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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports: On the Shawn Thornton suspension

Dec 17, 2013|

McGuire joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Shawn Thornton's suspension and if the NHL got it right.

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On December 7 and Boston Bruins forward Shawn Thornton pulled Pittsburgh defenseman Brooks or pick out of the Strom. Yanked him to the ice and punched him multiple times causing serious injury. As the video shows. Horton sees a scrum developed just inside the Pittsburgh defensive zone. -- -- takes a few hard strides and approaches escrow from behind or epic. He grabs are picked by the caller kicks his -- and proceeds to throw too short punches that orbit while he is lying on his back. It's important to note that earlier in the same period. Or received a two minute roughing penalty for trying to get or picked a fight him in response to an incident earlier in the game. This cannot be described as a hockey player that -- that. Nor do we consider this a spontaneous reaction. To an incident that just occurred. Rather it is our view that this was an actor Richard evolution for an incident that occurred earlier in the game. The result of this action by -- was a serious injury to or -- To summarize. This was a match penalty for fighting under NHL rule 46 point 15. Corporate was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion. -- has neither and -- suspended previously. Cheering his eleventh season NHL career. The department of player safety is suspended -- thorn. For fifteen games. That the voice of Brendan Shanahan. Led all league should do you -- suspense somebody explain why you do it the agree or disagree. The NHL does -- right month -- 937 WEEI welcome in our -- Pierre McGuire NBC sports NBC sports network. Pierre happy holidays are you. So quick to visit -- it -- my -- here. Souls are right there -- -- -- -- don't want the guys has talked about the -- a -- right -- the NHL didn't always do it right. Can I tell you just suspend players in the when they would never have to explain themselves. As they explain themselves now for the simple reason. There are aware that on the road there's going to be some shoes. Legal matters that are gonna face beliefs and more -- -- with over 200 people. Are in pursuit again. Former players -- and against the league much like the NFL suit. And this is one of the reasons why when you hear credit check and read those. Penalties and not suspension and both are -- Shanahan words he's speaking of they were written by really Smart lawyer and an attorney not quite -- more like legal brief -- pension. Yeah I dislike because another sports football specifically -- all these head shots and fines and right and guys missing games you'd ever really get a a clear breakdown from -- for Roger Goodell in the NFL where is this whether Cheney and writing or reading at least. If you agree or disagree at least they put there in there it would their meaning behind -- at least they tell yet why they came the conclusion they came to. Grateful and totally agree. And again it's something that. Particular targeted. -- -- -- People Campbell really in the guys targeted but Brendan Shanahan. Who has taken it to another level I think that's obviously really important legal Ford and also to the players -- surely got the best comment on this by the right. I don't know if you guys the he you know fiasco that was that's a -- night. Richard though that the board of governors meeting in -- re told except the suspension and James you know there was about why it. It's unacceptable we don't want those kind of occasionally. But when it's also and -- me also note to our game and players are gonna make mistakes. But the players have to control themselves they I was really little bump assure our board of governors. -- let me start with with -- with all fixate on Ericsson. Did you see that is illegal is obviously the league did not. Well I don't like talking about it I could not treated me like -- an -- I -- look I thought it was totally prepared I did not see it as a cheap shot because earlier about -- The one thing I identity try to game and part of the open was celebrating -- -- I didn't -- and that was both are quick it is what -- -- the lock. And you're holding you know -- can be such flatly. You're all the meetings that aren't gonna bring the -- that -- the guy's gonna bring the illusion that counts that's what you look for when you're in the batter's box all hockey. What you call here or this guy this guy crawled all the character they like come now are on the strong side. You better have your -- -- because they're gonna come out and get chip -- part of your pregame preparation much as part of the sort that I think corporate -- was dirty picnic it was there absolutely should have been penalized for. So that leads us to the -- and play came on and and acknowledge -- that Monday appear you thought the ordinance would face a suspension did the league did -- -- -- company get it right. By assessing a fifteen game suspension to -- board. If you go back and check potential urged all these two gentlemen you what I thought the -- extension would be. And I share will be between ten and twenty games I really felt that. Part of that is because the an atmosphere that's around. That has shut situation. And your tax situation and on missions to other example I think I spoke she got the ball on. Our number one was extort him this year -- actual appetite for assault and situation. And you know what was Bertuzzi on Moore. In the Vancouver Colorado situation. And manage our galactic terms of -- situation and shot even to his credit them out of a chalkboard man like all everything but colonies of very different market shock to his credit. For what I did -- unacceptable. And he's right it was -- -- -- had -- appetite for that especially -- most current situation. I think history does does play a role in suspensions and I think you should all sports and I'm wondering. Do you think it was a twenty game from Shannon looked at the -- it's it will give you fifteen did today history play into those as something just want to get rid of. I think that -- that would be speculation by me -- October and then bought it but I really felt just from having talked to managers around the league coaches -- -- the league players around the league before I came -- with you guys toward distraught numbers out there. I really saw that there was a strong. Even the toughest players that I talked around the -- of the -- and -- -- -- -- -- what can really get. Saul. -- who's going to be double digits and based on what -- spoken to most people -- thought it would be. Altered the fifteen analysts to head in terms of how the suspension would go down. Yeah I'm just I was looking at that Bertuzzi in more hit you know fall were on the ice and -- challenging him and legislate them out back and ahead knock him out that was that was the end up being twenty games corrected to meet people. The people's view those two is the same kind of distract the guy just pull it -- and. A that it is viewed as vigilante justice. And I think there the more and more because this thing Lou. I think unify and there's gonna be less and less of an appetite for the vigilante justice and -- it used to be. You have a guy to replace the -- -- On your machine back in the old -- -- drawn up back to my truck -- some of the that your listeners that sure the insurance packet with John Ferguson. And and he did really well for Bruins center brittney back I may have been -- rightly. That got -- -- -- stand jock and back -- later might have increased violence salt if they had all the league doesn't have that -- anymore for those types of situations mainly because. They're becoming a very real situation legally. Based on what would be an apple lawsuit and now the fact it got 200 former players some of them obviously good players and some of the victims and a lot of penalties. Accordingly they were damaged because you know which allowed you know behavior that may -- what an acceptable. You I guess this question is more like internally right amongst the players and the code whatever it might be but the people. Look at a guy like or pick in -- six to 220 music -- here BC alumni look at the guys the snippet that big and you wanna play that physical. Then you should defend yourself prisoners some of that. Part of -- navy and he's not a fighter think you don't want to fight his previous three years is that really about the -- for and I think if you're going to be one of those guys to have an appetite for at all that you're going to be a -- you better be prepared to get hit an IQ Arctic lit -- couple times he dissolved on. By some pretty ferocious short track and bill one more thing I would say in another era that would be absolutely true but if you look at the penguins. With golf hall more -- because of injury. And you look at the fact they were depleted team and other even more depleted. They were could Orkut was basically -- emerge from his. Coaching staff not to fight. In Mac games because they needed them and I'll tell you that he was in Pittsburgh. -- after that incident to do one of their games and it's interesting -- talked as some of their better players and they often the same thing we don't we call war -- not to fight at the team. Because we needed on the ice because we knew we are at the Bruins like they've really respect the birds and how good they are. They struck the last year in a -- so they know without -- that they -- much of a chance to beat. Bought into and that's part of the reason why navy didn't play -- situation. I'll circle back to Pittsburgh we're talking appear McGwire NBC sports in the sport suspension. Are you surprised to hear that Sean Borden and the NHL PA. Decided to appeal listen do you believe he has a shot to get this reduced by either Batman or the arbitration hearing after -- I think that they did this because they wanna set precedent they wanna show that. Here's a guy that was never suspended before he's got keeping track record is not -- ball player he's made a mistake. He's acknowledged making a mistake. I think they're trying to set the precedent for potentially the next one of these that happens I don't think he got what you the chance in the arbitration process the commissioner Bettman on opening the commissioner ruled rule against Brendan Shanahan. That potentially was an independent arbitrary and obstacles that are Woolsey. But I -- I know what did you really well and unplug it does a great job representing his client. The NHL here into the your brother they -- show that they have a voice and that's -- I think a lot of this is because they're trying to. Create another process for down below where potentially cause some like that happened to date and saying hey we did this we appealed on board yeah we're gonna -- -- -- -- And you can make some public. I got to -- one quick follow up on the penguins -- couple the Bruins questions -- appear and you're close to them and able to respect the organization as an outsider. I just have a hard time with the -- message year couple years ago Mario LeMieux coming out saying we don't want the game. To be this way after that line brawl I'll write -- and embassies in the playoffs and now. Yell and Matt cook was a while ago between cook and between. On the Neil in neat to Brad marsh and and an egg with England on Saturday night in and one's got a guy. Lined up head shot it just get a mixed message there it drives me crazy because they wanna take the high road but their players as a team. Don't take the high road on the ice the case. Well the -- and hit I lost the game but I'm just an applicator and but the outlook about -- I'd. And I don't think about or armory -- Taylor knows he's trying to kill it now he's just to make our physical plant a player I understand the point that he -- it definitely. A bad play totally get that but again got the -- Are beginning to talk about in terms of the James you know think I had no I think that the penguins not particular you never talked to the stand up and defend them. So you guys can be more right on that. And I can tell you they -- the discussion with James -- -- after the game they did not like the way he answered the question with the media they -- an organization like Italian straight up they were very structured the way he captured the questions with the media. And he's he's already been occupied them. It terms of this team right now Pierre incidents Saturday night would be long Lucci outside. Not in Vancouver it -- from all indications that. He was provoked and I give them credit from the video that I've seen a list in the Lucic yesterday a practice he it'll sell pretty well it's. Is that relationship that the city of Vancouver. Lucic relationship as bad as it seems on the outs I was on things that have happened to me lawn and his family really since that Stanley Cup couple years ago. It's so fortunate as BioWare second what you just said -- I totally agree with you probably ought to have a personal -- now again. Boomer Loney could speak to this probably is all better than anybody. When -- pro athlete nothing good happens at nighttime establishment after 11:30 -- 12 o'clock at night doing you know that -- -- -- -- -- I know more of our listeners because nothing good that your professional athlete. Because there's always on top guy it's gonna wanna take you -- a nickname ourselves pretty couldn't do it on the plane. -- usually try to do it in a different environments such as the rules of the road block. Eagle on got to be aware that being said I think about when he played for the Vancouver giants it was a memorial cup MVP -- memorial cup for the Vancouver giant. He was bigger larger than like I remembered when he played for Canada in the old seven should -- your original game looked in Vancouver. He was the dominant player on the -- team a team that has. Brutality that has -- -- and that has. Culture that action and -- -- I -- now on the line up all the great players Lucci was a leader there was no love affair with this guy. But I can tell you -- Allen -- -- that's when the plot to -- for the Vancouver can knock. In each -- eleven Stanley Cup final I'd never seen it seemed more disrespect it. By those local media talking about the Vancouver media. On the Boston Bruins were they might as well not even showed up based -- what the media has written. It was unconscionable. That a sitting on the radio time all applaud because currently. I'd never seen it picking that up to the Stanley Cup final so disrespect it. So I started a long time ago. With this -- -- -- each and fort Watson -- I find it completely unacceptable and I like that at the time but the the Bruins are gonna. Stockpile all of a nation that they're getting. And they're gonna do it up and the guys at some point eventually that it. The air good stuff concern on this we appreciate the time and with this news came download for talking is very soon. Are you guys are awesome special holiday huge viewing your listeners and not. You know what the biggest thing if you got one heck of -- hockey team their voice how talented you got a good football team you got to -- -- baseball team you. And even a basketball team the tree -- -- toward the back pocket -- there a couple of the bureau. And their banged up and it's still playing well as our buddy -- McGuire NBC sports NBC sports network joins us really every week to break down. On the NHL so we said ten to twenty. He wasn't surprised by the fifteen and he thought those right in the middle what he expected only see like you know again at the Bertuzzi you know more. -- he's just fall runny -- his wanna fight just -- amount back ahead. Now that was extremely. Violent credit to me that wants you know and and jump -- run up behind the guys and on the ground and -- a couple times for the government not. Is in the same boat -- -- not as fit of violent actually watch what Super Tuesday punching back and had just not to clear out falls in his face. You know but fifteen games and look at it that way I just I just think the -- Would report -- 61777979. B 37 you guys have a chance to react to what you thought. Copier have a say in fifteen games of thorny grip salty fifteen games is ridiculous more your phone calls that.

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