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Sheriff Hodgson on Aaron Hernandez's living conditions in prison

Dec 17, 2013|

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson joined the show with an update on Aaron Hernandez. He told the guys that he has had a successful transition to prison life and that he receives no preferential treatment.

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Share of Obama's -- at Bristol -- house action on joins -- on the AT&T like good morning Jermareo. Not surprised by the Easter it's about the last couple of days -- Aaron Hernandez has at least enough contact with inmates who by the way claim to be his -- and as in cell -- Information contact with an outside. The corrections facility is that generally accepted price practice. Well no we don't we don't encourage obviously. But that there's no way to prevent even especially as -- unit. It dates from from talking outside they're prepared to be important to keep people that are either you close proximity here. Perhaps walking -- so. Bob -- we are investigators have looked better we first heard about it it go to the -- determined that. In fact nothing was passed to the other the other individuals because of course years. Over one person that you can get aren't so we're we're in serious breach security or would be the case. So so Aaron Hernandez does not have a cell might he's he's isolated by himself in his -- That's correct right everybody and his unit's current individual cells have only one person to load it's hard. You get the fascinating question I think everybody has on their mind is how is he adapting to prison life I mean I -- not even sure you can tell whether there is great contrition and remorse is he miserable as -- adapting well. As best you can tell a share. How is Aaron Hernandez is doing in lock up. Well you know bottom. Surprisingly well then it took some people are. Or better that than others some people. If you're. Because what really introvert type you you can probably have a few more difficult time than most some people are good. -- compartmentalizing things and and able to adapt to all kinds of certain situations so. I would tell you that Paramount which -- achieve personal kindred. Is that there's this position is staying. Production. How money letters does he receive sheriff I mean we know that these women these groupies are out there -- have famous. Inmates is he get like Bob. -- box full every day and clearly he passed a problem along to his friends in the in in prison. You say that's against the rules. I know -- -- the liberation at all he he actually. That would -- to get school because that would have been a contribution to. These past that that's not permitted so here. He he probably. Was able to go that its position as those two individuals -- -- Portuguese or use. Even though they've all -- -- so it's still. It verbally right. Not prepared to worship and so -- of course consultant -- so. At any rate but but I would tell you that that you know we are very. Careful to make sure that will be fully go with something like this to have somebody a real character contacted by a the debate that has no. Affiliations or relationship with the person that circumstance like this would picture of the people who -- Notify us for all applicable that aspect information because. You you can begin to get any consideration to somebody who is sort of the hero on murder torture. Some other. Such a -- to what have you immunity it'd certainly be thinking here is being actually broke you but ultimately you know they're able to. Sort of draw you really think we got information that could come back can. Page weeks 12 years later that could be very hopeful trees and so. There's not a good good -- for people who via closed due to be community -- They had -- it is it's a few questions at the number. Letters can be we don't have recorded about. Coming here. -- -- case. Is his day to day life different there was we talked to you 23 months ago has there been changes now he's been a little bit longer assert. More freedom within now worldly may have had a hundred days ago. No actually it's not this pretty much. Religiously. He's glad that Rios. The -- -- Arab -- for -- phone calls sure. Another our -- gate where he could walk around -- you -- -- to -- small. Before calls and -- later in the day he gets whatever -- in the news article outside. But that Mercury and he just basically bricks today and he's leading -- twelve. Chain link and it is basically what it is. Didn't know -- quit drinking Beers we have that's what we -- you know. Basketball court. -- actually talk to court should be yards it was separated. For two separate -- would talk. And that chain link. And that's outdoors is not. And what does he do when he's in there are no equipment disease like run in place your pushups or what does he do. Well yeah that there are a lot of group could too cute Q so -- particularly grim. Reynolds didn't feel it is pretty quick for the basically use it because. He couldn't sit ups pushups. The other men who walked back to work in the -- what to expect twelve feet so. Perhaps that's the extent of it. Is he still without TV and radio in his cell. I -- he's done. He's without. I'm doing drugs -- until you're right there's a long time so. This pars -- radio goes he was able to purchase a great year. Would be double you have to keep him. I don't believe -- to radio. This point I'd have to after the trip. What station as he listened to the cut at a. Well that's a good question and I like who took the -- if -- -- probably you -- against that. But I'm not really sure what he's listened to. What does he spend his 21 hours doing other when he's sleeping and or eating does he does he read a lot to -- request a lot of books or does he just sit there and stare at the seal -- reader it -- Due to the enough -- go to prison library Honeycutt to books to people bring them -- you. Welcome Amazon. We have -- library but could it passable Arctic -- -- -- -- you. They can make -- breakfast bookseller. He's not allowed conjugal visits yet. Correct. We don't have conjugal visits here we don't. I -- to all street it's attribute but -- That I did because. If you kick outta prison and it. And if you want to get off drugs the people to avoid -- of this war can be capacities and really we could go. So what we did was we should know Crocker is offered a preview of some gross. But the couple questions about it which. But I assume he does have visitors and it's done through glass -- on a telephone type of set up is that correct. He grabbed one hour visit to week on our league as a tourniquet which distributes to department. Which parts -- he's -- but he hasn't -- -- attorneys. He's only allowed one hour week totals so if you wanted to have three people are you surprised that I'm up. Those people that whatever he can do that but them peacefully -- And generally speaking is that our filled up is -- somebody visiting with him for that entire sixty minutes or somebody's. I don't know that. Each week whether or -- that's. That's the case that would probably -- some Milosevic -- and trying to feel around it would it would it would pershing so. Are you surprised I guess given how much fame money and comforting and the outside these -- would. He described earlier -- you know for this a fairly easy transition to this to this life. Well again -- I think people feel that the people react differently some people are are very good compartmentalizing things so. If you really good at that. You need to -- did acknowledge pictured here. So people can do that I shouldn't say it is. Approach but he he he seems to be adjusting. The -- It's. It is not a compact forward to would be for many people. In the workers -- so. It is I have been people ask a question. When you actually. He's been in the public courtroom -- world of their shots to achieve that. How could somebody. Should be. This'll be. If they're -- and but the decision but the people are very good some are are able to. To just believe it -- not pretty well. We we we we like his style sheriff you know that we're big fans and told that before but. It's not too late to to run for governor if you thought this. The let government. You know breaker tripped the you know I look I I you have under that I lived through that they're very yeah. I'm fortunate plates will continue to structure practice a lot like I do what would. Washington -- obviously Christian reformed issues Washington. -- work with with the chief with the state level like the -- Vickers jumped into the situation you know execution. Greek unity. Point fortitude to business monitored. It I really want to see. To duplicating the positioning corporate -- they sure. Can help the best used for tomorrow I'll. I'll participate in whatever where kids but to. Right now I'm pretty happy do what I do -- from the opportunities -- Probably spot. -- before we let you go is Aaron Hernandez bear in your facility. Until and through the duration of the trial. That would be what our expectations that would be the reason we go to looks to discuss -- changed -- -- -- treatment but I idea. I would anticipate he will be here for for an underage. And what are you can tell is he a well light. -- by the other inmates -- -- and that's if that's even discernible from from where you set. It's that it stopped to that we haven't had to be secured -- special interest unit which gently. Priests is pretty. Secluded area we've -- computers -- get a real sanctions post the general population but as far as we -- there hasn't -- been -- -- for these things go wrong. In them to interpret status -- What what's your favorite prison movie. -- Shawshank redemption. Levee you know I don't watch TV much and remember I'm not a big movie buff put on before. For someone like her but I get I get -- To watch a lot of movies here. That'll cost a lot of time watching works TP -- them. The end I would you have -- -- ask me what's good -- -- begin I think that you won't be lead by. -- talking about it you know conditions here with -- -- We would ask -- which we -- it wouldn't soldier would you rather communities. In the right place to sit here credentials but on the exit line because. Kids political culture and definitely does it effect this is geared to it's that would be the future. Vehicles. That's real real favorite football and so. You know to see. For your covering this tendency of letting people know of each of which refer to a seventy square itself. It. Flash and so -- something that think that sort of execute pause and look at. What really happened like. What -- quote politically. It could be in this kind of situation and hopefully they they apply the lessons to their own lives if they did situations in life. Matters should. Of course he -- until proven guilty nobody knows the outcome of this. But even regardless of what the outcome is you couldn't -- a place like this. Even if you just associated with that people -- -- -- -- to but those which we -- It's just a you're you're you're piloting these specific is a great lesson. For kids -- you compare it looks like it prison which don't would be. Situations you afterward. -- final question for me any special accommodations. Menu or freedoms available to. Aaron Hernandez on Christmas or through the holiday season. No we don't. You know if you look let educated you're right I have been recruited me when it was -- sort of you know could be treated better and -- that it but he -- -- -- -- -- And cheers and my expectation shall follow them but will be due due to special treatment treated justice. Equally well as everybody else has done. -- now -- will be published. It's -- cost force -- can look at you differently so he's so far he's he's so. -- -- -- The real issue. So also know company party no Yankee swap no big -- nothing better on Christmas what's Christmas like for the regular inmate -- a regular Christmas Day any different than two days before two days after. And then why not not really and what it's that it's just we never. Actually the bishop bishop Colbert comes here. On Friday -- mask for the but it will considerably televise a -- -- -- for the sort of anticipated watch. But other than that. It's another day. There's nothing special. In them but -- with WPP's. Vision and -- Particular but but it's not it's it's not them. We look at this Christmas -- -- different than the other day. Chair ought to always a pleasure talking we have thanks for the update the information -- -- a happy holiday we'll talk -- down the road America. America's mister you sure Tom Hudson from the county house of corrections. Just another day. And how many of those are just another only about. I'm only 5040 year has been years worth of 150000. Days while the new yeah. How fun Aaron -- was worth it. I mean old Lloyd did talk to -- yeah and he taught a lesson don't forget he was not he's not gonna talk to -- other -- other guys in the club ever again only 141600. Except that's just another day.

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