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Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley: Marchand hasn't been able to deliver any consistency this season

Dec 18, 2013|

We discuss the Bruins with the great Jack Edwards, and move beyond just the Shawn Thornton controversy and take a look at the state of the team heading into New Years as well...

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Are sold all the WEEI WEEI dot com as well and of course it's Wednesday good opportunity to talk to Jack Edwards and Jack about a million things going moment the Bruins -- can almost count him down 123 we talk a little bit today about Brad marsh and maybe you'll start there they come back to the show on court conversations meanwhile Lucic conversation. But what is going on when martian. I don't know maybe it's certain midlife crisis news or solve some he's he can be an extraordinarily. Productive player. When he understands what it isn't yours and that is to be of very energetic high speed. Risk taking the attacking -- side. Keeps it simple in the -- and then it just works as badly off and is that good complementary wearing the Patrice Bergeron but he. He has been able find that sold for more in the game game but it's amnesty. Well I I do and asked you about Shawn Thornton it's it's something we've debated. Over and over for the last week or even more in the week you said last rejected. He'll get twelve games that was your prediction and he deserves it. When you heard about the fifteen game suspension what was your reaction. Mild surprise I heard the entire hour or few guys in and BJ yesterday and sexual and you're really. Got about 359 degrees around the subject and and you know it's very difficult thing and what Brendan Shanahan is doing here is make an example shot more important is appealing. Perhaps to get shape. Thirteen or twelve games not sure -- You know Orton has been straight up Bobble foot from the ball would make the mistake he has been. Four of regret. And conceded that he stepped outside the line. And you know maybe if you do what James Neal did which is deny deny deny. You gentle slap on the wrist compared itself but. You know report when we step outside the rules angered that far outside the boundaries. It's not something you can control anymore and that's the situation on the board and the -- pre impact would open. Arms and a warm embrace. I'm sure you'll continue to be the great outstanding player that he's been for the Bruins and that's collapse yes like. You know -- the question yesterday so sure you heard you said you're listing some curious -- answer. What is the NHL trying to accomplish what is their goal here is it public CEOs -- player safety is it sending a message is it to about hits to the head that. What is it about the future of CTE and protect themselves against lawsuits what does their goal with these suspensions. Well with the orange and not taking -- -- it's very clear. There are. -- insult to. Extinct as players if they continued it that way you'd you'd sit where we we match in court -- -- like that in the sense of full size of the market. That the NHL tried to change the culture used it between the numbers about one or two steps away from the board were propelled player. -- pretty -- on Patrice Bergeron like if we can go all the way back that's for. When you went for all the players or threaten. Not only -- -- But his ability to live a normal. And and that just got this stopped in the NHL and it is beyond. The realm of imagination. To think that we're gonna have the kind of rule -- -- that they haven't -- with what we're if you cross that. They're all of the shoulders. And you find that plane automatically gonna go out of the box and bill that would will sort out at -- -- is almost. The side to side yet but you know what if -- optical border provide for players say he that's. Very well point about the concussion thing especially with the recent lawsuit you know wars old job and like -- -- -- ball players are successful. So you know there's another flat actions new players all -- out of games the original art going to be art fiber connection between. NHL. Concussions and all. Offered. -- age old. But as far as support -- it goes you know that's. That's beyond the -- like that is completely outside of of that kind of -- On the the -- and make it. A safer place for players to play at a high intensity level. And also. Just to say. Wants a player generations. -- you know -- Marty McSorley would do the -- opportunity couldn't be. You know our our wasn't I wasn't outraged by fifteen games -- thought it would be ten. Heard you say twelve or hurt some other people's seat twelve not many people going as high as Tony but. The one thing I have been able to answer we had this debate yesterday about Thornton and you know why he got what he got 1 -- I am able to answer is. Why he got fifteen and -- James Neal had 885 gamer you know how to explain it. -- -- I don't know. You know it's it's. It's something that if we order approach Brendan Shanahan. I'm sure that he would have. Rational. Apps more I have not approached -- and well Allstate you'd never dodged the question. And he has never. -- to split rulings. And as inconsistent as PGA. Accused China and of being. It is. Comparatively black and white for the previous administration in short of players say he. Actually Shanahan as attended a little bit on precedent. You know it's it's not black and white cases in the game of hockey and you're never gonna get an apps Lou. Perception of fairness on all sides but. The solution that is -- got. -- don't need their there and that's when there are all force and no one whistle. Has stopped the -- -- approach a -- from behind and you know whether or not actually knocked out don't punch in the face while itself. You know Jack you're just out in Vancouver with the team and certainly we we saw the video what happened in Milan Lucic later that night and when you go through the history of all the issues he's had in Vancouver's family the rings stolen. From their house is church. To file the graffiti just horrible what what the hell is going on out there amid spike. If they lost they lost the cup two years ago and since then it it's like they've been completely unable to move on from that. You know let us begin with. Just been there. Everybody would -- on -- personal contact and you know not like element outlined here by our time I have been. Pointed out by some members of the -- who media's being -- it could be targeted. Everybody would like had contact in Vancouver was a really good person. Good sport. That's -- -- seem to be a hooligan element in that town that they just cannot rid themselves and it's an embarrassment. And 99.9. 9% of the people who really great people out there by. You know. If there's what -- -- away from that which -- situation. Outside the club. YouTube video. It is shall remarkable self control not respect I've often -- to all people I mean. Which is a guy. It will just go back toward an -- so -- -- -- off the record after huge vs Ryan Miller only a few years ago. If what you want it Ryan Miller said. Yeah. That was on the -- Elvis the guide him immensely strong as that reach. That you wonder like while you lose control he could actually be ignited like -- -- -- -- remain. Well under control outside that -- -- remarkable demonstration itself. How'd you like is suggestion or his solution to the problem he said he won't be. Going out in downtown downtown Vancouver again and think that makes sense. Harder harder you know he's a super celebrity's in Vancouver is this what the war candidate any of liberty in certain cities in the United States. And it's getting harder and harder because what happens if some crew approaches you reaches over much easier and it. We're gonna go where -- it's you know once the next time that happens to guys alternate -- this. It's it's it's really it's early on -- and -- that price that the players paper being in the opening notes part and parcel of being a professional athlete and being successful. But. -- it's just it's of this are situations you bet and you know I'm Lucic can't brag about all of them. You know -- all is going on and all the controversy in the debate the -- just keep winning they they lose the one game in Vancouver but other than that incredibly successful road trip across Canada last night they were clearly the better team even if they came a little tired against Calgary. Guys are hurt guys have the flu -- suspended at. None of that seems to matter right now what's the secret. How good was Tuukka Rask -- -- -- Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg state victory she Patrice Bergeron it is a quarter of this -- these guys Severin. -- professional. -- a couple of times and know what it takes. They know that the team isn't -- fire also orders on every night but last week it was one of those nights. Where your leaders have to leave -- bandit -- lead that was pretty sensational game. From guys who were really chart I was tired. I didn't play a single second on that road trip and it was cart them off strategy for that game last night but. That's the mark of a true veteran. High level and the rules are that. How long have you enough brick and doing the broadcast together how many years. I think this is eight years now. Eight years then I would think this is probably. At this point -- eight years in December of 2013 this is probably the least amount of time. That you guys have spent talking about the power play and how to fix. In eight years is that you think that's accurate. Yeah it's it's really good especially in part because of forward describe his seal from the -- last spring which is taken in a child off point. Because on the appropriate back to -- sitting out -- many great things in hockey. But he record distributor of the park is not. When you put it in front of the goal that let him win the pop along the wall in the quarter I'm Nicole and make it be in use that tremendous reach. And you -- shall last -- were checked the optimistic and then knocked it in. And you. So split them with -- for -- -- -- album with a line. That's a huge improvement in -- fluidity. Also not discount it is to -- that what was that world class. Like for with a one timer the rights on the left side who is so well -- every subtly telling unit that they absolutely have that's. When you have computer on every hour -- and for instance. -- edit it a lot which aren't. That creates horrible decisions that have to make some sort that -- leaves somebody and Robert and that's remarkable. Jack we know you're on your way up to buffalo civil lets you go -- Jack Edwards always brought to -- Newton Wellesley orthopedic associates and WOA. Expert care may be easy and by Norfolk power equipment jackal touching next week. -- --

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