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Matt Chatham joins Mut and Merloni to preview Patriots-Ravens

Dec 19, 2013|

Chatham joins Mut and Merloni in studio to look back at the loss to Miami and look ahead to the Patriots’ matchup with the Ravens.

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All seasons greetings to all of us here at the mud -- show an ID 37 WEEI RO TCU. It's almost -- guys in the league look at a guy like 62221. That doesn't defend itself plays a physical game. But it's so guys actually play hockey in the league any screams at me I play hockey. But placement played in the league. The big. NHL and then. Osama please see it easily -- it means that I play. Oh you got a summary minutes ago Chatham you must love that match at W played at the highest level like looted so when somebody tells you they play. But it wasn't. Say in the NFL or Major League basically a slob that I played. Wall -- pro now I know -- -- -- -- -- bloody EI to break it down techno like Beckham you know what I've played semi pro football. When I can't I feel like which he says. Tobacco up two seconds in Ohio I kept our belief Erickson a community. Rank where. Three blocks from my house I skated the crap -- -- -- -- Sioux City, Iowa we'll see you played to win a late in the league you know the problem -- I was a little bumpy you know sometimes it would -- -- -- freeze and -- gravel when there and you -- -- I can't skate backwards. And occasionally going to you know to build build sand snow piles -- -- up put them -- -- little rough but yeah I certainly have some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I we -- a lot to get -- back the SARS on the spot a recent Sunday and before. Mean you wouldn't. You and I and Jermaine Wiggins the segment over enhanced and jointly -- well. And care and it was the next segment Ali was there are inside the host of the segment and the reason I'm there I'm not sure why am with two football guys are and but again -- -- you know what I did play minutes -- backyard two hand touch and I played in the leak. -- -- that we we talked about a week that conversation was about what the patriots had drawn a subtle mistakes they made I brought up. Stephen Gregory's missed tackle Alfonso debtor it's missed tackle and I brought up. High tower Donta hightower to not getting his hands up and I look back and watch the segment and it realize you don't time you're shaking your head. -- I was trying to stop -- you're shaking your head no at me like I am wrong. During your TV segment without any sort of followed that segments older so people had. You shaking your head at me like I'm at any result the word idiot. And at the camera -- gonna leave you is trying to help her -- -- -- going to YouTube on the fights I've I've watched the play like. Ten times since -- Not a high tower is so far behind the past itself you know. Which you're shaking your head at me on TV embarrassing me on regional. Was that your way of saying he was so far out of position and it was such a bad spot already. But he couldn't turn around or that a player should never turn -- bother me since the 6 o'clock on Sunday. Okay so I'll try to. Try to straighten this out this is sort of one of those like coaching one -- one things that. I would've known and admitted -- -- much but Belichick beats an overhead Mangini did confused DB coach and would always get up and UB sort of pres presentations were you would illustrate how what happens when you when you you turn around the way you drift away from plays so. And in that particular case Dante was -- he would he got what they call out a phrase like that the receiver stacked and got on top of them. It was so far away at the connectors maybe your half pursue political out of phase I call I call a different area. Here's what I wanna watch TV -- the couch I'd call a different area congress what they intend for you did do was to be hip hip right -- to be able to have contact with -- be able to feel -- simple little bit but caught down -- you can grab a little bit bit down -- pull yourself up as -- your scheme that kind of thing. But when your out of phase and you can't reach that hip when your four young arms like that kind of thing you're out of phase so at that point. The only time they would ever have you -- where your coach -- real time it's correct term is when you can have body contact and Phelan and lenient -- one of the analogies of -- got -- list. Imagine driving on the interstate look left and an accident. In just continue to look -- for a few seconds. -- -- -- -- What your body naturally goes sportswear look it just does used to see clips -- guys on football fields all the time whether your balls to run and hold a straight line. It looked back though to wander a little bit -- And that -- It's the point -- being when your out of phase and Ari kind of beaten. And then you look back and -- -- intimate even if it does -- to six business gross -- there's a blow it away throw where the EP did turn around because knocked the ball right in and misses the point you know if not a few feet away feud if you surgical little -- a cautious so as much as -- -- When you look you missed the ball by two feet and -- -- -- the point is you always look here here's the rules people look at home we're always get the turnaround thing. If bearing contacting their in phase and on top of the route. Body yup intern yes -- out of phase when you can't touch them you run straight through guy you never turn around and put your hand through the -- disrupt the ball that's how it's taught at every level football that's that's for the follow up would be. Should -- the high tower ever be an opposition we get stuck on receivers let's elect me to two years he doesn't things really good idea if people in the critical of him. Attic summit's been unfair just been he's been pounded on but he coverage. I think they're right I see him in coverage Matt -- guy it's still a year to. It's just not his strength he has learn what you just said some of the things about covering a guy. Runaway well -- do that and that example. His there I mean I'm guessing that he should have never gone -- trailed in the -- he should've tried to play on top of the -- whole part of it but it kind of allows the Steelers transition point recurrence -- allows that I got to go -- and it looks like he's gonna chase him from underneath. And then the guy's just too fast and runs away from yet so to me it's probably a technique here and again I want back and watch it I don't have what the exact number but aren't there wasn't coverage over one lesson thirty something like that place so it's not like. You know that was his really badly and you can't have those Reza I think that's the biggest thing. I'd be curious -- just based on that thing if his coaches tell him he should play on top of that never go to underneath so you don't ran away from. Because again we recovered this last year with the the two separate school 49ers linebackers. Willis and I was like -- -- name Bowman -- good inside so called covers linebackers. Both those targets small budget has been in the game so I think the standard that linebacker should win each time and it's running backs user were overmatched anyway even these so called best cover linebackers. -- -- to lose from time to time which you have to play the technique plan -- lose on the side you're supposed to lose on and I think that was actually good example. Comparable to the more Keyes Colin later in the game it's one thing to give up the pass. Nothingness -- have a go for more than -- Why would she cover Mike Wallace with Michael balls forty seconds to go and -- half. We Arrington goes down you know they bring him in police force snapped -- Tommy yesterday radical. He was there and coverage -- problem was tried to strip the past -- sees the bad angle by Gregory caused it all but. If to -- was on Wallace maybe can help doesn't look that way it's the one got to continue to at a house with forty seconds to go -- Meant to leave some trouble this Basque terrorists are not -- I'm not willing their accepted if he'd been on it would have been different look at Steve Smith looked at Gordon look at all the guys who central with a 300. Authority to say he went well she goes down he recorded it doesn't really play much different it. Aren't -- -- -- -- the command is back at best coming down penalty to shuffle into our defense and I had another sort of -- that would be. And I don't agree with you just smoked that you are covers me right there minute that be just needs to make the tackle it's probably completion would you go up and down a game and final Ryan plays toll players also. Of other guys in Covert close to a the -- -- the completion happens Belichick reference is a self all the time is -- sometimes government complex which is close to was there. Love of the delegates PBU overtime doesn't always happen one thing I don't want. Is -- that we're going to when he completes it missed the tackle and what he says Gregory took about a. And basketball Baltimore because you play in the ravens owner art bought now I think -- three and three against this team. Tom Brady's numbers think six touchdowns nine picks in those games one and two in the post season there. We're -- this the team Baltimore that by no means intimidated by the patriots and I think that is one check marked a lot of -- probably can't say camp but is it that or is it personnel is that the matchup what is it. That caused this knowing the patriots team even when profits clicking the golden salmon and struggle look like they're struggle -- what is it. I think their. They're built to do things the right -- at the big -- like not a not as one of the best players in a felt defensively is one of the scariest guys there is forest. Delegates like you know he's he's he can really control a lot of things ago on the inside part of the field. And as much as Ray Lewis was great to be there is clutches read read play center field makes plays. Not a to me is really the difference maker and I think they've kept their level play pretty high even in the absence of rules of the guys. So I really look at him and because this team led by Dean Pees my old coach is dreary. He's very red zone that situation winning focus disliked here powerless so he'll he'll mix and pressures my view of him you know. I think keep pressure a little more than what they did here toward bringing fire bringing a six Donald accustomed with the whoever call. But but dean's use is intimately you'll use it. When the risk of Wallace community you know lower amount to a six man pressure on the on the on the force -- twenties so few with you know you get the of the toll vs Jordan thinks are important thing. You'll use it when the room -- smallest. Daniel disguise it well and pops in and out of and I think that helps him he's got a really good -- good bookends and Dumervil and Suggs. He's got not a -- ruled control things in light to give more aggressive want to get smaller in the red zone. And a -- how he does so I think their group it's confident I mean allows long would that tell the answer that I think the bill. To be the kind of team that can give his team problems in the -- of -- -- but they've struggled with the most of the -- You can make the argument that this ravens' defense. Really since 2010. As confuse Brady from a from a statistical standpoint tell you feel about stats Matt but it in the playoff specifically. In the three games the 3314 loss at 2320 win and the twentieth thirteen loss a year ago. Brady has three touchdowns seven picks overall just the three playoff games -- And a quarterback rating of 56 now that that stands out to me that's adds up to me that it's a a defense that not only is aggressive and he mentioned Dean Pees but. Let us several book on brain might have a plan how they wanna attack Tom brain activity at forcing him to do think maybe he does not wanna do as -- before -- -- Areas to see you -- number wrote to me to see how this thing turns out down here in Baltimore but what Miami did last week. I would be careful whenever you start. Referencing how -- beat Tom Brady because it's not. It's not the same Tom Brady because it just announcing complementary pieces each and every week so when you go back to compare starter game how calm did that day against Baltimore. Well as an example Miami's. Though the approach against arms offense. With Miami was the way it was because you didn't have tops -- -- because it was small. Now in the event that those guys both come back what you just -- is a pretty good template the way Miami did where they would throw guys -- maligned they'd be pressured song but the -- six in the drop guys out sometimes abroad some time to didn't. That approach can't necessarily be copied by by Baltimore. Because the show this week and the two guys are active there's a reason you were doing that because you can't throw three step -- from pressure comes -- the five foot nine guys. So I think the approach that they'll use against them may be different to what they did last time because portrait it is nowhere Hernandez. There's different guys on the outside. There's a little a different running game -- -- looks at once getting more balls and Libya you know the weather related game. So they're -- factors in there that to me say hey. Templates only exist based on who -- house with them it's not the template to be part that makes it. Yeah we're talk about this game actually ethnic Comcast and Borges was in and and asked what is biggest fear was in the he said the wide receivers you know guys at Torrey Smith in goal. -- gold at top to -- not -- 100% in this passing game Republican to detect don't run the ball very well. Maybe they rove would better this week it's patriots will see but it was a wide receivers. Mine is the offensive line. Because of the patriots patriots because. We've seen. Them hit Brady pretty good at times to get in his face. With better offensive lines with healthier offensive lines and it and it just falls back into. In other deal with the dealing with right you know but now it just kinda garden you get Americans out there left tackle and -- -- series of best lineman. But right now -- best position. That's my biggest vehicle biggest is Baltimore team. I kinda like the interest is see if this goes down this way but do you think the idea vote Americans on Suggs gambled that. All through those -- sort of be not a I have a camera on that we can't forget all I -- camera on that brought mr. showing off -- going to that'd be pretty phenomenal put. Beyond that it is sort of sort that -- a little bit on the wide receiver situation I think this is one of enormous misunderstood this research things from last season. When the ravens game went down and it's a patriots mr. to move the ball late -- -- was guarding -- for the first couple series we went down. The issues they then had afterward with Bolden who would have been guarding bold -- and again those same issues reappeared against San Francisco San score of the same problems -- -- who -- aren't. The at the position to still got guarded rule while my game and and no one knows this. Collar template Torrey Smith the hottest vertical so called receiver in the NFL going in the game had a great run for their playoff games part of that. -- I believe it was one maybe two -- was very competitive are we shutting down a lot of times are -- wanted to go to. -- in regard Torrey Smith -- you don't think that you'll meet him guard outside the watching -- mean that's one of those games it just proves a sort of mean that's out there. Beyond that. The guiding its old scary. But they've extra lean on a little more lately is Jacoby Jones who which is your kick returner punt returner -- you know the got to catch and run -- object to -- vertical stuff last week. I would look at him a little more like a slightly -- my ball -- a fast he's a kick returner punt returner vertical guy the temperature on different way. Their diverse before watery and we even what are the reason you want a full compliment you with -- and now back in the last couple weeks. Teams score an offensive touchdown last week -- Detroit defense okay so I don't think -- chasing ghosts and sort -- about things that you haven't yet seen. I still think they're gonna need to control the running game first worry about a lot of stuff later -- it's not much different formula than it was against Miami or even Ehrlich. -- they have run game -- to control the run game amid and Ray Rice and maybe he's just -- is the easy nationally overrated guys I mean this guy we species you. Plus he's hurt yeah having to beat up we talked buy him some injuries and dealing with a this year. Would it shock -- one bit that he goes maybe has one of the better games rush for a hundred yards because his team right now. Against this defense amid -- US public what scares you the most lethal offensive logical we -- I defensively in general it -- anybody on this -- just seems like the you with Cam Cameron gone they've gone away from leaning on Ray Rice worth what was one of the better all per respected football again it's suspect named Matt your thoughts -- stats in general but I looked down ago. Player this good seven -- yards rushing there hasn't been the -- been in the past Bryant is -- that he's hurt or they rely more on -- You'll Flacco and the vertical game 22 on Ray -- I hope that. Because Joseph Flacco do they made no I'm eighteen -- seventeen picks it there's definitely jump ball -- -- -- also exactly throws pots and it from time to time. You know last week. Relatively efficient no interceptions the productivity wasn't terribly high and they stalled themselves in the red -- right they couldn't they big didn't have an -- -- scoring again. I look at him as a guy that. You don't want if we can control re wanting dashed. And he's thrown it forty times a game the good thing because eventually I feel like he's a -- give you possession may be warm and humid through possessions back. But again at the end of the day the thing you don't wanna see from your patriots team -- single WP did well or not. Is it's not just this -- big plays its big plays that happened behind you when you give up the 39 yard Mike -- could have been a sixteen or were once. When you give up something that's more than one level why should they're gonna make plays -- no problem but she can't you need to tighten the screws on things that skip the reds -- And then what you get the reds are needed to win and ultimately fuels boss. Two guys that word be the most of the two tight ends in -- and Dixon now Ed Dickson and not use that much is in the eighties and in the past. Buddy at three or four catches last week there was one or productive games of the year and that was with had to back up it is finally starting to back in and I watched. Some of these the Miami game again insulate the middle of the field night talk about Jacoby Jones. I I think panda and Dixon the two guys maybe -- the field. Against high tower against the -- the patriots keep that were -- hill he made some really good throws -- -- silicon talking Rob Ninkovich who maybe you got the suppression on Monday. That they didn't think he can make those throws that was sort of their defense going in there we're gonna make him throw these tight areas and -- up doing that he was what ten of ten of fourteen for 230 yards or twelve of fourteen for 230 yards on those passes. And a more yards down field he'd been awful. In it would -- that's the first thirteen games of the year. And I -- -- right now the middle the field and if Flacco is able to get time and Dennis that is able to work on some of these linebackers high tower specifically. That be an area where they can exploit the ravens offense exploit the middle portion. Of that patriot defense with these items. Tough. Call because I'm going to be if I'm -- Baltimore -- back and I'm watching a film I'm trying to figure out. Were the vulnerability is right some forty you're gonna -- Itar play gonna say wants would you answer situation of the you can guarantee is who's going to be guard and -- As a linebacker you may you know it may be too inside linebackers left and only won by a running back left in the cork. He goes left. He's the left linebackers in the other guys free and as a frequently goes right so you can't guarantee the matchup unless for some reason you motion him out and make him take him. -- -- covered each other quite a bit in the in the playoff game and then it based on how I saw the match last week with with Steve Gregory I think Steve might beyond at a it does a pretty competitive job against him but the difficulty he gets into is if he has to play deep field you don't I'm saying what we talked about this in Houston -- -- guys play off quite a bit. If Steve has the column from eight to ten yards off and hit hit -- when he's giving little five yard out cuts that's a tough match. So again look for that match up those 21 on one each other as much as -- article keep a tight ends in the back a little while Mac or shall have to cover the tight -- more or less. And do like it in and out 211 kind of thing with -- that's that's my best. Yes. I know spent a lot of time in the defense. -- what they are. Created that the ticket you -- the quarterbacks. Who I don't think a great quarterbacks make them look great if not they'll go to the running game and I don't think is great make -- a better than they are. Attic hearty souls Tom Brady. And and I've seen this defense stopped Tom Brady with they help the offensive line with a healthy set of weapons. And that's the issue that I have is this team has turned into. It's all about the office and Tom Brady how far -- gonna take of them may lose grow up now it's a cool although here we go I still look at Tom Brady. And I look at this Baltimore defense and look at this offensive line and I think that is where they're gonna lose this game offensively. I think they're gonna struggle. Well war -- -- that -- quite different it's up off what they all its talk about the reds owner of a problem with the term red zone which Josh just he's a little more. Tuning we will talk about the offensive Brady against the ravens and the reds on attacking your calls and Matt Chatham -- world 617. 7797937. That's the -- -- text a question of some football stuff format. Or read those as well on the AT&T text line at 379 -- 37. There are other good rivalries in the NFL again this Sunday in seventy degree weather in Baltimore talking pats and ravens with Matt Chatham we -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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