardner you get pitching that way. Meanwhile whatever truck doing. Where are replacing -- -- would need support well so what things did what is so in comparing and contrasting the expenditures of the Red Sox and the Yankees this offseason. A couple things need to be -- for what is that the Yankees are losing a ton of free agent the Red Sox really only had those four guys in question. Bail out the Red Sox also have very strong internal options to address some of those. Some of those departures notably easy undervote -- notably Jackie Bradley junior the Yankees don't have those that's the reason why they're -- the Yankees don't wanna be spending this money. The Yankees wish they had the Red Sox in my system they don't. Whether the I think what you look at what the Red Sox are doing and we can't ignore this in the office they're losing and Ellsbury and Saltalamacchia some of these guys. I think that you really have the pain. Some of your hopes on in -- bogus I understand Jackie Bradley is gonna take another step as if players usually do but didn't Bogart's as the guy that I feel like they think. It's got -- kind of morphed into that middle of the order at some point in the year and make ups on the run production which right now as we sit here this isn't replaced. Well. I think that they would certainly be happy if that happened but I don't think that they can take that for granted they do think that they're going to get better production at third base this year than they did last Saudi whether it you almost half Brooks. Or Bogart's they had bad production last year at third base they're going to improve on that -- one of those guys in all likelihood. Even sixteen you could probably represented an upgrade on -- Dillon may you're on the hot stove show I don't fell. They run -- a -- America. Used. Well that's it he got and that the radio back out and he's and then. I'm so glad you're you are not so cut and on the cold. Called time out here and I wanna talk a little bit of deep pot be I'm not ordered out there that he. And secular and you know looking back of the last two years. You know on the injury has and anytime you sort of and I looked like -- -- Premature the end of his career I'd much rather given them that have. I'm going forward and hope that he you know it's healthy and continue to play. Indian accent I'll let it say that I mean he is I think I grew up. You know like I. Out biggest. That. A -- -- but you have and the second that I think is a big poppy. I wanna see -- on the reflection on and -- -- in and it's clear that. I'm not really up for. -- You choose. Out. 80 in Phil thanks for the call him and that's the point if it was a huge enormous extension where you're talking about him asking for three years even two years it to me will be different conversation. But he's dusty for one more year. And and what you're beyond the current season -- on his current contract. We thing. -- about what he's making right now. Right which is so it's so from David Ortiz is employing you know his attitude is probably what -- I have to do I've been as steady in terms of production Phil suggested. How many times is looked like his career is over well not many quite honestly. There was of course the horrible start to 2009. They'd prefer also horrible start in 2010 but. His production at the end of 2010 was great and it's been singularly spectacular for the last few years so. So I think that -- you know Ortiz isn't going exactly the on board for us. That's the thing also that you have to enter into this argument which is. This is a guy who plays the position and does have the skill set that it is is so enormously hard define in baseball. You're talking about a guy with a 940 on nine and happy OPS you drop that down a hundred points you still over a hundred points over the league average that's hard defy. Well sure that. The manager is happy that the rookies on the team -- -- the year and we can ask him that exact question John -- joins us on the hot stove show. John thank you very much for joining us once again. -- and Alex. -- -- It perhaps not historic first of all bowler. All it is is so far through downtown is on I tell you what it has -- as an -- rule amendment ever since he -- -- those flurry of moves. He had -- moved Mika signing and then but you may trade yesterday so I guess the first question we can talk about is. Take us through the thinking behind the trade the. Well we felt like there was -- need to and then that very clear at this spot adding to the left side of the and so regardless so. Whether Stephen Drew resigning here or not or go all the -- and little -- somewhat side there was still the need for. I think some experience. Practically at shortstop position Pereira you don't -- regardless that play all the infield and has that in news. And the skills that you guys are talking about -- who would we like Morse title with birdies at with our performance of the left handed hitter at this he has a switch hitter but wonderful upside with so like. With all the other regular infielders it's it's a good compliment to those. That are currently here. I but at the same time if certain things all -- all but certain play where it was Stephen Drew doesn't prohibit us. From having -- well. Yet I was gonna be what I was going to ask basically if you had any any read on where things stand with bout with threw him. You know and his market because so many people have moved very early in free agency and he's kind of the one guy. Who. Who seemingly has kind of has taken -- more traditional. Free agent late December perhaps January -- You know like I I can't say where things are currently. You know I know what we tried. The number of conversation and has has had -- up force. Stephen their group are Burton -- force last year yeah I think they'll also I'd like to see this come together but at the same time he -- We don't well at least he's looking to see what's best opportunities might be out there for. But I think the one thing that we continually go back to internally. Is that one of the things that I think allowed us to win the Walters question was he was the -- of our position players in. Not just -- only five man roster than others the thirteen guys over on our roster but other guys McCain and when when when we had short term injuries. Sort most at the most talent players that we can that the organization in the event. Of an injured because Lester no under the Stephen -- and suffer concussions from training and miss some time with this the hamstring. And that that position at shortstop. You know. I have I ever critical. I absolutely you know certainly -- the fact that you had drew plus middle Brooks plastic -- is meant Bogart's emerging later I've I've said many times was. One of the most critical factors in terms of roster voting for you guys. Last year I'm curious to -- to meet right now where you guys stand. I wonder about kind of that center field right field depth. Equation you know right now as things stand clearly Bradley would be would be the presumed option. In center field with Victorino in right. If Bradley say were to be injured where would you go in terms of the depth of those two critical defensive position. Low and in fact what happened last year when the when Bradley was on the club and any you know Jacoby needed a few days down we put chain and senator we had. Not in right and accommodation of Jonny Gomes and me and my car and left. You know what we're still copper those seminars. Yet -- well. One the one thing about them is he's relentless he never stops looking for ways to make sure that there's a line of defense. While honing your front line guys and and I'm sure that all these -- positions are being looked at what the options like. John Ferrell lives of the Boston residents joins us here in the hot stove show John speak to victory no that was another piece in Newsweek came out earlier this week. He gives the update on where he is that after having the surgery performed on his thumb. And do you expect anybody. To not be ready for spring training. Right now no -- expect it'll be ready. Even in the you know that the physical shoot that ball chain and and Austin went through that or correct for surgery. You know we've we look at. Early part of spring training we'll have to monitor the workload in the activity and then there maybe some. Built in wraps for that but we feel like through that successfully spring training will have -- at bats to guys -- -- start the year. Negotiate with battle and you know something you -- injury. That you know he went to a lot of pre and he played. You got to play it hurt. It was something that after. A rest period after the regulars after the playoffs. -- MRI shows and things went through the rest period and then a reexamination. It was clear that he needed to get -- done on it and then -- in Cleveland that and everything points and being ready. I don't surprised that he only needed one surgery I thought there might end up being antibiotic -- thought I was gonna say Johnny yeah I mean this is a guy who every part of his body -- -- banged up. Throughout the course of the year now it's over was there one instance or one injury that concerns you the most that that really. Was -- -- hey you know what may be won't be able to get through this. Well that the re occurring in low back -- answering that. You know they're -- in -- related complex and what can return a week we tried to go 35 days given that aren't -- can't overcome it. And in these sorts of a player to places we get such a high pain threshold. You know you. Yeah you're the player won't walk on the field and you know looking ballots to the medical staff and -- -- players giving you and how they're testing out although it would. Not always feel perhaps within range of motion 'cause all those things going on internally. We we kept attic and what they kept -- saw this as a chance to be a long term thing or longer than it was. But I think because of his pain threshold he was able to get through some things that maybe other guys -- I'm I'm curious you know what of the other aspects it's kind of -- -- about where the Red Sox are are going this offseason. Is the question of whether or not you guys would be comfortable dealing from -- you know quote -- starting pitching depth. How much comfort is there on your part with guys who aren't necessarily Major League -- in. Brandon -- I guess qualifies someone who to a degree is -- prevail but you know with so with the work in you know Barnes Varnado. You know that is Della Rosa Webster type of group. As as viable depth options if you were to deal from the primary six starters who you have. We'll work and -- so that. He would be the next step. And we feel pretty comfortable with him even the resources made in the number -- -- You know public appearances so he would currently you would give us started seven. And feel like you know what to us and challenges that Webster. You know approached in spring training everyone has their sights on this terrible obviously is a guy that's gonna come quickest in a breakthrough and yet. There are some growing pains along the way you look at -- start. On the last in the city of Baltimore. It and what we've got to get to the point where with Webster's has crossed and stop on the plate it's so heavy so alive. Where did you get the ball more starts -- he was doing spring training. And yet. You know the environment in the regular season -- a there's a little more pressure on the guys -- and in this case that's what happened. But he can't find that a lot stopped almost -- -- -- I think the next three yards to talk about -- not alone in Barnes you know what we we feel like over the next two years. One if not -- the -- we just talk about are going to be in our rotation. And we wanted to ensure that we can kind of incrementally. Built those guys in -- and OK at the end of 2015 we outskirts and unfortunately out of two now. So we're just trying to stay ahead of the curve a little bit. And gradually worked -- -- Question from me. It's it's pretty amazing that we're sitting here. Not even Christmas and you could probably say that you're okay with the team you can go to spring training -- this team. Has this offseason shaken -- as you thought it might. -- I'm one and yes I mean that's a little bit better so good and so packed full on and concentrated on -- and -- that. That are that are -- and in the pre signing ever done that. And yet. I would've thought that it would have been much more clarity to the pitching market. And whether or not it's the market situation that put drag on it. For a lack of better -- the passing or hasn't fallen. Off the board. But you know it's it's amazing that there's. The amount of really good starting pitching still on the open market access. You know you would think if that would be the priority without an actor addressed first Vikings. The children to read you know the market in the -- every year articulate at all and this will -- -- Almost upon where it seemed like it fires market rather sort. My last question John I'm not sure how it works in terms of internal politics but. Do you ask bench Harrington for a roster Christmas present and if so would you anticipate. That he would be forthcoming in for Philly -- wage. I wouldn't -- -- most basic terms what there. I think we're able to open up for a pretty good presence already national returning Napoli and and arms and I think everybody it was -- very efficiently conservative strictly on ability yet. I you know what -- you know the length of the deal that suited his -- and I think present he's a very good fit for us for a number of reasons and more than anything his desire to win. It is what stands out in the united going to be a great chipper called out with those three guys got a pretty good wish -- right there. In yet. We're we're not even with Christmas as you mentioned is still a number guys that are out there and animals we have some things you know some -- Yep my my thought is always been that you already got your ultimate Christmas wish list for -- since you -- -- you know I have at the back end of the game. That the most strike throwing bullpen in history perhaps. With coach here and and the heat guy and you know it is now a lot. You may not have to live through so many late innings walks which probably as a manager is going to add life and years to your life. Well all knock on -- looked out -- right there. But I think the thing that you know our guys do command that it is the strike zone and an -- start to put together criteria we're looking for production -- -- from you not want. There are similarities despite a little more he has a little bit similar to -- -- fastball split. Primary combination with the breaking ball they can -- well. But I think the more than anything as you look at the strike shortened over the course this career. Because he's been pretty dark successful -- curator. We're gonna -- based policy John -- number one in the John Ferrell Christmas. I did at the Ferrell households everywhere makes August. -- yeah I mean I don't I don't need to Monday but let's say that it's don't tell. Also not one who you know we all look at our our families look different situation -- one else's. They okay I'm -- and out of work it's on the DL were ordered a pretty good shape. Yeah I know your son went through some troubles and I know he's better write these everything's pretty good now. Everything's good everything's great and then he's set -- up. Spring training route to their complex for the Royals right after the first of the year. You know fortunately while -- guys are or are in the game. Ever -- outdoor match. It's great that's what I sense is three good kids and my kids -- -- -- I'm halves I'm calling it hard as you guys -- put together the channel every week. You're I had what what's the worst work that you put together for the Red Sox -- -- -- -- Well you know Diet -- in the press box. That the. Short no listen short games -- short games so for us to its strike throwing way to try throwing yes absolutely. Well -- you know that will be nutshell should be our outlet at at at that's true we -- get to that commitment maybe next time by. -- quick real quick before we let ego. We talked about the said the winner means. Are you on board with the with the -- it's out the replay and -- we can explain that later but are you on board with the new replay rules. I am yeah and -- there I think what is going to be. At least introduce this year will not be -- the end result will be even there there's still the thought feeling that if the -- three year process to get to and product they'll all be using at that time of the future. But at least I think speculative to get -- -- -- play at the plate and if you got a chance we've challenged that and that you're. I think -- who want news of the same thought that we get every call as fast or quite as possible. And when the umpire draw board this I think that speaks volumes there acceptance. I'd definitely consider there's going to be some growing pains come on how it's used and they get one challenge in the first six innings and after that you know. You can challenge in and -- go to that. You know the video review but what we've seen. He was used in the air of all on average the -- taking like him in the fifteen seconds so. Maybe that's the last time that I five minute argument that might have a fight the way every game and give back your request that. Sort of -- -- it was funny because when his first came out people thought there was going to be no more arguing but that's not really the case you. Well no not at all and even if let's say let's say we is our challenge in the second inning. That doesn't work can about argue a call in the third fourth fifth and sixth inning you are you you know you you still can. Go out and protest you can't go to the video challenge and that was -- -- still arguing and has not been. Removed. I guess the -- -- it's almost certain listening. Everything -- the -- we just have one more. Item in our tool belt and that's to go to the video review in those innings note. It's just stop -- -- -- -- -- this offseason goes on John thanks so much for joining us once again you're always welcome here at -- so you don't bet though. So quite a great deal of ethics for helping us to warm the heart and have a great president based on our notebook okay. It's John Farrell manager of the Red Sox and will get to what John -- just said while he talked about some interesting stuff and also get to your phone calls and also. Alex beer -- a quite a week. In terms of breaking down. Looking at the top ten Red Sox prospects very controversial list. Alex is gonna dive into right after I were back in the hot stove show. Rob Bradford that's Alex beer right over there. It sure is for Christian dark hair and puppet on by good to secrecy and doing the sports flashes. And we're -- just world this is the big appetizer -- planet -- it is the the gap is this this called if it wasn't called a hot stove show because the big appetizer. They -- the John Farrell. Just joined us for about a good fifty -- -- who is really give these guys he always -- and broke -- to -- -- QBs take away from John -- I don't think -- any surprise but the fact that the Red -- remain very interested and -- and then his proclamation. About -- Red -- -- expectation that. In the next two seasons -- -- Britain and went to Holmgren stars. Yeah radio it's the Stephen -- steal if still lingers and it it's been slow we have the -- trade yesterday that you rhetoric trade -- -- Franklin Morales train -- the morale by the way. The only Red Sox representative. At that David Ortiz celebrity golf tournament Dominican Republic other than David Ortiz. Maybe he wanted to talk to members of the rough I only knew I only know just a couple days away like this it will be true or at least he's comment. And then he would have regretted coming to the David Ortiz events and a righty didn't -- He's clearly what you -- -- there was no regrets anywhere at that golf tournament great. Great time for great ties. But we also along with John Ferraro along with breaking down John Rollins you can catch that. Interview one WEEI. Dot com agree patio a putting up a little bit later. We want to get through before we take off for planet Mikey the baseball America. -- and Red Sox prospects. I know you know this off the top your head. For good reason but off the top your -- one of the top ten prospects -- sexist. I would say number one -- -- Bogart's number two is Henry Owens number three is Jackie Bradley junior number 40 Webster number five breaks my heart. Number six guarantee Kenya number seven -- that's number eight. Brandon Workman number nine Matt Barnes and guessing that number tennis -- ball okay and number eleven would then. Would have pain -- were not exactly acting so as well. The good blessed with a good less so there were two recap. In a Bogart Henry you know and Jackie Bradley Al Webster Blake's Leinart Wyatt writes like arts arts like art -- cute she unique. Rookie bats Brandon Workman Matt Barnes who had a little bit of a down year last year. In Trey ball who is really you know obviously used after last year's that we haven't seen a whole bunch of them. By in that in that list. Which one jumps out at you say this is the guy who could make the jump up on the list obviously you Bogart's Owens Bradley's top three. Which is the guy who were sitting here next year is that potentially in the top. Well I think that so first of all I agree with the order of the list because I broke the legs out I didn't want to I didn't say I didn't say that announcement and you can hear great podcast with me in my predecessor in not in doing the Red Sox baseball America let me stop you there. Because when you say it's a great podcast we say that'll I throughout the -- -- great all the time -- liberal with just yet just because people show up. But I am telling you this is a great podcast it's a fact if you like Red Sox prospects -- agree podcast to listen so anyway. Continue Alex so first of all I think that the movement within the top ten can only go so far I think that certainly Trey ball depending on what happens his first professional season. Good ball way up in the list. Rookie Betts who is number seven on the list could ball way up on the list if he's able to cement. What was an extraordinary breakout season is one of the foremost five tool talents in the Red Sox system with the second straight year doing it. Rather than what he didn't lol in 2012 -- and let me start out there -- -- leukemia -- that you're allowed to move keep you love yourself the -- that's wrote about 151000 blog -- and rookie that's here that's for whatever it for good reason because he had excellent year. Second -- We you have Dustin Pedroia sitting. What is -- -- future in the organization. So he's going to be exposed to new to out to shortstop next year I believe in double A Portland he played a little bit of -- somebody was -- he was a shortstop in high school. But I think going for there's a decent chance the Red Sox are going to expose him to a number of positions and I think that probably includes center field where. I think that he had some -- -- -- probably wait. -- -- Given that exposure to other positions. His best position that the one where he fits best is probably second base but yes there is a guy -- -- -- for eight more years so I think that the Red Sox are probably going to. Experiment with -- Zobrist in him a little bit as he gets up to AAA. Once he's kind of cemented. His his offensive abilities with another strong you know twenty years ago excellence of the Rizzo breast it was a good thing now it's okay thanks to Ben Zobrist and the rest of his family well if you use the yours alone -- -- out there. And -- you've been so it's. Anyway -- you -- you're when you're -- this that I would I would say that the names that could really vault up the ones that aren't in that top ten. Meanwhile Margo was probably in the who's in the in the early teens. He is someone who could jump way up into the top five in the Red Sox system and then a guy who they signed this summer. Rough failed devers is in the eighteen to 22 range and he has top five. -- written all over we were exchange sixteen -- received emails about Ortiz and you brought him up devers. And because one the conversations with the Ortiz is you don't have that logical big back the power back those hard define. Especially from the left side only in the red sox' system are really throughout baseball. And you identified devers a guy aside from who's sixteen Cuba Iraq and now he's an upside to Medicare I am -- in -- Seminoles. -- devers who sixteen years old -- million and a half yeah I think when half route one and half so. Obviously think highly of will be identified him. As potentially the next big back in the Red Sox system -- the Red Sox have a real dearth of power in their system Bogart's obviously stands out as one guy Bryce -- has significant drop -- I don't know if that's ever going to play up in the major leagues. Because there are questions about his approach. Rough I'll devers who is a sixteen year old so you have to you have to exercise some -- talking too much about him. But there were jaws they were dropping based on his performance. Instructional league the fact that he was in instructional league at all in the United States this year suggest that he was in the kind of special category. In terms of how highly he was regarded. And then once he was there he showed the ability to hit the ball. You know as a sixteen year old 40420. Feet while also being able to have a good approach that a lot of it the opposite field he could be a real impact guy down the road. But some things have to go out all as as a warning shot as the flair when he taught you how do you sort of conversations. You look at what happened exactly a week ago today which was Michael -- are getting taken by the Orioles in the rule five draft Mike omens are with sign also for a million dollar obsolete yet. Million and a half up into a examined through yes 2007. Same sort of thing projected he's a big kid we've got a project to be shortstop hitting with power -- Bears died I was third baseman yeah what but he came up with a shortstop out. He was he has moved over to third base -- -- yeah he wrote back. Hopefully. Our. Or when it looked it up anyway so he was a big kid kind of a lanky kid. And he just never found he never found -- touch wasn't there is never over there but it's it's a good lesson when we're talking about it like -- and and guys who could come up so when you're authoring this list Alex and you're making the top ten meet -- -- Renato title as he's number eleven why. Which -- did you get to where you're just staring at the computer and saying. Carries him. I just well I think that you have to embrace that notion pretty high up in the list because quite frankly. Being able to say whether or not Henry on sir Jackie Bradley junior is second best prospect in the Red Sox system. You can go back and forth on that for hours and days if you want to and -- -- of the many many -- you know of the you know. What to doesn't type of people whose opinions I solicited for this. There were a lot of people who you know who viewed Owens is that. I had a Bradley in Bradley ahead of Owens so there's no clear answer you embrace that early in the process I had so we -- a great conversation doubts about -- nothing going on. We're waiting for Stephen Drew but we have some great conversation we talked about Dave Ortiz situation. We talked out the big -- trade these are rare trade worth a -- at Brad Kosher. I was is going to be a surprise ago have a history gets happy holiday I've made about -- the -- -- -- -- to Ottawa Adam. We -- John Farrell -- We talked about your top ten lists baseball America can also be early -- Jim -- lot of great -- -- show Saturday Alex -- job -- -- indeed rob as it always is a good show as far as we're concerned -- -- space for joining us we're going to be back next -- of the -- are going to be back next Thursday Alex is on hiatus. What we're going to be back to show will be back next Thursday day after Christmas. And out by then maybe student Stephen Drew will be in the fold somewhere who knows but until then -- talked.

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