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Is there a chance the Patriots miss the playoffs?

Dec 17, 2013|

Mut and Merloni take a deeper look into the very real possibility that the Patriots could miss the playoffs.

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61 yards -- Justin Tucker. Who took little. -- Doctors snake bit is. Still a good and it. You want. 0066. And they can't believe it and support me. Jerry sandusky it's got all. That on him -- like it laws. I cheerleading call the NFL. Broadcast last night for the Baltimore Ravens -- sandusky color partners. I know they won that game last night on a 61. Yard field goal by Justin Tucker how many fantasy leagues Justin Tucker will last night. The six field -- how many of those. Holy macro. -- 937 WEE I want a couple things as you told the boys and across the -- of football league talks hockey next -- -- -- frontier McGwire. But we confirming he'll learn -- confirmed. Detroit Lions are -- we thought they war and that coach Jim Schwartz who would put on the hot seat a couple weeks ago and said. Which coaches are out. Jim Schwartz top of that list right now he is dead coach walking in Detroit after what that team is done. Highlighted by Luther cape where you'd give up a touchdown about a weight you lose to Baltimore home. In a huge Monday night spot. Elicited if -- we said this awhile ago right this is their division to win. Chicago lost Rick loss color for a log on account fared better than him at port where he was playing lately. I had an -- Rodgers goes down you figure out gave Detroit Lions just sit there after their bye week. All right and and they find out during their bye week that basically. They just air rushes out. So gonna -- okay. Perfect is our divisional win. Right or five and three going to and we come out you win at Chicago. To go six and during a figure aren't they wrap up knock it away now and whatever. On one and four cents including a loss to Tampa Bay at home that Pittsburgh loss or we -- but that next day. And why he went. Who went four up like what it was I was up there like four more to what I seven terrible the -- -- for a fourth down yeah. It was just it was ridiculous bad timing is a fake that -- called -- Google. Yet they gave it a foot that to a rookie now the rookie -- and collided into one it got -- -- and missed the postseason pressure -- Because it's just your division picky when it now we can you want to use at home in league in a must win I mean how much that is going on really. Mean you look at Detroit you look at Cincinnati. And it seems that the -- to sit down with it there. Since he walks in the Pittsburgh and with that knowing that -- We Denver lose him but even justice knowing that those in -- like are we got a chance here we win this game we go up with a jump the number two seed. And they just come out flat down to anyone nothing right away it's like well they go that that since. It all these teams but what I think is near cedar teams that are playing well to stop at the bank. You know these guys in their Baltimore Ravens only -- because they've won what four straight now to go public some miracles in Miami Dolphins. Teams fight to get the number 61 most played at best although I don't like -- bookcase in the last two weeks. But it's it's -- wants to win this thing all last night Detroit had it right there this is their division. And Matt Stafford again UT waiting for him to make that leap one's gonna make that. -- couple of terrible picks the one he threw side -- -- line of scrimmage basically on the interception awful. Awful jobs and all the new coach next you'll be so high profile college coach we'll try to -- How or or gruden or somebody throw some money -- somebody is there's a lot of talent there yup there's not a lot of talent on that Detroit team in any year where Aaron Rodgers down. But -- came in for Cutler and the vikings -- the vikings you should be able to win that division. At some point where's the ghost Wayne -- Bringing him back -- coach that team in Detroit he get that thing done. With that curly areas. That's a joke. And on the other side is the exact opposite. A team that doesn't have much that talent as the lions a team that didn't get a great offensive performance from anybody last night but they found a way to win again. The Baltimore Ravens. Found a way to win again. There -- 35 earlier this year there were four and six and they were dead. And it was Super Bowl hangover. They shouldn't additional brought Ed -- to get help that secondary they let -- go what do -- do what Ray Rice which is probably still an open question. But why the running game can't get anything goal would act I in the ground. And they've now reeled off four games in a row and the way they have done it. The way they've done it. Marks them as a contender. Maybe Pittsburgh. Basically two weeks ago -- -- -- -- your final note that a deal in the final 103 to play stop a two point conversion to win that game. They go to the vikings last week where it's at their audience on wildest game of the year right. While this game of the year in the snow looks like the second time in the fourth quarter they are gone it's over goodnight. They get the Borland brown touchdown catch back at the end zone -- up 12 they win 2926. Last night. Get six -- and field goals. Is 61 yarder. You talk about there -- some teams that don't want a team like Detroit here's a team and I'm not sure exactly how they are doing little. But they want it and they are getting it done and I give them credit because in a year -- the AFC. We thought might have a day everybody else appears we now more wide open. They're finding a way the last quarter of the year to win games they probably shouldn't quite frankly. And put themselves in a position where they went out when that division. They go to the playoffs now is a wild card but they went out to be in Cincinnati week's seventeen. It when the division with ten wins -- three of five looked impossible. Apostle. Began if you look at that team going to that game. Six and one at home -- ball most up at all you know one and five on the road and they pulled that game out now. And at night that -- -- Baltimore and we know that they're depleted compared to you know last year take offensively what are you doing ray rice's run the football very well Bolden. Was got to get -- all that money offensively. They're not there. But then defensively they've lost some pieces. But isn't it just like an attitude. -- -- start looking -- teams right now do you look at teams -- the organizations in history. You look at the patriots it gaining in the going to be there. If you look at it Baltimore -- feel like they're going to be either that's -- last year it was last -- I'm not given up on Pittsburgh not given up on Pittsburgh and had a couple bad years -- because I just. If you believe in the Steelers sacked class. And Baltimore's oldest teams you believe in all it was one of those teams that they snake as a six -- They'll they'll they'll walk around like the other one seed you know to me that like fine I don't care what the sixty nobody wants to play us. Yeah whether they have that that the talent to go with that or not why not they just -- the year before. So that's a team than three weeks ago we're talking about all these teams there -- 500 remember those five teams tied at ticket five on five whatever was. 05 and six even. Should Baltimore's of one team you worry about now Miami's run in with them. -- you telling me gonna go in Sunday in the Baltimore. If you're really good about that game given the history that you've had against this team well I think. We you made that point yesterday it was a really good one that there is no team -- facing right now on the -- NFL. You feel very good about -- patriots -- mean you can. You proven I can beat anybody right you beat Denver they win the question is you lose that it would feel like -- given seven points anybody. Satellite to be there but would you put your money on the patriots given seven anyone in this league. The last time he said that. Because if you sit -- -- yeah of course it will look at Houston's to a twelfth. I politically it was fourth down. You know you lose -- -- -- -- fall into the category of yet they can beat anybody. In the AFC is no question that can also lose to anybody new FC. -- teammates. Not -- you one bit which I think the biggest difference in the world that Baltimore team the mental toughness aspect of this right it's a mentally tough ravens team. We say he'll feel comfortable I don't like I mean I don't feel comfortably talk about the history. How much of Tom Brady's history against the Baltimore Ravens factors and what you just said that as a patriots fans it's hard to appeal comfortable. About going into Baltimore winning acting Sunday and try to -- a playoff spot. Because some of these numbers the year superstar quarterback sat against the ravens. Don't stand out as pretty pork. Well they stand out as specially prepared yet Tom Brady we're talking about another quarterback roles in their Matthew Stafford whoever released. Miracle road guys in Stafford still kind of -- on that costs -- to talk about you know. The big fellas you know the great quarterbacks in this game are now last snipers that best efforts go to that next that next year. And if you've got the State's last night you're at home there's no call there's no wind there's no snow. There's just Baltimore. In eagle put that game up. Yeah step back. There's no question but what -- look Tom Brady three look at some of the numbers the success he's had against Baltimore recently. And really when you think about it when did you look at this team we're going back and look at it it started kind of it's it's hard to know seven right with that dominant. Patriots football team which is put up. Points left and right I mean just scored -- will. -- and -- -- and iron 07. In you sneak out a win. I was -- point 421. You sneak their game on the seventh one point seven Tony what three point -- that was it the first time as a pitcher -- -- -- instant while. They're gonna have a close game. Mean the patriots -- juggernaut. That was a pretty like gimmick because lost decade two of the four games before that came -- 27 point 45610. A buffalo. 527. And home against the Redskins and there were thirties and forties littered. Up and down there was only two games up only one of the game up to that point they'd scored fewer than twenty four points now is the colts Q when they only scored 24. And it was 2724. Monday night at Baltimore. When they start to -- you monies that are going that is jumping off point your right. There's band like it's is at seven games for regular season games. And three playoff games yet because you started with 07 you can't you can't go both you know before that I mean does an 06 under the picked. And that played him in 06. The -- middle five. In 04 they played in 243. That was the start of anything didn't play them and you know in all three. So it also article seven was the first time a buffalo was coming to a Baltimore rather it was like you know what. Yeah you get the best office in the world but we're gonna punch you in the mouth and Tom Brady you are lighting it up. You're gonna go eighteen for 38 for 47%. That game was that what the hell is going on here Rex Ryan two touchdowns one -- or 257 yards she's like that everybody up. And it just got open your eyes those speed bump won that game you move on and then it kind of started. And then and it's starting to look at a guy Tom Brady that. John -- seven. Is now what for three. One of these guys that's. If you include all seven games he's four and three. If you look at just the post season. He's one into ten against the ravens. And when you dig it down even deeper and you go to quarterback rating which for a long time I fought I fought quarterback rating looks I thought it was. An arbitrary number I thought it was just the 88 -- number that was a formula that didn't -- fight to the best quarterbacks in football. I have joined the revolution as looking a quarterback rating is sort of the end all -- the end of the year it's like Rodgers Brees Manning Brady. Those four guys always in the top and it just it tells you get a good gains as -- good year right we don't Russell Wilson -- Russell well okay. -- -- God forbid -- leave our guy I'm just say sorry salt effort got a guy from Seattle not bad guy I was work mr. Seattle over there political facts and the effect and it was there it's -- eight we agreed to -- a really good representation of how good you word game how good you work for season for a match -- whatever quarterback rating. Operating quarterback rating is indeed those seven games you mentioned four regular season three playoff games against Baltimore since 2007. Seven -- Those seven games combined he has a 72. Quarterback rating against the ravens. How about the three playoff games right where it gets down 20911. And -- -- face employers in a row one in two. On the win with 2320 at the end we're sterling Moore made a great play the knock a ball out in the field goal -- else. But there's a 3314. Loss of their 2813 laws. Brady's quarterback rating in those three games against the ravens. 56 point four. I mean I noticed -- how I bush I don't know how else to explain how we struggled against the ravens and why they are to -- easily on the patriots biggest rival and. 56 point -- especially you know what you need to be arrival. We've gone over this before unique competitive teams in need some dislike. You need to be playing you know what when it matters. So when you meet -- in the post season in 09 in 2011 in 2012. The last two to go to the Super Bowl. That's meaning that hatred that everything's on the line yep that's we got to go through you'd get where we want to get through. -- and Tom Brady you know those -- all seven games eight touchdowns ten picks. In the seven games against the in the playoff games three touchdowns seven -- I mean he is he's Tom Brady but again the numbers what they point out too is that. T sizzle T Suggs wherever you wanna say a they're not afraid at Tom Brady yeah you know there and we -- that was one of the biggest things. You know years ago few years back it was our -- intimidated by the patriots anymore. You know and I think the team's -- But I don't think this one is. -- as Baltimore team is one bit into human ethic they enjoyed the eagle and -- that we turn Tom Brady did just an average quarterback in this league that's what he has meant. Against them because him below below that -- he's a quarterback rating Lou was able Laver got right I mean that's. That's bottom of the barrel unaware 56 of rank and this year my guess you'd be at the bottom -- FL quarterbacks at 5678 he was average. The seven regular season games got a couple -- quarterback ratings and there the gets up to 72. 56. 56 in the three playoff games is a a loud moment that deep and -- -- that it is a thing to. You look at those three games the last three years right post season. And that's what we start the Baltimore Ravens are one of the reasons why the talk of you know Tom Brady not be in the guy is right to post season. We of people say dot com breaking get it done anymore the post season where you pretty much look at the Baltimore Ravens. Maybe the reason why you even start to talk about that kind of stuff. Right because that -- loss in 2010. Candidates winning at 45 couple touchdowns and one pick. You know inept one pick remember was the Wes Welker right president Wes Welker was was Paris for drivers at first driving you get around. But I think it would have happened appears there agreed to pass on it not an awful game rate of 89. Any look at all the other games not awful games at all very good games. The last three years you know jets like -- said they lost wasn't bad. Denver outstanding obviously when they beat those guys even a Super Bowl the giants. What do you thirteen fourteen straight completions and that's doable -- against Houston last year. It was outstanding to and there are as well with what he took a safety the Super Bowl that was on him and I don't that there -- there was all of Brady's numbers are giving you Tom -- -- games. Requisite Brady games mistake but at the end of that the numbers are close to a Brady game. But there's another limit our mistakes and Aries not a foul ball all the other went outside of the Baltimore -- -- your point is correct thirteen and three. Thirteen touchdowns three picks pretty gets its own nine -- every game except Baltimore yep pretty good. -- peoples are talking of a pretty can't handle the pressure break -- Brees did the patriots struggle against Baltimore Ravens that's what they have done. That's what they've done that's why that talked even begins. Its because of what Brady's gonna get the ravens in the post season. Everyone else thirteen and three we can take that. During thirteen just just three picks Rick what you've seen three touchdowns and seven against Baltimore those that that one team. Is while that conversation starts you that your this is your second half. Against the ravens last year in the -- you forget you let the ravens thirteen seven at halftime they outscored you. 21 zip in the second half fourteen nothing in the fourth quarter to win that game. -- last this is how you ended your season offensively. Punt punt Ridley got a -- the account and the fumble turnover on downs. Pick pick me that that's. Out -- all these motivation a year later but -- an offensive player on this team offensive line Tom Brady receiver. Punt -- route Ridley knocked out turnover on downs pick pick for the last six possessions. With a chance to move on right you couldn't do it. And you failed offensively there and that fourth quarter. -- a look at the numbers that we talk later Brady it's sort of jarring right and it's. It's the main reason why mental toughness the ravens and historically Brady struggles. Compare against other teams. Why you don't feel confidently subtle build confidence game on Sunday. 61777979837. The phone number 617. 77979378. TT tech slide is 37937. We see your calls we'll get to -- -- that's. The patriots played for a chance to win the division Sunday in Miami they failed. Is there a chance and only playing for the division but for actual playoff spot. In week seventeen. Against the lowly Buffalo Bills will talk about that with the guys next. It's certainly an across on right now so important that I can answer that question easily now -- inevitable. And we've well we've got to qualify and that's the first thing so. You know we we ought to keep winning and this. I don't think we've won enough games we have to win more. Bill Belichick yesterday with silken holly -- elude ID 37 WEEI he's right. Heading into week sixteen. As bad as the AFC is this year and it's parity filled as it is. As down as a division might be right outside of Miami. Your patriots -- not clinched anything. Out of playoff spot not the division not a wild -- nothing. They can't clinch this weekend they can win the AFC east with either a patriots win or a Miami Dolphins laws. They can clinch the AFC and a first round -- according to ESPN. When they win. A Cincinnati laws and Indianapolis loss and finally can clinch a playoff spot with a Baltimore loss where you are. Playing Baltimore so you know that factors and said I don't when this weekend. And they end up losing to the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins go to buffalo. And beat the Buffalo Bills. There's an area where the dolphins were to win things in the final week it's a New York Jets. And you were to -- somehow get tripped up by the Buffalo Bills. Knowledge which not all five of the playoffs. Not in the division -- You wouldn't qualify for the playoffs the dolphins win the AFC in Baltimore wins and you would be at home -- you'd be home for the year he Baltimore. Went out. Miami to win out -- if -- you lose out in your on the playoffs. Now is it possible I. I don't feel good about this week and I don't think they're gonna go to Baltimore went. I really don't know -- -- Miami go to buffalo. In win that football game I don't know is going to be snow was a team react. They might they might lose that game and the patriots could still clinched division. Right by losing. So it -- Miami loses. But yeah you're right guy I would not be shocked one bit -- a walk in the final week of the season home against the Buffalo Bills. With you needing to win to win the division. And needing to win to make the playoffs. A ball that was not the go to Cincinnati and win that game as well yep that's her final week of the year which will -- which will be a difficult game for them which will be a tough game for them. But I toll envision this going to buffalo. Needing to win with a one game lead over Miami -- one going game lead over everybody else is what -- everybody says they're ten and six guess what your route. Baltimore and if Miami wins out you lose a Miami before -- division UB three and three to lose to buffalo -- You Lew said dead since he was a -- the Baltimore. Initiative don't. They're not worried about San Diego Pittsburg the jets they would not factoring you'd get in over any of those tees because the most losses you can get to a sixty -- lost out. And the Eagles teams all have seven or eight losses respectively. But that's an even that scenario that you have to play yet the beat buffalo I expected -- -- favor pretty heavily home against buffalo. But the first year coach and Doug our own. EJ Manuel build a -- and the Buffalo Bills would be like coming in here to Foxboro knowing that if they beat the patriots -- -- -- by the post season huge motivation even forward you know so. I think that's how comes down. Again Miami could could lose to buffalo OK but. I just don't see them I don't see them win this weekend -- early on the -- Friday. You know you look at the way Baltimore beat the patriots in the -- clog up the middle of the field make Tom Brady told outside receivers who would that be. Removing the football that ball down the field is pretty much adamant that it would dole across the middle field rushing every two weeks ago and up this past week. Three clog up the middle. Now where we go with the the biggest concern I have is this offensive line. Mean Baltimore and get after Tom Brady they've done in the past. Human IPO would you yard without -- right tackle to BO without you left tackle. And Dante Scarnecchia has proven is all wrong time and time and time again. You know Mickens at left tackle Klein left guard. You know Q and then you look at this -- -- this offensive line saying you know we've seen healthier better offensive lines didn't beat up by the Baltimore team. And then not their -- and they're not juggernaut but -- they've they've snuck by the last three games for people out there. In Baltimore my understanding of people out there talking about this -- for example Mike Preston Baltimore Sun. Ravens -- ready for prime time. Now everyone will take the ravens seriously is that the win yesterday of the three remaining games they had their schedule. The ravens won the toughest one Monday night -- beaten alliance in Detroit. Now mind you they have the patriots next week -- the sun and in their. At Cincinnati. And beating. Detroit -- team. You know on the road Monday night. You know by 61 yard field goal. And the way they beat Minnesota the week before Pittsburgh other winning dislike the page or two doing here but is -- a little bit overconfidence. That's you know it doesn't need much culprits special to play it when the patriots they play they hated to England patriots next week and the T bank stadium writes Mike Preston. But the ravens are afraid of the patriots. In fact they played some great defense against him in the past and have gotten -- quarterback Tom Brady's head. The patriots also it'll play any defense so there is no fear. What did they ask you people like Patrick all the lined it up with that and say in the ravens have no fear in the patriots. Because of the past. I hope they should. I just hope they show and activists say what you do you Amerigroup pick in the game today epic Baltimore. -- what's gonna change you do now and then and I Miami probably goes and beats. Probably beats buffalo although we keep saying these things like pay the Denver loss of the pictures up the win it and number one seed -- That it happened at the patriots lost little or cubs Cincinnati they'd be Pittsburgh tonight airline for the number two and it that it happened. But even that the city were two weeks to play in this ridiculous NFL season and the scenario exists. That if you lose out. And the ravens and dolphins win their games respectively. You -- don't win the division US the post season attendance six that is a real realistic. Option year. And it feels like that's we're headed towards at least it heading into week seventeen you're gonna have to beat buffalo qualify. And now obese up on the -- a peak of the season week seventeen. All the things as teams had to do not going to be Doug paroled frisky buffalo team come in and that's a scenario laid out you feel confident. In avoiding all that by being Baltimore on Sunday 6177797937. The phone number matte -- for Syracuse we get all your calls on that. Take it is not a copy help Barrett and I'm really excited you know I. It would. Go it was very excited during a press conference that. But yeah it's exciting morning but right now I think it is trying to be out of all the this year. Mediocre. Team like Cleveland are all up it's playing really well. Jack Jean Eric -- playoffs I'll -- this Sunday night. I've been happy -- -- -- -- -- at three that that mediocre Steelers Jeanne just made sense that people bat. You know I -- I think -- them -- for patriots fans the Bill Bennett pupil gains -- made any of the. Exxon battle but I think Miami the march 13 apostle I think there's pretty good chance that the -- -- comes out of there are a lot. That would change everything right now would -- make life easier for your Miami loses and you take care business you're gonna win that division. -- Miami lose and it went out to win this thing so that would change a lot of again to buffalo -- -- unsettled -- -- can be settled. Until this final weekend mean nothing. I. Honestly -- -- Denver's gonna win now really mean. Denver right now -- would -- we know about them I mean it. Those eye opening game the other day I fell against oh against San Diego so -- I just sort of look at and say well. If anything be determined any of these things would you be shocked if if the Bengals and ravens are playing for their their division title next week no the patriots need to win the Gideon's. That that the chiefs and and in the -- in Denver Broncos are still playing for the number one seed. Anything and he's given right now selling season mass you wanna tell me that the patriots are still find a way to be number two seed okay. Ought to with a 61 tell with a running at every one of those things seem plausible right now. With Baltimore schedule by the toughest one left of those two patriots up buffalo and a bad at in Denver pour -- properties -- Steve note on -- road. Other at Houston and out Oakland. So for those of their word about big Manning and cold weather. Not so much not gonna see me they feel like they're getting a thirteen three -- have one of those top two seeds but the scenario is there where. I think you're right about this I think you are heading into week seventeen of the NFL season having to beat buffalo. Richie on Twitter says -- -- you -- in my view that the patriots lose the buffalo. They -- citadel is the buffalo. But the fact that scenario even exists but you're gonna head into week seventeen in a -- what -- -- -- our own opinion piece out of your mind with anything right now. You watch the Cleveland game. Did you watch the Houston game. I mean I feel -- -- matter who they play. With five minutes to go with four minutes to go with seven minutes to go in the game. Number he's gonna have an opportunity to tune to want to win it 'cause they're trailing or maybe sop up the caucus are up three or four rookie who play. That's just with -- Iraq right now -- be a game in the fourth it would I think it definitely gonna lose but I didn't go into that game having to win. Is that they don't lose they're out and that's -- percent of the buffalo. 6177797937. AT&T text like 37937. Your thoughts. -- as we get towards the playoffs that scenario need that win against buffalo potentially. Just to get in and we get right back to your phone calls next.

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