WEEI>On Demand>>Pats still hold the keys to a round one playoff BYE, so why so much doom and gloom?

Pats still hold the keys to a round one playoff BYE, so why so much doom and gloom?

Dec 17, 2013|

Trying to decide if the Patriots have a legit playoff run in them or if the injuries to their team have finally come back to bite is a raging debate among Pats fans... we discuss.

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Our -- all aired it Tuesday WEEI WEEI dot com DJ dean will be -- and 3 o'clock hour right at three. It's so much hockey talk is like a thousand different elements of what's going on with the Bruins right now that. Are interesting to me between -- thorn in the bogus extra games he was given. Tween meanwhile Lucic in the problems to make who between Vancouver general read some of the articles from up and -- what the hell's going on up there. People crazy and not the good kinda crazy -- like hey you know what they love their team. They're the bad kinda crazy in their lunatic fringe seems to be more lunatic or -- In any other group out there who do some of that at 3 o'clock -- the Bruins there. Turn themselves into comedians can be seen he's in the big Bruins Christmas special yet. The bear the bear in the gang yeah. You're got you on the that's on -- aren't the only close with a telescope was funny and -- different you don't think Soderbergh trying to wrap up the goose is funny almost happen. But what are we do that out DJB -- -- and we a lot of pockets congressman let's start with football after last night and after you know. The true at every opportunity to bury -- Right and shaking meaning sheet I'm afraid. -- I'm afraid of the Baltimore. Ravens your quick yes OK okay I'm afraid of them. They figured -- so some teams. -- -- They figure it out there like the Baltimore Ravens are alike are -- -- choice -- wrote there have ever ever -- -- your partner and director I would move. If that's your elderly and I would write it for me because you try to bring an exterminator. You try to have the the read the whole roach motel in a bomb you bomb home. Government doesn't hit that you'll never get they don't die they don't -- Dell you can't have not for a little bit you think look at their -- -- a couple of but you're building has protest. I'm glad it's its path -- start to me connect but if you don't have -- to me. They just moved from our house and apartment to your neighbors but the coming back to Baltimore Ravens. Are like -- black and purple -- You cannot kill them you can't count them out take away Ray Lewis take away Ed Reed. Take away -- ball and take away their running game. Take away the cape. Joseph Flacco was wearing last year during a post season take it all weary troops here are still alive with what a great opportunity. To win the AFC north they scare me. They they have been good to go to roaches. They don't scare me that I'm much more for it roaches roaches widget that that would scare me and I'm out. I don't like bugs I don't mean -- you Arab -- had maggots in my house once and -- and how once when I was younger really I was like twenty and -- heard that it was disgusting or on the war I almost -- and it was it was a difficult reasonable price for quite some time after -- so we can discuss they had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly. Do you stand on my couch for a couple of days are -- up 1 morning go to work churlish -- on the couch I looked in the catchers that do what is. What did you spill on the floor there's like I'm talking about. I got closer to a realized it was alive and moving means it was it was all Rican had a fast food that he catalysts at -- I don't know what he would do it but I've never been more hopeful that by anything I've seen in my house them like a beat was probably -- -- February it is. I don't know doubt about that number should -- governor it is her -- 45 inches and it was just it was totally disgusting to during this time during Baltimore four game winning streak. They beat the New York Jets at home. They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers at home and they beat the Minnesota Vikings at home right and then they went to Detroit and -- the line. Tough to win games in the National Football League downloading that it's hard to. They had a they want -- Just -- You had John Harbaugh. At one point. They run the ball in the job until you listen on radio yours here on a WE -- -- The boomers arsonist criticizing our offer displays Harbaugh and Jim Kolbe of their place elections are down a ten run the ball. They get three arts. So I guess the boomer was gone crazy like that. And all after the play he just simply is. You know as you know the -- and it was a method for the match -- a method to the madness. It's probably thinking I can catch him off guard may -- second pick up seven -- -- easier to hit my kicker a little closer but. It's said hey here's my 61 got out Justin Tucker for yours fixed. In eighteen to sixteen when a guy hitting a 61. Yard field goal dangerous. There's -- anger today. It will we have these conversations with tonight you watch the game and always says he was listening to the game -- -- to -- a -- but here's a guy noting that that is gonna like he's listened to the radio -- you always driving around at night. Where you go to me that we -- It was into the regular with a healthy your house. Drive -- -- radio aren't aren't that we aren't aren't yet. I don't believe that for a minute are you going after that after that after the game with a to a presidential address of that DR. My fellow Americans -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- people. Monitoring your every move really. If let me you give him to admit something again I just wonder why so often he's driving around -- -- -- listening there was never drive right at 10 o'clock in the -- listening at home. In his PGA. It is alone that it. I'm on WTI am on to our advice -- liked it interesting that he does that hurt you you just used to -- -- Smartphone aren't. You want -- 200 of them did not your. Typical. -- Doctors snake bit is. Still. They. 61. And only 3066. And they can't believe it and support me. What do you make any help right color now there's just screaming but you know what he's right he's that they can't believe it out a lot of times -- at the cliches are exaggerating. You look at the faces of everybody on the Detroit sideline I think it was fairly who was on the field. Just look he'd just had that look and make a 61 yard field goal just baked. They were all stunned let's give it to trickle. Okay. It's good it's. -- -- to -- don't don't don't don't try to -- -- than there are low snap away. Don't mislead your listeners thank -- now it's just don't -- Water at 61 yards. At all I can I have it but he -- aren't. -- First of all I was impressed that the -- and hit him in the face and that that's the first thing I was impressed that the snapper didn't hit the holder directly in the face of the football how is that not the worst player of the week all right seen the ESPN you know whether they've done -- -- replaces the -- fumble what are the -- was retired you know I know but you know that is that is going to be the signal that's going to be -- -- now the club -- leader -- -- -- gonna be tough to beat you get hit in all of truthful I had to retire on January 1 2015. Here's the next thing now. Alliance -- should've won that game. They're your you're purely down what wondered one point -- -- two point one or two point one point. And you have thirty seconds and three timeouts. You can absolutely get on the field and thirty seconds with three timeouts we've seen happen over and over again at least Jeff you know had a fifty some yarder except we have Matthew Stafford but I haven't always came first -- terrible. Yeah. To -- fantastic. And after the game -- Justin Tucker talked about as bad as people I'm now we saw that. Maybe six go go golden hope fantasy football owners are happy in the -- -- old fantasy football team he's on his own fantasy football team. That must -- -- what we get our league if you make a six and got the guy makes it a sixty plus. -- should be ten points right there Indy was our kicker. Our guys were in the playoffs would limit you to make playoffs why not. -- -- -- We bounced back lately I bounced -- White -- momentum you went in -- it was nice to get an notable names we had a better kicker with mud amid the baby out. Andy was so disgusted by Tennessee football talk to the student I don't blame them. I don't even -- -- kicker laws but it clearly was not just in talker. Which you know you look at this to remain. Now that it's now that the ravens have now that they've secured the sixty. So far in the playoffs start today they -- the sixty mile an AFC. I think the ravens are much more of a worthy opponent much Warren of a top out in the Miami Dolphins. So I say confidently. I believe it. Where all of my heart all of my soul. Anybody. Yes the sixth seed can represent the AFC in the Super Bowl there's no question why. All it. The American football conference you're patriots. Are just as likely as the ravens. Or Bengals. Maybe not the bank or anybody else. To -- Nancy I mean but you're you're now saying you're terrified of this weekend meaning you think the patriots have. I'm goalie -- -- it was a -- -- before. That they lost to Detroit. To follow seven -- seven I still think that's a tough game even top firm and they're playing for. Earlier they play for the playoff slot they have an opportunity now they went they take your business they went to games. They're the AFC north champs. Get they get the start off -- start up at the home game. There the there most likely the four seed. In in the in the AFC. A wild card weekend Barbara. Not a bad turn around now in downtown -- ahead of got to win two games that are kept and got to beat the patriots and they got to beat the Bengals -- authority over there that's -- -- commended division that party knocked him off. Well and knock them off once they got to give credit and I've got to go to Cincinnati to try to beat him in the final week of the year. I mean things are not just -- the -- not a heck no not -- -- be doing at home that you gotta go on the road and beat Cincinnati did not think this is a tough game for the -- course at that half game enemy are talking about it like that party lost the game and so. I answered I'm -- and it's it's it's a very difficult assignment form I'm always going to Baltimore for them. It is generally tough they went there last year lost a close game. Even then if we go back to 2007 patriots are undefeated -- of their toughest games of the year with trying to call a timeout probably lose -- -- important. What is interesting is if if they do end up going there and losing now you're facing the final game of the year to try to level try to avoid a three game losing streak heading into the playoffs. Assuming that your at that point going to make the plants are still some that you will -- but you be looking at a three game losing streak heading into the playoffs. And finishing at ten and sick and there's a big difference. Between win in this one and losing so much -- -- I mean if you're gonna finish -- here eleven and four. And trying to finish the year at twelve and four with a win over buffalo. Sounds a lot different from being ten and five and just hoping to get to eleven and five internal avoid being ten and six. On the year. Well -- the -- it it all depends on the -- in the become valuable it's different because he's always. Don't -- out thousands and generally it's just a difference between. Being that some scene in getting the body. It in the in the wild card round or. Planning and that wild card round yeah it's pretty -- pick and eleven of Ivins committed to seeing. In the AFC I don't think it makes different I don't see any scenario whatsoever non non non non I would lose tons of money on this if it comes down to it. It comes down to -- the patriots needing to beat buffalo and home to get to the playoffs. I would bet everything. My money and yours and the Indians. Lou -- lose DNC. -- -- and I don't think you make a lot of money out take your money elbit everything. At the Buffalo Bills are not capable. Of keeping the -- especially in the know. But I don't think it's gonna come down to that like where you need the you'd need the you need to beat buffalo to make the playoffs you think Miami is gonna win out. I think they're capable of doing -- certainly they've played some good football I knew what they played the jets and Africa with a plea this -- -- the jets won the game forget who the other against the your second but. Look at it could be. The only that would be truly does imagine the patriots not making the playoffs I am sure they were just a week or so ago. That would be incredibly difficult to imagine it would be such an epic collapse. Down the stretch a renewed required them losing. The three straight down the stretch. After the crazy come from behind win against climate got upload -- jet. Buffalo on the jets and buffalo and has yet to commit Elizabeth winnable -- absolutely. And in the neither of those teams all like but on the other hand. It's AFC east and which occupy the jets rose up and beat Miami a decade ago now wouldn't surprise me at all. It surprised me buffalo -- -- that was brought little but not gonna surprise me that jets beat them. That -- a hole. Miami Dolphins lost at home to the Buffalo Bills -- Yes I don't know if they all I know they they played a a great game if the patriots. On Sunday it was great for them right Terry hill who you're a fan of I'm not. But he had a terrific game. They did almost everything right except for little kicking situation -- Won a game so why are they. I'll give him credit for that I still don't think there they are very good football Miami yeah Miami. What does that mean in the -- you know it's that term I think they're in this that it would throw around the term here -- what it means we keep talking about you know the patriots and the real -- chair -- anybody -- they're actually -- contact well -- here's here's here's what I mean -- -- I don't know -- top six teams in the AFC. They're like 789. Teams and don't like the playoffs didn't make the playoffs are gonna have some warts on the teams that don't make the playoffs. I'm gonna classify them as bad teams that mean Miami definitely has bad or as bad or or just just below average -- -- about that team that I like I like ranked and -- more for what he's going to be there when I think he is right now he's still only a couple of years into playing the position of quarterback. He's incredibly talented he runs around well he throws the ball well. I think there's a lot to like about it and I think he'll continue to improve. I'm not sure he's got all the weapons he needs around a meter wide receiver especially in the running game so I think that that they are not what they can be yet you're right they're not a great football team. But I like their defense. I think they play hard. I think they seemed to intimated to show up when I watch them they tend to show up for games played hard hit hard at a stage in the game until the end so. I'm like demo I think they're a bad team I wouldn't say that about the I don't think they're great team over there are great teams I think if they are below those playoff teams were talking about. It's not too bad debts were there they are it'll be 111. Half notch. Below the the that the playoff teams we're pocket early -- in South Beach in Miami missed playoffs and has got to hang out and go to the beach and absence -- -- edition of enjoy yourself behind it got distracted and FL primetime show their older diskette. Two girls -- at the face slow motion opera all head. And it jerks back it actually looks pretty painful but -- It fits with a snap -- -- -- I've ever seen it. All of this is a way of of talking patriots and trying to figure out where they are in this Nixon we talk about Miami all we want we talk about Baltimore talk but Cincinnati. But really it's about where the patriots arm what you fit what you think they're capable. Mean coming off of a loss it's easy to feel terrible about them especially because the win the week before. Didn't exactly remind anybody of of Super Bowl champions past it was not a clean -- who understand those that right now are down on the patriots and down on their chances for the rest of the year not because they don't like them. But they just simply say -- Nobody Mario -- it's it's all it's all added up to too many injuries and unfortunately. They're good at but they're not good you know like I don't subscribe from the fair I don't subscribe to that. Because I'll I'll I'll say over and over again. I don't think the difference between the patriots. And if the patriots are out there on the field with almost any team in the league maybe Seattle in San Francisco are in a different class bought. With the other teams in the league. It's twenty guys that are all basically the same in two quarterbacks aren't -- -- end of the day you've got Tom Brady and if it's close at the end of the game I know it didn't work out against Miami. I'll still take my chances on Tom Brady and a two minute -- over anybody else in double that monologue I about it don't finish it out Jesus Christ Margaret -- forever I didn't get it I needed to make the point and I wasn't just setting up the fact that the patriots exist OK I actually had an opinion I wanted to be -- okay. This is what I'm trying to say okay. I think all the teams and all the teams in the league are obviously you win games with the that the patriots believe in the -- three -- And it's it's attrition and you're gonna lose some guys which has proven to be true for all the teams that just comes down to. For the patriots on the Tom Brady's against pressure is afraid of pressure from the five Super Bowls so -- pressure now -- -- in the post season. It's squarely on Brady now look at all the teams Nancy. What does amber too well but that was tempers during their offense. Or got it's not just Peyton Manning attacker. Welker and a probable -- all of Kansas City was her strength defense and those guys are healthy and offense Jamaal Charles dynamic player. The patriots. Outside of -- On offense whose -- Those are major weapon that is not the same category -- guys -- just mentioned on defense. Who are feared guard Taylor Jones. Ninkovich. Here it comes down to -- -- most dynamic guy. It's gonna have to care for all of those teams gives -- access them if they make the Super Bowl. For the first time in in. Over forty years. They make a Super -- to regional term. When we talk about them Alter. I don't know if that's about well I don't think I think we will I would get myself. Someone always rises to two terabyte our leader and -- Alex Smith we're talking on the guy isn't as if they make the Super Bowl -- we talked about how Alex Smith didn't turn the ball over once in the -- we're comfortable Charles may be like. Seven touchdowns in -- posting something crazy last year you know Flacco and Anquan Boldin. I think what was the patriots the one thing they the one guy they have was capable of -- Was capable of greatness of being transcendent. I think that one guy is Tom Brady less. You know maybe Shane Vereen has something -- a that we haven't seen or maybe sort. But not the dolphins showed how to take him out of the game on Sunday right I mean -- that becomes a blueprint for how to how to take -- arena now look you're right on on the fact that it's Brady. But I think that's enough I mean honestly tell me in which match up of the patriots can just keep the game close until the final few minutes you don't -- with Tom Brady. And that's why last week it was a panic things why this week on the up and making either doesn't mean they're going to win the Super Bowl. But tell -- who who you think is is unless you think teams up there's gonna blow the patriots out which has not happened once this year they've not been blown out of a single game all -- rights and -- -- game was the closest and still one touchdown game that I had a shot to win at the and they have not been blown out once -- -- you think they're gonna get blown out in the post season. Tell me why you would say Tom Brady has never shot to win any game. At the end 61777979837. It's your calls next alcohol WB. -- -- Waitresses. One of the top Christmas song. One of my top two. This is so bad -- we're talking about triple -- don't in the background. -- just gets the warning. It's happy just to hear an angry guy I don't know if that happens some. She -- the guy after she's got home alone from -- the supermarket. It's like Christmas miracle. This will be your -- larger player. You don't like you like to play. Here's a question. -- -- -- You are you know why English law. Like to play a couple of other Christmas songs -- -- one cool. Like every other Christmas song what they were. That one hit wonder if he's now but that there five. -- -- But rip your -- it. He sat at my CD collection. It it's about if you think the audience. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on one you know Katrina and the Waves. Seeing each easily. Can you in the in the. She's singing power should not -- -- -- -- -- It's in the world 61777979. People dead and all ending what is wrong with you on the camera. -- -- -- Is that I was good until Michael made him flush my music -- -- accomplish that is -- that is one of the stuff that's what they -- my job. Michael had a quick question for you -- -- at the end why Bill Belichick can not get Tom Brady is decent wide receiver for the long for a the long ball. If you look at teams like. You know on duty truck line they have Calvin Johnson. Arizona. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mike Wallace I -- the idol and that in its site you know I'm -- is one of them actually. Here's what I mean. You know what it all and done with -- eighty. All records because he's had so you know he had these receivers all Korea -- -- Indianapolis. There Reggie Wayne to Mary's Thomas Wes Welker on not as you know you bring up a lot of interest in things line. I'll start with the last thing you said life about the salt to the record. I had a record you know Dick -- Dan Marino has records over Joseph Montana to Joseph Montana every day of the week OK so. He can have all the records that he wants to you have the MVPs. Odd to me I think you are ultimately you want to vote to win Super -- if not the only thing that it that defines a great quarterback but. Are you talking my greatness you got to -- -- and I'll start nitpicking with some troubles that's want to know the the guys you mentioned. Two of them belong -- same category one of them should be just. This pushed out of the conversation about Larry FitzGerald -- he was 88 top five -- to what Calvin Johnson beat the number two overall. Ed and Mike Wallace is not in the same sentence with those guys he spotted his -- on their level. It takes it and and you think about what it took to get Mike Wallace. He got a hell of a payday I don't know if if I do now he's -- worked at paid. I know it's a tough position of being in either get those guys at the top of the draft. You are you're very fortunate that -- draft one of them you know late first round. Second round partner -- third Mike Wallace. Or are you go Andrea. We just come up with a simpler answer that Tom's question which is getting care that much. The answer I think your question why can't bill get commonly wide receiver -- care that much it's not that important to him. Isn't that wide receivers the second most is most important position. On esteem he's got the elite quarterback one of the best two or three in the league it's arguable. And he doesn't think wide receivers the next important app you wanna complain why aren't -- better defensive players aren't there better linebackers -- rush ends war offensive line whatever other thing -- think. Brady could use and there's problems in their holes on the speaker team they're by no means perfect fine. But the answer I think your question why can't get imminently wide receiver doesn't care well you know I thought about. I'm not much story that it doesn't care. -- now that's different as different you can be detector without being totally got a shortened care particulates that and says. You've got to have to play up to play wide receiver my team needed to do. These three report things well. If you're not gonna do these report things well you'd better be -- next level talent stay ready and ready okay you do you pretty much you don't go over the -- all that much. It and you just like to. Go long right OK you're really good -- that so I can live with. But for the most part looking at. Free agents and draft picks. Of the -- nit picker. When it comes to wide receivers I think it's really difficult for. Certain wide receivers are satisfied here. Well I think is out there and there's probably a bunch of reasons why one and in the players as you said that he's talking about -- those are the two bit too with the best two -- -- three or four best wide receivers in the game. Why doesn't Brady have one of those guys as you said they were drafted in the top five. Patriots generally aren't picking there and -- what do how hard -- counted it up for whatever reason they are picking anywhere near the top five because they've treated for pick. They just think other positions are tend to be more valuable sector of the ball. Wide receivers even at the top of the draft like that are incredibly risky. They used they are many of them have been huge character risks right the wide receiver divas that's this Bryant is one of them unfortunately those two guys are not a -- FitzGerald the polar opposite of being diva Calvin Johnson's opposite the Eagles an injury issues early but he's not at all mean. But it but there have been plenty of those guys in the patriots. Our risk averse when it comes to when it comes to character in first round draft picks they don't want it they don't wanna spend the first round draft pick. On a team on a play or rather that is going to be a problem in their locker room for three or four years so it's the right reasons why they wouldn't have guys yeah maybe maybe yet another question epic Tom believes and was asked of really good question. So what does it would the patriots wide receivers. Maybe it comes out of this. It's it's time warp for the the drought and it. We've mentioned that last time Bill Belichick took a wide receiver in the first round was almost twenty years ago. The first -- time and to take a wide receiver in the first round because what you get the second round are you looking for up you know upside guys really fast by. We need to work on his hands or can't get its hands and good but he needs to learn a pro style offense on Brandon Marshall was the second round pick from not mistaken in my -- was like third second or third round pick. Hockey and now we're talking about is probably going to be the rookie of the year this year -- a third round pick I mean those guys are available you can get very good wide receivers in the second third or fourth round but you gotta get it right now he may have. Dobson may end up being a really good wide receivers but for the last few weeks we don't know yet. Boys is asked you may end up being that deep threat if nothing if nothing else I don't know if he's a great receiver but he's looking for a guy can run deep down the field a Boyce is passes and when you're gonna find -- -- in the capitals -- look at look at the guys dimension right so you mention Brandon Marshall. And he has a good receiver if you're talking about. Okay why is available available on the second -- he's available in the second round or third round because. He went to a small school relatively SEC school. And there's some issues there that we've seen play out absolutely the fact that he he has he's out of thirteen now. And I think he has he's figured it out and it's one of my favorite guys to watch brand marks a big receiver who was not afraid of the punishment once the ball. But it took them awhile. To get himself comfortable and I think if you gonna take those guys a lot of times and second of their route it could be. Issues with their game more issues were paired with their character. And Mike Wallace he he has his own set of issues to. You know maybe it does. Maybe you are gonna have to take one Google's outshot Jeffrey it was a second round pick and in that -- him settled on and there are guys out there you just got to get it right and the chances obviously diminished the lower down in the draft ago. Just look here's another part of this. While you're -- you're saying why can't Belichick get a great wide receiver somebody else -- like in my team have a great time man. Our meeting announcing it today because the gronkowski and and as things kind of blown up in your face. But last year when those two guys were were terrorized in the league get on the field. Ever -- saying. I don't believe that market we get a tight end like that -- the -- all around the league you're saying look at the pressure the patriots -- -- on teams because of the dual tight a dual threat of their tight ends. We can't do anything like that how come we don't have that Belichick is so Smart because rather than digging into the that very crowded low value wide receiver field where it's difficult to strike gold. He's done it twice. On a pair of tight pants. Richard good team their -- five year and yet there's this desire is that why can't they do this like they did apple -- they do other things incredibly well. And I think right now I mean this is a conversation that that we've had over the years about the patriots have a conversation right now. It's kind of like telling them to fight with. With one arm behind their backs. Of course right now -- can't win -- when the fight right now win Aaron Hernandez is in jail. When Rob Gronkowski is out for the season. It even though the kids Dobson and Tompkins one available to play -- last game so if you say we'll look at what happened in Miami. You know down the stretch Tom Brady had nobody to throw a ball to of course it didn't end up there there -- the most vulnerable right now for this type of car. Respect it if anything you could even go one better to hold on a second. -- was so good on this team that with Hernandez out with gronkowski missing most of the year with a -- being in -- -- -- steal one. As many games as they haven't even down the stretch and there was comply only and have the weapons the third okay fine. But to a wide receivers caught a combined 23 balls and they were one catch away from -- in the game. I mean it's still even with all of the injuries or or whatever else Aaron Hernandez stuff you're still in position of really Belichick hasn't -- -- -- -- Calvin Johnson you're right. He hasn't gone out got a mega Tron. Eating get them Larry FitzGerald but what he did get was four or five guys that were all capable of fitting into this offense and contributing for the patriots. And -- it happened two or three of them are at this case four of them right now are no longer available to you at least in the short of a summit along. You just have to look at his history with -- his history with the position. As a head coach and defect OG AM. And his his history with defending the position as head coach and de facto defensive coordinator at times. They are there have been many games this year. We've gone into homes and what was the patriots got to do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know on and on down the list of how to deal with these guys. And they take him I think he's seen it happen with his own team. Whenever Randy Moss and 07 especially the playoffs. -- going into going into the super boy happily Randy Moss had. Two catches. Into playoff game. The divisional round vs Jacksonville in the AFC championship game I think -- grand total and -- on that record but of the gets. Us -- So given great receiver like that if you want to really meticulous guy got -- game can't I am a little more difficult to pick out like a -- The whole body also built an offense with that that was built in many ways in reverse. Where you're tight ends where your deep threats where your child play guys Wear your athletes running down the field. And -- wide receivers job was much more to be checked out right across the middle. They'd built a completely different style of offense and unfortunately one of those guys -- through one of those guys the murder. And and and I'm glad that it doesn't look alleged and it doesn't look the way it's supposed to look right now no kidding. Is that has Belichick doesn't want what -- you know didn't do good job. With a wide receivers. Or is it because he built often two different -- 617779793. Several -- call soccer ball W the. A. It is trying to he's not a miserable fast. Happy guy like Chris you always try to tell you -- is trying to say. That this group now returns. It's like McCarthy yes there's already. So I got it off the waitress. We get a high and the good Christmas -- More hard rock. Part rock sound for the work for me -- -- what is it called it big had been through a bit and after a report from mark is in -- -- what's going -- Hey guys why didn't you do mark was up. Oh average and you know little experience and a little pin and and you know I know a lot of people that we would I want to say it anyway -- You know I think -- fatally from the first round six. Primaries and if you look at in nineteen. Where things that would probably in maturity. And and you know these guys to act that way -- is there another -- aren't professional by. Some inching to a lot more guys. On camera line that -- currently. Some color pink and black. -- however is that you know I. -- -- anyway I know Marcum and let you finish but. It's tough to have the moral high ground we just mentioned we're one of those -- is right now currently you know I keep I noticed -- saw a let's continue but -- I don't wanna go that far and and slap the patriots on the back and they look at you do at the right way went. You know patriots draft pick it and in the chair for just on this morning with the morning she talking about a patriots draft pick who's in jail or -- Anglican running for something yet. Well and so we're always fixes. You know these kids wondering college. These these flag and -- his era. They're really celebrating feel like it walker from Platt told an answer to the players sometimes. Illinois coaching NFL it's probably a a learning curve form as far as maturity rules and whatnot and oh I thought that he wants to waste all this seat belt first round draft picks aren't on those guys execute that apple get their feet wet before he gets into -- That's not -- hole and that's where he's got a plan for those first round picks he needs to get more the next. Other than he's the first tropical one of these guys he -- -- not have a first round picking get related something that brought up on Harvick got a picture of it that's all fair. But I don't think you want -- to miss and Chad Jackson I don't think you want to miss some Bethel Johnson. Even the third round Taylor Price. So yeah you first round sure maybe don't take the first Roberts. Around nobody is looking for good dudes I mean it does seem like it that position he is looking for guys that are not bad guys that are hopefully going to be Smart enough partners in the office has always worked. Right I mean he's had bust everybody's ass and get that's pretty good but you know markets you know those guys are because of the position I think for the most part the it's the same thing about corners two quarters. And wide receivers a -- position. And you have a lot of chest pounding you have a lot of a self aggrandizing and honest upright but. Steal a second round -- pretty good pick. And even a third round pick is a good pick and you know it's been it's been a mixed bag Adams on the -- I am at receiver corner. I think Belichick. I think a lot of drafting in my opinion based on. It value. For the players and avoiding a trading down -- like a lower first round. You're -- -- fire department salary cap and then the amount -- people are not baldness so he can -- and get all the hoopla. -- -- -- I think I think that was definitely the case Adam. Before. The collective bargaining agreement changed and you have more cost control with these kids. Who had who have proven anything in college and I think that the thing that got everybody's attention whether as the owners. Or the players that think everybody was an agreement when when Sam Bradford signed a contract and before he played a game at fifty million dollars guaranteed. With the rams fifteen million guarantee for Sam Bradford so -- veterans can't main. Alcohol and done a damn thing in the league he's getting no money in owners are saying whoa. We're we're losing control it if that's where this is -- -- don't know but it's not like that anymore so you have a if you have a top ten pick or top twenty pick. Now it -- it's not as. It's out of randomness that is vigorous case does not as random as it was before I don't -- your philosophy is is geared in that direction anymore I think it used to be. But there is still -- -- especially with a with a draft pick a long term commitment you're making them especially usually to a first or second round pick. Where even though you don't owe them a huge amount of money you owe them something that they come in with a three or four year contract so -- -- you've got them for awhile with trades or or with free agent signings. With veterans -- -- -- in the -- -- -- those guys -- it was a little bit of their bonus but there was just get a cup those guys at the risk isn't always tie. Since -- went there is still belief whether it's less warranted now with the change in the CBA or not. That you don't wanna you don't wanna screw up and be stopped with a bad dude in your locker room for -- for three or four years after you draft them high in the first second round. Yeah every every every time we talk about. And I -- maybe it's just that I heard an interview this morning discovered a bad dudes and how the patriot don't do that it. If you come about that dude doesn't mean I mean that -- bad dude in the locker not necessarily okay -- outside the government I mean they what you want about Aaron Hernandez and there's a lot to be said in my god the story's creepy creepy or do you see. Couple more more people connected to him and connected to the case of doc said yes -- really it's definitely weird how many people connected to would have died or maybe it's not that we're right exactly yeah weird because it's not -- yes sports not weird because it's -- I mean whatever it is that story continues to gets stranger and stranger and and I guess Saturn Saturn as well. But Aaron is not a bad dude in the locker room. Is pretty well liked in there meaning kept himself at times but it wasn't. He wasn't a malcontent. He wasn't go to the media and shoot his mouth I what to do what you write any of those like England that he wasn't Dez Bryant now obviously in retrospect what Dez Bryant is is. A better human being. Then Aaron Hernandez. But and terms of just being a teammate while he was here. It will have some of those same problems that the guys have hat six or 77797937. Fills in a car. -- know you're on your muscle man part boy. Check -- -- wouldn't dessert will be drafted. Tried and was injured and he -- senior year. He got a bullet cartridges are you don't think that way you know running to a super ball. Now about what he does. -- that quite what you're gonna take the glory should she take the the bad part still could never elect all of its current events but they knew that they drafted a right it's. Knew that it was it was a risk a risk and a second round. Almost I don't know kind of -- that. That's why maybe they got an effective and. And a fourth -- second -- for a fourth Fernandez second for a ground. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think he did do a great job draft if there's one thing he wanted to hold on -- all of -- I think the what you would point out is the resigning. In terms of drafting Jimmy got his money's -- draft you draft the second round pick two of them and they get you to you know in -- and his end -- getting inseparable. I would say that you got your money's worth from the first contract Fernandez with a poor for a second and a four or are you glad you you got your money's worth -- question is in the resigning of them in the injuries that happened -- now. Stay reciting even with ground I think it's a no brainer resigning him now. Know what we know now about Hernandez it's it's a 5050 on the resign him or not but if you didn't you know you go back to this time last year. You -- Aaron Hernandez do you do you think the patriots we -- -- the question on here. December 2012. That the patriots. Should have resigned Aaron Hernandez like he just didn't fall. I think people it's a united for Saddam Hussein and a course and or is that some injuries this year as he did -- took some injuries but. Why would you what would you lock up. No pun intended. So why. Or anything right now I wouldn't you were lined up. Were done to Elizabeth Edwards. The language it's flexible person at all there are many definitions why wouldn't you lock up groggy Hernandez together on the field for your football team for a long to our. We -- definitely not locking those guys up together we started so I mean just think of Aaron Hernandez is -- a roommate but cellmate is using her name is to get chicks when he gets out what would grow up. I decided I wanna think about -- in those two guys up together no -- you know way ours it's what job do some hockey next DJ being WEEI dot com will join us. I think the Bruins have been screwed and I'm not sure there's any of the way to say it's alcohol at W yeah.

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