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Tom E Curran, CSNNE: on the Patriots final two weeks

Dec 18, 2013|

Tom Curran joins the Patriots discussion and talks about the possibility of the team fighting for their playoff lives the last week of the season.

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-- around and happen. I joining us on the AT&T hotline Amanda -- Leno and Obama graduate tweet he just three -- it is wearing handled 80 god all things -- and buying and now here's his letter today -- can't return -- Comcast Tommy much lower yields. But I tell you know looks like Tommy's. Out of the clear what people think you're god awful and really help greater depth -- -- this. Pretty distinguish exactly very. -- -- -- It's ready it's -- authorities feel it's it's. You know that there every every kind of. Com are a few questions for -- and a couple -- they include a snowflake in reindeer Thomas. Yeah. OK so you're saying. Her. -- like McCain and sport like a hunter. I liked it icy icy icy ice under or Giuliani -- during the probably Bennett he's like a very beautiful thing. Not you don't want solid up pats and ravens this week we'll start with where we've been talking about all we guess is that -- reds on offense one for four. On Saturday on Sunday against the dolphins that touchdown with two field goals in the interception. Would dobbs and back at practice is about the role of the think that he becomes. More target for Brady in that red area if he's healthy ready to go against the ravens. Whether is it harder not I can't tell you that I do know that is in the presence will help. I think that's the biggest -- -- that you have to be concerned with is that he is a patriot and is the ability of and as we get -- tight to the result you know plus eighteen plus and even more so. It will create clutter for smaller receiver in with fact clutter that they can create because it's simple. They're wondering Clark -- and get around the outside -- harder to score. And inside -- -- in the Summers on outside work out but for the outright wrote. You don't have the kind of area clear. And you beat it open to all guys that -- thought -- that's why Americans are few Americans are that we'll put our. That's like arena is important because it's like everybody said that while. Orders to cover for -- to cover. In Lyon wrote. Like garlic -- leak out. Into flat or but the outlook all people would be our creator -- gonna be real threats a charter school account. -- before it got to get into -- running game and maybe more in Arizona just asked about this offensive line right now because it. Sold there's gonna remain out or will who knows we'll see what happens -- -- the chance Mickens Beckett left tackle Klein is a guard. -- state that line and what's it going in in dot discredit you we trust but this thing's pretty beat up especially -- against the Israeli state. It's that is the only one that the other day without it no more security at it you root -- who is. A number of final weight on that. Last drive. In Britain it's gotten out. Body much over the Russell was just trying to -- he was gonna do something completely different at left guard slot. And you know volatile place -- would -- -- the game when Brady says. You're -- I think it has more to do protection problems that cut off -- before even -- -- And perceived drop in the end -- By beating him dole or you should never have been shocked more than one are you upset by the vagaries of the defense. Bella -- aren't right now would instantly. And I know the thought that this concept but it's only going to be in the but talks. It's a markets operate the after -- also. Extremely cup match. And I drew lots. Pick on a great deal. Let's go back to that running game part of it I'm advocating that this is the week Steven Ridley. I gets back to being the featured guy island -- plot was nice against Miami Shane -- we know what he -- but the best all around back. Is really -- talk about taken pressure off the offensive line. You think it's time to get him back more involved the -- was before the fumble and the bench against Houston -- Yeah and you know. We look at it in retrospect is and what we spoke about each week it wouldn't surprise. For a private -- without. Me without on the I think that it is going to have a managed workload. Over a couple weeks and you'll see it expand and that's what happened and I think that. This would be a good week in which to put him back so -- -- it's critical and he's shown that he's running with the ball high and tight. He's being able about it which which you need him to -- because. Four point five yards and caught -- Seven yards away your body. And you equipment that's not a lot of it before guys I'm sure it will be up to that includes -- and so yeah it's critical. That they're able to establish the ground game because the rate and -- such. Recipes sent all the way it crops with BP's especially pressing or the wide receivers and god if you press the lakers' secret right now. And get bought them. They're not picking out period. To ward talked before about the route so a lot of people involved offensively Piccard and have to deal. They end up at the global execute on it. -- attic that's lotteries where we were -- of this matchup before. Lives -- I don't feel good about that -- this Baltimore defense I think it'll when their team that's not to -- one bit by the patriots team we see and take down the middle. We'll shut down the middle of field force Tom to -- outside and that was when with a healthy group with a healthier offensive line I mean do you do you look at this has got to go into next week is a must win given what we might see here on Sunday. Yeah and honestly -- don't people realize how that happened that -- them and let him at all and firemen are part of the playoffs aren't. Ever happened. It -- happened it happened in 31 other cities. On a regular basis and that he'll look at it. I'm sure they prefer that not happen that way to play in the ribbon on the road they've won five out of six. They're pretty good team simply ridiculously good defense they can't run the ball crap but unfortunately for the patriots all them guys this syndicate property but he on the ground. On a regular basis. So it's it's going to be there will be fortunate to win the game with -- ticket because they have the best player football. In all likelihood built in a position where they have to win to -- -- for the troops to secure that is. The tonic. The bigger of the two issues they they made Campbell look pretty good Ryan ten L one is better passing days of the year -- during thing. Greg you hang your hat on Tom defensively that the would give you hope for them against Joseph Flacco and Torrey Smith and Dennis Pettit this weekend in Baltimore. Well you'll jump all know his and so if you look at Burlingame says he's just saying I don't know we'll talk about that but it's six. Percent -- they advocate PI. Or completion on. So. If you can get onto one of those pumps. That he wrote. And pick it up and create colonel residual have been created over the last few weeks and have an opportunity. -- Lot of hard quarterback -- only some -- rose. But mixed at the Baltic throws a little percentage. Wrote about what you are going to be good quarterback but never great quarterback can look at our he has the guys around him. Local and compete for the ball in the appropriate where I want to global. You're -- or guys in the NFL is one of the best players -- Competing. All caps for the football -- actually there. Are getting quotable. Social Flacco -- Joseph Flacco is that the parent or ball -- like he offered. By. You know I think the patriots will have sharp defensively. Against Flacco. Because the lack or -- so you can. Maybe shed a little bit more coverage that pitted the guy who you know I would be leery of any kind of the patriots linebackers in coverage. You have to culture that I -- -- linebackers. That's -- them back or. Tell me out and off they addressed -- -- -- Patricia this week the -- back that last game the the -- the final touchdown -- the first half very parenting goes out and call comes in place force snapped defensively in key is on. Mike Wallace with little time left. Anybody address it why wasn't why wasn't to leave boy it wasn't Ryan why it wasn't anybody else even look Chordiant put Armand actors' safety. Four snaps it in you you put coal out there on wall swung at a ten tickets and house. No no it don't address -- address that's just a question. What was a mistake to underestimate -- I think it will it was a mistake to call made -- Watch that Gregory it was probably more Gregory but just the fact that he was on and just to meet. Didn't make much sense and a great -- call made the bad play. Right but -- look -- had a clue in that. All have the coverage he had the opportunity to -- to tackle he should have been on the -- the stupidity was trying first strip. And that. Somebody else doesn't track from the strip to as well you know I mean. That and that's that's. Guess you. The economy in -- and middle infielder -- trying to -- 40 defeat our assets that are. Particularly out first they're trying to turn it. That's basically what he did. It was a stupid move and a complementary game senator Richard got that because not only going to strip that cannot get the strip. My momentum spun him around in -- apart -- Gregory. So it's and I'm not -- -- the Barkley scored Corey I'm just saying that operates it. Who grew up on -- so Mike Wallace scored. At the coverage you're in position. He didn't do the right thing in that. Split second of deciding should I bring about they're actually trying to strip. Probably where that Christmas federal quick -- tomorrow and either way what you have forced to warrant. We got here of course it would explosive comic book Baltimore Ravens look -- what we'll get there at that frigate and I do with a -- sweater and -- and a we'll. Sean -- Very bloody and nobody atom brutal world has including enemy. Very slowly. In -- a month -- -- also believe that during. Yeah it was just. It's gonna wrap and wrap your Christmas -- watching -- -- all right Tom we appreciate it Merry Christmas to you and yours we'll talk decent. OK I think your record item. Tommy -- Comcast sports net when he joins -- seas brought the of course by Tommy cards don't hear doctor. Doctor Robert letter or call 1800 get here 1800. Get here and.

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