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Chris Nilan: "I visited Whitey Bulger in prison"

Dec 19, 2013|

Former NHL enforcer Chris Nilan joined the show to discuss his new book. He discussed his close relationship with his father in law Whitey Bulger and how he recently visited him in his Plymouth prison.

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Welcome back it's. 231. Out of 234. Players. Selected at the 1978. National Hockey League draft and by the way he's still all holds. The Canadian record for most penalty minutes in a career that would be 2248. Chris has a new book out it's called fighting back the Chris island story joins us on the AT&T -- I've taught Chris how are. Good -- all you do and very very well right. Hey how would you describe the mission statement of this -- -- is -- a redemptive story -- how would you describe what what the mission statement was when you sat down rate. Somewhat. It it's. -- story of redemption triumph. The story of all. And you just mentioned that. Being drafted 231. Around 234 and 78. And strident. Making NHL. My dream as a kid out. That haven't watched the Bruins so much become. Such a big fan of hockey mother bought you'll up. Everything about the Bruins. -- that caught my eye I. I loved the game but it started to play and I have a dream -- playing in the NHL one day and I think this story. You know but still somewhat and revert back to the things that. You know I have my transgressions and Mike brought up the hockey and through alcoholism and drug addiction I. I kinda reached back and and use some of those things that drove me and got -- national artillery. To get initial. To this day in spite of all his great successes Tom Brady still resents and carries a chip on his shoulder. For being drafted in the sixth round at 231 out of 234 bring an attitude to Crist I would but he took in the league. Not at all you can me I was so happy to get drafted. The only thing about without. When you go to a game -- -- in the seventh -- you're invited by the net draft yet you have to pick you picked it. You don't get a big sign -- bonus. And yeah you know I really didn't I I I look that's what kind of get it drove me someone recruit the people like the plate and obviously you know I got my foot in the door because I was a physical player and I -- party but I also became occupied. I knew I knew you liked to have a drink now and then Chris I think we might have had one and two together and in the past I never knew it got -- -- directed. 1 morning you woke up on the point that with a needle in your and with -- attached to a syringe of heroin. How bad did that get in what would what was the day of what was that moment reckoning we knew that this could go on. Well you know listen it was not need. You gotta get on us so obviously when you -- straight analyst -- On it was easy to media realize that I had a problem with the drugs. And not so much alcohol because of those -- it. You know I was genetic. Played hockey I had my ideas after the game I have my arm. Who will like spotted taken purpose that up to surgery. And and I soon realized that really help me help my. My pain issues that I deal with -- every day my knee and ankle. My hand -- and I I quickly got addicted. For the medication. I've heard on that I had to take more to this and the fact that the progression of the disease and I want to OxyContin. I moved up and in and wake if you will and then. You know -- to the point with the OxyContin that you know the government was coming down on it. And -- will -- down -- doctors. Who prescribe and I couldn't get in anymore. And when I couldn't I was so violently ill and sick the paying. Was unbearable trying to kick that stopped on the way home and I I ended up make -- a while calling. Trying to to get some heroin and I did. Never down that road I was desperate. I was. Very desperate. But it took just feel when you're coming off -- The only thing that takes that pain the way it is. Either going into. -- And getting. Medically he talks or you're take moral and immediate -- -- I I had to go that route its -- sick but when you're sick. You'll do anything that great. Horrible feeling away and you know I didn't solve by acute heroin I sort of that would do that. -- started -- by assortment. And who was in two weeks of tourists it's normal. I ended up go into the local -- view of him pick up -- bag needles into its own device not the I was wrapped up in that -- -- eight months. And that night sitting on the corner. Eight and basically over those in. I woke up probably three hours later and I stood up and Michael -- -- on the -- Myself quote again. When I woke up from and I him. I had I guess what you're going they're just a desperation and I knew I needed you know. Isn't such a bad place. I hear them you know I was so beaten down I beat myself down. And I made -- phone call us open it was the most cooler moment. In -- clean since. -- -- parents will look good for you. Have you. So now when I talk about the does alcohol pot I struggle -- only because -- in Atlanta -- of the drugs but when I looked at the alcohol piece I was like well. Nor I can always drink but I song though. Quickly in and who would want my coaches. The treatment on Leno and Oregon that -- spent three months. I stayed out at two years. I think come home and I made like myself a little bit just because I want to get well and and really focus on the -- I had -- and I ended up and no -- -- -- therapist and realizing what I really get on it myself I look at in my own ranks. Well over the course tomorrow like some of the things that happened to me in my life. Aren't you know aren't the only time they got in trouble in my current there's -- I was -- it. And I looked at AMR I drank a lot and I drank it and I realized that. You know that's the road I couldn't go back down and I know that. If I did or I think I can control it now -- acted -- -- at three -- right and -- like in control and now and then. The next night. Born again and then they'll become. More repetitive and then eventually. -- -- all -- like tentacles and I just I can't afford to go on the road again. The best story of the 1986 Stanley Cup celebration with your than father in law -- James Whitey Bulger I think fascinates a lot of people. The first time you met him when you were starting to date his daughter -- You'll sit down with two -- about that. Yeah I liked it I guess any a concerned parent any parent who has the dog up it was still has spent a lot of and you know you have that sit down you do what you're your daughter's boyfriend -- -- -- -- -- -- You would expect her to be treated and our idea. How much that dollar that men -- you know a lot of water beneath. I sat down in and got a pistol on last and what he. Basically told me how he expects there to be treated there and you know I was fine and at the end on the situation I just said well you didn't need to come. -- pull out a gun Khatami -- -- so well that's a way to do business and would with a smile he wasn't. You know I I think it was status means you're supposed to be shaken my movement wasn't I mean what together. Well we're we're going well current state Runyan what's gonna shoot me -- go. Where are you know he was evil yeah yeah how aware were you -- what he was doing kind of person he was. And I know what I think is much is that everybody else that is so funny a lot of people look at -- like. Well how could be in in in more regularly use could you. And the anything good disabled disguise this and not I'm going to be -- wouldn't it earned dollars back of course I know just borrow as much as everybody else does. Does anybody know his relationship was -- no did everybody know that he that was involved. Would. That was supposedly would those two women. That were murdered and those terrible thankfully. What I will say there's my relationship with -- them was really good. I go along with -- he was a friend of mine I think like anybody I think Jordan you. Jerry you if you happen in the same situation design. And what I'm married to parent. At the time that you would go on what this guy well in you know yes I know. All the stories evolve and change all of and I knew his back guy and he's the guy who actually. It in ways protected vehicle records doesn't you know Islam and they are those I was home for the summer driving himself -- -- -- this who say listen. Go to -- you'll all see you let you know. Treats his house for -- He said no I don't want you want a situation where you have your pitching particularly anything like that you know it. Level one in the around -- and that was -- who protected the million dollar. You know I used to sit and talk with him every night -- and a you would come to me. -- play it was a good friend to me anyway. The -- Fascinating guy that's been talked with and you know. Look I'm a loyal. I don't agree Lloyd did. I you know when I look at what happened. -- innocent people were killed in this and those women. And Roger Wheeler. And you know the guy who was with Brian. How. That day unfortunately. I don't agree with that. A lot of the other stuff again I'm not component put a lot of times when you get involved not. Bad things are gonna happen when you wanna play that game bad things are gonna happen and it's the same thing would mean when I got involved. In the drugs. Went and I became addicted did you get involved nothing. Bad things -- gonna happen you can die and I'm again I'm not condone anything you did I'll just say my relationship. With -- was good. And we got along. Very well. Chris -- as well and what was your last communication with Whitey Bulger. We write back and forth quite a few times we out. Wouldn't be. Was arrested. Indicated it was brought back you know went to visit him. One current. So we'll. -- -- the world in I hadn't seen in all those years. -- and most are. -- and I left and it's weird way. You know -- -- -- -- -- they're playing because beyond what you. When I was walking away. Leave and let them. So -- employment and I looked back down and actually felt that goes and in. You say how could someone who had been so much harm to people out there you go about our. You know I I looked is this and that I was such a bright side and -- -- and I if you could ever chosen differently. That he would have been good at something else and it it would it was actually kind of sad what Adam and that state and I'd be Australia and I would I would get caught he did. And you know a lot of people speculate old he's dead in this and that the government children are not once that I think that was. True and you know again like -- today. I'm -- loyal person he was a crime in my. It's like -- my Bravo on a lot of people give bill -- odds aren't -- it's his brother listen as you re woods is that going said he did. No. Again -- is your brother and he knew he chose light -- I disagree Chris I would not in my brother it was a mass murder Brodeur mass murder I would not standby and there are certain limits our -- W it was my father. Wouldn't that mean. I'm not let it stand by him but. You know. Want some of the situation I guess it was my brother I would surely. Don't go visit -- taught humans again and again. I'm not condone anything that aired on it's brutal. I understand. Mark my one on one relationship -- at the time I'm back in the eighties. It was a good critic. Chris -- I'd be interested in in -- take getting away from the book just the second Lebanon -- -- got a book out -- fighting back -- island story. Your take on the on -- situation the suspension. And and much has been said he has always until this incident played by the -- a guy who had similar kind of role in the National Hockey League as Sean or what issue. That -- he played by the coat and do you think he stepped over the line of that code. Well I think for the most bodies have been he's been clean play out in a guy who. You know took his job seriously and do his job well. Yeah he wasn't -- could. To a -- things looked at I had an incident myself with a -- If there's one thing I regret my Korea that happened and it was that. And I'm sure it's on board and all that well right after it happened -- regretted it and he still does that is -- now what he did. Alitalia. -- -- it is not audio. He's a good player yes. He's the guy who inside the east real cup player out there he cross checked a lot of guys -- in front and that -- -- cup -- He made a questionable hit on a guy. Who. Did not have -- which is coming back from a concussion. So that gets everybody's. And he goes -- guys. That obviously whipped up the fans in a friendly I know the coach probably wanted retribution. You put -- back out a sharp try to like little. It in my estimation. As a hockey player and hasn't publicly like Brook Lopez and I don't buy. The argument that old Brooke is gonna sit in the -- or five minute. Would born not not a good trade up like that this. I think we're all for the first started should -- the problem autumn. Regardless of -- he has to -- -- -- And then it would have been all the it's unfortunate. Going to put back on the ice. Much targets in the neck -- Going to get whip up again. There's a lot of pressure on bullet into his job then he goes trying to agent of tripping him. Not adopt it collection a couple of times -- daughter if you really look at. It doesn't look like you're on the he didn't drive as an entity I. He didn't get down on its -- beat them it was unfortunate what happened. I think he should the opinions. He's got me out to pay a price but I'm sure he's very regretful but on. Again it's a tough situation -- all that adrenaline. Everybody jacked up the coach want to do the job and should you you wanna be at your teammates a lot of questions regarding the zeppelin made a mistake. A very quickly before we let go before we let you go on the Milan Lucic situation in Vancouver and and he's talked about the harassment that he and his family. Got from the people in Vancouver were harassed by any Australian people -- Boston fans -- when you're Canadian. Not all you know the only guy was on them there was one incident where. -- a couple of guys behind the bench and -- a -- morning at home. And they were GAAP and nine on this young mother of this so. I waited I they would sit back and -- on that -- -- I grabbed the the lot of law lightly on the last sprayed the ball right eyeballs. With the while Obama -- -- -- -- the rockets -- -- brought to court. The trainer had -- -- meaning that it ultra who's now the -- city went along with me. And you know they had the -- about skin -- You put anything in the old. -- under the -- the guys' eyes burn it's unbelievable and when. You know honestly the only notre. That. It's a long road trip it is on well compute because I don't have a problem being held on more -- -- sleep on the plane they'll be hard to the next game. But you always gonna run and some. -- With a law miles -- stopped and I'm just surprised him and I got a target by having him on. I couldn't show that insurance that it showed that are good on them because you know I think you might have been thinking that the and -- would maybe it's too late bankers who wrote you put yourself in that situation by. He's probably been you know produce on my chances. -- that in general the window and I'm sure him nearly understand what went on there and it's it's important. The book is called fighting back the Christmas Island story good catch up with a Chris good luck with the book are locked down the road. Our element that extra -- -- that Santelli on the eighteenth and the nation's fastest and almost liable for GL TE network you know. The nickname knuckles for fighting on the ice. You got -- northeastern treatment he bought drink it and anybody would not offer them sideways -- -- by. You've been with -- he has got that hand equality where you look in his eyes he says I would never ever mess with that right and I we know lots of fighters we know Judy Miller. Lyndon byers and we liked the mall there good guys but he's scared we agree yeah I mean they're bigger he's scarier. We talked the other day about a notorious book. And we called the that we -- for comfortably -- and we wonder when -- -- you know it's full yeah -- again like an island and I thought the heroines or that moment. Clarity comes a moment yes important because. I think on that. Along with it clean is comically and a lot of and I haven't read the book that in -- like electric books by him in late do you read the book -- not been seen every book that I haven't seen it like -- -- is now. Yes it is it's -- candidate is over the -- -- -- But don't you think you can read it like Derek -- book in his eagerness or pretty important strike oil Campbell yes let's say he is tell the truth here maybe didn't always tell the truth because drinking. But now he's come and clean some of its maddening America's relationship -- Whitey like your butt and netease faced Hamilton's face but for the most part he's old enough and. Biography yesterday warts and all it does about measures act does not work 6177797. At nine 37. Ever seen somebody do something that you admired. And the next they only have that person apologized she hadn't had a wish he'd stop by his guns to that subject.

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