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Shanks for the explanation! We dissect Dan Shaughnessy's comments on D&C

Dec 19, 2013|

Woe is me, it's so hard covering winning franchises in a city that used to be miserable.

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I did Shaughnessy was on WEEI after discussing his. Article yesterday which we we spent a while on. I still don't I don't agree with Dan I think that. I think it is argument has myriad holes and and I I just I understand that he wishes things were how they once were and things have changed on the columnists in town and on everybody who used to do things one way. But I'm I just feel like he's just -- find something in in a lot of for a lot of the wrong -- But -- like he did admit today that he had nothing else you right but it it was a slow news day and that's why I wrote I thought it was either it was a letter to John Henry origins. The Vietnamese enemy and that McNamee make up a column that don't have much -- and he did the title and -- I'm not bothered by it at all either and sometimes it's necessary believe me. -- I think what is and this is not a conversation for us right now to go into an in depth. But it's probably a conversation for all the universities have journalism programs. And forget and if you want to teach -- to a lot of people -- invited him Q. -- speak to their classrooms if not beat. Professors from an offer him that -- you know with his experience. It's not the way it -- Journalism programs across the country. They can't. They're not teaching it. The way they used to teach at the business the business has changed my ankle so that's what the so that's what it is only a year so it's -- I'm sure you were trained that way around people. Of his age were trained that way and I was public right in the middle of the business was starting to change -- I didn't I was. I'm going to journalism school win. It was the end of the newspaper guys being newspaper guys radio guys have been great you guys. TV guys need to get it it was like a distinct line good luck with -- head -- -- and others on a graduate of the line had started to blow. An outline they'll now is appeared on an avid social absolute as well the game has changed and Dan. Speaks very clearly about how the Internet has changed. Easiest target in this Bill Simmons inventing the culture of never leaving your house rooting for your team have an opinion writing along thing and then getting other people to read it. End up with generation of of of young guys who want to just watch TV and write what they think and -- the wild west and god love them it's does. Democracy of the Internet Gulfport. I just I just can't read any of -- because. I go talk to my neighbor it doesn't enlighten me I just wanna read guys who. Have some news some informed opinion or can tell me something that can you know -- -- my knowledge of of the situation. I don't wanna read another twenty year old told me he thinks so and so sucks. I just think that's -- -- can -- right there are people like that out there -- -- there are certain I mean certainly in its infancy then what's the toll like. What's your immature little side over their Bleacher Report I mean there's tons of Bleacher Report crap that that's what that is -- -- and -- opinion that is based on nothing. But if you go to the right thing and blogs and Simmons may -- is and -- wire Casey's ingesting in his own way. Some of the best researches being especially a baseball like not I mean that's a -- grass started with love in the dorks that I went out with and we were in Orlando. What are those those guys aren't informed. Those guys are doing more work than your average columnist -- support -- -- statistics are different if you're just at war enhancement of -- But you don't but you know it -- August just a different it's a different date now -- he mentions that damages Bill Simmons -- they got a rivalry. And it goes back many years when bill was the Boston sports guy and Indians can continue to write comments glow. But. Some into the journalism degree and -- Micah. He's he was just the guy sitting around in enemy just throw some words together and he's he wanted to be in the business right wanted to. In I grew up reading Shaughnessy and Ryan and leave -- really wanted to do which honestly don't it was just. A new world right. A new world opened up warm and look what. The god turned -- for those seven it is what he does wrong -- lifted to write from a fan perspective he's claiming you're right he's in the room -- that one thing you hear anything at all but saying I'll -- talked to -- when -- bills -- at practice book I'm a fan this is my view as a fan and I don't like -- this week that. But I understand hey I'm taken a fan perspective -- we do that on the radio all the other different what it's like sitting at your -- your TV watching the game. It took a different route to the same destination because as you start off Friday from the fair perspective. And and not necessarily talking to people in the game with his popularity. People in the game. Have contacted him right he has the base of writing from a brand perspective but now. He -- if he wanted to talk to. If you want to talk to David Stern if you wanted to talk -- A Phil Jackson anybody's got the access short course of the biggest complaint I had yesterday was when he brought up Haywood Sullivan a Patrick Sullivan almost like the good old days were used to be able to -- the terrible owners in town quite frankly that's just not true anymore Dan was asked about that said this. Journalism building it's the teams were all down and there was a lot of buffoon really stupid things going on I think that at that time. Everybody was kind of on board -- across the board that but it's been across the board do it all the teams successful and it is an a lot of young people I've kind of grown up with that so why would you ever question anything. It's all good and -- there is that kind of element of people you know working for the team or working for the league. Those are two different things -- goes on to talk about mlb.com. As if Ian Browne is the big problem in the Red Sox out press brought that uneven. Close to being true yes there are some and I think we know who that is but this idea of it's almost like he brushes it aside. -- everything's good now so there's no reason to question what was the reason question. But why would you assume that evil is going on that they are some sort of corruption or greed or something bad went for the most part these are the salad days. Yeah and then the landscape is it sounds like. The more of those clips this. It sounds like they're changing landscape is a problem right for him yes it used to be great the owners are bad and corruption that I pointed out I was the great watchdog what are you watching I don't like to what was the but I think it's it's. Bigger than journalism has changed fans have changed. The the lines are more blurred or as good as you pointed out lines -- system like they used to and it's it's got a -- it's cold though because Dan Dan has recovered he knows who's tough and who's not. If people much nicer person than when they get behind their keyboards with with -- -- 54 -- and all that stuff I found myself saying the same things over and over you know it actually doesn't matter to me. But you know it'll be it'll be good either -- is on visits to close at the end and all that stuff it. And just the people refusing to believe that that could be true and it is true and and it's okay that I didn't think it makes people. And Jerry was a slow news day got to write something for Wednesday and it's the typical is like got and that talked with the possibilities things I just sort of ripped that off on the plane. I'm the boss I'm assuming was not John Henry but then you are also behind the key word -- likened it what -- what -- -- missing here. It's not walking into the Red Sox clubhouse and shouting obscenities at players is also behind to keep on what I'm missing. I don't -- -- -- -- like this is OK you know what he's also wanted to keep. What this is what that old. That that old saw. That that writers have come up -- and that is don't you show up the next day on what he'll say is hey the guy around that the blogger. Is ripping -- and Ortiz and accusing him of things me. I'm gonna go interview on. I will write that I'm skeptical. Right and then I will show what -- in our short produced and he's not saying that. Because he's a very -- -- isn't writing anything negative about Ortiz even though it is NAFTA sealed the blogger is the big fan boy does not saying anything. So what does that how does that follow I'm still confused about some of the logic anyway maybe you think of Dan Shaughnessy is the big -- here in Boston is -- The biggest grange in the media and beyond for grinch questions -- axle -- WB.

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