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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/17/13

Dec 17, 2013|

As the snow falls, please ask us SOMETHING!

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It's. Time -- -- answer the question jerk -- answer the question -- Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question look. And Mike -- is here as well I'd like. This. Is funny. And it's. -- Talent that you might -- odd to me there's simply and it's right. 25 miles our prism and -- like it like pussy willows -- out there yet. And animals -- those rules. You want exercised caution as well but my god if you go to. I crazy. Seventy bucks a month ago at least twenty -- it is run by heiress restoration specialist your property manager -- or -- -- -- the disaster restoration and please call 8774611111. Or go to areas there are lots of questions. Majestic and that's excluding this is the best nickname -- -- sports. All of sports I think Jared Lorenzen at that combines to. What was the Pillsbury throw boy and have to. It's pretty those -- so you know like my for for reference you -- was that the prince of Wales. You know like -- are -- all time. It. Tony -- who should optical the notion of what you're making -- giving himself the case. The simple. And I earnings and your nicknames the man that. It's an imperfect eggs and the negative about that Carolina. General -- another great reliever Dustin if you didn't shower between wins and he went like thirteen weeks show orders columns in the manner and you -- -- -- Yesterday's. Explosion Monica. Guys you that I -- car. Windows yet. Speculation the people that don't have answers. -- -- -- back to my. You know keeping your car you during the winter but it. Keep flawless in your car now until well but I do that goes to floss. Now plus is the key that night to get to be doing the problem is you've lost during the day. Your breath reeks of that crap and no country normal for there. If you yesterday removes the food particles which cars that ran it right it is a lot of them like you know again nice out there aren't more knowledgeable than a lot of people think -- -- questions. My wife is whole another seven days old songs and church without. -- Should make homemade mushroom ravioli or just order Chinese ordered Chinese absolutely human ravioli does that sound is yours is terrible at it that's not involved. In other course given that -- -- Is that -- service. Like all these things he could never get delivered delivered two -- -- It has been ordering food right laughed that. If you -- and actually -- -- brains haven't heard about this how many times how many times during your during your day do the colors that are you doing. Every time chemicals like dollar. What they asked congress to defund UB OK I don't need to know what you're not doing well to callers -- ask you guys you were not doing well right. I -- -- -- having a bad day you're really wanted to today because we did that that would really pissed people I care your sports radio and I. Yeah it's your job don't complain -- people always say yeah I -- not particularly you don't really want notre. A -- and fire our. Viewers -- -- or Ebert. To Chris. You know having said that if you lie about people for a large question. Are you less of them and your girlfriend does all the teammate -- car -- know. You know what you've got my friend got a winner. You have got a winner. Yeah its outcome of assuming that she's just not a greased monkeys if especially if -- -- it just got a cup I. Well alert right away your mail and -- -- -- got some versatility story and other lug nuts for it now if you opened your germs pickles you can. The question wouldn't fight Paul Pierce Hitler. Up. You're pretty good question honestly birds got a little. -- job. Once survived a knife battle Anderson is office it was about twenty drunken battles. It's good question did ask a question in my go birds with eyes on them. Laws doctor Tuesday 69. Up the ice. Appears result days he's solid he's -- guys particularly fast in their Prague. And got them I don't know -- I don't know how to put both of their -- today yes covered by the rigor mortis is that a good for the product. Brooke I would bet that next plush offices about that yet. Euros you're already putting your papers and area and so that's -- written mores. Final question today two more -- got from you prefer white Christmas like -- -- -- Pollard and certainly -- And it's just the opposite and forced. -- of this round. You know multi colored Christmas. It and you and his lovely. Accused -- it and don't celebrate Christmas at a period I would think about it when you go by the houses that are ridiculously. It was a audio unit was he when it. Is right though so we've. Gotten. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My friends with what you're trying to say I'm not at all and other coast to. Oh. -- -- a lot. Art. I don't wanna answer this question but -- one girl one night who. -- giving a free pass of the night from ever among one. It's great to hear the caveat the statements. Wonder what it's my -- -- nobody nobody I would rather be with them. Your wife says. Hard and go protecting myself but he mode I don't like it got the job in Tokyo -- about your wife says you know Mike. I know what you dream. -- -- -- -- -- You can't -- secondly. What's the line from term it's a trap. -- -- and -- to worry about it. I go to doctor mark why question. -- -- Weaponized clown car once. -- Is it okay that's Michael -- -- -- Are also attributed to work a McCargo. That mattered -- mattered to him. -- comes along next robberies drive I don't and I yeah and Davis and his failure a couple of times you know he's have been the next one for the girl works from all the exactly. Plus why is it located -- married friend out and then try to make a move on power if you know she's not happy in America. If it is located take it that -- -- all around your your friend as a married yet she's not happy right. And I you know try to make the movement interpreted -- and to wait until she's -- apparently doesn't think about my Irish started a stretch why else would you be either with the right. Mr. for an hour I keep your friend like while she's very happy he's not half received -- is normally it's about -- -- -- now a bit. What -- a bit of a nickname. Captain captive for them Jesse -- on a juicy. Like a weekly occurrence real threat from friends don't know how many of your very -- reference to blow them week for week. Who's -- now though don't. You just talked him on the phone moment after. Don't read it together watch Harry met Sally together cry a little aren't all night. So we will go back to what to get home from work Mikey get awful awful -- yes I don't you better believe -- hours of Mikey to snow don't know who's gonna show -- -- based on the snow but I'm sure big daddy's delivered nice little at least we get to eat. Support of the back tomorrow Jack Edwards about -- -- audible alarm. If you could get her on the show. You graduate you'll want to highlight it's. And there. We're done we'll see you tomorrow by -- -- -- -- --

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