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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, checks in with Mut and Lou as trade rumors swirl in the NBA

Dec 19, 2013|

Jackie joins Mut and Merloni to discuss all the trade reports surrounding the Boston Celtics. Jackie looks at the chances that the Celtics move Rajon Rondo and whether they will complete a deal for Rockets’ center Omer Asik.

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And joining us on the eighteenth -- talk about it -- friend Jack -- brought to you by Elizabeth Grady dot com. Jacqui much Lou how are you -- -- Celtics will we say on me shot. No I love it and I love the Celtics -- -- frisky couple months for the trading deadline Jackie. And and you know -- this one makes sense to me. Clearly our secure and happy and he's the guy that analytic. -- -- which is like Daryl -- -- -- -- that huge contact at the plate until preventable term matching it's by directing me it's easy to tell about. -- numbers. Interest in this guy because he all the metrics tell you he's one of the best interior defenders in the leak and and we know that Reggie -- like defense. So you rent a guy for about a year and a half because I'm his contract expires in a year and a half which is right about the time I think -- -- hopefully gonna have everything in place to. A complete -- rebuilding process so you can see right by the Celtics might wanna do. -- and Jackie is if they stand does this stand pat for awhile any Rondo Bradley greens sellinger. And gosh that sounds like a pretty decent team doesn't sound like a team that is gonna drop out of anything and especially Eastern Conference. Now that's right but you know what I don't want to under sell branded -- because he's really been good to hear -- you know we we talked about some of our stress frustration with him last season. I really think he he he sort of been the unsung hero of this team in many ways he's he's emerged as one of their best defenders. Remember we have Olympic on the floor challenger on the floor you need someone to cover up to -- -- some of their defense deficiencies in grin about it really done a really good job -- that. So and you know he's very popular and that and that locker room so it's not like -- doesn't matter I don't wanna suggest -- I think he's really been good he's been a very unsung hero for the team this year. What -- but the direction -- what what does it mean that that's kind of thing to try to figure route like gosh is it somebody that and get the poison pill and there's somebody that. Look at their front court -- well with him in the two big guys at the 401. Extended duo it of these part of the pieces or is it just. Expiring acid and -- we do with a. Yeah I mean I don't you worry about that right now I mean and in the poison -- guys that they -- you'd have to pay in the fifteen million but the key part is that only count eight million -- cap. So you always prefer that than to the other way around right now so that's a good thing and and a year and a half from now I think will -- it'll be any any. Always just taking stock in what he has from month to month -- year to year. So I don't think -- they're they're trained for -- I think he's the -- it's gonna win the championship I don't see it that way but I think he makes them a much better defense team. And that they can hide some of the deficiencies that you're younger partner younger forward. And and you preserving and nice at -- the cap space going out a year and a half. Not giving another one year I agree with you that it's it's a piece that can either walk away accuses some morals. And my over. In my over excited about the opportunity for Jared sellinger -- to play next to a legitimate Henry's playing next to Kelly a clinic -- first year in the league. And detour fab running lose a Italian stallion there at the center position and I feel like -- sellinger gets even. Let's say it's a year and a half the play next to a legitimate defense of senator that's gonna make him improve exponentially as a basketball player to help them. Yep I -- dealing you know acknowledges having a great year I'll just a great year he's he's just so good and and I know no -- likes to talk about this but. It makes me frustrated that he that he still -- -- Because then I'd really be on people relate to what he does now I know he's maintained he needs some of that weight to throw it around. OK but give me -- fifteen more are performing -- 815 to twenty but I still think he's in great game shape. And I know he had the surgery and all that but I think at this point it's a little bit of like I know they're working with him with a nutritionist they've got people working with a dedicated yet to be really really really. -- you get back on that traded. If it's but the deal is done for first round pick that is not the one from the clippers which you OK with Danica if they can -- their -- one of these future Brooklyn once. Why would really depend Tanzania Lou which coordinated. I I -- you know it's. You know it's funny that that that -- -- god forbid it happened happened to Chris politic to be something good to although there is basically to me like they're on their way to having very very kind -- I wanna know which ticket was. The nice thing is that that's -- right collected a whole bunch of -- for purposes just like. Jack McMullen is joining us the other report about the the trading Celtics Donny Marshall. Went on NBC sports thank -- -- us yesterday and said the league sources he's talked to around the NBA. Other Celtics talk in the Sacramento Kings about a deal that would impart bring back some young players in Isiah Thomas and then Mac or more have you heard. Jack in but the Celtics talk in the Sacramento Kings and does that deal as constituted. Makes sense in your mind for this franchise. Well I actually am that they did he donation Korea saying we all know they've done it pretty put -- on -- can dispute his report. I just called around to get a sense of it from some of the candidate wouldn't be involved -- it. And that beat report I got was that -- is not out there actively. Shopping Rondo. But that doesn't mean he won't listen and I think that's always been his position and I think it is position yet again I don't think he's actively trying to trade Rondo. Like -- told us all about right. That he was gonna listen that there isn't one untouchable player on this roster and maybe Garrett challenger may be approaching -- But there really isn't one untouchable player on this roster constitute and that that includes around. Yeah and I think that discussion comes up in the -- because here he does have three or four years left in the Steele writes it's a year and a half and my question to you would be if you're Danny in whatever the end game is to figure. Three years general four years general and compete. Do you extend do you have a Max player on eighteen that's in that rebuilding process. Well it's a good question in and you know a year and a half from now you can probably -- public interest that are right there and here's the other question is Rondo on Max player. Think he is right. -- is open and slam dunk that he's enact a player because we have not seen him play yet. Not for real not when it really matters. Without Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett we've never seen that. He came in as a rookie with pierce and they added Garnett we have not seen him without those two all payments. Before I gave -- an -- contract I'd like to see that you'll. That that's a great point -- in my. There's up to put take you got to let Rondo come back here and show that he's Rondo again if you gonna trade him. But the key said we haven't seen without those guys and and given what happened Derrick Rose when else haven't you come back from his knee injury yet either. That's right there's a lot of question mark and that's -- to me. Any pot in there any trade talk about -- to me is probably a little premature. Forget Macs -- saga be the top five point guards this year by salary Jacqui do you think that Rondo fits this group Chris Paul 21 million. Deron Williams Derrick Rose. Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker. At twelve and a half million bucks we know Ronald makes any sign a pretty friendly deal he did a Celtics would you put him. In that group of five their repayments one of the top five point guards in the league. I would not put him above any of those -- agent that. I -- that's what it and that's what I have a hard time trying to figure out you think I Tony Parker could have older obviously -- he makes twelve and a half billion. And I'm. And a hard time placing him ahead of even Tony Parker was the lowest of the top 58 point guards in the MBA says he talked about that the Celtics in rebuilding. This is the million dollar question how they value and how they put a value on a guy's not played since last year. Well and you know of the top five guys you just mentioned. Rondo certainly deep sensitively and -- better than some maybe not quite is -- is what are to a the other. Offensively and he's just not on the same page with those guys. I think Chris Paul is brought on -- with a junk shot yet and Caroline is much better offensive player and Rondo Parker Q so. So I can -- I don't know yet and it can't be any immediate -- at a much better sense of it and I and I do ensure. But I. Before I do anything I want to speak on -- about the media and I wanna see how we operate and I think -- listen I don't think he's approached. His a peak ability I don't think he's posted at all he's a special special player a unique player. A very different player I want him in nineteen. I want -- on my team. -- making him the guy the only. Now. -- you want to get help me out and explain this tethered to trade exception Afghanistan ten point three you can -- -- -- you can absorb some salary but given where they are. In the salary cap I mean they're they're kind of ran up against that does not restrict them even being able to use that up and take advantage of that. Well again I think it's clean people who depended on what happens we can really over the next five hours okay let's see what happens with that I should deal and then we'll have a better. -- -- debtor in ethical explored what they're gonna do what they're not I. You know. Did Guinea Guinea we can do any cute -- that he really believed that he was good enough to be two games under 500. I don't know the answer to that. Brad Stevens has certainly had a tremendous. Tremendous impact on the group of players that -- you can't talk enough about how impressive it is what this guy is delicate. It's it's -- it's the effort I mean this is a it's a league where you know my biggest criticism as there are nights and maybe not December January February where. You'll turn a game on OBA I just feel like that that there are teams the -- the motions the Brad Stevens first what 29 games is it now. The one thing to say for the almost thirty games. They bought into what every -- and they play hard even last night they have a big lead they give it up and fight back with a chance to win and we talked about that phrase with Kevin Garnett -- ball -- phrase he used Bret Stephens has a little bit of that in him as a coach is what I've seen self. Absolutely and you know let's give -- let's give some credit to the veteran players on the team they are mentioned bad. And you know Jeff Green will remain an enigma for all but I think that the way he's come up against some big gains I mean he really yeah. So let's get the veterans in the locker a little credit to. Jacqui quick it for -- and -- last night again in the ESPN focused on they were there was LeBron. And the heat they got down double digits came back to win that where world looking at today's high level abroad. Yelling Mario Chalmers and -- what did you think of that exchange between that the superstar and the enigma the point guard him among superstars there Miami. I like it. I like it down and you know the worst kept security and -- indicated secret in the NBA is how much Mario Chalmers drives LeBron treaty we all know that he's like it. But knowing little brother. Dates date dates back all the time they have these little. Skirmishes that you just saw a publicly and national it's not a usual it happens a lot and then they get over with at the middle part. I I like it is LeBron like that hire you what I was disappointed I would disappointed that he apologized because I can think -- -- hour -- an apology I really didn't. I thought you you know we should -- let's say you know what you do the moment where teammates were Brothers we. And now we're in this together and I'm gonna -- -- and he's gonna Columbia I don't know I apologize I wouldn't I would if I were him. -- you know I didn't think it wanted one I I think it is business as usual for those guys didn't get -- the LeBron and Mario's relationship from day one. You know I don't we give Mario Chalmers and then people mocked him you know shooting and everything else but I didn't give a lot of credit I mean being the point guard -- of that team. With those personalities. You know to me like that that -- easy. I agree with you I couldn't agree more -- don't worry about Mario Chalmers can handle it. You really can't hit hip and confidence or borderline arrogant that he Willis I think sort of what bothered LeBron signs. But they've made it work they've won two championships together and you know about that game went into being because -- the one thing is -- that -- on the cases and I'm worried about. I'm really worried about Paul George being guarded by LeBron James because when he got when LeBron James is guarding him the numbers -- strike. And Georgia's just rendered ineffective. He's a good player and last night your rights stands out how good he was what nineteen points when he was a guard about LeBron -- -- six. That's when he was guard a while LeBron for his 25. In the end and the last game. You know the same thing and LeBron McDonnell guarding him in that last game that they want he was built before from the floor with three turnovers. And lastly was three for -- in the forward LeBron -- -- for -- on the floor and everybody else is kind of now cubic feet. The one thing you've got to worry about is. You'd better hope he can get Roy Hibbert in foul trouble every time he played him because when he was on the floor you have problems you had problems going to the rim as he stopped you from doing it. I'm gonna put you on the spot Jackie here ask your female listeners they help out our mail listen we're not very Smart group. There's five days before Christmas here. Not give our male audience some advice here what to do what not to do what's a good Christmas gift to help out our. Are very guys like me Alou and our male audience that are struggling with five days before Christmas. Our senior white light yet what what do we do right what are we need to do between now Christmas to get this thing right okay. ET jewelry start with jewelry and okay then do something very thoughtful that's like smaller maybe even find me a little joke but put some thought into it something. That you you know had a little you know something -- -- your camera that's like a funny little joke like. A teacher I think it's something that shows that you've been paying attention to what matters to that person. And and then you know what I really slow and -- isn't that a lot of hope he's listening. It's once in awhile to take a great picture and you know how you picture economic stepped on your computer and on your phone and you forget about I -- you never see him again. You framed picture of our failing get me that match disliked the most often get. See I think you lost a lot of husbands out there he said it's prove you've been paying attention. And I can't help you of that this. A lot of a lot of lives probably be included if you get the right piece securely our mimic it anyway. Got a jacket that is such great advice thank you so much -- -- just happy holidays you and your family that you guys had a wonderful heart your -- do that is Jack McMullen ESPN boston.com joining us. And we Jackie joins -- she's brought to you by Elizabeth Grady dot com that is that's that that's the cheat -- we're looking for. That was an unbelievable. I never thought of that. Take like a picnic and pick a million pictures make it replaced him particularly picture AM I just take a picture. In blow it up and put a frame. -- say and that's I can use that as a big gift. -- just -- yeah so where we are looking for a major -- -- right now it's a key stats that your idea that you're right geared tactics which he's molding young minds at school that she's not listening we are asking like -- for your help as a female. Listen -- to the show we have. Thousands we know that WEEI. Live app on your iPhone your iPad or your android open it up there's an open Mike button right there. You click on that -- record a message it gets sent to us directly. We need message like that from like Jackie just gave us from our female audience with a -- product care who it is. Are females listening help us out we need to cheat sheet we're not very Smart it's the holiday that we can't screw it up. Help us out by let us know. And WEEI lie about open might click on the tab and you go from there 6177797937. Is the phone a beacon text us. On the AT&T text line at 379. -- 37. Couple of NFL notes we come back including. The NFL wanted a cold weather Super Bowl. They should have sort of been prepared in not telling us yesterday that Super Bowl Sunday might not be Super Bowl Sunday talk about that next.

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