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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Duck Dynasty

Dec 19, 2013|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the controversial comments made by the Duck Dynasty star.

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Headlines brought to you by precision fitness equipment shop the pros do you amber Kirkland and does precision fitness equipment we start. With one of the biggest shows on television which is on AMD who the guest this year in restart those arts and entertainment what do you remember that. And have a show called duct dynasty we all know that massive shall mean talk of third watch it. Thirteen fourteen wanting to Gerri I've seen it once -- -- boring as hell but. These are characters yeah characters he's on. Like real people there they're playing and I know they put out that I know there are real deal on the other. What people tune in to see these. -- -- -- want you ended the number I don't. At one point they'd be number one book in the country. Some say about a -- the -- honest I think it was a good things this is good Christian people singing Christmas carols the -- the -- -- -- Harrelson was prey was a gold record. I went to she door like one of these hallmark stores with guards and stuff and they had to hold display. Setup. Just -- -- that mugs. The display and and the question now is that -- blown out well the patriarch of of the Robertson family. Is off the show definitely following interview with GQ magazine which he condemned gays. As sinners here's the quote from Phil Robertson it seems to me a vagina. As a man be more desirable in the man's -- Robertson told GQ that's just me. I'm just thinking is more there should -- offer me c'mon dude you don't -- but hey sand itself logic my man it's just not logical everything is boredom what's right what's wrong. -- -- -- Start with homosexual behavior just -- out from -- -- the Audi -- out this woman and that woman that woman in those men don't be deceived. Needed the adulterers the male prostitutes the homosexual offenders to -- the -- to slanderous swindlers they won't inherit the kingdom of god don't deceive yourself. It's not. Right got it felt like century this is offensive that a he's a small guy -- this -- down those leg -- -- -- Who. To who'd insisted that that they include god in the show that he wouldn't do it she could. We can express their religious beliefs talk about the Bible. Did people were you surprised. At this opinion at this apparently. Mel unless they're gonna surprise they get the chance to be outraged that's to organize the get a chance to feign outrage GBT went out to. You know much of people now he came out and said you know can't we all just get along and co exist in all this would people believe that can be be happy that he. Over the -- just used to say -- that to keep the office. A local Romero who would normally despise many great point said. This would be like suspending one of the characters on South Park -- Family Guy percent some good could this have been suspense story from family but I. Right and ask -- your religious guy if you're an old school testament you think there's a heaven and hell yes I do. You really believe that the one man is attracted to another man sexually act so that way. When it's time comes that pearly gates bought this all loving. All caring god is going to say email because you fall -- no ideal. Needed to let visitors Bible man shall not let down when -- -- you believe everything in the Bible there are a lot of centers and sinners can go to heaven. Whether you think that's a state or not whether it's stealing you think lying pick somebody goes to hell if they're -- now they don't have it right now if you're big guy. Note these -- counting. I don't even understand the offensive part it's just his opinion and we knew where there's not allowed to have certain opinion we know where this guy came from -- -- he says is to me just my opinion that's -- yeah. Glad my opinion the guys. Passes less desirable -- a woman's right quote and he does meant to be scaled but he also mentions. Cheating on your wife gets so he's not and throw words he's not sent beastie LD homosexuality in the same he says all of these sins. Like these reality cheating on your wife yes or polygamy I think that's kind of reference to polygamy right well these are. Extremely anti gay comments I mean obviously not -- Does he say it's just saying yeah we should -- -- like the mayor of so she says we should arrest them. So you start with homosexual behavior that goes to appease the -- more for a better finish he says the cheating on your wife let. He -- that cheating on your wife to him as pace in the wee burn in hell sure that's an okay. -- -- that opinion that opinions that OK true that would that it suspended by note I would I would probably not now and referring to would have the next brokers truckers and that doesn't -- and held as a. -- -- he set a -- he made a comment yesterday to represent -- -- -- I myself a product of the sixties and to my life for a sex drugs and rock or altered rock bottom accepted Jesus as my savior. By mission -- to go forth and tell people -- why I follow Christ and also what the Bible teaches apartment teachings that women and men are meant to -- together. This is Chris -- -- right right SP and corrects name was untroubled more colorful I think that that's my point it's just colorful because that's what I don't think I should be suspended for saying what they believe don't you guys speech this is what -- -- -- together it's supposed to say they're they're following the show around about a family. Looks like this -- somebody sent people -- that always -- yet. What somebody who's Christian as beliefs say what they want him to say they suspect right expense three -- the world when he talks does he sound intelligent. Remarkably -- he -- yeah but he sounds like. Look I'm over in California but all ever last one of these. Now remember something. My love for you is not contingent. On how you feel about me if you say. I don't like cute he's cute. -- -- stand beside you I don't mind. Views. Anyway. The -- -- -- But things -- fire and brimstone old school testament guy. And you thought it was gonna check. It's something different. One when asked him this question I think. If it ends up on another network right zany and coupled yes what are they Domino's sugar and dumped it what do they do they suspended there's not a chance in hell -- And they shield to. Huge -- Any sort of -- -- fifteen games like four -- feel you know as a justice where it'll be historic comeback in the talk about it in his redemption and pray about it he's gonna -- I don't -- Gays should go to heaven of the mauled by. Just my opinion you know not my cup Petit not not my thing at -- and then the other guys the other muted. Lose muscle support them yet to support it shouldn't believe the same stuff that's not the stuff so just hope you pull your favorite so believable gay people he believes in the Bible to -- -- -- new -- did you think the Pope. You think he believes private talk to one on one we get -- here. Director was yesterday and you say to him. You think somebody who's homosexual is going to go down where this fire tracks -- that -- where he says that -- did you think at least eight people are gonna help -- Robertson say gay gay people are gonna burn in hell and said he did not -- he believes the ticket book on how he believed. Phil Roberts now golf course peso loving man and you heard of forgiving man and he thinks they should come -- ask for forgiveness you think like I -- that nobody thinks you have to accept Christ as your -- to ask for forgiveness because all of us have sent. Sitting doesn't keep you out of evidence in my estimation I missed the start at that Renault and if you like murder of family of five. You just have to ask to Jerry says yeah I mean it Jerry sandusky really means it. These -- going to have to go see my point is that's ridiculous what you can kill family of five in the same time I saw Hillary go and -- allow you to go to heaven now you know as the prostitutes the rules as god is god. Scott applicants -- years he talked anybody else in August Webb's father some holy ghost triumvirate so to 21 vote. So let's open the doors and a vote on tour. The big they get votes as well are. Will controversy are finally something important Massachusetts politics differently getting something. The official state rocks on. Is going to reduce the big debate this legislation. Initially got the two songs I think they're saying right now one is road runner. -- -- -- Would be my choice. Jonathan Richmond. Friend of I would Brothers sure it's part of some of -- -- -- something that -- -- there nutrient yes there -- there and throw them. Represented James hit well from marsh field his file complete competing legislation. To make dream on the official rocks Massachusetts. Boston. -- month official rocks on message woman to -- it enough to know. In some exterior. I. So it's the artist that is carrying the days is not the contents of the song correct is that correct this as an associate with Boston's associate with the 1980 Olympic miracle on ice and if that's true yeah. Yeah but. That's it those two choices that's what they're saying it couldn't have -- kind -- Obama's dirty water. Yeah I think people would -- -- -- bridge to Boston. It's this -- off -- a rock solid rock and almost beneficial rocks on anyway especially for the it's. You probably that we have this debate when they were doing a concert that never sees the members know Richard -- Now coming out as easy as soon as we all send money to Dane Cook he's gonna allow one yeah. But there has to be great to gonna do this producers would like New Jersey and dirty waters have been played too often. I'm older you watered out but I can understand it would -- him this wouldn't Boston song be on the list. The band Bosnia or what's or just the Denver is mostly a boss -- mention Hyannis. To another bit from Boston. Like that. The cars they have the great rock rock from Carlyle. Doesn't count they're pretty great -- But would do that the Boston. I -- I think people I think they have to be from Boston. And having this dimension which show it in the empty polio Alex and I hope that -- I would well above the road runner have you given that list that shortly chose to that's at the same page those two. Campbell said. You'd be happy that dream on recognizes the State's official ballot -- at our audited some other way whichever it was written in Foxborough believe there and Foxboro -- About shipping up to Boston. It's got to -- one good and I like that have really low and definitely temper Austin that's how very Boston but senator Bob this have to be old and beaten you on -- but senator Bob Hedlund a Republican on the way. Responsive coroner bill in the senate these guys are spending time doing is it important what else would they got to do. City hasn't heard anything about the compromise you know what it's it's getting silly. Had said he should just accept defeat and move on the more substantive issues that's. That's raw rep Marty Walsh who want road -- official let me ask you this Marty Walsh is friends with Kim -- Is no way he wouldn't vote -- she doesn't lower quality. What happens when it becomes the city song Boston song would you. Played all the events what's the difference what how what how I don't what's the state bird would sustain this hour masters object. You know she knows that -- if you stay flat out all the state and -- -- -- -- I don't Pennsylvania State surprised it hasn't tweeted that that's. I heard the cursing at them in Pennsylvania notes the mount laurel. Mountain laurel of laurel is that though that is as you know that was -- flowers much more. I knew that puts a mountain laurel. To follow what kind of it was a look like it's a pretty fly into the program -- -- white little small little flowers in the state bird is what the blue to an idea and I don't know that know the crow. In the latest. In the latest battle. In accordance Carroll's one way to battle of the snowpack streets a 66 year old South Boston and paid. Teva -- -- first car confronted neighbor who parked there. It was punch in the face and left oncologists in the pool -- his own blood yeah he said this is -- 66 year old -- Atlanta app police arrested Juan Beltran Rivera 32 who lives around the corner from the alleged victim and charged him with assault. In battery on a person 65 or older. Ultimately how old is the assault are almost half his age thirty to 32 and this guy pay let's get this to space doubled. Now that's wrong in this healthier than she bought you see those stories inducements on the news this was a big deal noise out wide shot just glad you don't live there and yet look -- you say OK go. Notre car and go to the store he screwed right. Trevor Barrett told police he felt that data by the man during the argument and things got out of it felt intimidated by the 66 year old. Man 65 parole until those separate chart you know. Yeah scenario -- -- the media revenues. It's just a -- up and -- rappers. And with that wouldn't -- state flower. Discusses the many -- -- -- knows that economy -- just about moving company throughout the year but you also notice the mayflower or trailing arbiters. Well to vote for -- of quality that is 61777. Point 7937. Once again he left the big out on the right is out. Tickets deserves its own segment. Yeah I'll find something major now might have could have should have would have happened. Yesterday after we left the building and it I like because it makes him uncomfortable ultimately you know squirming will make minute -- squirm a little more week.

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