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DJ Bean with Salk and Holley: Debating the heck out of the Shawn Thornton hit, suspension and appeal

Dec 17, 2013|

DJ Bean of WEEI.com sits down with Salk and Holley for an hour and debates the Thornton hit, punishment and appeal, as well as a spirited debate on Christmas music to boot.

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I Vijay -- here WEEI dot com ruins a writer. Here's the problem here -- the problem for. We can't play this at 3 o'clock menaces the secrets and that's what are you off with a spot this is at like eleven in Los dropped out my soul and play a song for you and -- and all and I talked about guys. I was always under the now. That despite a little dirty trick here. -- dropped. -- had been no ornament where every inflated dirty trick. DJ green. Since you gave love Donnie Hathaway and a song for you. I'm not in a position to disagree with you not in right now money almost. -- -- -- Okay and there are a drop some some video Regis takes the at a -- -- wanna say. Asked him about his opinion of that song by the waitresses OK so I mean. The greatest. Epic in all it's -- -- debatable conversation is that. Christmas -- by the waitresses is musically. Awful it's. Stockton with. That you can't say it's like a song musically that that a singer is in talented. It's like watching professional hockey game in -- guys actually. It's not true. That the guys playing well you'll like that player but it's never question. Okay so option keepers of so compared through compared to other musicians that you've heard that. Where it is what -- her I don't know if not all of would not without -- body is if you. -- in the great. -- -- the way. Taken from a. Are you -- you're looking -- don't want mechanics and he -- to be great musically that worked out. Whatever we're completely double this -- DG I wanna talk to I want talks on. We we've got other options that could go -- got to -- today for every -- a candidate about -- Art program -- these -- -- and why I wanted to ask both of you because you know in all the conversations about this morning and I -- DJ one -- to get like two and a half years and be put in jail and the -- -- -- -- you know made just -- -- on our -- not about -- John -- it's about trying to show and I've watched all the -- writers do it -- right off the publication on organized guy we like -- we're gonna show everybody that that's not going to to be a problem here delight. Because you think you do that exactly the -- watching it live as it happened okay what did you like as you as you saw the that's why -- thought it was a dirty player and I thought he should be suspended I think fifteen clarify if there was any Plato who it was it wasn't a play dirty -- -- the play. It was not a place it was not a hit it was including whistles it was an attack our. Evidence though that. Not right this is hockey. Things happen between whistles to say -- it because it is between whistles to me is a joke it's not what you -- into the tunnel and found him somewhere in the dressing room right up to attack -- problem is he was get on the boss to go back on a plane and pulled down the jet way and start pummeling them. And that is being on this isn't the hockey game OK whistle blew the fact that they -- between. There are dust ups after every single whistle. -- that -- they like an archery but what unit dust up that was what they got three guys around one -- Shawn Thornton went over to to administer -- out -- there -- Shawn Thornton did. Brooks worker was not a gust. Right now but there was some were there was -- up settling on something was happening right other other. Thought is I go up to US push you push me we were pushed each other Brooks or pick. If he had known shot -- was even coming -- Brooks corporate if you had seen his shifts since the -- Erickson hit where. We teach in him are both -- bit of the boards and -- chips into the corner really softly so oh looks like -- go to the -- -- -- corporate calendar it's gonna happen. Brooks corporate wants nothing to do it that England has the -- Lucic and fight him just to distract him from even thinking about it right. Corporate wants nothing to do with Thornton when he comes after him. Or pick after that but he did wanna be the third guy who was ganging up on one -- in that spot. That was -- that -- guys don't -- network goes on -- station that that was not everybody that's -- that -- put TJ that's the point is is -- would keep using -- -- it's not a hockey play and that's why does it matter -- games it was great hockey game -- after -- these things happen all the -- I don't know -- it hasn't -- -- -- Mac -- the hot target -- -- -- -- the middle of a -- about hockey -- now what I'm saying that's not what I'm -- people -- wearing skates -- on the -- doesn't mean it happened in the middle of -- hockey game -- it was something you see people pushing each other etc. After the whistle and a hockey game it's not like hey I know I don't know every -- well. You guys guys out you know I think this is open exhibit that but that's the new show that whether it was a hockey player not or it's not if you're at the biggest thing I've been here even you -- -- John -- OK I don't know what they're you know I think what people are ripping Shawn Thornton on is what he did. So if it's what he did and I think he's an A he's in a situation where. It's almost like his he is a confession was too strong -- statement after the game sort of soft. And I tell people don't wanna hear but not enormous after seven years of work out together. And this is not my intention I'm sure we hear from the league whatever on and on he says that. Now you've admitted that it's not something that you want it is not everybody knows nobody's arguing that this is switched on the point is nobody outside of Pittsburgh. There are a lot of 85% of of of hockey fans can look at and say they show on Dorn is not known as a groom when you talk about guys. Who have no hockey ability whatsoever there to stop it hurt people John Thornton's name does not come appease an enforcer who actually plays the game of hockey but. What you say that something awful happening you feel bad about it that's not who you are. And -- now you now you lose control of most controlled it. It is in the hands of the league if the leak so leak it to the league says all right yes we agree. We agree with you was bad. And don't know what their agenda is. Which you have been caught up in a time where they're buried -- in -- very touchy and they're trying to show good faith what ever. Yes it okay. All games fifteen games. Ten games fifteen games you've lost control of its well it almost like I'm safe within the what you're saying in my years in the because -- important was did the right thing afterwards and say hey. That's not who I am and that was a mistake and I shouldn't have done that everybody agree what I. I know that what you're saying that because he did that what he should've done is done with James Neal did. They ally in the -- I didn't think I did anything wrong I didn't think it was a big deal and that way when the league suspends them he has more. -- -- I thought not another -- right what I'm saying what I'm saying is. You can admit. That you saw at the same way we ought to the basics aren't going to admitted that he thought the same weight. That -- ultimate result that -- apps like Clinton done it was a bad play but now it seems as if he was willing to confess. To what he did. But now he's gonna turnaround they've all Whitman. -- -- -- -- hearts and I think you will be fifteen I was ten I don't we get to decide that we did something wrong and we get to decide what the punishment got a. A little bit yeah because we don't as we don't know the real world pac ten minutes late to a parking ticket and expect to be handcuffed and dragged the way to jail. I leave it there there isn't and it is that's not what happened exaggerated version of this but the point is is still valid that yes we do get to say hold on I guess they did something wrong and I probably deserve a level punishment for a fifteen games is insane I think -- -- like everybody else you'd expect it to get to the heat expected in person here. I don't know. He's a very steep these these policy smartly and below but I think he expected much like -- Mean I think what if you expected a an in person hearing you'd think six to ten winners -- -- outside I would I would thing that they're based on yeah. Six -- ten based on what precedent. What are we basing it on because I looked at that point on president. Two point don't what actually happened the context of what happened his reputation his status in the game who years. Things that have been and in fact the genes that you'll get what you mean there's a lot of -- so our. I'm I'm losing my mind over this when you go in to a hearing -- I you whatever you wanna called you called played I -- call the play -- -- call attack whatever. When you're going to hearing for something that's seemingly despicable. You don't sit down and they say okay Shawn -- year here all right so let's talk. You've never been suspended before so since we've decided that all right world done. The hearing I don't think any legal or not he's been suspended or that but but but you're gonna back to the practice -- battle I think is a factor. Because if he had been suspended before. We might be talking about Chris Simon. What might be talking 125 or thirty games. Because he didn't have a record I just days -- -- that -- of -- -- -- to be made an example -- -- heated up -- why why is this how you look at because this was like keep coming back to -- coming okay just trying to get rid of predatory hits right yeah it just trying to -- people's heads yet and predatory hits are the things they're looking for and yet they don't make much -- it make much of an effort to try to shut down predatory here. We've seen plenty of predatory hits that have barely been punished visas on tour is not yet. What do you think for 25. Point five and you deserve it how many times is -- an offender I when he five rights and Todd Bertuzzi caught his glove got one hit somebody from the outline that was too and it and it was planned and premeditated Eric -- That opportunities but here's thing though and it's I. I use it is that the comparable but it's -- -- used because it was two years ago and because Bertuzzi had been suspended before instead of pretend games or. That's the comparable. To the Norton how was that comparable Michael YouTube you've been on this right from the begin at eight the Bertuzzi things premeditated for weeks yes they planned to do with the -- -- a ball second -- he drops his glove and -- -- the -- the action doesn't do that didn't take the gloves off I don't think there was anything -- got -- I don't think it was as bad as they want. Can Nardelli didn't raise gossip but I don't think it was -- Todd Bertuzzi actually that this is not a -- -- situation. Let's talk discussion I think but which hurt your your point DJ is it is a great one about senate select on how the way. Just kind of because you're an adult like look great -- about a little bit about about who was in charge at the time. Under Brendan Shanahan. There is very very -- heightened. We're at a heightened state anything involving. Anything involving the head. Any thing that is considered a -- down predatory anything like that. Is going to be you don't like strips on the issue is that Kyle Wright is going to be anything more is going to be a little higher than it was before she can't say well. You know that's happened in 1992. And in or or you know compared to dale hunter in a -- -- did this in 1993 only got this right so why is. Sharp thorn in 2013 given that. Apples and -- different games for the -- different rules different. But this Mike did you hear your overlooking it is that this was -- dance spectacle. This was after a whistle because our name in regard to get into the blow by blow of slew foot poles and out but wait a hole he pulls him down thing. Was actually kind of supporting him in in -- defense. He would it -- if he hadn't been holding him what he slew footed and then you're probably looking at 20/20 five games because he probably does it its head. When he goes on their ballot this was the spectacle. Because behind him picks and on the way he does he's someone he's down and that's the ultimate I mean that the code thing. I am not currently NHL players so I don't know how bogus it is or isn't but that goes against every. They totally understands that and I spoke earlier to in his article that you want a free I don't. I think he deserves that -- always entertaining game the most outrageous thing what you personally I heard it's outrageous or predict I guess our arguments are heard your -- it's 50% more than it should be. If not double what it should be and that's a lot more -- all righty didn't get fifty games and some different animal league and when you hear some of some of the people on the other side of the saying that he deserves an assault on each hour on out Andre and those things registry of -- that -- -- I do think this is somewhat ridiculous -- you fill in the EU EU one at six attendee said. On the upper -- was probably the number I thought it deserved solid from ten to twelve in the -- ten. And and you don't think fifteen is ridiculous I don't think it is ridiculous he's going to put on -- double -- suspension if I want -- Fifteen is the absolute middle number of and it toward the idea that it would be anywhere near when he was preposterous to me I mean I just a look at that at -- context of everything else that happened in the game and to me -- -- right there's a spectacle aspect now. The cellist is doing so much picking and choosing a we don't like instructors come out but what Max saturated it was OK I personally not a problem of the -- right and it. But don't tell me that we don't like stretchers. Look at the contradicting his borderline it's about his borderline as what they had on Louis -- but you don't report and probably don't like stretchers and yet it's totally -- I don't like this game to play and you're not alone -- what you what you're doing you're doing the button he'll -- which -- good -- -- it or hear what that part of it the other thing you're doing is you're explaining to me. The situation you're ready to be why he did great. So you're done you and everybody else had done a fantastic job no sarcasm. Of explaining. Why so important may have done what he did it right. But that still doesn't excuse. The action block so everybody wants to get into the context. And that's what happened in the officials lost control the game and me along in this gadget that will migrate you'll Panasonic tell me. You've got to tell me -- that. That -- does that justify. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But okay that's part of your -- that. A body has got everybody had straight days you out there who disagree with the sharp and suspension are hurt your argument and all of you get eight -- absolutely no job. But then there's the other part. Undersea well which you did you get chased him down. He was not looking you pulled him down he was can cost. It is not what you normally do that's not your eye and tell about creating an open door so he should skate forever Sean Thornton. We're sitting there. And he was looking at another player do that. And they said look you know it may not Shanahan you know Sean along times at the -- -- espanola. So much to come in here you enforcer. I tell me what -- it was this guy it is that part of the code what do you think I should give. If it's not -- -- depending himself. -- talking about somebody else them. Would you bring up the -- that's the point. -- Having fight is part of the game right quite bite and part of the game it has a thing or broke what is -- is the is the unwritten code of the NHL punching a guy when he's down right. I mean is is off putting is also -- I don't really see it as a slew foot -- what I thought is when two people are skating by each other and try to take his -- and a certain guys standing straight I've never heard -- -- -- slew foot before the big guys -- commodity but it. What it would have been a little eating. I don't know it it happens it happens behind the net all the time when two guys the -- of mr. Obama wasn't -- guys skating and you basically try to take notice in the EU while he skate. It can be and this to me is just tripped me that he put him on the ground is different. They don't sound worse again I think it once you don't think it was that bad I think it was identical so I think it broke the code. But I don't think it I don't think it was so I mean. The coal -- immigrant history is all encompassing. The cold is everything right the code is the reason why John we're never gonna do that again -- because the code. Right because of what he believes in so that whatever that -- -- -- it's still it's still be wilders -- -- in the first place. This wasn't a liar in this. Squeaky really squeaky clean record of Shawn Thornton's. So he knows that he did that that he's done wrong why are we acting like. Because these -- difference between doing wrong in being over par -- which is why -- said after the game idea wrong but is also appealing -- fifteen game suspension. Which is too hard for the crime that was committed the crime that should take everything else in context because the other things that led to -- are all part of the code also and there were code violations. That led to his cold -- -- also. Now where we're gonna throw the court right -- it's also a violation of what they say that very morning -- -- -- usable inside hockey where you that very morning I was working on a story on. What the Bruins would be without fighting in it was specifically about Zdeno Chara. Where the Zdeno Chara would still be as scary and intimidating player if the threat of fighting him wasn't there. Their -- apparently that night obviously. And there was a play at -- earlier in the season when they're playing the penguins where it robber or two that was sloshing Charen Chara went up Truman said if you slush may get right to fight me. In or to those stay the hell away I was exploring that and I asked Julian and a couple of questions both fighting and one of them was. Because -- it said. If you could get any type of fight any aspect of fighting out of the game would beat the players take off their helmets if they do that so I asked Julian. What he doesn't like a vote by what parts that fighting doesn't like. And whether he had an issue with the fact that. You know Johnny boy checked against Dallas throws a big hit -- -- -- answer for a clean hit but as soon as he gets up from throwing his big hit. He's got to fight somebody writes a pain and against the against the the Canadians. -- he throws that young boy chuck it's a clean hit and boy checked tells his guys. We're not gonna fight this guy we're not going apple wasn't guy clean and it was aborting column in the other battles are boring but it wasn't a doves are right yeah OK so he's saying this was not been agreed to sit. We're not going after this guy -- folks on the rest of the game. Claude Julien said that very morning at the morning that -- Portman Ellen did that it. We have -- -- that suspends people that penalizes people we oppressive penalize people and yes refs have been spotty but they arrest that penalize people. And there's a league suspends people for bad hits so. Why -- players deciding themselves that they don't like other hits and and they fight people. Well you know one of the more you know one of the reasons why not just running or don't -- everyone says this team has no heart. This team has no character this team doesn't defend itself they're not they're not together and not a band of Brothers and plays like I enjoy -- they don't even -- you really think about it I could go for the may well there's -- it because I think there's no truth to that. You just said -- yourself that EU -- -- find the or acute on Ericsson to be. I was borderline much worse then know that in the accurately one. On voyage of the little worse -- tether -- go -- line. One I would say borderline illegal coastline so they don't respond for the boy took one and I mean would boy talk left. It was scariest well people say he has given difficulty breathing. -- I understand that they obviously felt one was different if they against the Montreal -- and they I don't. In Max catcher -- at the Bell Centre their favorite place to pull their shenanigans both teams. They don't do anything it how come. It's just suddenly obviously if you're going after Brooks corporate or something that you just said it wasn't necessarily too much work but clearly they thought it was clearly they thought once I tried to go after -- offers the right -- Doug Hamilton was not a fighter that steps up to me -- ultimately teach yes OK -- -- you don't want to play into your front -- you -- given the opportunity. To fight the -- Hamilton and just be done with the whole thing. All right you're right it's not perfect -- -- not everybody should have to answer for every clean hit it's not perfect. But it is unfortunate and I do not live -- have been a problem clearly he did not -- -- let me ask you do you think the NHL has an -- only to that question execs on 7779797. Your questions -- are your calls all DG staying here. Yeah I think about it yet -- at 7 o'clock we're keeping -- alcohol WB. -- in the West Coast swing on it opened. Apparently we're going soft as we talk talk -- fighting in hockey 617779. And 793 that was not -- -- not release content on this conversation about stability. He -- size and not the free diet says it's requested up on stuff like Jackson 5 and I can't help but hear that. Prior requests in this district for your golfers that critical way through the -- -- probably where -- a problem with not hearing -- At the -- I was I don't really expect got a little cock. Is. Cock -- ultimate feeling okay. You can like a little bit of -- can't predict -- that that -- Look at it this is -- it downloaded it -- -- on there as it's known on the street is under an undercut yes it was I mean. It means the sides are on the open door. I don't but I tried one back and today a long popular chart went -- really -- I try -- back. Are back earlier in the day over the over the course of human right right and what was your question -- -- do you think the NHL has it out for the girl and because -- okay. So why would it is it sounds like. In Boston. We are incredulous. That this happened. Brendan Shanahan. Cut all they cut out some of the noise by saying no I don't really have a problem that is a problem with that. And we are seeing were either seeing conspiracy theories. In the NHL office or homers. Which -- I don't they accurately predict everything wrong okay Joey Graham has brought about what a lot of he's wrong about every oh -- Brendan Shanahan has been remarkably consistent right I don't totally. Not gonna have to consider you know that's the other thing about what I know Whitey anybody -- did you want it. This is not recordable all you're not gonna have consistency in any league with any punishment whether it's Roger Goodell. And and football whether it did Gary Bettman and hockey a bizarre David you're not gonna. And I think that's why it is I think that's why at least for the NHL to have the ever -- that really these videos and explain them the best they can because as you said Michael. It is such an inexact science that they're not gonna be. I mean people keep it drives me crazy that normal watch that the important thing without saying but James yielded this how is this three times as bad. And Shanahan doesn't sit down and say all right. So it seems Shawn Thornton skated behind a player that was down in need them in the head three times so it's three times it's it's not it's not that exact. I understand it's not that exact but I also think the idea of ignoring him yum you're ruling twice. On one game in certain elections that took place in east in the same game almost with -- C second I had a chat -- capital like ten seconds to parents I think it it makes sense why people -- looking at the two things back to back and comparing your three times were what does that really mean -- nebulous term. But to say -- James Neal deserves five so important there's fifteen what is the NHL's goal and that's a question I keep asking. Are you trying to get rid of predators of predatory hits are you trying to preserve people's heads because I thought that was the goal -- a preserve at. Out of the gaullist preserve the head meal specifically attack someone's head. -- Punch somebody what happens in NHL like maybe we get more in part from -- drags me down and punch them. It was wrong and he should Madonna should Madonna the waste is a good day -- -- -- happens and NHL games a whole lot more than -- to the head. You're dancing dangerously close this -- -- just to clarify the ruling on Shawn Thornton. Has absolutely nothing to do with trying to get predatory it's -- the NHL -- they're not saying that. Oh we're suspending -- important because he defended teammate that's not what the suspension is for another we've gotten into the argument of whether the Bruins should have reacted the way they did to the or -- But -- -- was not suspended. Were reacting to hit he didn't like he was suspended for the action that he took so that that's assuming that should be clarified they're not saying. Our guys don't have to go ahead it's open season on these players because if someone steps up for for the the guy who gets hit. They're toast fifteen games that don't know -- and I don't think they're saying that either I still think the context is should be in the -- I still think the context is relevant. I still think Shawn Thornton's action. Is relevant to both get it out he got six or 777979837. James is in south -- -- -- And I would like to the suspension even though I agree it was in which case it's not a character -- important. Is that it's important in a vacuum against James want -- because when you hear about that the league is trying to do to protect against Carson that's great but there are different that I mean how many -- you'd be at CNET like you know maybe once or twice. Like -- you know there are shot like we spent like five times just that moment. I had it certainly appeared you are you're -- -- seeking won't get repeat actions. You come down super hard on something that would obviously not can be -- -- -- never become directly -- guys -- repeat offenders that in my opinion at least were clearly trying to cause injury not a concussion that. So jigs 222 points on that Amy if if -- issue is with that the James -- suspension was light. I don't think you're gonna -- I I'm I don't want to speak for all three of us but idea of 1000000% agree with that. The -- -- suspension was like right but as I said especially for repeat right exactly it's -- so that's ridiculous not -- speaks to what would you were saying earlier salt is that just Shanahan has been. Hopefully inconsistent together to the -- thing though that they had and the peninsula conception happened terrorism to rip it to come from this. I mean you're kind of -- -- what you expect when you go up behind a guy and I know the -- mad that I'm calling it a slew foot but when you go up behind a guy. Take him down by his speech using your feet and hit him in the head as he's down. First suspension or for concussion to come out of that isn't like a freak incident as an. Freak play can't nobody doesn't think a suspension should have come out of and I don't know -- you don't look at the context. A two events that occur within fifteen seconds of each other and and you're agreeing that they -- didn't get enough. So once you've established that -- only got five games I think that absolutely is part of -- is a huge part of the reason. Why were shocked that he got fifteen maybe they'll put -- ten and Norton got fifteen -- hey you know what -- Afghan people are saying people are saying that their shock the front door and got fifty some of that is based on the fact that Lilly got five all of a few days ahead of time but. With what we do sound like we are over lawyering. We talk about the context it's important. But do you think about the other. Suspensions and all sports. It happened in town outside of Boston. OK why why did Ndamukong soon step on the ice like bloody stop on a guy. Why did Albert -- were doing. Why -- why did not -- our testing and Jermaine O'Neal. Get into the fight at the palace the context -- somebody picked somebody threw water on hot -- I was another it was another thug who called him out so. They are that's what into the stands but this guy made him do it -- context matters but ultimately. You have to be -- you have to be different play disciplined enough. The play of the game you know the way it's supposed to play agree on important props to him. Has done it. Throughout his entire career. In this in this integration in the top of the -- -- to not get that you can say he snapped -- -- they had a lapse of lapse in judgment. Don't don't know what hit one -- error. But he still did it so that's -- -- NHL is saying yes we stand. Picture it you're the goods we like the way you play we like the way you do. Kind of symbolize you're really illustrate what an enforcer is supposed to be but we think this is where thirteen game John is in this car hi -- -- tournament and I think my call. -- -- Public and to point out something look at the if you want to -- out of we. Then you make mandatory suspensions should look at the MLB where they're heat heat policy it mandatory suspensions. If you wanna get had shot we can start treaty and mandatory suspension. Arm and you can go to games first how -- we wanna do it my issue is that there's inconsistency in the edge they protect their superstars. And -- shark Norton. Is -- and of course partner he gets despite being like Neil but he fourth liner seeking fifteen game and -- need an example. And that's that very day he got that because there for private if Lucci did that you think it's a five game suspension. And I think -- well here's thing and I conducted this is one thing I go back to the December. 23 games being -- Goran yet. Whenever a -- gonna get fired in the year they won the cup after they lost and hi I'm -- to find which time that's not truth hurts. The first of -- 31. -- or whatever but that bid Julian was gonna get fired at two days off and they -- this one game before Christmas against the thrashers. And Shawn Thornton scored two goals and they played. Really well and it looked like things were turn around -- that team. Freddy Meyer had a pretty high hit on me on the -- in afterwards there has -- the -- going on which each goes up Freddy Meyer just Clarkson in the temple. It was I mean it was pretty bad got to match penalty and he ended up getting his suspension rescinded. But I can't help but think as all this happens with Shawn Thornton. If things -- Ended badly there if Freddy Meyer balls a certain way if he hits his head a certain way mean. Just with what Lucic was playing with he was playing with fire there like I just said with Thornton -- he expects her to happen look what. When you make a mistake and a guy and that becoming injured you're gonna be responsible but you know -- committed the worst offense it's like. When you -- you know somebody dies while you are out committing a felony regularly murder -- -- in the committing a crime to begin with. Understand a part of it but you can also look at what you just said the other way and say well was rescinded it. Beat did you look at say Thornton got worse because of the injury or was -- teach rescinded because scores a lot more goals and Shawn Thornton. Well I mean it -- so at that point which each day it never been suspended in his career because they didn't come until next year so there wouldn't be in the the repeat -- and I love that I'm just talking about the fact that he's a goal -- -- we -- doesn't it if that's -- consider Sean Thornton right now. Which yes forget what twenty games he's repeat offender what are things you want him -- my guess in my house James O'Neal gets five Miles Austin to force showed us one models are performing -- to four that's. Elaborate on how it would play. Yes we go number two hole is that I hear a lot of this on on Twitter talking about consistency. On -- and -- talk -- consistency and consistent. Which would you rather -- because I can understand the consistency argument. But then appropriate our our previous caller gets his way in you have mandatory penalty. What it does is take away the case by case analysis. Well what's happening now. Don't get things case by case by case which I which I which I'm for -- most things anyway. If you look at case by case you will have inconsistency. Because you'll look at the guy. You'll look at the situation you look at the context and you say this is how I feel about this compare to that already has -- the -- I think those are great points and I'm with you I think that they -- generally you want somebody at the top who's capable of deciding what real what what makes sense in each individual -- I agree with you. But I would like to know what the NHL's goals are because I think that's my problem I don't understand what the NHL's goals are I don't understand what can see the even if Michael that it doesn't need to be consistent mandatory punishment for each offense and how many times you've done -- need to be a formula. I would like to know that the NHL's at least consistent what it's trying to deal. And that what its goal is is to present this my entire -- with this type of the stated that you guys think -- brought -- I don't know how they do right now 61777979837. More your calls and keep this going in just a moment TJ -- is here soccer WE. -- But. Yeah. The hockey talk on the -- it's been. That's the good the music -- off to a record a little bit more confident. BJP to tell you know. Hold the day of the -- or did you not stay at home that day. The -- The Oscars. So live tweet the -- I do that -- but I think -- that -- the -- it was my -- If you like we did Jackson Michael Jackson -- -- -- -- -- not like at first I didn't like -- but I didn't like. I wouldn't doubt of that legacy. Our veterans like you've gotten over the -- for doing that do it. -- -- We -- level report but up here now -- -- you can if you don't have -- government and he handed out I got Darlington got but at this point but I don't think anybody -- as -- -- That's it on Bartlett of movement like RB we talked about. I don't like our panel excellently -- I don't like the kind of music. You don't like it you never I've never liked it does not appeal to those that like not like you you. You became disenchanted with the -- -- just like it was headed this direction -- -- -- -- This album came about and that's that I have done what I'm sure to Donnie Hathaway's is good as anybody else to do Nokia is better than anyone to show he's better saying I don't like it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What in the tried. Say something about dining out the way it would right and and it looked like. Won't cut I don't know exactly what to recover -- the record or if they stay away and not gonna just I'll sit -- hit a particular word for an you know like I would not disrespect -- I just don't like -- John what you don't like the genre what's the use I slept I don't like country music is vital to autopilot and Tom Cilic unless of course -- and I got you okay if you just I listened to his -- -- and he gets he did not yet meet Kevin is in New Hampshire. I talk and Norton I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the difference between the audio give -- a five game suspension. And -- -- getting off fifteen. And you know what what the doctor and what are they trying to Ruben you'll be sent there. And help topple the problem not a Bruins fan belt on it is well out there -- You're a fan of the penguins earlier got into the matter grant. I think back then the picked prepared you know we're real David Wright they don't need it and of course I'll play the what -- -- -- blown. The game -- stopped pitcher had. You know he's politically -- That the elbow or upload -- we can't stop it Doug in the park with bad. The only he goes after somebody literally goes halfway across -- it's. -- gotten back. But you don't that's and so here's the thing though he was going to that's on. Anderson weatherman was a note will. Link to me why the fact it does that putt was stop what is the matter haven't they haven't. Capital capital trust your question count. -- Even when you ask is why he just wants to thank you don't listen to Donny Hathaway I wanna ask Kevin Kevin are you that. You can I ask you questions please why does it matter whether or not the game was stopped what does it matter whether or not the whistle -- -- together -- the American public Belmont Bruins. It's the question don't give me an example just answer the question. Partisan matter. And you cure and I go all out there. What the whistle is blown out there the big game has stopped. A joke -- somebody halfway across the looked around -- nothing to do the play that has. Shot -- to be suspended because that altercation did not take place close enough to the -- out there -- -- particular respect that's ridiculous to have after the I don't understand why the fact that the big play it's all right medals at -- I mean James -- hit him during the play. Why aren't what Todd Bertuzzi got as much as he got that happened in the middle of played it was dirty you're a bit I don't I failed to see why the stoppage of play matters well. It matters for this it doesn't matter with. You know fifteen games. But it matters because it takes away that this is something that happened at a hockey game -- said that earlier hey things have got hockey games all the time. While this was not a hockey in the heat of the world and -- heat of the action. Type of play it was a thing where you're like where you're talking about the speed or a guy turning the principal point of contact it was Harry are -- one that's what that is pressure that I understand but so -- quite put any added that that tells -- not a speed -- you know get -- -- dark out of the way and that -- -- I was lying prone on the ground any changes need his head and hit it. Brett commit another look look there's there's no defense of James -- here and I was pretty weak on it that we got from home but -- the the fact that Shawn Thornton went over to Brooks or epic. And that's Graham has nothing to do the suspension it's what you did once he got there what he's supposed to do it as Shawn Thornton. When he gets over there have lost me at this point -- -- can -- as a very -- at this point in the day. When Orton gets. -- But that's close to register of underrated -- -- into questions do -- -- -- -- -- that that's that's that's below or. Now so not when Thornton. Important gets over two or pick. That's that's not the issue that you went over to it's that when he gets there what he should do is he pulls amounts as a stop talking to Campbell who loses everybody gets in India is a trooper. You know talking to him you're talking to me in if you're gonna -- John anybody can be -- we're gonna sell this right now otherwise go back to old pension you know bright tail between your legs but you have been fighting us you'll go with -- -- go with me -- go with him. That's what you do that's his only option unfortunately. You can't a tactic -- he doesn't want a fight to and that's what happened it's not because he went over to him. He ought I think also with with Thornton he said. How awful he fell after the game I thought he handled it like a boss after the game. After every step of the ladies -- except now. Accurately we have gotten the appeal part that's what I'm talking about except now the state I feel awful about it I believe to a thought it was sincere -- that was -- And you know -- I've been sick the entire game. And he he acknowledged that will be hearing from the lead in nobody's contacted Brooks were -- the brits were -- fifteen games with too much for shark Norton. I. And it's okay if it's nine games. If I feel awful and it's okay it's eight games. But it's 15 games I am no longer gonna feel -- member of no longer gonna accept responsibility and accountability for what I did I -- would have been a wise. Not excellent accountability act because -- suspensions to allow it and that's that I mean the Thornton obviously thinks that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you come out the did you drive all the way across the parking lot depart in the space that is the question -- -- hockey player if you park in the spot okay you've come out an hour late night you know you're gonna get a ticket right. You know you're gonna get a ticket. Yet that that meter has been out for and and if somebody were Sadie would later be right there and Michael do you think you've done anything wrong anything wrong it's a yeah. I was I was late coming back to my car got distracted into -- probably deserve a parking ticket. If you're expecting a parking ticket to be ten dollars fifteen dollars 25 dollars maybe even if the dollars. But you come out and that parking ticket is 250. Dollar apple could not taking you to jail -- I have to exaggerate. But to 250 at all party don't you know you can reserve the ticket but you're absolutely going to -- guys they -- -- But it's a good example but here's the problem. Shawn Thornton's action was not the parking ticket. That was department. What investors you're your run of the mill park which I which I I get several. Hundred -- to come -- all purpose does not look. I can't buy parking it is going to Fenway now that you know my secret spot a deleted -- 25 dollars vs forty and that lock up that point by about it later and later argue the penalty and stupid okay. But -- picture of what's on Thornton's example so important example is heartened by fire right. And it's partly by a fire hydrant which something else goes down -- park park by a hydrant right and then somebody needs to get there. It's like -- just parked by hide it happened to Imus fire department need to get there so we're not 175 dollar ticket -- -- by the -- Version that we're gonna -- your car it's a shame that I know that -- they're gonna do something else in new York at their mercy when things go right that's all I'm sick yeah. I still feel as if yes he still thinks it's over I don't you know what even if that's the case that's would you still feel it's right he can still feel really bad here's the thing that people are kinda miss him at this. Some sort. Does not make a ton of money. This is the first season of his career an NHL but it probe probe probe right player who -- -- very -- -- in -- he he has never -- even thought about complaining about it even to unlock code using a mechanical and complain about how whatever amount on on -- -- -- the you lost make a 156000. Dollars -- in his lockout then this is the first season of his career in which is gonna make a million dollars doesn't have a contract beyond this season. And I mean. Who knows he does that he has no guaranteed future earnings from hockey if he can try to save. Some money -- this. How was it bad guy for still feeling bad and saying you know I still deserve what it turned -- to spend it or whatever but. If I can save some of 85000 dollars easy thing over 530000. Dollars plus. If your -- that I should feel bad for -- -- because of the lock -- -- I'm sorry I don't he's part of a union that they decide to pursue this -- I'm not -- feel bad -- spot in Dixon expects other -- if your point is that he should go after every dollar he -- while he's playing hockey and 85000 means a lot because think about -- -- -- be later on in life for him. I totally agree unit that's the only reason why is appealing. Quite frankly have no problem that DJ -- it is great and he covers the Bruins are WEEI dot com if you're not reading him that is on you cannot listen to -- podcast following Arizona you cannot following among Twitter handle I don't know how you don't know -- -- -- are mixed things up. With an eye -- underscored. Why aren't you mediums are good the associated when he's -- it's taken its terrible in the follow several though so I at this I don't know that someone who's messing with. Decent chance then you're in your podcast is -- odd man rush well not odd man rush -- -- -- -- DG out all over WEEI dot com open to come back in the -- a whole lot more we go 44 and all beatable guys. Version of four for the whole lot more hockey talk today as -- phone calls. Soccer -- WE.

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