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Lou vs. T.C. in Somerville

Dec 17, 2013|

Lou takes on a caller about the Shawn Thornton Brooks Orpik controversy.

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He season's summer -- seat. -- or guy. Two point eight here and outburst first amnesty and people all hockey that they all -- Right OK it's the first shift of the game shall. Most important shift in a hockey game first -- of appear in the show -- Well they shall -- stops for all of -- Louis arch and needs to understand what about capital and when -- -- it down the chart you. We are not to read the play well that's -- -- -- -- wall behind. So much on him he's doing that play well you also need to understand -- a look at big hitter. -- -- Like I wanna -- told you might pinch so little but didn't want to try to make sort that I forest area in the port. -- are missing their top three different. Approach shall -- or upper right because he told it couldn't get. He just answer the bell and fight a guy that's ultimately what broken jaw. Break -- and so now we're out with a lot for the country so we've got to get injured or eight we were broken our country and -- People don't understand -- totally unique understanding gained a lot more and -- here and -- and. In America's. Retired wall like that. You can apply. Don't take pride because he doesn't want to he doesn't need. To control it all about I don't want to know about saint. Like -- that -- And you get it so all the usual dirty broad look at reality. That's not -- creepy. So you don't Pawlenty didn't drop broken bought went on in the week and weeks and imported -- -- and -- I. Does not TC ethnic Reynolds really I mean I'm not citizen he's got to -- the -- dollar but the Hamilton. -- -- sixty when he placed the physical style played in a -- excited quote. On eight TCU on -- -- from all 45 seconds to beat two seconds we have -- our. -- sixteen to -- money. -- Doug Hamilton challenged and he wants to play a physical style on the -- he's been known for. Then maybe you should have more than one fight your career no mean -- -- -- tell it like that what you think that he probably at the stick up for himself wants a lot. I know we're talking about someone playing hockey is a little bit because you buried somewhere and you have to fight. But I don't turn it into the government also I'm sure important -- tell that to that. What sort of sort of you know what could be added dual board he said no I don't -- so I spoke quite angle and ball flight somewhere else that you wanna fight. I can't keep getting dark it anxious silly -- and be able to pump some value a broken hand elements what -- what does that bill. Potential good it me c'mon guys and be what we do you. All you say you say you set it up people don't know hockey. An actor Gary yeah I guarantee you can grab any hockey player who disagrees a 100% -- you. In my -- why -- I don't really like for. Who are important yeah I know my number one you know British -- -- -- -- -- I say I'm out -- they -- and who do you play forty NHL that looked like he gleefully NHL HL would put the products. What what what you're not a lot older and generally I wanna see -- not yet wanna -- -- a local man HL locker -- I can't -- hall of -- That will be laid it well NHL -- TC will be played -- nobody there at a pretty cool question -- -- what took you can get I just ask you yes a lot of players in the NHL you have -- gradually but yes I am because you have polish answer. You have -- cancer. DC who bought facts you just keep talking a lot we just keep talking with is that we wanna deal. I asked UPS people in the NHL that disagree with your niece that plays hockey he played NHL. Learn and LG trying to turn that because I simply made a point. But not that you haven't -- out that it actually collect and. I -- out of that agreement already I agree with already we did not handle -- green light -- Q. Propelled -- take a flight. -- I -- I'm not positive of what -- against. Are and where urged against. A preached all our -- of the matter. Is. According to agree quite Patricia -- her -- seen. -- point I agree. Now what you do and I agree well. So so to crow at all the window doesn't get -- about what you look at the reality show that you should close a chance of people don't agree with -- TC. Look at that that's no problem trying to shape up by police and we in the league and our people are entitled -- and -- think in the situation. If you all sides. Don't have to -- -- but you -- also I'd look at it can simply say. Absolutely -- it would be. Stupid into a -- -- -- -- An -- you know I can already tell that I don't like you don't like them. It is that call you know I've I've played hockey down there at Edelman -- ranked player every Wednesday night again. All say it is that I've talked to some players do and abroad by the by. And Lotta times you wanna play like that they feel that you should defend yourself especially when you're sixteen to twenty. And if someone repetition go around beat a physical player -- -- -- -- -- guys. Obviously have to fight. You filed by studying able to bend his career SE. And you backed down from that he's been at least one committed you backed down from that coupled. And it's about respecting to read the league you look at guys or whatever you play elect camped on the respect drop the gloves if you because you play like that the fine. I don't know -- DC plays hockey. I forgot probably Iraqi. Joey about you Joey what are -- today it's shot you I wasn't even talking at TC -- we hear Lou it's easier battled back and forth. I take a shot and that -- that and that's not -- mutt played varsity basketball and baseball. Absolutely you just didn't play football and I simply semi pro sorry -- got the semi pro like did. I played and her girls and college that's basically semi pro. I dig -- four but finally he's yellow and blue you think it was may audio nuggets shrapnel there last I -- -- now why that. I just wonder why you're yelling at TC. And all the set on nowhere he resorts to not -- -- -- -- what I deal. Guys overall its overall point of all it doesn't have to fight -- -- is correct. -- -- what the Hamilton. I managed to stick a popular -- look at this -- the command big dude. Becky goes round in people playing physical -- he should defend himself in the Yankees got a -- -- real quick or get the breaks Alito -- Leo two years seven million just a second base and two years at seven million for -- -- want to watch Matt Morton. Pitched for the Red Sox in a second baseman to Brian Roberts a blue and in. Kelly Johnson gonna put -- Tell -- please -- -- calls and as you guys have lined up at 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 37937. And before 1 o'clock. -- -- present you with something to Derek Jeter does something or poorly Derek Jeter does. That I think might be a good idea this holiday season though going to.

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