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You're not being a homer if you still believe the Patriots have a shot in the AFC

Dec 19, 2013|

We discuss that the AFC is still wide open, and even a depleted Patriots team has a good a shot as any squad of winning this Conference.

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I'd give me a break this is exactly which honesty was talking about his home. What is so hard about just saying they're not good enough to win a Super -- salt. This isn't the Red Sox and Brady can't do little loan he couldn't do it with the talent he's had in the past years how's he gonna do it with a bunch of nobody's. I understand your point. They're not greats I don't think this team has otherworldly talents I think they could very easily not winning super boy I don't know that they're the favorite. But in no way when I count them out for winning Super Bowl it no way even with the injuries in the growth quarter -- more than any of them what I see this team is incapable of winning a Super Bowl because they don't have enough talent because they've got one thing their tandem for. They're they're likely to make the playoffs may be even with the number two seed. And they have a quarterback who was being given a chance to win every game at the end they've yet to be blown out they've yet to lose a game by more than a single score Brady's having shot in all of them. I mean they've sort of worked out weirdly you had to deal force winds at the end of the Cincinnati game they came up short in Miami bad call and Carolina and weird call against the jets. Okay I mean you've got four games these lost but at least he's got a chance to win any of them -- I wouldn't take a shot on Tom Brady to win out to win three games in a row in the playoffs even without all of his big guns yes. You know what I know what -- first of -- to respond to the -- through this is not. Would dance and she was talking about this columnist column is deployed -- -- major. Take away line and he said it a couple of times was I don't care he referenced. The fugitive. And an -- Tommy. And Tommy Lee jones' character. I think I don't care. If it was double that number one point right here what happens in the game whether they win or lose I'm rooting for the stories about what he was talking to. By the way concerning the fugitive. We're back and checked on me MCI's. Extensive Leslie and has yet so recruits see what. Happens -- Happening barrier that's one true we're really talking about semantics with whether you care about the team's. In and they're wellness or or lack thereof. Or if you care about it they're winning or losing you don't care you're invested in Boston sports teams that's what makes you Dan Shaughnessy but. That's not the point to point is with the with the patriots. I don't think it's a problem this year by saying they can't win it based on. Their peers. Like it if you if the patriots at the 2000 paid 2013 patriots. Or in the same conference. As the -- seven patriots or the 0304 patriots I would say Howard scream it from the rooftops right now they cannot win the Super Bowl. They can't beat that 0304 patriots team but there's. Not the equivalent. Of the old 304 patriots in the AFC right now so if you have a chance to get to the Super Bowl which seems Super Bowl upsets. Haven't we. Haven't -- Super Bowl upsets. 01. In favor of the patriot 07 against the patriots. Can have a chance to get to the game you can whether. We could be foolish if not bad boy image is just logical. It's foolish. For anybody to count out any right team and. AFC patriots agree I totally got married -- this is a down year there's a lot of teams with a shot at it there's no stay in the AFC they can't possibly be taken down. And then you come out of the question is that if -- -- you mean -- Campbell -- the Tom Brady's great. This isn't a fan -- to say Tom Brady and a two minute drill. Always has a shop -- wins every time and I said as much as anybody but Tom Brady since 2004. Has won fewer of those last second unbelievable lucky derives the and the guy who won those three Super Bowl but there's something that's changed even if it's just for me lock factor a narrative factor. For Tom Brady but I still would bet on him over Andy Dalton. I'll still bet on him even over Joseph Flacco won last year not like he's got that gives a rabbit out of players regardless of what makes it a great shot I'll take my chances. Why such a good story yes OK Brady over Andy Dalton Brady over Joseph Flacco. But Joseph Flacco and Andy Dalton. Have. More reliable. Or more explosive. For more consistent whatever any any word to use weapons and Tom Brady to -- So is Tom Brady and Julian Edelman. Does that trump. Andy Dalton lesser than Brady AJ AJ green -- better than any enemies does it does because of because -- -- separate thing. It does because quarterback trumps. Yeah our right AJ green is better than Julian settlement absolutely know what's gonna argue the other way. And and Jermaine Gresham Oregon better than -- -- -- -- elegant better than whoo man of the you know what you operating. You do an end and the game not that it's as simple as whoever is the quarterback wins was pretty much as simple as whoever has the quarterback wins. You better have the right quarterback at least 51 shot at that it's gonna work every time. Brady's one of the fuel leaks. The team doesn't get -- get blown out -- fine. Ali -- tuck tail between your legs and realize that you gotta go do something else different next year. But given the chance in the last couple minutes of the game and I don't Brady's got tickets it's crazy is this crazy day I mean keep coming back she said no I don't know if I have -- I -- On. And it. Is is this -- cattlemen have that and keep going back to him because. Of all the receivers left I mean he's served its either best receiver right now. While -- well but you know what here's the other thing in the we're judging this and how -- looked about -- about it enough. And that goes back to the criticism of Bill Belichick not being able draft receivers but maybe get draft receivers you can draft college quarterback and -- -- -- to come receivers and they're pretty. Will say this we are judging this over what we've seen the last few weeks or settlement really has been their primary option once gronkowski exited with -- -- dolby into -- Vereen and those three guys are really all you've got. I'm assuming you're gonna get Aaron Dobson back in the agony -- -- back but he's not better than another big baby but. Isn't he better when those guys -- in the air but those guys are going to at least require more defensive. Some attention attention a little -- Josh -- is I mean that that at least Dobson has had some success he's a big body he does some things right Tompkins is a big body who's on the routes correctly for the most part in. I'm not in love with either of those two guys right now but they're better than the alternative and should return. I would think those things make Andelman image dole of arena etc. More productive than they are right now 6177797937. Brian is in his car -- They are going under at the state got a last week I got bigger than I'm out on the second part where -- -- the -- -- -- mentioned now. They have -- many are. I'm looking at that the act is an illegal dog are you guys look like you and I mean all -- and Eric. So it looks like secular Prisoner of War last year it like that with the with the I'm achieving. Like how people -- shot. And then he loves us don't know that he's a huge huge losses there. Not -- Amateur and -- that -- we know he let go over privileged. Like. It's like a lot of money you have an Eric Bruntlett. Column it's a little camera loves to hear from them -- we don't insult now that -- court thinks ought to be like dude. Now the thanks I don't want TV actually keep it keep that can't put a suit. I do try to share but -- -- also for privileged on the last person to rip Kirk for that so Brian what -- -- -- -- foxes were. I knew that it's actually agree that he doesn't -- the playoffs the ticket because them. I think like you know we've been we've missed out like first I'd easily give it the rookie receivers are better and better and better. That so it really -- it -- it -- -- -- -- because if you know they haven't been playing last week they're obviously hopefully healing. And come you know coming to play out in LLP in all. Back to like the press are into that progressively getting while they don't think you can have a cap -- out. If they if they win Brian. They win the Super Bowl. This will be. That. I would I would say this is probably this would pass the Red Sox. As the most unlikely. Championship I've seen in the last because of the injuries in the last ten years -- a -- -- -- -- back to reality you -- August 2001 is is in the category by itself and that's. And that's not my favorite one. I do care yes I -- care at this this would be more unlikely than 03 -- for. It would be more unlikely certainly in the Red Sox in 07 right more likely than the Celtics once they got the the Big Three putt. Not as to where they stood the year before and it the competition would be 2013 Red Sox right is that -- really close what they were but they were last place last place and still the Red Sox still high -- still have good players. And you went on free agency and got some guys that people were or underwhelmed -- the Bruins a two out fortunately I mean there's nothing at least it was surprise it was surprising I shock not shock you can you lead the Boston Bruins with. Zdeno Chara and trees Bergeron. -- Jim Thomas play about did you believe this team one Stanley Cup yet yeah you can you still have to mess with a four I mean that that would still going to be a contender in this. Album because of the method. The method yes the method. Not the talent as ticket count count -- this metallic debris suddenly the Red Sox actually won their World Series and that's still. In terms of shock value started out with how they did it again -- I didn't think whatever they were terrific but I did I mean I didn't they were terrific I bought into Shaughnessy theory I didn't think they were ever -- they were there an outstanding team but it -- you. -- all these guys. It goes all these guys and they are there are able to pull this off. Yeah I think that's the the unlikeliest one out in the end it technically but they're in the elite group of just a few teams that have one of those quarterbacks in Tom Brady and they were good team last year. But you're right the injury situation and how they've bounced back from them let me devastating AM eastern devastating -- -- devastating injuries and defections the suspect had Wes Welker into the mix -- what was happening what was. Who was here last year. Last year. You had crock Hernandez and Welker big problem. Last year in the AFC championship game had Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo and all gun. To get back to that level. To -- winner would be -- what you just garner but -- you're right it would be but I try always when you when you're looking at some like veterans here what are we learning. I mean if they are to get back in -- org or get back even even to the game. What are you learn from OK I think I learn a few things one I've learned that as much as you love Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo. You can survive most losses in the NFL's much as you think receivers are important. You can survive bills if you've got I mean apparently a quarterback it is it's counted as Brady he has. And on and off guys in terms of your depth to be able to make up for the losses of your starters. You're capable of winning if you've got the one of the best quarterbacks if not the best one. And you've got depth. You can survive pretty much everything. Right I mean if if if they get back to the Super Bowl how would you what else would you take from a coaching coaching to chair put that would coaching structure here at that until I'm with. Yeah because you look at you look at New Orleans last year they had a quarterback -- they had depth. We didn't have their leader. Their their play caller. Their guy and and they just they were a non factor and maybe it was there -- more complicated reasons in -- to put -- at them from -- don't study. New Orleans that saints on a daily basis but. Look at it that was the big thing Sean Sean Payton. That was the problem they did have a so to have maybe they have to have a quarterback depth and somebody who can adjust yeah. A part of a head coach who can pick who can diagnose. What the problem is with your team quickly. This is what this is what we have this is what we can't do. What this loss this is what we need to do OK let's go out and do a coach if we can we can now we can executed and we can hang around. Yeah I -- look -- may still have. The best coach in the business they've got maybe the best quarterback in the business and they've yet to get blown out. Now take again I'll take those three things. The guy who works is team as hard as anyone on situations. They crop up at the end of games and and and usually not every time but usually has his team prepared for anything. The quarterback who's led a gazillion of these late game comebacks usually not every time -- usually has ice in his veins at the end of the game especially in bad weather in January and into February. And enough depth to be able to make up for the losses of some of the most important players on the team the patriots have those three things -- they perfect. No I don't think there are a great team I don't think they're as good as the 010304. Patriots or even the 07 patriots or 2011 patriots. But are they capable of winning a Super Bowl absolutely. Absolutely I think they're capable of doing it 6177797983. Sevens go to Vince -- in Dorchester -- -- -- picked up -- I got a couple months ago talking about. That bigger. Obama I -- get shut out and it's like you jurors thought. I broke my. What did you. -- survive. -- don't by huge. Giving dot Children's Hospital dot org that was the on its website giving -- Children's Hospital the out of work. The hospital in the world and I wanted to comment on the patriot. Why not you look at current -- yeah eight on it back in continuity and I thought that it can happen. And I am Obama was on hand like he got a couple -- out there but not the but probably either on and I think -- -- -- upgraded. Our playoff football. In most office all the light pretty. He's got hit and else probably that the talk. -- One being. In New York all. How much is -- applause heard Vince LSU -- Michael of all those. How much is the girl how much are you just forgetting about bandwagon up and down winner -- how much is the drunk injury changer -- -- -- It 8 o'clock why. Yeah I was caught our eye on it and pretty much under guy there that don't -- it. Right and -- -- am. -- locked pocket -- -- you won't lie and eat it. -- down. On the golf ball. Act art and -- at bat the bat. They acquired. Michael last year I appreciate the call Vince and Michael the same question is I get the sense if you -- Bill Belichick right now could bring wanna bring in one guy -- on the -- he still him because he'll hit an eleventh hour I know I don't get Wilfork. Wrong Kelly -- any of my actual guys. But I can go out there and and and the best guy on the street is tight end or easing nose tackle whatever I get this and to take. Time and right now. Yeah I mean you know Brock -- could have brought -- that. Ground gave Tom -- like the course. I had to the refrain. Always come back to that in this song and that's just like for Tom Brady. I know that's always there is got -- If things break analysts are you know he's a target. At any doubt just a red -- that targeted any point. In any point in the game. I'm going to this guy -- like on Sunday. In Miami. It was. A little bit of a grab bag. Looks like I Tom Brady free styling. What we'll see what happens this time I ever dole might be open. Maybe one element I don't know. We'll see who's open person who man at least at least with ground. Even when he's not open. And Brady is paid for a couple of times. Trying to go to when he's covered in you know he's thrown a couple interceptions that way but he's he's such a big target. You can throw what's -- he appears to be covered he'll catch it. So that's huge -- it the numbers the numbers are pretty clear. When grunt is there Tom Brady's go to -- -- every at all the numbers. Points per game. Completion percentage for Brady. All his efficiency everything is better when he's got aggressive he's. -- have to find out if we were just talking about his right before -- got hurt we kept saying look this is different Patriots offense all the sudden when you get a third down. You know you've got -- you've got -- you've got image dole you've got marine you've got four legit options on how to pick up a third and short a third and medium. With a three to five to ten yard pass. And all of a sudden as soon as you take -- those other three options don't look nearly as sexy right because you don't have the best of the bunch until they're able to get after those three guys. But I would also point out we said this earlier -- not the only thing that's been taken away from Brady. Since grunt got -- you've also seen Dobson and -- Tompkins also injured for both of that for for the one game and plus the end of the of the Cleveland game. They've grown -- to what does that look like when you add those guys back in. I don't think that and that Dobson is is good has -- I'm not crazy. But what is this offense look like. When and -- -- and cattlemen are not your only options on the outside and you could put dobbs and out there and slide one of the main side. And every -- -- and you just a better team at that point when you've got a another big target in the hands on is -- great. No he's a rookie who looks pretty good. OK -- are correct he looks he looks all right time but he's dig at least I mean he's a bigger body on the outside -- -- -- -- -- Dolan will always. Grammys a better option the boys at the goal line is only its corporate and I'm not ripping out I'm just hit it is better at the goal line guy voice -- 61777979. -- does that matter to you. Does that matter to -- that that dobbs has been out camera Tompkins and is out or he just say that the offense didn't look at -- note to do in the red zone so forget don't care it's all can. All at W -- yeah. I think this versions even better. Both versions great this makes me even happier. I hope DJ was visiting. Egypt isn't excuse. Hardly fits -- bill and you're. Following the DJ in the Twitter battle what's. I -- DJ is a little acting -- -- you're calling DJ on music and her inflatable. Pool. Not bad. Seriously. I would destroy someone for saying you know casino when you serious when you when you sing a song so it's harmonious yeah. It means. There's a loose usage of that work and annie's killing me because it would horses together or completed should. We understand you wanted to go to Berkeley put some. Seriously you're not following people in India WE are any from what is your Twitter and VW ad and VW handy WEEI or a DJ underscore -- to watch the battle between them. It is it is a snob I think -- -- fast it would -- guys both gonna sit here bragging about how many bands you know that nobody else does know that'll be all sorts are definitely worth is headed. And it never that's where start and it never ever hear all the Al I do this band before you do this span. Oh yeah I know this singer and where they came from four you've ever heard of them like discover the far -- ninety Tuesday. -- -- I -- our side in 1996. -- -- Wanted to see history at an early start on it wasn't even really white shorts they just showed up there I have to watch them hello I was there that they speaking of three c.'s black who who were. -- really they were recruiting and not to dribble great ID six was after the guy from the far side. -- the girl from the real world just get on the show and -- don't care they showed up at my school -- did -- -- wants them it was very graduated I had a great day on the far assignment asking Martin would. Locker room. Quite that no class involved and those Omar now not that -- this weekend. Kansas with the summer in LA I mean who the people want to go to. Class points to 85 degree art -- an orphan and always -- for a pretty -- -- maybe it wasn't the rumor I just felt about going like this summer 6177797983. So we're talking patriots Super Bowl chances. A pretty much all day go to -- is in the car -- -- Going on Chris. I gotta tell all the way to play the aim is to really look backward when you look at eighteen where they were at the beginning of the apple look. After the fact in there. And wherever else all the off. Absolutely would be that more improbable. Vital certain hatred that street I think bigger than no one because if you look back when I don't want. You look at what they had no after the fact what everybody came in the -- play anywhere. In the body and the pride that they want that. Whereas. If they upgraded yet -- in the thick stack say the upbeat and looked back then you look at what -- lot. They walked. To. -- a lot and other team with that and that's in -- probably. -- -- Desert -- that team now that team needs at quarterback but got some good building blocks. With the losses got a nice get the the basis of a good defensive line absolutely Tommy Kelly events wolf shirt. And then -- give you linebacker and and Jerod Mayo and then out on the others -- -- give you the best tight end of his -- on a couple of thank you don't know what got big garbage can we skip going to bite him because we think he did some pretty -- terrible things alleged deal. What do you lost -- dynamic tight ends in an -- who really in an -- Chris let me ask you the same question I asked Michael though or the last -- what are you learn that okay if this team is to do something -- you're right it would be amazing. I would disagree that it would be more unprecedented than -- one but whatever we're splitting -- what would you learn of what what would teach you about the NFL -- Well personally it would change you know I should have been built in might play -- might stop it. And I went through the roller coaster that we they -- rock. I'm not -- -- -- -- Denver loses you know maybe I should mail the check. I I had -- day today a mile track I know it sounds like not much of a problem by. Because great debt Lil on the money now feel like she's probably in the village. And. Are you shouldn't you see you shouldn't feel bad about that you talk to a guy here. Who had a had a chance. At the end of the 20062007. Celtics season 2060 set up. Of the season ticket holder at that time. So where you equity for the team Michael. I was really can't believe I've heard so yes season -- it all season ticket yes. Simple words you I had a chance to renew. And I had to declare before I knew what kind of draft pick their gonna get it's don't have enough information. So. Thank don't know from the river -- decided not to do what they do. KG HT Ray Allen Ray Allen Paul Pierce 66 win games but was posting a post he was I had -- already on the team a lot no use another person they acquired -- in the use things already -- on Posey Eddie House brought Marlon. When a championship yet about ovals. Don't fills up but here's -- -- US to go -- a great question what do what do we learn if the patriots. If the patriots -- Or they're able to compete for a championship with all these losses. Maybe if -- it's what we've got an obvious. The guys that are there right now who were virtual unknowns salon -- whoever it is. Probably better than we think they are probably. -- in 2001. We didn't know. Just how good and believe it or not we didn't know how good Tedy Bruschi was in 2000 wanting me that first year became a a full time -- At a middle linebacker we certainly know how good Mike Vrabel was we didn't know Richard Seymour was a rookie amendment in the hope that so now we talk about a Michael yet we know but right now. We know how they would all come together. Instill in which it wouldn't realize. Just how important Troy Brown would beat this how. Of an iconic player he would become what if they win and then a lot of goes back to nothing and they what do they win -- and that we never hear from the league again and analysis of possibility right you're right it could be that those guys are better than we ever thought this is Bobby -- that question because I think you're right it could be that that we started over rates some of the players that did get hurt. Or could be -- after quarterback and coach and some depth. The other stuff is all just -- that there are other ways to win championships in May be Iraq and a blow everybody out but if you've got a guy can make the plays at the end. That's maybe all you need six or 777979837. Ian. In a car hi Ian. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I thought it. -- let's talk about the count -- -- everything that because you don't catch director Eric. -- -- -- -- -- NM -- actually -- the time at all at leopard but we'll let. That the thing about it -- that she can make everybody out on the field so much better you because I don't regret. Now the people get open I think the biggest product of nature and right now we're. Any anecdotal and let's look at that -- they're using I don't. Settlement is the -- -- that those really the only guys that they have that are really making any place at our receivers go. And they're. You know without somebody out there -- -- -- that -- only it will cover art deal whereas you know you get a rock. And dull though what person in -- -- at. Suspicion thing. That -- at the -- really break. On top of that back deep political right game and the pat. Yeah that the biggest thing that the hatred that locked up -- their -- at that -- -- a lot of value when their position -- -- -- it may be an -- also he can also cover might like that other people. I don't Ian -- I -- -- all the things you're -- true I mean again that's one way of but I also just can't help looking at it saying. Yeah but only news cornerback like I don't disagree with everything is that we can have all these conversations -- Ron does this and this guy does that in this brings this coverage this way and this'll put -- then there's this other part of me that just says. -- -- on in the matter Cabot okay. But look at look at the that can be that guy who was always compared to Tom Brady. Peyton Manning right through back and -- as -- that you're either Manning person or your Brady person. So looking Manning. He's got you've got a great quarterback right here. And all you need is a great quarterback and he has been that for. The bulk of his career assist -- take out right ladies first year may be important parts I was gonna record accurate quarterback. And he's got one is I want him. Many of those are because he had terrible games when it mattered the most. I mean -- the years he had great teams how many years did he -- bad people and that's why but okay but what led to the terrible games while some of it was him played in the cold she's not been great that in his career some of -- -- -- a patriots team that well -- and -- quarterback that was his equal if not his superior or. And I think in a couple of cases when he lost in the playoffs that the people who lost one year to San Diego in the first round -- He pretty much picked up the payments that come with me. You don't deserve to be in the playoffs. You're not a playoff team. I'm a great quarterback. You are he below average team but when I put you on my shoulder. You you you will now become that would transform you into a playoff team. And he took them there and that's as far as it can go right. Because he was getting up we'll take that came to the playoffs with that as far as I did go horse horse -- as far as they could go hours it and reported it and now the question is. Are we talking about the same thing with the patriot I really don't know. And that's why am I -- the greatest mystery in the world houses they gonna play out what happened right. Are the play are the pictures of a surprise everybody and go on a run for -- to run and win the super bar orders it. Is is Tom Brady doing the same thing if he dragging right -- unworthy team into the posting. Let me -- only to be eliminated let me revise they revise my comedy you make good points and let me -- There's more than just the quarterback but if -- close. I mean if the two teams are good enough to be close for 58 minutes which goes back. To the ballot check out we tried to play earlier but the quality of him and a phone is so bad that we can't possibly play the sound the second time if the two teams are close enough. Talent -- Like the patriots have been in every game this year. They've blown out one team Pittsburgh they had a double digit win it was what ten points against Tampa and every other Green -- and those close but it -- when every other game has been one score in either direction right right every other game this year so there -- every game the talent. Is virtually the same as long as that's the case. As long as one team doesn't have significantly more talent. Which is not going to be the case for the patriots they're talented enough. Is it possible that the quarterback is the one differentiating factor the kind of just means everything and it doesn't mean you're gonna win every time. But he's gonna put two in position to do so you're right -- didn't win those but they were in position to do so. Right. When you're in that room with the supermodels have a chance yes that's right you have a chair right. Not likely but there's also other guys have a chance you're not the only one who has a chance Tom Brady brought to into the room -- -- probably already well enough. Arturo and it would it would it would the small talk continues like well. You know here which is certainly -- on a and number -- on TV. I don't become Tommy did you say if you say Tom Brady that your exposes you look at Jack up until people why this is -- is a really good point you made earlier but what Tom Brady does not say it Tom Brady is it is the equivalent of this. Tom Brady is married to supermodel. Who has supermodel friends -- Tom. Tom can introduce me he says all right I can picture there. Project in my house for what -- cocktail parties and -- supermodels all over the place. I can't close the deal for -- what Tom Brady is like with his receivers he has brought these guys can put them in position. But can -- turn them at the playmakers get them in position to make plays. But in that game against Miami no one could finish the deal Tom Brady. But the ball on three people premiums bring people out of Portland I don't know what happened there miscommunication interception in the in the game. What am -- Dolan had a chance to man had a chance and -- had a chance and they couldn't come through is that because. They're just not it is not good enough in that situation and just not talented enough. Was it just a breakdown or are we expecting too much from these government picked -- the names I just mentioned. -- and it's been done the right market tortured just because he used to I'm not torturing him he's got torching him yeah. Relatively. I mean you think about other really good this year -- not knocking the thing that he's been doing here. Compared otherwise write down a bit more I hear you what he's been good. He really has been good he's caught almost everything thrown Adam he's fantastic out you know with running with the ball after the catch me really has been a very good receiver this year my Dan Shaughnessy I don't care. But okay. -- This group are now. And you nurtured. -- admitted embrace it and very scary. If I said it to you like this. Chicago Bears more gore who are really good -- Chicago Bears have as their 11. And one day they've got Brandon Marshall got out on effort. Knowing the patriots as the one to leave settlement to the hot pocket now. Think about it like that that's a big dip. Friends -- who's their quarterback they got the Josh McCown Jay Cutler combination the other side is on breaky. One -- -- trust men who by the way I like higher but he's mark trust men and the other team does Bill Belichick. Those things are more important than Al -- Jeffrey vs Danny Amendola and Brandon Marshall vs Julian Edelman. Wide receivers just not as important as quarterback and offense over time that it's just -- no not bat it's trial that a bitter that my average hybrid while. -- had a house on -- radioactive or Brandon Marshall like distort our parents about it and -- you know what you -- Brandon Marshall -- -- -- on Jeffrey wish they had the power they wish they had -- -- get loaded and throw the ball to the other team. They wish they did you instead of Josh blue -- the count. Of course they would rather have you biggest Super Bowl team. If that team celebrate wow Super Bowl forget it forget it creative offense those two guys intriguing defense. Probably are to be the number one seed beat them in Seattle in the way in this in the NFC. It to the questions are coming up in a minute -- any questions any question every -- Anything 379837. Any subject we've been all over the place today. 37937. Just text -- salt and WB.

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