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Rob Bradford on extending David Ortiz

Dec 18, 2013|

WEEI's own Rob Bradford joined the show and defended the notion of giving David Ortiz another year. He told the guys that the larger contracts of teammates can be a factor in the clubhouse.

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Ortiz was asked about the option of waiting until after. The upcoming 2014 season when his current deal expires to a bad start negotiating his next one here's David's reply. What for you know what's going to happen if I'm healthy and good to go. I just take the situation. Where I have to sit down at the end of that year. And talk about -- following year let's do it now. We are world champs right now that sounds like your detector should take that it went -- the boss and -- world champs this week. I I'm wonderful we can't we can't find anybody else who's who thinks like some of these guys you know thing we know -- know -- -- -- delisting is Bradford got a trip opponent kind of having to rob Bradford WEEI dot com hello rob. You know you bearing the leader for our ball cart full real long time ago -- gonna Wear the red sweater when he -- big deal call call on the deal. It's choral -- -- or in and the other thing is -- -- his boots into clearly new contract boot up inspector blow whistles to your boats match you're sure they don't yell at a coincidence that the Atlanta Falcons a steel -- -- number ten number as I was. 24 yeah. Yeah yes -- this type of bitter analytical. Or wore a load of emotion thing stupid I mean that's that's dog did it because we've seen it time and time again our teams do this. -- go back through. I wrote a book Michael all that was an emotional signing by the ownership and that's not good to us and tells us you know you have the payment rates at the parade you know reasonable and I think that there -- some dissenting. Opinions in the front office at that point in a sign of -- knuckled. So so they are gonna do that again vehicle that picked the equation. I'm here to make the case like gas -- the analytical part all right. Now if you're gonna make this case you have to go waited thinking which you guys are gonna disagree that there is a possibility. That he could potentially get another deal from another. Up -- -- OK okay Jerry are it will buy here's the thing you do the same thing. Before went everywhere and said you know what can offer a two year deal with the opera two year deal and Texas have ready to offer a two year. So you -- this is not gonna happen especially. Considering that it is the rarest. Thing in baseball not only power hitter. The only guy with. Oh yes of nine and a half. -- -- guy who -- from the left side I just know left handed power hitters don't know what else is -- -- can continue to do that it's the absolutely nine and absolutely that's not only read that's on her WW two years of forty million today note no but the -- that's my point. That's the reason why I think you might wanna do this is because. It's all about value right this is their thing disciplined value well he says one year fifty million. For another year that's to me is potentially value Ryan Dempster might have to to go to next hear him making thirteen million. And he's not really got to be this guy who's gonna. Did you great great value this year so one year at fifty million another year fifty million to meet that is potentially valley. And back to the emotional side and I'm out of this argument but I'll talk about David's emotions the UC David. Taking his road show somewhere else. As the king of this town he is love and -- in this town I think David is sure whether he plays in Peoria you know expression it's hardly as act. We'll translate sure that would let you know where we don't really think he's on Texas -- -- -- starting -- -- state -- -- -- you know -- -- listen. If you asked me do you does he wanna stay in -- absolutely do I think you played another place in Boston it's hard to seek. But if a team if you get to that point. And you get to that. -- your you're your career. If you're offered something the yankees' offer you two years at forty million dollars kids that could happen because of the player he is it correct that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This guy is gonna do what he did this year that there's going to be another team involved. But you can make the case that. It's a good business decision to lock him up that is if -- -- one year fifteen million you can make -- -- John Henry or bench Arrington a look at this if I lose him to let's say the Yankees for two years of forty million dollars. -- -- Well let it get old -- -- right. All other that's what you're chuck the -- a little behind these things properly dry and and they know he's not leave and they know worst comes to worst that -- match another offer but it's gonna end to. Beginning and -- next year as 39 and David reveals that and he didn't intend to in the second quote but I read he said. You know what's going to happen if I'm healthy and good ago. It is addressed what what's gonna happen rob you know better than anyone other good news. Law I think our you know I don't think -- well Kirk thinks they will and I yards in from. -- because you go back to this go back to other examples where you have option years like this one years. Schilling. Pedro. Every week we've heard any Ortiz other years we've heard time and time again. They like riding things out till the very end no matter who it is right they like riding things out to the Marianne. Bill -- -- the pitcher why that can be dangerous but their track record suggests that they'll derided up. David considering fair compromise -- -- OK I understand what that second year but how about this we will meet somewhere in the middle we won't have that option your -- there. -- either a certain amount plate appearances appearances in games in this upcoming season kicking your next eighteen million dollars essentially what you're saying is -- you're basically adding an option year adding an option in the says if you -- -- -- I don't know staff under whatever plate appearances. He had not a model the death it was an argument on its it'd -- isn't and I think this is how it looks at a two. And if it can't be a turn key thing I don't think it's it's like oh well you know this negotiated twenty million a year. A big it's basically -- to be another year fifteen knowing what I think David wants that money. That's part of partly it's deserves it up because we're the world champions up like -- -- my back in Iraq like a lot of a lot of that is -- a lot of he said because you just said it I think he does feel like he deserves and I think he's not sure that he can do it again -- the he's not sure reconnect at an entire season again I -- and I think he's. He thinks there's a possibility that one step literally or figuratively. For David -- I -- and -- I think I think I think that. In that might factoring in but I. If you ask me I don't think that's a huge part of it. I do think that he feels it. He did a lot for the team he feels like he's gonna do a lot for the team and also the Napoli contract comes up. Just like the J. D. Drew camp contract came up before where you're at this guy who wasn't producing like he was getting paid fourteen million dollars a year and and India that that -- -- was he pissed about the Napoli thing -- -- oil gets out of me when a guy. I think this is goes throughout baseball right I think as they said were not true his teammate -- you you -- yet -- thrilled the Napoli out. The settle for -- -- -- can't back east Ortiz brought snow he's happy that apple is back but I just may meet Mets in the J. D. -- thing. For what -- once what was -- five years young upset don't know 55 years throughout that contract you don't think Dave Ortiz or whoever -- there who was getting paid less in J. D. Drew who is making as much money. Was grumbling about they like J. D. Drew they like to having J. D. Drew on the team but this is a reality just like -- Napoli. What's all about timing I mean ultimately. -- -- his Ortiz anger right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What is called managers' meetings open via high level eleven apartment actually IQ IQ base we bring -- contract now in this would you go to this meeting will this come up -- his future our hopes -- -- dress like this you know to go to Q do you usually Wear belts when you go to Disney literally for Favre was Marvin and then -- My last go through with a emea media we don't know when -- That's an inside joke you know survive on sponsored by clothing but we're like oh well I know that we're all covered you know we're very -- -- we Hamilton's arena live in mind -- at 10 o'clock we'll talk about cool that's -- the final question -- -- what it what time is what it's like meeting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's true you don't I can't that is true my -- it is not cannot get a different WUPI dot com -- at the time. 6177797983. -- let's talk to blow -- -- fan boys from the globe do you see him buddy Steve Silva is running a marathon because he is video went global in Kenya and famous -- on -- -- he -- 250 pounds wrote about the -- And he says I can do he's gonna start computerized and run the marathon I love that the city could do it and he did Oprah didn't. Open in the Boston luxury two marathons. Or all of them. We should settle in general and a majority is out there aren't that which he didn't like eight hours rituals like six hours waddle the last 610s of New Hampshire and good morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I would that yes I -- to get him to stop talking about this act. Don't the government cannot just got to respect he's still wouldn't you want still -- The 2004 world group at number one of which looking much respect at a meeting. Apple you know I've -- Kelly brought it up 127 million dollars he may -- would describe right. If you want and expect them to be in equipment. Like the one -- contract I made my money would grosjean. Which we obviously -- -- 2000. But we really are we talking about -- you want to extremely. Good at taking the correct twenty exactly. He want be -- he. What's a good one -- and -- -- underpaid if this guy who has never got a big contrast Welker what Wes Welker as an example -- get that he has not been underpaid. And every championship he helped the Red Sox win. He was rewarded financially and that's what. You do that WW -- The what would Bill Belichick do you should refer to that bracelet that many of us -- Is to be the ultimate the biggest no brainer in the history or PM under contract this year you will Belichick would go. Just keep sign when -- extend them -- you know he is awesome guy who was just so wonderful. A check would go the conversation is different for teases 32. 34. Or if he were -- mercenary and I know he uses his loyalty to the city against them but it works both ways. He gets rewarded many ways because he's been one of the cities and on cover Sports Illustrated with the first responders and there's a lot to be said for that. And I understand clubs used that against them -- do that all the time I mean. The patriots are probably do that -- and Vince Wilfork became download that say he does wanna go anywhere he's a part of the community the state give. Image of that Jerry I read in the globe and it's not the cash prize it's not the new car it's not the plaque. He wants our endless gratitude for being so wonderful. In the biggest moments Borger phone calls it 6777979837. Nickname for Aaron Hernandez. Mind wanders into weird little things like what's the greatest invention in the world but the most. Well the most amazing. Invention of the world we're not talking and it's about the wheel well most of amazing invention in the world the el Al Michaels -- brought the red zone. Boom out of doubts -- metric is quoted a danger I'll play you what that's in my conversation.

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