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It Is What It Is Cast: Previewing the Patriots and Ravens

Dec 19, 2013|

FOXBORO -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price preview what to expect this weekend in Baltimore as the 10-4 Patriots look to clinch the AFC East with a win while the 8-6 Ravens look to be gaining momentum at just the right time.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike Vitale you're into what they are clearing out this note for the last couple of snowstorms over the last four -- five days. I'm joined as always by patriots expert columnist for WEEI dot com -- price -- -- -- -- it's going to be -- we're hearing reports. Early on anyway that it's going to be upper sixties low seventies believe it or not -- chance of rain damage T bank stadium. On the inner harbor in Baltimore on Sunday afternoon patriots obviously put behind them what happened. Sunday in Miami out of they go about getting ready for the job our laws. -- championship rate. What does -- get in East Africa are really tough team in South Florida -- I -- they're facing a team that's in a must win situation or the mentally tough team really incredibly resilient team. In the Baltimore Ravens that is these really must be tweaked left sort of diplomatic victory. I think they're going to get the reasons absolute best on both sides of the ball they're not. -- -- And I think that they're not the team that was able to make it through Portland being your last year. But there's still a lot of left there's still a lot of good players on both sides quality defensively they're very self. So it. Not it's it's really the same -- a lot of ways offensively they're not -- the -- offensively he's duke but but but Joseph Biden was making plays. Really when he needs to be able to make them and they're getting ripped into the -- so all of that together -- -- -- available on the -- that. Ray Rice the great running back -- of Baltimore Ravens telling us on a conference call. -- to let stadium he's hurt that's one of the reasons -- numbers are so down and bigger reason why. -- -- Why is this is a much more down this year then we won't become accustomed to seeing much in years past of course he has that great games. Patriots in the 2009. Playoffs when he broke off that 83 yard run off. And -- -- game very much doubt now. Patriots are in the situation where they're going up against the ravens team. That I think is just as talented offensively which -- like Daryl Smith and Matt Elam replacing the likes of Ray Lewis. And every quite like to they're younger. Visited -- it's a great point in really believed that the -- are not as familiar old things that privilege and it briefly and it's such a high level for such an extended brief time. It became a household name that became all the you're looking at guys there in nineteen defense fifteen or younger but still no less talented I think in this group and your pointed we will -- and make that those guys younger. The defense of philosophy. But the thing that happens according to come and gone and different players have come and gone. The philosophy remains -- think there are big fast physical defense and run that loves to get after the quarterback it's going to be a lot to deal with it and stuff. Often defined as we were the things to look for really we talked about it. Over the last couple weeks. Humphrey needs to get rid of the ball affected off. Not only to really get it out to his skill position guys like for renaming the settlement but also to thinking that's not what he's going to be from that. All right let's stick to operate for a moment a lot was made today well. Tom Brady and the lack of no huddle we've seen from the patriots this year you're writing this week I believe about the fact that. In years that last year last year -- believe it is 25%. Of their snapped offensively for the patriots in the no huddle this year -- -- -- 10%. What it. I think a lot of it has to do with situational football in Texas football you brought a very good point that he does that look if you run -- Reno. Know -- -- put that -- -- pretty good actually -- exactly it actually hurts you exited about it offensively I think you can look at the context. And you can look at the fact that there are a lot of younger guys on this team that aren't quite as comfortable with the we've got offense at some of the veterans who have left open if you look at guys like Wes Welker and you know bread that -- Become involved all of those guys. We're incredibly comfortable in this offense -- -- what do we knew where to -- in certain situations these guys aren't there yet and I think that they can't get there eventually. But this court for the most part isn't there yet that. Okay not only do we have three rookie receivers obviously Josh Boyce. Aaron Dobson and -- Tompkins you have Danny Amendola who is new this year obviously Austin Collie comes in midstream. The word that two words that come in my mind immediately when you're talking a bottle cited -- And it is not taken for granted that all of these new players picked up slight adjustments to the line of scrimmage when Brady is calling no huddle. Exactly it is that the very difficult thing to do I think -- single defining characteristic of this dolphins. In 2002. At the with the dug the but -- the ball well with the fact deeply fast football they -- legal battle with when he went after that the time roughly over the last years. These -- like you sit down 10% the numbers are lower it's interesting to see the spike in the against them -- right yeah. They've done it they've done it in very specific players beat you a lot of it in those two minute situation that you in the game can -- come -- The against the browns against the team that it would. Don't carry pretty miserable when we didn't get the thing that won't blame coach -- that they use the whole lot that previously went away with -- that was because -- -- defensive -- For the Dallas Cowboys so it's situation they haven't gone away from -- completely he didn't let it at all against the that the gulf of last week. But the situation they're using it more. In different -- this time as opposed to in years -- when he did you do almost like if it. The defining characteristic that. -- well I'll leave you with this in terms of the no huddle Tom Brady wrapped up his press conference saying. Maybe we should use it more you. He says ask Josh McDaniels about that and I'm sure we at the press corps will be doing just that. In the weeks the playoffs approached let's talk about the heat and -- well. The patriots have to be concerned about. How -- this is -- ravens offense which is a little bit different attack the patriots looked. You can think they built it during a press conference was that in the last three or four weeks. They've gone -- -- three receivers that have gotten Whitman traditional physical approach. It it it really in the real life and I think you know -- -- -- -- 345 yards an attempt -- that's exactly the kind of opens up a little bit if it got some good performance that in the last few weeks. I've been trending in the right direct your grievance if they don't do what they have enough. Played really consistently balanced offensive football the offensive making -- to beat them at the important work black with them -- And again they're getting reform advocate waiting that ultimate that can extend their green globe. I don't know what they're wonderful we've definitely could have had trouble when it comes to stopping it but there's also the starting there and practice during the tournament and when it comes -- -- last record back against the some pretty good numbers -- gambling you know. And he intimately involved people who don't have good numbers only if it. Going into the -- that -- defending the ravens. I wonder if they're going to be comfortable moving up the box stuffing right with it goes out or they're gonna focus their attention to warn them that Jacoby Jones. I think what's interesting also a lot of these teams obviously saw the tape early on the patriots were. Effective team to run against the patriots made there mid season adjustment bringing more guys in the box and that made them obviously more susceptible to pass. I think it was interesting what Bill Belichick said and maybe gave it into the game plan he thinks he expected this week. Baltimore beat the patriots in the AFC championship last year really thrown the ball quite a bit -- all right big picture Burress. Obviously the patriots are attending the work we think there -- good spot for the playoffs we assume let's say -- -- in the middle weekend of the year they win. But the seeding situation they caught a huge break when the Steelers beat up the Bengals Sunday night there's still the number to see outside chance that the number one. How important is this game going into the playoffs playoff picture. It's you I think it's huge in the number of of I think it's absolutely -- for this team to get one of those who -- the penalty to did you get the number one seed but -- -- -- them get that second team. They have to stay at home as long as possible. In that means winning out the rest of the way. They can -- -- -- -- four they're gonna be if we get that number to be right they don't they have to go on the road and obviously you have that first home game. But they have to go on the road for an extended period though I really believe that all bets are off because they come in here they can beat anyone remotely that they can beat anyone in the AFC. People on the road with a little -- if it's a little more difficult situation for this -- huge achievement for. And what happens I think doing and win this thing but just barely grill right if you just I mean fight that much look at it another night Justin Tucker -- -- -- I just didn't.

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