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Another Hernandez associate dies

Dec 18, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing another death by someone with ties to Aaron Hernandez. Everyone agreed that this is more than a coincidence.

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Somebody you never heard of in due time is Barry Hinson and all of body will be and his program as a -- -- this program I don't think four hours is enough. Kirk and Callahan based on all the areas that we wanna cover. Weekend and no particular order to get to the Rondo rumors we can revisit the sports suspension ever but -- called us and tell -- I'll -- particular city is that he suspended. We can talk about the patriots on the precipice and I think they are. We will certainly get to the Dave extension. -- into that would be Dan Shaughnessy is rather graceful under pressure column about. Bad boys and that you guys all ties in. Ortiz -- -- bad elbow him we have the elder young elbow -- It's important I am. I thought it was real -- do you think he was really gonna blow up the buildings and shock the system and it's just shocked. A -- threat turned finals. Find out it's not real what -- be the motivation. Did you hear their resolution by the way I was gonna leave this for Kirk as you know these are hard news guy. They were given the option to come back and take the final or more -- or just take right no filed I think the great work it's got to be a hero evidence that they say. You can take your final it would help. If not. You have to I think it goes to pass fail they don't I think you get the great to have higher -- -- well well he went just three. Option -- option it is that it it reaffirms what the most suspected easiest college in the world easier than you master Kent Stater curry curry or. Middlesex Community Colleges -- it's the easiest called -- only got to do is give and after that -- sick. You know that more than half the grades -- grades. To show up and you get a Smart kids spot. They get it right and after that well actually you know well it's not been Smart you gotta be connected to get a note Kennedy got a place sport you -- be. Captain of the chess club you get end. You pass you graduate with a Harvard degree that's all it is even -- -- the probably in the in the Harvard to give -- -- civilians because it will be. Post traumatic stress syndrome it'll AD the -- corporate operate. -- -- And and he's never gonna have to and by quiet drink by neighbors that we're gonna have to buy another child latte at Starbucks and and Harvard Square again he's a hero. But but -- put the silliest thing in the world that actually treated here's the yeah it was. Well blowout -- hurt for the first time. Was sent in email. And took them like I -- almost half an it archived a media life. -- We got a mastermind. -- that's proof that you don't have to be Smart to get through Africa's. And on this he'd gotten grieve for years it's psychology which takes us to -- last item I saved the best for about dumb criminals I think it's time. We signed -- new nickname. Aaron Hernandez that we need season because you brought -- and it's not a very -- doesn't roll -- the -- -- and -- I got and you've got -- got excellent Clyde. Hernandez -- it's just the opposite pole. Its ability to get all this stuff done. All that all umps are in law abiding citizens or why it was behind bars and everybody you want it that -- And we thought Aaron -- the dumbest -- of -- -- offering. Poor old in the mile from the so less than a mile from the sidewalk in front of the camera with the guy and and maybe an inch touch and tell assess how we don't you pictures collagen. If an accident last night. Laughs I'm just get into that just -- it drove off the mound just kidding just kidding. Race driver Hudson's. Peace is why impressive. -- busy. Stuff done. Surprisingly well in it took some people are. Or better that than others some people. If you. Because what really introvert type you you can probably -- a few more difficult time than most and some people are good. -- apartment watching things and -- be able to adapt to all kinds of certain situations so. I would tell you that I'm not much -- to achieve personal hatred. It is there's this position distinct. Production. Maybe because he's satisfied with what he's been able to accomplish it's gotten. -- June 17 right. June July August to October November December we're talking six months. How many people are dead at forty just about all I had but all of them except for -- on average at one odd. That's true yes -- how did she die the latest issue was this. A friend I -- one -- call when they arrived her name is tablet Perry she's 27 you think at 27 should be the picture of health. Perry was visiting a friend. And win 911. -- showed up they found her unconscious. And not reading. Police and the state medical Examiner's office are awaiting results of toxicology. Tell her boyfriend's one and drove off the road and died it died in the last. I mean accident -- She was in the car with him yesterday and she survive this is unbelievable and he has a baby with an emphasis -- -- exhibit -- got a bit with have a club very different embarrassed. Not the cousin not because a different -- yet it's extremely confused me trouble. The the one. Looks like she should be of the play outside linebacker for the patriots that -- okay so far right -- hightower that -- -- -- -- easier he just wanted to catch footballs and just the rich does that seem a lot easier in this other stuff this -- really complicated yes it does but -- -- an -- like -- the -- excellent and part of it. I don't know deal -- no law by the axis is one of your favorite movies spoke should we point out what Kline actually does he. He goes in the prison on justice yes. He -- before it goes in prison he's just the most brilliant diabolical criminal minds of all time right and as I am just talk and we'll show tortures ago Cuba's kid. And in most creative way and it most entertaining well -- -- include accounting office eyelids so we can watch it closes eyes. When he slop and off as -- rights watch. Eagles in the prison on purpose because he knows how he'd be your ass pummeled breaks out of prison. Kills people goes back to print media and they can't figure out there wondering PS superpower right. And and you're wondering the first time you see the movie. He has superpower has the sheriff check for a tunnel under the Bristol county that's a good quit the corrections -- -- -- maybe -- maybe -- that he -- of the guy and real life. And then move that's based on the true story yes he's still he's still prison you don't like that movie I liked what I like them that it's a fine like a movie I did did not have enough layers for you -- wasn't something -- -- -- -- appearance here is the scope of this briefly a brief outline just to get a sense of what's going on here. Bristol Connecticut woman with ties to Aaron Hernandez died on Monday. Six months after she survived a car crash that killed a man who was married to Hernandez. Cousin. The woman who died Monday ms. -- but -- She was friends with several individuals -- home -- they're your first problem -- on the wrong to the wrong people Aaron doesn't like that you would not be up in Europe about the Hernandez social circle people. She was being investigated. Her her she was talked to by police on Monday she showed up at a friend's house. Insulting. It's -- So subject and selling. Visiting a friend unconscious and not breeding children don't toxicology test now here's the back story about the Perry who died Monday. Was injured in June on June 30 in a car accident that killed -- keep -- -- straight Thaddeus Singleton. Signaled that lost control of his car it flew 100 -- beer and crashed into the side of the forming and country club. -- was in the car she was injured. That gets singled and died she obviously did not. That he has had a child with tablet the Perry. Was married to Todd Singleton. Doesn't. Of Hernandez. Who faces an accessory charge in -- Lloyd's death he confused if not and you. You're like lifetime one of these channels isn't this a reality shouldn't go to something ten and in saying this is a next time you're here along you'll learn from them yet. You need this 114. Lake avenue in Bristol that's the that's the senator this whole thing the epicenter it is Singleton. Is in the middle Fernandez Bristol network. And said that he was the man who connected to former patriot tight end with this too caught couple's alleged accomplices artist Wallace. And Carlos Ortiz. Wallace and Ortiz. Used to stay. With bad guess and Todd Singleton at 114. Lake. Avenue. Now that's where they went and found the car. That they think -- used in the 2012 drive by shooting in Boston where two guys got got off by him. That house was owned by Andres Alderman an uncle. On Hernandez father's side. Johnny -- was the third -- -- but I think he's nervous he's a friend of Aaron Hernandez said five months and everyone around meat is gone. And by the way Johnny booze also used to live at 114 like -- I'd keep my eyes open it on Johnny was the area. Well he's gonna have to someone prophesied this. -- the Geiger shot in the face is he. So for this world I would do things. Because he is so. Got out Florida. Didn't testify which Smart. Was good for use longevity yeah but now suing Aaron and his public decrease. In the in the in locked up. As relies in -- on. Wannabes is on. Eighties is very strange and beyond equipped now three or we're going to be close to the trial that submitted the witness list yet. It's getting shorter -- and -- don't know that image here you had that Nigeria and you know what the jury. -- -- -- really. Easy to I want him -- Nervous. Well in some -- -- -- someone has to stand up and do the right. There ego. Collide and it is now just be coincidence you know. Each person has their twenties drugs weren't told to do this from the crimson newspaper which I assume -- there was an elbow. Although Kim was right for the right yeah right -- never wrote anything but he's a writer in psychology major laws. Hero for the Harvard international review but he didn't write anything. This is no. Proof of managing its as a member of the harbor bridge is to answer a writer a psychology major and it gets -- is the most classic however. You know. Oh. Over. All I get so it we're gonna food -- or read I think on Sunday the stress of dancing it's true he gets you making him you'll read. Will be much too long after you again here -- -- -- -- read the whole of the camera fall. Of the house of elbow. At. And we'll have that like that anything in the -- dorm room in the apart with the stress in the voices in this it. -- those costs and shore. Whose father had trouble keeping that -- but his mother shop lifted and there's all kinds of mitigating circumstances. Here's an 800 square foot apartments were told in -- and plush Harvard dorm room. -- -- -- You know what the most common grade at Harvard is the most common grade it -- day. -- -- -- the medium grade at Harvard is a minus. The medium grade is eight minus I'm telling you right now. And over tractor trailer school heart that it is harder than Harvard what you get in. You don't do you know when that's the disgrace of -- He's on in a bomb threat to avoid -- final. Which is probably like -- multiple children to a false questions. You know Elizabeth Warren's what is professor she's busy. She's flown on to a fault that -- could -- a plus which beat B plus and jump -- -- -- enjoys playing pool. Trying new restaurants and watching terrible cult films at the very that's a harbor at the other coaches to try this try new -- -- not -- like -- made up the -- -- that would echo Obama's girlfriend a composite right. This is sick of posit Harvard student. Elbow terrible psychology major doesn't like a cult films and trying new restaurants guys college freshman goes the rest guys this new week new refuel your place in town to go there and how to act play get a China lot today that it doesn't let America daughters -- -- John what is marriage threatened director. And and then will go smoke a bomb on and then we'll get up in the morning we'll take a truthful it's fine. And the Q did you study maybe don't didn't wanna get up -- wanna go. With biggest. And psychology major artists on all right. That. That's how we've mid Atlantic you know and analyze our eyes and part of the slots right. That's how we America Livan I'd like that a bottom parts and -- does that mean I don't know. Partisan politics again like studied Chris Matthews or something is like. Soccer hooligans. Who -- political as -- I don't know maybe not I don't know. I don't know what's written some fascinating things -- check in with the elbow because. It was email immediately via the social -- -- some that some of them on the group email. But I don't think he's done much she's a freshman. -- -- a freshman sophomore are taunting using new set position of members of congress. There's. -- thanks I assume he's a scholarship could you mention apparent paying for that paying for the could go to study psychology contributing ultimately related. We did I mean I apology failed to open hearts I apologize elder is chit -- you followed Jim and the issue on the on Twitter we -- each other state. Pictures of -- visitor -- chimed in on held its -- -- in my hands. Deceived you and issues chin chimed in on how we failed to open week. Which failed to truly open our hearts. -- He is described for the Harvard independent. And the international review has contributed mightily as a yes some of -- articles include a Q what -- with campus pot users. You and Asia that's not an article it's an esoteric piece on the merger of science and arts. And an interview with a campus violinist. Of embryos that -- -- have made this guy up I'm not real output Kosovo although Kim wrote. I am absolutely positive the bubble could pop up -- apostle. Was dropping acid when he drew league and Erica. Talking about pot. You wrote you should know that it takes over or. Having to kill the person. Harvard's institute for quantitative social science. This came as a psychology major starting partisan ponting was also pursuing a secondary. Major in Japanese so skip is multi passed it. Up. That's and and writing esoteric. Piece there this -- after rights as punishment is to write about sort of you know what he learned this spear if you are lighter on the -- yeah over and over again isn't esoteric the last that you want to Loretta you don't -- unless Eric publisher at Harvard and yet like -- future. Elizabeth Warren is a professor at the office of stuff what else is up -- say the word esoteric in this -- deep thinker -- and seven hours ago heart breaks for elbow. Taller she did not an option you can and our attention to. You've got through it wouldn't surprise desperate 42 days hasn't tweeted since I was 42 days ago he has to go to federal prison right I mean I'm sure simple but it counselors were pictures and -- -- well come on it's. He doesn't have a record right. -- first time offense insults like Charlotte for Abbott fund is up at. What does that say if you -- 800 Joyce takes -- points out that in one sitting 800 joints in one sitting to calpers. The guy that's true that we wouldn't have a nighttime mostly your way at gunpoint at the Nike -- and still be kicked in the -- -- and that's not true who I mean that's silly you don't have time smoke even graduate to 800. 800. I I want him to -- it would take like three days the CHC and yielded the small second or first chance and this is with a -- learn X and the studies at heart it was Libya. Contributing member of society. Well what -- call in sick. -- ago and he got a final coming up saying either you know you wouldn't. -- some. Affliction makes opened up and and it's sympathy from the professors that the Conan bomb threats just kills the Harvard breakers do that's a good team that dance team yeah you Malia who's elder -- which do they'll -- -- -- like the bottom of the pyramid when they make the Bittermann looks like -- when using our. No no -- but anyway I also like spending time -- -- schnauzer puppy. How does a college sophomore album Indonesian houses -- -- -- He's from South -- -- -- to -- premiered twenty years old was trying new restaurant. -- -- -- -- Do you ever remember going you know what probably -- it -- -- -- McDonald's. Domino's yeah I'm talking -- -- dominant delivered all they had an Arby's -- can stay right there at all yet as the -- -- state. -- -- good company you almost wonder that -- fast food I'd love song the guys to sonic yeah. I've never been -- Criminalists on the now -- I'd love to ghosts and -- and -- now I don't know how does one in my drive to. Connecticut for go to -- with a New York receive this and -- Florida right everything or whatever but there's other choices -- like the one on the laughed. Who's not drive and the one on the left in the summit commercial the guy who's kind of goofy. Yet tell mom often -- telephoning any knuckles and I got a guy makes me laugh like Erica you like him a huge seems nice guy yeah he makes me wanna go to -- -- -- whereas a purpose a hazard on one. Within thirty miles sonics are located and around confederacy. Of Florida and Los Angeles went in and out burger bright feathers one I've seen in Connecticut drive by on so why don't -- have you subjected to so many sonic there's an element DB one and Wilmington and one in spring. -- -- -- But he -- -- he -- usually like pro and chicken nuggets in this Maya and stuff like that makes me chuckle a bit Jesus. -- comedian's opening thank -- a couple of seconds CD TV guys are pro. One of those -- audition for bunch of sitcoms not yet it's probably those Harvard breakers danced for a. At that concert 1777 I 79837. Bash at the tip of the iceberg Rondo for. Patriots on the precipice Ortiz extension this is driving me nuts and the bad boys in this -- we got to get to that we got to get to this you know what. You always say you like to see how guys perform when their under pressure Shaughnessy perform admirably in his piece today I think under the Democrats I. Mixed emotions and others object line. I think they got to -- they got to music will we'll tell you make -- day and a fan boy that you're talking about it people who just hate Shaughnessy. And criticize Shaughnessy for everything you write -- And don't understand that he's not supposed to be rooting in the you know in the press box for the rest of the globalized that negatively stands up for -- and points at these. And boy does its job well and I I almost liked him. Better when it's you know just ignored them listeners view just the public green flies out the way blogs become a green light just ignore them. They got to them which is okay and he responded that's what he did today -- he responded to the chorus of fan boys who criticize Shaughnessy any time he criticizes home -- -- -- sensitive to me in this story today real sense but that's OK it is OK but he acts -- does not -- if think it could -- defensive sense. They did I like Jerry got offense -- defense and get better and I would like to -- -- -- name some names because. Some of his closest friends and colleagues -- the guys he's talking about it's not no question is not just. On line guys -- her first two were bloggers or fans or fans who -- on him when he's in the press conference media members yet and we know point out some of them and and he is absolutely disappointed. In his fellow media members who have turned into fan boys under that same as. Dare I say people who work for the same organization that he does it well although he does not name names and when we come back I reveal to you -- again. For the first time in that much about -- almost almost ten months. Did something this morning he has never ever ever done before that answer when we --

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