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Hernandez's love letters

Dec 17, 2013|

The guys opened the show by discussing the love letters sent by Aaron Hernandez's cell mates. The guys have quite the writing style.

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In the interest of full disclosure. I am in prison for beating up a cop. All about EU. How you do you do you do it and these guys arts mood if nothing else not yet unbelievably. Smooth -- -- back in the day. -- -- come up with some of these lines like no you go what's your favorite color what's your favorite color of art of about. You know we -- wondered how old AH. Aaron Hernandez would get along -- -- well. Apparently he's used to it okay and it's not because he -- star athlete because he told them like integration Tom Brady's someday he said. I'll share my prison women show that well not -- -- My -- pen pals I mean can only handle so much is that. And women in his life yeah mom. And cellmate he's got two people Oakland of his roommates as far as we knew he had no correct. Yet he's -- -- question these guys these other prisons I think he might be fudging the truth now it's that it would do that now they wouldn't. -- -- -- It Rondo Rondo on the -- and on and on Rondo -- -- -- -- -- job and well which what is more pathetic. My name is Ronnie but I -- Rondo I'm 21 Portuguese and Italian. I've got 65. -- 21 in the 65 but it should get its pirated. Well it is an antiseptic. Hundred dollar asset -- an -- at least sort of 21 -- you guys -- time -- -- goes on to say I have hazel lives. I'm a good looking person. I promise you will not be disappointed. A 165. Pound singular 165 pound. I have a six pack and I more lean and cut up rather -- both. You do as I like that. A public is the average -- to. I don't know what is the hundred -- out of India summit at least a hundred I would click. Probably a couple of -- this has spent -- ten grand grand on that she's 21 it probably dealing drugs or whatever steal and rob and you know. Probably has their -- or in part -- money illegally and anti defensive -- the picker value life is going to rob a gas station the patriot tattoos. -- And they just -- into the -- -- me you know it closer and closer exactly right he says I'm currently in prison for beating up a cup. So tell me about yourself. And that it's hard to do expect me it's about to tell me about yourself. What do you look for in a man what kind of music do you listen to and what's your favorite color. You haven't children. The -- give -- some -- with the ball and chain. Like the other guy though he says he's John it. Long -- here but normally he he gets the two. You get when you like the one and a half the one. Are against the two and has that -- up when he's on the street I do the same thing and he said. He's in prison he's so he's more high lows. Mama always ridiculous I don't I was just -- -- where I should know mentally subscribe to the -- -- more. Pilots both prison you know and commandeer -- -- prisons and and obviously -- the prison stationary in the present then they have that common yes. You notice what else they did. They both spelled the same word wrong -- -- dual. Paper it. I believe the bulls will receive wrong call I argument -- and a baseball our runner up like Agassi that we don't do the before he added Tyson doesn't have to see possible but FaceBook which is nice -- I was shocked when you get these two low life plugs. And they it. The last names that we -- consuming. I don't know unprotected redacted yeah we don't know the names or their ID numbers but the -- line quickest. As we know Aaron Hernandez has no room and but the -- kind of charming I was surprised there's only one misspelling is not that many grammatical errors. Well John out does Rondo with gusts -- Loveland are yours are you -- You go my name is John I'm Eric Hernandez roommate was ballroom it wrong -- that's true. I'm 21 years old my birthday is October 2 which makes me. Oh leave for a reason he's into may. And -- -- which is a step above what your favorite color right supposed. I'm currently doing eighteen months right now. But I've been down for fifteen multi John -- quickly did prison. Logo that means he's been in fifteen I know that a bit down -- yet it and yet and yet if I'm currently are doing eighteen months right now. But I've been down for fifteen months already and get out in late January. She's Scott got -- -- and you're ready right after the laughter it's winter again. Man get up and out. I'll be looking for if you or another misspelling so interest it more dramatic in finding out more about me. Then you'll write back and find out more. You have to look at the classic -- your -- and finding out more about me that you're right back and find out more about all that's true by lord. -- -- -- -- he -- and yes that's the that's tough on her anger at the end of don't -- -- -- -- Jabber. PP ER panel rappers differences that that the political -- neither guy has any word lacrosse you know when you're right. And have a -- -- have a -- draft yet it does seem kind of but it is also looks like it's in pencil not so maybe there was an racer -- ball. Yeah yeah surprise you the pictures the three c.s will accuse -- editor -- TV IP the that cricket penmanship so too bad not bad -- -- mine boss Alex. Oh by the way to seek you care if you if you care John is about a 180 pounds 62 in -- light skinned with dimples. Right now I have curly hair by rock in number two. With eight people. On the street you -- tape to welcomes all shorter and it's partly just the tape and it could be tonight as the latest fashion could be -- Soviet maps he gets off the street goes this -- just makes people off. Notes he's always. Check out you get -- cut down your not -- -- down there where you're out via free. Oh what you get what you get out you're always on the street that's just the way it is -- not laughing at this and just. Having a making good sport of assume that. The girls addresses that eight H is handing over ensuring the well where. Our young women who contacted him to try to formulate some I leaned over. The ship yes yes yes this attractiveness to attract goodness prison group whose bad boys -- group which is frightening I mean. -- -- making overtures sending letters to murder idea to let them take cold blood that -- -- again to what in the same reason girls that you and high schools some chicks like danger you know. What I don't receive -- unavailable different levels of a danger you go. I mean could you Matt first ball I think missiles that trend because they sold them to TMZ. So any chick who gets. Even the Aaron Hernandez to write you back just one of his bunk mates writes you back. I don't know what their I don't know what -- teams he's paying for this and they played. And grant for -- letter yes as importantly had a chance to Biden bar stool I believe. And he revealed what it would cost. And that right and aisles yeah -- to those of -- has been less bright but look at these rules loser -- in the mean whenever they offer him pack cigarette right to the -- -- the ones whose oldest teams at least a couple of grand -- so -- at least a couple Graham says three and checks. Just an -- Probably perfume on yeah you know. That's good point well now I mean before it probably was chicks but now -- be any but he. Anyone look them is way better and dollars right right it will hurt earnestly as we wondered if it was supply is -- -- he knows we'll sell the register and taint the jury pool -- gains and sympathy. In this case you know it's alleged do you think John Enron or appointments and policies that to relieve traffic I think -- there are no logical that's a certain guys and girls -- get a conjugal visit but. I think just the 65 tattoos. Some checks like the ballot -- stay out you know that he had to he had to. Assessed that from afar based on whatever. Letter he read -- Hernandez gave him from her to think that telling her that he gets 65 -- and beat up a cop. Somehow some -- be attracted there I can't send -- fees -- obviously nowadays. You make in the moves you can send a picture it's assembly -- picture and -- right. They can't do that no that's why dimension face face -- you can check. Me out on change of face then we can do -- to -- and yet we have -- -- name. We with the last name we consider raw deal redacted from Bristol -- my -- tolerate it is not Rondell. L Ronnie looks like old Ronnie administered active that you -- them. Don't we should do let's culture of caution and just the -- -- -- on the whole thing just ruin their fund that you know and Anderson shares his letters you'll see you'll you'll say. That's against the rules would stop -- -- if you Wear this at let's make sure is aware of this 'cause he might not be a -- DMZ. This -- we contacted much lately. I have like called his office last week and I don't know responses booked the person in his office responsible we have talked about yet possible yet and Adam said the report over -- and then socialists. Which -- that was -- again let's find out -- a -- spends the whole dates. Would you like to know. He's got some of the most wonderful time of the used to get the put. -- -- and treatment. Plants that open point seven points he makes no cell it is telling it. -- -- I. You know what did a -- and president hole made missile like -- -- and I asked whom do you pick a little. It would appear to robotic. These guys opium -- What are they end up would have to 65 that -- Rhonda it's -- meets that put -- and they have like. Connection relationship and they get married have children they will always O and general McLaren. System couldn't every everybody likes -- Thursday that -- and -- -- uses that by doctor bits and yes my wife pregnant to force I talk to women speaker just did finding out more bomb right back and I know more about the middle of that mindset it. And now I'm trying to picture what's going on here. Think Aaron and his hands over every letter you know human right around -- I'd be selected he selected via the picture yet again I think. And hot people cleavage the whole thing and tasted like when he's noting -- keeps well he hands the ones over look like his cousin. Exactly yet. Which one of these but it stripper of the -- -- the cell mates gets the days cousins. On -- fetish that everybody's got -- chasers aren't watchers cousins that it. That that that thing. That she. Has. Let our actions. Not -- we all know -- compel. DMZ to redact. On those ID number on those last name John's last name as a legal reasons Johns. -- message lawyers how ya Harvey Levin has -- -- it was a lawyer the other people in that room when he does that show -- the lawyers that analogue and they don't chronic girl. The market is lawyers -- in the back -- that -- -- right guys -- obviously Mississippi cup. At least in this opens up in the as and then -- -- card actually come and of course Leachman -- -- at the drugstore a prescription and as adults on the Mexican sarcastic common armies -- -- she's still alive it doesn't look. I just what you are at the you know what he's probably make him off a fortune. In the we have the this this is what they do mean the costs entertaining it's very uncharacteristic of heard any but now that oh. It is just called so you know somebody with the world that there will say yes. They have the money in the Gibson home from them. Prison groupie chizik. Couple grand. And here we are talking and this is the fact that these two prison groupie chicks. Let these letters to DMZ for cash a bad sign for John and run and get right back -- It makes it's -- not excited just using you Rondo. I wouldn't wanna mess with a more gene Rondo beat up a cup. He's like it'll be Oilers guys like you know written in the Shawshank redemption smoke comfortable -- in the its idea. More comfortable. In prison life do you think -- is gonna make -- in the notes and maybe learn a trade is January -- -- -- Johnson we don't know how long I don't know he beat up a copy. Fifteen million. Produced what was he was he -- before it did the teams includes the lawyers on the People's Court yourself -- do weird career before that TMZ stands for nothing that just votes on cool. DMZ DMZ -- is demilitarize are correct which should be cool my name. Was -- hands that account and we could call us DMZ DMZ. In the ministry and Kelly let's go out and -- -- regrets -- another would that be cool if we were DMZ DMZ just sounds cool. Sounds sounds like we're on the road with as the -- said. On the street. Yeah yeah DMZ -- element that usually -- at the tape up like -- -- -- come up with a nickname the minute with a Z. When Coleman like those who landowners and banners. And yet when you think short -- those who ran an optical -- -- guy -- -- just argument ahead involved here you know this contract negotiations. You don't sticking point -- and -- -- not get enough credit yes not enough -- not. Pride hurt this guy. I heard animal that is true right I heard his guy has dug his heels on not like the contracts not money. But on it -- say Dennis and Callahan. Kirk we you know money's just an abstract payment means nothing beats you -- call it you still got the platinum and Merry Christmas daddy daddy game right left. When he left to go to Poindexter high point academy when it was -- Poindexter. Don't think we're boys remain rich boys we're always go for no reason whatsoever -- the place you know slow like. Daycare and just -- -- effectively it is for kids out there so they can play and I city. Letter a budget textures are saying TMZ is thirty miles on the radius around Hollywood to thirty miles zone. Or five Texas makes sense that it is meant that a thirty -- -- LA county radius thirty miles them. So -- negotiations going Kirk. John I can't complain we're getting closer they got him will there be a duck pond resolution your Sri for Christmas. Ideally. Yeah ideally we'll say both sides want that happens and -- sat put. Sticking point really is who's back he's gonna stick the -- and they haven't decided yet. We spend it probably should take your choice yeah. -- both would be okay boy you know you'd like again I understand for docs would like to say that but steps up the case a stick well yeah now. -- be writing again I admit I -- -- -- groups do militiamen out but I don't love -- -- sarcastic I'm not for the at a level the other guys on. If hoosiers ever girls and the U whips and have no feeling the girls put Bradford and -- can be quite as a woman. Yeah I think so I think that's -- will be. Yeah they're looking for multitask. Ready get ready and where you no that's not true. True not true it's going very well and of this podcast with -- you gonna bring those back a proposal -- and -- just didn't give -- chance. I'm only gonna do 12 we detest someone that didn't work. You've never did one that appeared on the sucked but the first time is never right right first time Jerry and I. Worked together we were stumbling over each other like we're doing now W guys all kidding aside you guys have. Affection for each other at some level which you know he truly don't like each other -- -- if did you hear the Indian -- show -- eighteen. Right they repaid for that. I'm guess you could lead to locate a broadcast to you don't think you want this won't work with the do you -- chiefs. That's far and it happens all the time Mike Francis are mad dog days each of them right yes yeah they were together a twenty year was wholly assault along. Don't have been a long ago. Aggression so get along and dipped two terrific -- Three or give our children that would have been good that you. But I don't have to either go and -- -- -- make a name in this business a big deal I did now. Right -- podcast is not on the table. I may may do a podcast in my own -- get to talk about whatever I want. Anything -- and you movies I like movies books books second -- -- and on yeah every is that really what you do. Let's discuss you should because promoted not -- I appreciate that exceptionally excited I would. I come home when they do you know. Of that two weeks in -- prediction about the workload and that -- comfortable in this little machines -- can go on here is that the write anything you want to anything. About halftime at a 97 football game well I watched you did. -- couldn't I wanted to not sevenths and she's yours -- -- -- previous lately a little I can make -- now but it don't you don't you you know I'm. You come up with a term of this you know -- name maybe Chris -- -- We mentioned this about a week or two ago -- the certain franchises. In sports but and particular football which -- losers I mean -- lose yeah ranch houses. And there are others just -- -- right in their DNA and it it can change over time over generations like. And all the Cleveland Browns they won when Jim Brown was there that when the 1960 that was called the NFL -- -- a championship and zones currently an adult championship game. But since then they've struggled to build I would say they are the king of the loser franchise they'll never -- in the DNA. But right there on the heels of these the -- the -- -- lines just a pathetic franchise you look at them. And you say why they know better and I know we focus on skill position guys like Calvin Johnson. And Matt Stafford and Reggie Bush bush but you look at that team and ago why they can escort -- and their defense the defense of life for god sake. Right you have so you fairly you just guys tough big. Mean guys. I don't care I hate I should say not a big fan Schwartz C no shorty. It's always posing an acting and performing this play out across to well. So what's he makes tough guy you take tough guy sports he's done in Detroit and if you're if you're and the lines for the Ford family -- -- -- sand. We would not mess around him -- would that be a place where you say let's just go for the best whether it's gruden or power. Whoever takes of the -- on the David shove hot -- the best guy. You pay them bring them -- to -- listen and if -- gonna be competing pick who's going to be. Available the teams that. You know Oakland will be available again right the open -- buried there that DNA arranged he gets and the usually it's in a loser franchises that have openings are. This is always going to be attempting the Detroit Lions of your coach Bill Parcells prolific and I could win with that team. How many times as Ford looked at the debacle that would be his Detroit Lions at the get the right guy and that goes out hires. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the best one they've had in the don't want -- -- -- I don't know whether all the other teams -- chief -- huge went over these are like the right partner and rob Merritt Island Aaron -- it's just the right to get it done that's that's who did you that's like that's any -- -- -- matter now he would get the job done but. You look at them. They have too much talent to be this bad yes all the time you could line up their talent. With what is currently available to Bill Belichick and the patriots based on injury in with the exception of perhaps. Logan Mankins and Tom Brady. The Detroit Lions have a wide advantage a lot of spots. On the football team yeah offensively and defense maybe to leave too but yet that's is there any offense -- our defensive lineman. You would take on the patriots know the answer might be Chandler Jones you would take over fairly. And Ndamukong duke. Oh now claimed not to know now. I mean. Openings in Calvin Johnson is exactly it's gonna be the second at their best receiver history right when he's done with six and a picture running back or Reggie Bush. Picture receiver I get drawn obviously bush and try right. Always come down to -- quarterback and cornerbacks -- I had a pretty good when I was talking here last night stiff. And the quarterback coach for 4000 yards every year fix those mistakes though if you guys do it for three critics right yes repay all the second half and it's still took a 61 yard field goal to beat. That's Baltimore is the opposite Baltimore to me they get issues that -- problems but their. Tough there look at it did you know Detroit if they find a way Schwartz he's on eight game losing streak in Detroit in December and January. That that really does. The fight. -- summer games Brady lost his career. At checked -- a sports says is that -- an -- after -- -- -- -- all of it I believe eight straight. In Detroit -- -- in December and January -- that to and and ball was the opposite open was December record. Under Harbaugh is like is like Belichick and Brady's. I mean that tells you all you need to know that the patriots and ravens beat Sunday afternoon it is not the two most talented teams. Mean obviously the pictures and he quarterback grievance have some players. -- -- No offense and all accuse them of defense who works good I -- -- -- and Washington and just like it was last week ugly in the big boys yeah lately yeah rock fight -- who blinks first at the end and it and it's gonna be like last night. What was an 181617. And would have -- it going to be a score like that what is the over under on this one bush -- off the -- I looked at the coach. At -- Well I'll tell you this the winning team didn't score a touchdown if you're just waking up when you decided to them. Not much more than a football field goals maybe you missed six field goals that's an odd couple weaken it was Augusto ski. He blew the game patriots game that out of bounds of equity. And he's not even the Pro Bowl kicker from the AFC. He's not he's probably not Justin Tucker is he won last night this is when their pick in the Pro Bowl and -- it before the end of the year. -- his six field goals including 61 younger and people just fawning over him they -- he's good he's a real good kicker. He's going to be -- AFC Pro Bowl kicker Gostkowski is not he kicked for the cycle last night by anyone from the twenties the third. From inside the twentieth the thirty to forty to fifty and the six are closer to sit out last almost hitting the old two -- may -- in a -- any field -- out of -- did not pick -- -- Donaldson not -- not anyone anyone that you did -- you know the AFC special teams player of the week to get that award and get -- if she probably only -- one -- right. For the Huskies him again nearly a year he's not going to. Schwartz's six and thirteen in December as the coach of the alliance is only seven game December it was -- receive less complexity. Because it was -- 677979837. Dennis and Callahan -- he's raising Tuesday morning. Five degrees at my house to be at odds are seven degrees at my house yes I can two point 10. Lord. I tweeted everybody's -- and me top topic it'll all New Hampshire and Vermont New Hampshire and Maine minus 66. Minus nine in adding -- main. -- -- -- -- -- Minus nine. Or write them back and say duel which is coming right back.

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