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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Sports Villain Edition - 12/17/13

Dec 17, 2013|

We tackle four topics all surrounding sports villains in the Boston sports landscape.

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Now word excel and -- score. All right roller board or -- four. Fun cleaning. -- -- It's -- And rate. And maybe war games but it's also -- And that that the guy in and says scientist and he terminator two miles and guys that the name your little or no but okay. Or four brought to you by marvel and it's all about movies to the wells is on the list the brother from weird signs went by -- than that and. But here's. Ford Taurus but he hated Boston athletes Bill Nye the Science Guy and over the past several. Over the past several season this problem Bruins has developed intense rivalries of many teams in the league players which are -- and Lucic. Would all get coal in their stockings if Santo was Canadian her but I ask you. Who has the most heated -- and around the league. -- Our resources to back Canadian doctor -- and -- over the last eight. You're black Arabia black Canadian I don't know the most hated -- so easy it's a good thing Brad marsh and and you Villanova -- -- after all this on the court felt the suspension people in Pittsburgh. Thinking that he's antichrist would ever. If Brad -- But I disagree the most hated brought -- in the disappears looming on the not so -- The most hated her I don't think there's any good reason for for the guys booed everywhere he goes every time -- -- the -- as well after. It's not obviously it's Ottawa but it's Montreal fell across Canada everywhere he goes. They both thought I would argue there's been a folks. I -- that problem until it is known that Canadians can be beautiful but I don't I think they're apparently not their -- that they're not above anything. I mean martians perfectly good answer but I'll put Chara out there at least with. It's -- all the ways that you repeatedly in any other team except for the Boston Bruins everywhere in the state. He answered then have you don't let me just say this. We're not here to Bruins to score one carcinogen deflecting the damn crowded bank Hoover I will I will bet -- Ago 20%. 20% of afterwards stands right now. Cheer for him but they hate themselves for and they shower after each game you know what that -- me they don't. They can't even reconcile. Cheering for like I doubt at all true but he put the puck in the net more often they would do about. It -- it -- right when you say put the puck in the -- ever want to probably be. -- -- -- Do something positive on the ice but people are upset about -- care about stuff but it's one -- accurate actually scoring the same time. Players like -- word liberalism athletic. Group. Chris Rock. The natural for it to happen it doesn't like Chris Rock I haven't -- -- -- -- -- That's -- I sure. It's. Roger Clemens has come back to Boston and -- players like Derek Jeter viewed as being. Hated by Abbas and fans but also respected at the same time. But who is hated athlete from another team no matter how much of a superstar they are that you could never cheer if they played for wanting your Boston team. I've got a lift for every sport. I got a god for every sport in some cases to. Kind of the National Basketball Association it is Matt Barnes. If there replicate -- can stand on it's panel know. That role players play like hundred cubic feet -- now. We're not here from our partner in football you play it last night for the straight lines down through. Great player dirty play like baseball A-Rod. Because -- so -- era yes. And hot it got through. Mike Richards. And -- last year. While Margaret I can't believe -- distance. Like Mike Richards. And Mike Richards. Have you seen him play. Yeah you see what he did you see David great team in the playoffs. It's what it. And another. Another one a lot of lot of questionable his career. Michael year arch nemesis. -- on. The -- -- -- really I can find a way to cheer for these. He could ever play you know crappy -- -- you know we would love. We love them we have a -- beyond the patriots Monday guys. Could be entertaining them that would be like James Harrison -- -- from Pittsburgh that you'd like him. And he was so Schwarzkopf where we mark no washed. Of course I don't think -- would be good players your. And I'm done with anyway. Part with acknowledged but he took advantage of other you know being on the team this talented players about David Harris -- better linebackers. For the jets the Bart Scott obviously ray was -- thugs whose daughter loading not a. It's here for gave -- A favorite -- here I don't problems here for him ought to Santonio Holmes. Itself would like to go on all of us are really go. Which -- well I I don't know if I have a whole list Richard I was it's funny I raid into one of these guys in Orlando spent a while talking to them that tonight guide person that I have to take them -- you don't -- Nike. Gym later. I heated usually hurts and he comes here and I didn't hear me when he came here. I hated you in the king layers -- game that was made -- -- calling himself being right. And it came here and I -- him so much are used to your former -- -- the bondage. To people you feature for Kyra here. Sure -- -- offerman was here I leave your roots charm the pants off him and charm the pants off -- but I think you know them for like ten minutes and while the normally go through a pretty good dude drop out of -- and. Remember when he. It's somewhat mistake and he wound up being released. Early from here yeah yeah like there was some. It may or -- got pretty heated about as an here's here's a great quote from labor I think they I think -- with the -- -- So Jimmy that your form. He walked around the -- very -- dugout saying. Our free Tibet are for your manager what's your world through a hot. I. Think in the World Series. If you know what I -- all of the joy we can't exchanged gifts that Chris burns. Well I always hated him -- would -- your -- to let him. Run again exchanged gifts at Christmas bird spoke. But that's just what about Bernard Pollard and a little eight knock on New Year's enjoy life. I'm ready to go. Out like right front and center on your areas -- for warrior who goes by god -- them. -- mentioned Bernard Pollard -- -- -- and root for him. Reality -- All of the Celtics seventeen NBA championships teams had players hated by other fans and other teams. He went over time people aren't going to like you whose most hated player to ever Wear a Celtics uniform. Ever recently it's cagey right. What the last thing here yeah. While listener to why people hate him yet. You're -- to -- was always talking always generous but I could never take into once seriously enough to imagine anybody anything. I thought who never took them seriously and -- and what you just have a good time. I would -- all time. -- my. Girl now if the current general manager he's the people hated changed among all my god yes because -- little bird. And Mikhail. They were holding accountable for players. -- -- good player. Really good player. But he wasn't great players and he explained all the that was -- Weiner that chemistry all the time that he trophy race. Agitator. You know he he probably hate to compare Arnold Kabul Rondo the most hated by his own and if know what it is getting appropriate this compares. To any change in 1980 victory. Was. Mario -- for. -- all not true no apartment turned his game but in what are. It's one of those guys are eager to re. Not sick any change in -- at times but can't get into his time with all the way through the meeting play let's start right. What kind of like an agitator playing with stars Mario Chalmers and -- like America certificate there near the little brother along with. You know Dwyane Wade LeBron James and just got the little swagger to -- that. You haven't earned. It's funny when I was about as acute -- and off but I I never thought of that. I never thought of him as being significantly worse than all the other mean Byrd was. I'm level himself by himself god daily agent and bird were and Modano was set I said I've heard was that level to sell -- and I thought of Mikhail is being made the next level along with parish. Ancient EG maybe not be quite the same spot but I never thought of them as being significantly. Like Chalmers vs LeBron -- and the you know the Big Three I know I never thought of it that way but I was a little can't -- for some good player is it. Hey I think if people view that I'd rather you just better at Mac I want access. You want to talk about our perceptive to wait for seeing that bet my exception he's better match your playing with your play -- great players and got a little bit of he was this much worse before you got. Stocks got a little -- actually. Little up and. Much like a street fighter from Philly. Facing a Russian machine and hostile environment. Better than wonderful friend -- earlier. -- you don't have the rest of it now. Olympics but -- -- a lot of people hate me and let it go. Look and feel about that don't. That it -- -- look at the -- -- fight. I've seen a lot of changes. The way. You felt about being. The way I've felt. But you. What. Five times. The -- series. You can change. You're -- your repeat Russians have been put up on the screen for this of the translation from Russian now. It's a complete -- -- -- Somewhere in southern -- in -- -- pants. Boston athletes have turned in performances great performance against their rivals so impressive once angry fan base is actually cheered them on which performance against the rival. Has been the most memorable. David Ortiz curse the Yankees in here. To a letter. -- -- -- -- Another letter here that -- yeah. And Ortiz vs the Yankees Ortiz and a poster -- round -- reverse the Yankees at the beginning so that the thing is it's it's. It's altered because at the end yet to call the Yankees daddy and it all the problems against the Yankees late in his career -- now -- Don't thing right now but it. He fell apart against the yankees' latest career when they became so good fouling off pitches and taking pitches that's where the seventeen strikeouts one hit performance against the Yankees. In terms of one single performance I think is the greatest that they Boston athlete against -- Probably jacket my -- Mango tree and -- -- it was the same weekend was that 99. Was the same weekend or as much later I don't 9899 days that you're somewhere. Of the -- adoption of recent comment that none out on the game the game and -- -- nine you know so. I think that was may be on Friday. Or Saturday. And then. It's maybe that -- group that the patriots -- New York. -- yet but with the same week it was a great weekend. Pedro shut down yankees in the one hitter in the patriots not up to the Pete Carroll haters is that -- president -- America I don't know. I was at college everything temblor with a senior -- remember listening to the -- game on the Internet. Blows fifteen years ago so popular I'm not got out of that it that though we have today and that's good for fourth. Like that most hated. If you think the most hated Bruins Chara. Over march why just the way gets booed everywhere and I think he's so much more well known I mean I am not really pay attention. Maybe -- -- I don't know I mean I look at it's that if the conversations not like I feel too strongly up as the market go to my idea. Might get that believing terms more heated in March and I would just say that I think there's so many more people that no charges when he goes to every opposing -- On the home notable him he stands out on the ice he's gigantic it's an easy target. Where's and the -- hockey players would know martian our hockey fans really know -- for everybody in the in the Rick knows we -- Would that be annoyed by the way. Go to your head struck the -- Brad -- gasping. And somebody there with -- caretakers saying okay. And your pain right now that they're not you know instead he wants cynical about the five most controversial projects at a admitted now like some of them umbrella stand -- right at the -- like I know you don't agree but I will stand by this and -- -- and I really don't give a crap who is more -- Marciano Chara I don't care. I think charge you say Marcia and I do not give a crap about that a minute now waitresses had no music not. I am not admitting that it now now what I will tell my deathbed and they've got what will go with me all the way until -- -- -- a minute left you may -- I -- get the people back your docket this alleged ruins the pocket edition of the -- what is going on Vancouver. Let's -- and what is wrong with the people in Vancouver we gave the short trip yesterday but it's a bizarre story mile Lucci and the people living Cooper and just how much they have not gotten over 2011 how much they eat him. 61777979837. -- -- your calls plus that axle Kamal WB.

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