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Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick with Salk and Holley

Dec 16, 2013|

We discuss the Patriots blown chance at clinching the division with a loss to the Dolphins with Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

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Don't -- -- just to download this right now of course our conversation with the coaches always brought to bias be allied to a Tedy Bruschi did it get affordable dependable life insurance from SB -- the company that's protected over a million families. Since 1907 go to SBL I dot com today. Coach how frustrating was yesterday. Hello and London and up in our day. -- competitive game but just. In the end just couldn't quite make enough plays so. Disappointing but it. Was there one that you go back to is there one moment at the end of the game that you look at and say that was that was the opportunity was there one thing. That there was someone in a long way -- thing that all of us that. Participate in the game all think about one or two things we could've done better parliament differences. And on -- and served -- team feels it. Before it -- get to the game is there any update on -- there are no we saw Logan Mankins and -- left tackle yesterday. -- -- -- -- -- Because our normal you know Monday and so things are you know. A time discuss a little bit differently sometimes better sometimes worse after the game -- You know to stay at midday here I imagine -- the worst I think yeah doughnut -- while sometimes but always in a lot of times on. And guys don't don't feel so good after the game in the next they come in and you know feel pretty good and then does not that I know at times it feels good after the game come -- and the -- sore. You know her a little more -- the during the game and and so you know -- to NC it's not it's not necessarily. You know a lot relax -- right after the game one where the other so most state -- today here. Seeing Logan played left tackle. Just from without greeting him like Dante does look pretty good would you pick his performance. Playing out of position so -- Column but out distinct political career there Fresno state but a bit different in the slow Lithia. Followed a step and a good job in his final comment. You know great toughness and effort and was ready for the challenge that is a good job force how much as he practice that I mean the is that something that would -- law and practice or has he not done it since he was at Fresno state. Well now he's definitely done since her as a state and -- actually played their. He's played there a little bit and was two years ago but anyway. You know this week was tough -- force attack Leno will run and Marcus and nominate. They were all women and their practice -- so. You know Logan -- practice -- they're on this week then that isn't quite a while -- Problem. I've played mostly gimmick guard did a good job there and and you know those are remains up against the players inside as well -- -- outside and you know and dealt with the Libyan. Vernon and Jordan so well the -- it is good job for us. You never have to say anything I'm short. Because cow ski excuse the outstanding united on this kickoffs outstanding as a field goal kicker really productive player. Any -- is there anything that you saw or that he saw way to explain. Kicking the ball out of bounds I don't think anybody really saw -- coming from him specialist. Hard -- -- Malone a recession that's that's what took place or just talking about you know we all fellow in Sri Lanka known back. You know we've. We've all watched you know great golfers on the golf course have been down the middle every every drive -- -- In this long and you know she's been very consistent -- had a great year and I'm sure he'd like to have them back. Can you teach me about two minute defense we asked you a little bit about it last week go over the phone and don't have enough time I'm sure we don't but you know. I I think I I. What is your goal but in a two minute situation when the other team is running their two minute drill. What are the objectives. Besides the basics of of the two minute defense. -- depends on what situation this. So that they don't just depend on what situation so yesterday just for an example they get the ball around two minutes left to play you guys were up. Three at the time kick it to the 40 am you know while the ball's kicked out of bounds -- get the ball before you know what's what's the strategy at that point. Now. Well I mean that was an -- two minute defense at that point Foreman is on the game in the two minute situations more than half which. You know wasn't a game winning situation it was you know first -- third lieutenant often you know we're trying to hit the ball back. And give our offense and opportunity in the and they completed a pass and then we're trying to keep -- -- ends on the Sunday in the past broke a tackle and scored so. Problems with four minutes -- on the game -- on the get a stop get the ball back -- -- to that point in yesterday's game is really not that different from any other position or or throughout the game. I didn't think so I didn't think that the time was a big factor I thought it was just they were. They needed move the ball -- -- in the field goal range. And then you know or ultimately touchdown in a three points what do. What do tied the game form. And they were able. Get down and in the field goal range and then eventually scored -- and analysts in Tuesday. Don't battle on the clock at the situation like we have at the end of the game where we -- You know we're fight time and we ran. What are Los thirteen plays in a minute and ten seconds or whatever the time was it was a lot of -- for a month on that they were all you know fight clock. And -- -- gonna ask you -- conversely at the end of the game. That you guys were and tightened situation. Are you or do you look at and say aren't we can't use certain plays because of part time out of wanna burn a timeout maturity give you the middle of the field make -- tackle -- -- to -- -- -- in the sideline stuff. I mean what's the strategy there when you have about 75 seconds to square you have to score touchdowns. -- well I think there's a point where you can't throw the ball inside when you have timeouts or even if you're willing to. I gain yards in exchange for a little bit extra time that'll take and then there's point where you can't afford to do that anymore so. You know we identify those situations. Only we know when we have to get a bounce. And we can identify that situation the ball has to be out of -- and it has to be an incomplete pass. We can't have the clock run and -- we can only over and then there are the situations where. They -- that's not the ideal thing -- you know you can live with a and then there's other situations where that's OK we just we need your between need to move the ball on the field and and you know the clock is important but it's not. It's not a thing expands. While gaining yardage we can gain yardage and -- -- right and if that situation so I think there's kind of three different levels there. I'm not saying all. Old time quarterbacks are like this but without saying names we know some guys are you guys who who played -- -- No we call our own plays. As quarterbacks we didn't need coordinators to do this -- do this. And a two minute situation is essential it is that essentially happening is is is Brady. Does -- have much more autonomy in that situation where he has. Deciding. What's being called. Yeah well I mean ultimately pro quarterback because the final say I'm pretty much everything really because he's on the field the ball's going in his hands but. -- from a play calling standpoint I think there's a lot of advantages to you know be in on the sideline and CN. What the sequence of plays are what they're playing or or to kind of sort of formulate. You know lead to the order that you wanna call plays and because the court backs are really think about that he's thinking about excuse in the play that. Obama is being called in the hall he's going to the line and looking at the defense isn't an unknown what the match -- are in the protection and everything else. He's RO thing about the next play after that or two plays after or. Whenever -- out there's time mountain you know we go over and Hawkins and you know. That may come up but. -- two minute situation it's not like your your pick and from -- 200 plays and then there's this a pretty short list of you know these are things you wanna do I mean I gonna get the ball downfield in it is not that many options and you might have. Problem. You know. Six to ten and kind of plays that you're rethinking about that situation most of the time. Alone the quarterback and Josh and I are all pretty much think about the same Johnston you know maybe there's a reason for one over another. But you know again you're still kind of roll the dice a little bit because you don't exactly what they're going to be and you play the percentages and do you think is best than. And then you have to excuse opponent usually have more than one option on the play and hopefully. One of those options -- -- It seems like so many teams and -- we really notice this last week with a with a three or four games. With Teamsters race and up and down the field at the end of the game where the two -- -- -- are more effective even and the team is effective throughout the regular game for the earlier parts of the game in their in their traditional offense. And I -- it could be a million reasons for defense is played differently quarterbacks call more plays instead coordinators give a census to. As to which of them makes the biggest difference at the end. -- -- I mean -- situations different I think you know 11 thing certainly than it usually works in the -- -- safer is. At the end of the game or at the end of the half you know a lot of times of past voters just aren't quite as fresh. And sometimes that is also true of the pass coverage -- and so sometimes they're technique. Suffers a little bit and the pass rush maybe suffers a little bit not that everybody isn't doing the same thing and I'm trying to do that -- You know after being out there for three hours it's. And it's harder road to rush the pass or. Went when -- little bit fatigue as opposed to protecting the passer and that's and situations. And certainly at both challenging but that's nothing that's all of that part of the than. You know sometimes it's just. You know being the urgency that a team plays with and that situation. And really not a -- Put my finger on that I think we'll know we're talking about there. I know you don't like to make excuses about injuries or anything else attrition as part of the game everybody has to deal with -- but with some injuries you've had on defense. Vince and Tommy Kelly. Jerod Mayo keep to -- has been in and out lineup. Do you feel like you're defense now with those guys missing that your defense. Have an identity. -- -- -- those guys so. So and tactful. That would their their absence has taken away some. That that that you can hang your hat on this the calling part of the defense. Well aren't -- no question that a couple you know -- mention there are significant players on both on the field and in terms of their leadership and communication. In the unit. The same time I think that it you know we have a number guys aren't and never really done a good job. In their absence and certainly you know -- and Steve. You know keep in the secondary you know -- literally stepped up. And done a good job force you know at the linebacker level without -- when there think Chandler and -- -- -- job for us up from an and we know we've got a lot of contributions from you know some other guys you know and even roll situations like. You know all opposite corners that you know McCain Fletcher and you know that it's silica and you know has stepped in and give us some pundits snaps in there last couple weeks on the defensive line so you know I think that there are a lot of guys that are that are. You know that are stepping up and becoming more a part of the unit but. Again guys like -- on the channel -- -- and Steve. I didn't and you know guys like that a key. You know those is that's on a real good job. You know help -- some of the guys who have had less experience come along and and so I think that you know yeah I give a lot of credit to them so what they've done to that they you know some some of that. Avoid that we've Boston. You know I think it's gotten better really progress -- week though it was better in mind again and that was against Cleveland. In the better. Was lead toward Houston and so you know -- this was gonna keep -- Michael and ask me question earlier in the show and I'll turn around and ask it to you he just said to me what is because this defense do best. When their when they're playing their best how do you describe this defense what do they do best. Well I wanna -- or defense -- when they don't take a -- and that's something that we've we've got to do more of you know Louis. Haven't had a opportunities a list a few weeks we've got to create more opportunities and take advantage owns -- we do have so. You know that's that's not a strength forest has got has got to become more strength and it's been. Past couple weeks and months that states start there. I remember you were asked if your press conference mrs. seems like two years ago but it was just a week ago you were asked about Denver losing. At home to San Diego and you said you -- it didn't even effective before. The Miami game is that something I know it's December and this is where you find out who's real who's not that. Do you ever think about seating during the season or you just wait until it's over and say -- this is where we are and let's go from here when you wouldn't do when does that start to cross your mind. Well that this is strong and across on right now so important that I can answer that question easily now are inevitable. And we've we've got to qualify and that's the first thing so. You know we we ought to keep winning and this. I don't think we've won enough games. When more. You look at when you look at Baltimore to mean here they are and they do the same thing it seems like every year. -- people look at Baltimore after ten games and thing and there OK and then you start to make a little bit of a charge and then they went when the game tonight. Only game behind sixth minute as to when -- AFC north. Know what is it about them I mean we've seen this team on and our laws especially the last 56 years he's been there six years -- a great job. What is it about that team. That allows them to. To be so competitive so consistently competitive and championship. Well I mean I think madness this starts a -- -- you know have a tough competitive football team got a lot of good football players and you know just been looking on them this year in Denton there's a lot of new faces there there's a lot of familiar faces but they have some new ones to south. You know that and integrate some new players into their system and and certainly got a lot of guys that they. Can rely on that are veteran players that won a lot of football games with both -- so that's new guys have stepped in. You know give them quality players as well so. You know I think and anytime you have a program like they do its unsuccessful for a number years and over that. Period of time. You know and certainly the staff -- the organization. Deserve a lot of credit and certainly the players. Individually and collectively as a group on the and one you know stuff and and whether -- freeagent -- A draft choice or a rookie player replaced and somebody who. Was there an -- for but still do a good job and that's -- credit to a lot of people it's not any one thing but it's. You know -- their whole programs whole group peoples are working with. Our guys have optical -- question always question -- arts is important is looking at -- correct I would look at educators and -- coach's questions. -- -- -- -- Time now for the coach's question of the week is brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers the on the Mercedes-Benz CLA has arrived. See them on the web it in the USA dot com this week's question comes from -- in Quincy. Says he's new to the game once you explain why it's such an advantage. For the Miami Dolphins do you play in the warm weather and -- disadvantage for cold weather teams. Like yours. If it is an approach. Fine you know when your plans envision her work plan -- months -- on their plan -- Swanson home so I think it all kind of washes out. You know every team plays eight games -- -- on the road so. His challenge is -- on the road are there every week. You know from a conditioning standpoint -- little bit different because that's not the climate that we're used to down there but I mean I thought yesterday's game was. Very competitive game and I don't say it and think conditioning was much of a factor in the game I thought that you know both teams played -- certainly both teams were. Tired a little bit there at the end and think one more so than the other. On either side of the ball on it was just the competitive football game that came down a couple plays and then I listen that it amid a couple more than we did I think to conditioning and and the compatible -- -- very very close and. So let's. I think there was speculation -- -- from one of their players who said that you're you're. Final timeout had something to do with your your players being went to the final pounds 27 seconds left I believe. They have anything to do with it or you. Not to think that was you know that put us in position to. You know to talk about the place that we had left basically we you know the opportunity you know get the ball. Toward the end zone you know three or four more times and then. -- question earlier. We didn't talk about just one play at that point we talked about a couple that OK here's over -- Canadian city. Well let's start with this you know the sort look at four if they play this week and come back with. Option B if -- play that we come back with a options seat you know this gives us you know on this -- we can go here or there are dependent on. The different coverages certain had a dealer for bullets and for pressure because that's something they like to do so as part of consideration there itself. Nothing during that time I was just where it was talk about our options on the play has -- for a follow that we had. You know. Not great but good chances you know we have you know receivers that you know had had a chance for the ball or you know we're close to having a chance for the ball. You don't couple's place at the tendon. You know just couple. Couple inches away from making them so. It's and that's kind of how that played out now on him and I don't think it was certainly wasn't American you know we weren't thinking about conditions at that point we're -- clock management. It was crazy -- you ever seen anything like this and think about your your four losses this year. Each of those losses have come down to you some situation like yesterday about the Carolina game the final play yesterday. The final play of the jets game we know what happened there and over time these losses. If you ever seen anything like this mean -- for a long time but I wonder if if although losses have had the same profile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was three guys buy it but less than a touchdown combined. In the first I don't know 67 weeks of the season. Whatever -- you know it was the same. It it was different but it was similar it was in several three close losses by just the pointer to. In the three games the Baltimore game at the end of the Seattle game. Now third game ourselves airs on right right from -- -- and -- -- -- only game so. You know -- goes since three games and distant and so it's -- that's -- National Football League permits turn on any game and on for a 5050 chance it's gonna come down to the last players and the last possession and elements that's what this league is. So it's a different matchup each week community to say well -- New York close -- that's like being in a -- gain -- before and it's not anything like it because. The match up this week against the dolphins is a lot different than the matchup against the browns matchup against. The Texans -- the matchup against the Broncos -- mean the obvious and not Tom McLaughlin. You know it's the same length of the field but those teams out there competing power. Are quite different so it's -- each one's very unique to make Societe. Coach we appreciate -- we'll talk -- again on Monday all right sounds good are there you go Bill Belichick joining us he does every single money be back in the second soccer ball WEEI.

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