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Mut Vs. Lyndon Byers

Dec 17, 2013|

LB calls in and goes toe-to-toe with Mut regarding the Shawn Thornton suspension.

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Are we get to all your -- calls it a second spicier buddy. LB limit buyers may have on the line LB what do you want talk about today. I don't. Wanna -- look and Bert -- I'll say that particular electric bickering anymore I want -- bet on big poppy. I'm not -- not that much is here. Not an actual or big pot become the count went three World Series. You're -- occasion was bought for 600 million dollar now worth one point two million increased the ownership. Financial. Pocketbook by 600 million battling what -- whatever you whine I make them our daughter and make them work and the -- Jack Perry. I like it and I. Ebola Werner Lucchino Henry Ortiz -- -- back to LP owner John Henry. Exactly and -- I think you heard I let you know I know broke. The last thing you need oil if you're you're it you're at Alec land under second bottle -- and that you know our entire downstairs. People tick -- auto it it kicked it -- The other -- worst case scenario party. Thank you say you -- -- -- to go and elegant dresses out there is -- I might take that back. Mom just say in my -- -- -- -- -- became although the comic about late getting to get weird. I don't know maybe at that point when it's like it's a select six people you know eight people let the -- that's -- -- that understand it but grownups. I am and I don't want my stick authorities chipping in the pocket. -- should have been -- Gave Yucca fire authorities should got quieter -- it will not. It is part of it wouldn't get -- got it to protect you -- It would not yet -- you know it got workspace in the network can't -- you know I don't know so carpet at last she and. All he's not and -- darker under the old days LB. You know I'm not another port agreement technical but the guy additional mental moment on Howard just the other making it out deeper unity you're more. It Burton dropped out from behind in the guy's comment. Not to come out you know it you know -- is inconsistent. And it got a -- it and and I think you know social media. You know between reporters being able between. And FaceBook and everything else I picked -- you know the outbound NHL on the. Social media LP he would tell a player from behind it he slope let the guy that wasn't looking at punched him twice what is Twitter app to do a shot -- attack and -- from behind. All really what do you do then what are you deal. He encountered. I know what you think matters and yeah and the vocabulary and turned it into something that that is more than it really it's what am I wasn't. If you -- It might if you could attract -- -- -- club ripped his -- thought -- is -- up and pound it it's pretty okay so in the world in the world. And a world of contact. Sports or was nice that people want it cheap shot -- the -- and the right is any pick he only got an eye on the right which is sort. Upon ultimate teammate. Earlier in the game and gotten up initialed the. He would hold on he got behind him he knocked them down when he wasn't looking slew put everybody him twice ordered a big deal. Our guys not looking at is big and a slew foot strip. I might might a cabinet that looked and I want I despicable what your stand because I'm on my way to go oh yeah epic and it would much rather it would have been Donald not out. Contact sports they -- So that so it's but the back side of the scrum in front of the net comedy. Goal and -- could become. Until the BR. I want debt to be at least three and -- granite that -- knock -- -- but after three -- for attack or from behind forget it all. You know we're going down a slippery slope here and now -- you know I'd I'd get that that that already do or why he shouldn't he. Online he deserves it being games -- -- -- what it deserves a lot. -- -- -- -- -- Oh and then. You should -- should've gotten more like we agree on that it's inconsistent but I'm just looking at just the important thing. -- if he gave up. And mark copycat McClatchy and I'll be honest. On -- I've heard rumors now that -- -- what is why don't waste and line. After after the game. And and in an envelope. Especially LP on line and you don't these are require I. The doctor come out and say shortly into it -- that everybody's -- Being around like get scared you know it all knee jerk reaction. And and and me in a ball rolling with the 700. Million yeah RB you know. Stupid and Bob I. The candidate -- players. There are just on your mind the slippery slope. That social media tweeting it's and it's an LP week you and I couldn't it's pressuring the president -- And then people that are run in the elite. You got to let you organize issue glad that that released police and -- and and check out wrong on it. Are you come down here anytime he can slew foot joy from behind explain to me what Orton did okay. Download it -- what I would never do that Joseph -- you have. -- would have won by what I pay you so good about what type. Of -- pay you money to do we view it. Now I don't say thanks -- -- as an everyday LB Lyndon -- from mud down the hall and jail. WA AF -- I'd do like about the grew more that if they were. He's listening still and it its base at this is like yelling you know after ridiculous take that they would bigger for the key entry now corporate knocking costs. That it was an attacker behind -- he agrees assault then begin with -- postings could jump around. The Bruins pop -- that every go shop orders that we all agree the best. I'm not sensitive we all agree that. On the ice -- -- -- well off the ice ask I -- Boston right. Does everything charitable. You name it doesn't wanna eat a -- in I think about it. The bad play. There of the suspension and it is. Have a hard time with some of that and ants and I agree and I could not disagree more they'll be a plot to bring a mob like calls on that call line. -- to talk about the Saint Petersburg thing. He's right about Iraq their late night why no cameras there. We'll get a break come back you guys a lineup Ortiz 61777979837. Mott and -- 937.

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