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Dan Shaughnessy on the role of media in Boston

Dec 19, 2013|

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy joined the show to discuss the role of media in Boston. He said it is not his job to be a fan boy.

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3-D NC allies hope it'll get your phone calls in a bit -- pilot will join us in the 8 o'clock 830 -- should say -- joining us on the AT&T -- the nation's fastest and almost libel for GL TE network. Somebody out thank. Dan Shaughnessy Boston Globe columnist -- buddies gave us an entire show yesterday good morning mr. Shaughnessy how are you. We're doing very very well just in terms -- reinventing the wheel here as we commenced this conversation -- -- wrote a compelling and notable column yesterday. Discussing in general how he -- the parameters of his job vs what the readers and fans think he should do when he does his job I've attempted to know. The reaction and response you got all ever. Over the last 24 hours. You know it was a little more positive. It's it's about 300 emails I suppose I haven't read a lot of confidence it's tiresome but. With the with the responses just. Send it directly in the old people kind of agree with me -- -- of the appeal people on my side like I should go to the racetrack in the stockyards area with a and but it did start to trickle down and and then you know one of these guys what is on these web -- guys are not happy in. There's a lot of a lot of noise coming from there. The Twitter thing was about. 5050 if there was some some pretty substantive positive step to go get him in. And so with the usual. -- -- that you get some -- -- taste your food. Hope you you know stuff like. At the risk of oversimplification. Essentially you're making the point that you don't root great team to win or lose you don't heavy rooting interest. I would say I -- look for certain things are what for chaos and I root for the unexpected. Would you agree that -- with that Dan do you root for the article. And I'm rooting for me and I've written to historians and those things are our stories so yes they -- -- the unexpected news is good. Chaos is good like. -- really bad teams can because of that Red Sox thing in 2012. With the train wreck the script to write about in the 2011 collapsed. I said that column I mean if they -- the playoffs in 211 and had a three and out against the angels her name it. You know yet -- quickly -- want to get -- -- I mean it's it's etched in stone so. Some bad things there are good stories and it I'm independent on that it doesn't really matter to me. Why did you do this shows why did someone get to you I know you now they are tired -- many bloggers and you know many tweeters and textures you're their favorite target. It seemed to me and I like the peace we talked about a lot but it seemed to meet someone got. Ellis actually is kind of the opposite. There's in Miami if people much nicer person than when they get -- their keyboards what -- with you talked about 54 writing and all that stuff so it's yeah the fans down there every you know it was kind of fun and there was a lot of minutes you know. And so the whole weekend -- in conversations and you know -- Getting along and and that was coming up a few times and found myself saying the same things over and over you know it actually doesn't matter to me. But you know it'll be it'll be good you play as long as its -- close at the end and all that stuff that and just the people refusing to believe that that could be true and and if it is true in and its OK that I didn't think it makes me -- and Jerry was a slow news day and -- at home. Got to write something for Wednesday and it's the typical is well -- got. And talked with the possibilities things I just sort of ripped that off on the plane and then ran it by a few people and -- like. It was real wolves are good a good choices certainly was provocative and everyone is talking about a bush still don't think. A lot of people that get that they don't understand I mean Smart people people -- -- Not not kids either people been reading fallen in news fallen media for for using you're still think. They don't get that you're not supposed to root in the press box that still don't understand that that know that conflict. Which amazes me. Quote you blame them because years ago as you know as I noticed he you know knows it wasn't like this. Well I mean the easiest target in this Bill Simmons of course you know is that inventing the culture of never leaving your house rooting for your team have an opinion you riding along things and then getting other people to read it. -- column we know we we. And we beat them. That's that gave way to millions of one of these crystals really inputs which together well it is very successful and has -- cult and so you end up with you know generation of of of young guys who want to just watch TV and write what they think then. -- the wild west and god love them it's a democracy of the Internet Gulfport I just I just can't read any of it because I go talk to my neighbor. It's. It doesn't enlighten me I just wanna read guys who have used some informed opinion. Or can tell me something that can you know enhance my knowledge of of the situation I don't wanna read another twenty year old -- You know he thinks so so sucks. We're talk to a Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy and Dan do you think the resistance to. And a criticism of your approach to writing might be in part heightened in enhanced because of the success. Of the sports environment around here lately I mean be honest with a lot easier to be critical Ambien -- -- -- when rod rust was coaching this football team as an example. That that could pull enemy Reno during the losing -- its Gerry wrote about that in. We are all the teams were all down and there was a lot of buffoon really stupid things going on. So sure I think that at that time everybody was kind of on board and you know even with 2012 Red Sox -- disheartened right we've found out it was easy to do so. Which across the board -- It's been across the board do it all the -- successful. And and a lot of young people I've kind of grown up with that so why would you ever question anything and it's so good in the news that panicked. It's element of people you know. Working for the team or working for the league mlb.com people -- And you know that the. And the ball off Adriatic -- the devil let's be fair -- people it individual newspapers Euro and two I think. Are rooting for teams to NW and don't let Georgia sets sets debates in the office because you got some of the biggest fan boys in the business. That's fair criticism as. Eight it looked like guys -- it. -- it and liked them. But one daughter -- But 26 year old blogger for the globe writes on Boston -- common detox but we've stuff. Guess -- the blog people we have you know I think that's probably when guys -- -- stand obnoxious what's been right -- so. By definition is is -- yeah. You ready ready colleague yesterday who actually wrote when talking about David Ortiz whether he should or should not get a contract extension is that we don't have a plaque to offer you we don't have a new card offer you don't have money -- you just our undying gratitude for you being so wonder -- yes. Coming -- This I wouldn't come out of shots he's -- the same -- you wrote that column someone Mardy Collins wrote that that we all. Endless endless gratitude for being so wonderful. -- I disagree with that I -- have to have a conversation. I don't. I would agree with that point of view. Here's a hypothetical we were kicked around last there so. Same thing happens. Bob Poehler gets gets a caller -- -- -- this happens in the story stick around a chicken appear at the Boston Globe -- chance to run it. Today with John Henry -- teams -- situations that -- -- by actors John Henry let them do it. They'll tell us that's -- I was up there breaking my hard drive and shredding documents and it. That's a really good question is valid question and you don't know the now and in it again it's it's been kind of with the way things are going. It's been hard totally you guys are role in the tanks and say about it he will win the World Series is about the team. Then moves have been pretty good everything's worked out but I would I would hope we would still have the independents to do that and I have a -- that we do there's been no. -- to let me write in and you know I'm not a favorite. It's just gonna wait you out Shaughnessy and and when you're down there won't be another one like that's my theory and then you know in good and good times and bad. They will if if John Henry were getting some trouble in old banking scandal or divorce or some you think that'll appear in the globe. I would hope so I mean like I would hope he would be treated like any other. Team -- get involved that kind of activity. That was yesterday's column in in any small scintilla. Percentage. Sort of view. Drawing a line in the sand so John Henry and people who look at John Henry owning this teams that. I am going to be independent I'm going to continue to to poke the bear is it needs poked. Not Democrats and my enemy and upset all that stuff that -- million times in other forms and then struggled to get one place. It is it did not customize it and McCrory was the one inside a place on the front page of the paper that's certainly. -- that surprised me a little bit because I was I was run it by a couple of our guys that the -- Is who should run this isn't like it too much of the storm were. Visit to you know to indulge in Italy Australia but yourself right that's that's -- narcissistic whatever so I was just curious from that standpoint and then. The -- like a Christian elected president but they're all your good friends on the front page of the Boston Globe made that decision to put it out there so what judgment they have. All right I'm we close it was great. At the Tacoma script and loved the idea or just some different -- done. Whether you know whenever you view one as it was something different gonna want docket. I I don't blame put on page one right. Right where they usually put in our pal column Borges Jerry makes a couple of the giants of the industry pension in column Borges and -- -- listening. -- be nice to him a few duke as the globe will give him the front page to get his revenge on you if you're not placed. Part of com. Station yesterday seemed to be where I'm listening is that this idea that you you know -- cane going with an agenda always have to go in with an agenda right we have -- If knowledge and have some opinion one where the body can't go he just say that Shaughnessy say subjective analysis and getting killed. Yesterday by a lot of people because she claimed to be objective you never claimed to be object I don't know what columnist -- -- -- objective. Yeah up by definition -- columnist is subjective at that point. And you know you're gonna have a positions you're supposed to do as policy position of the home team that. Again I go back to the issue when they're in the eighteen I don't know patriots when that happens at the end David Tyree and Plaxico Burress you gotta be open -- campy crime in your typewriter. Keyboard -- that the water is bad for the keys and he got to deal with that story and do it quickly we've had that so many times of the popular game and and Aaron Boone probably -- it looks like they're gonna win on deadline to get a flip it around and I don't want an emotional guy. Write that piece it should be subject is it really detached from it and able to. Describe this this chaos and that's amazing turnaround. Without being I don't know. Wet his pants because he laughs at what it's like if people were betting on the games. You know how you're different if you bet on games YouTube and everything differently you know like that -- and all that stuff. And and to me it's it's like emotional betting on games to have that kind of that when. What you converts -- not do anymore and he noted the other days predict the patriots will lose you'd pretty -- -- -- I don't what I did do it just say I and I don't think it on too many injuries no -- I think they're gonna get killed in the next thousand tweets are -- we're gonna burn your house down and kill your whole family because -- You know you're not supporting the home team I wonder and we chuckle at this every time to do it. How much feedback how much criticism you get when you just mentioned the -- high chairs. Not as much as it is I don't think people notices as much as I have one of those things I find amusing and elect and Henry Kissinger sitting at the feet of Bob -- is -- popcorn is illegal over you know that this is this the other thing. And the it's just sort of running gag now with no nobody's really picked up on. I -- one blogger yesterday called you a dinosaur and and based on his definition of a dinosaur I think it's almost a compliment when the likes of -- and Borges and others to take. Your approach -- Will they be replaced with people who still have that edge and still have that that's sarcasm that that that. I was we're looking for him cynicism. Handles -- -- about it you you are dinosaurs did they are. You're almost extinct. I I I hope so in the I'm sure a lot of people to -- it's a good thing and I understand I just thought I'd -- it mr. read some wise guys in the paper and and people challenge and things we have some really talented young writers on repeats and hope that. They can -- imagine in and go to that place some point take some chances and not worry about. -- also not gonna like -- your view of the team like humanity we can't kick it do with that. You can't coach and you can't create thick skinned people. Either you are or you are not and I know you've suffered the slings and arrows and and and you -- is fine right it's good for everybody -- it's easier to go right with the all absolutely and and then you get to get on Twitter and I think each and get invited to the Dominican with. And a big poppies to turn things like that -- Did you get invited to Politico. No no he hasn't talked to me since I asked him. Questions and he has to them. About steroids yeah it was like a ten minute conversation he took our picture at the end of the interview I don't know what it does not do it. Did you take more Greece -- that missive or yesterday's I assume the obvious thing. I was sitting at the other David thing and but a lot of it was in Spanish you know like he he put it on -- Putters things behind and came back to me in -- a lot of Spanish side and understand. Stuff. By -- deal like Sunday ravens -- patriots. This is it's those stacked toward the ravens now and I know they're not that good now outscored tunnel. It's delightful -- in the history it is. Stacked toward the ravens and this is -- you know this could be a standup game of the patriots really meant to pick to win this game all the sudden on a feel like meant. The conference so weak they can win now nobody in the conference they can do that while who else but if if they keep going where I think they're going. And you know get a beat down there then it's it really feels like it just lifted into the playoffs and an article it quickly. Yeah new buffalo game would be something at the end to that would be would that be amazing they had to have balance side but I do think journalism Baltimore actually all it all adds up to this would be a stand up big boy game for the. -- -- to America to -- miniature already Dan Shaughnessy Boston Globe preaching at the time down talked you don't abroad Dan Shaughnessy with the NC on the AT&T and the nation's fastest and -- most reliable Ford GL TE network.

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