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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 12/16/13

Dec 16, 2013|

If it's answers you seek, come here my friends.

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It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Well while you're crazy -- that's crazy talk. A you've got -- -- like -- right here would tell. All of you. The hole the little outward and didn't going to. Yeah. It's definitely want but it. Didn't we didn't. -- -- -- As a highlight of the day. Highlight. It into the upper registers. It's fired up the love the passion Lott that pass to bring -- -- we -- Mikey today. Hi my job Michael guys have a lot of balls having a conversation motto was The Beatles about me. Yes so much settlement I know I know every single out tigers. I know everything about The Beatles -- anybody Elvis and you didn't call me. OK so we knew we had to give the edge or he had to say what will it matter who was better The Beatles are well of course The Beatles were better known as -- with the closing -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- Charlotte NC AB there was nothing before but he's talking about. -- -- in people's awareness commercially. He joked that he took the old. You know that the black roots of rock and roll like -- big bad bill breezy and turned him into some people would actually listen to a commercial world of the 1950s right and made John -- changed his life forever so these are transitional people would feel better. Into the questions like -- parents raised -- -- special -- here really I Starwood property here facility I would like to call washer and -- call Michael out of there might witnesses did. Well that's your problem that got your batteries are areas to injury disaster restoration game plan please call 8774611111. Or go to heiress her. Dot com rich fields like the question -- you guys that make with your wives. Every day and that's not. Which have been. Nature of your market -- I don't have been miles away at your salary increase in the coming in -- than normal. -- to treat -- normal. You make the one making now talking about like you know the French kissing on the moon light that you line in the -- kissing like. You're sitting on the car's year make that would be one -- -- has kids knows it's virtually impossible. Next question is it littering the the world and an -- -- the window of your car you don't know now. I know biodegradable stuff does not mean even in appeal. It depends where the middle of -- Alec history. A lot of women are doing it if you're trying to help. The environment or doing it because it's an inconvenient problem most people don't -- giving him anyway you're thrown into the woods is that literally yes -- That's a police cars spin around and things. -- So let me get this straight -- attacks in the patriots are dominant also because in Seattle's assault comes to new England and now Seattle's dominant the patriots are starting to lose -- is the curse of salt. Our first of all. The patriots won that. Two super won Super Bowl -- lived here. But Miller while I lived in Seattle has given you credit for -- that since I left and ended up front and back. The Bruins went to game six of the Stanley Cup -- -- trucks -- the World Series that you don't you know I was. I was it occurs to me you don't get credit for that. But you just happen to be tan and happy family and children lived in a lift you are now but right now once -- -- not focusing there was always like coming. And ruining everything easier it's great to self important that any one of mr. -- -- except for them. It kitchen I think it's fair that day in would have a much much greater effect and I have been here for all of them. It was Mike is too hot and please don't ever leave. It to the next question. If you're stuck on an island with somebody would you rather the tall enough to get fish or the bottom half finished. -- lot to your questions. Are really good question. Yeah like you would probably go -- after failures and now I've added that duels this. -- go with the bottom. -- -- -- it to blowfish. Or because if you're stuck in the you know you can meet somebody goat cheese and seafood embassies and she can swim. And she still has other news. Our forces. Got Aqua man coming out. -- -- -- -- Because. You're always twelve years old -- allow last thick -- -- to -- -- can help I can't really appreciate that. Any question you see these Christmas present that we were gifted here. What happened we were gifted presence. Secrets there don't I don't know seeker was I was just haven't put. We were gifted presents. The president of Belichick -- -- over here. Can we do this during an interview with mine. -- Belichick goodies during her interview with Belichick are now that we have -- on terms that are there. Literally are so good that I like a Wallace is kind of cool yeah it's seventy degrees. We can get these it's not that that you get the classic -- cool Belichick equipment quality out. But it doesn't it DB -- does it. They'd likely be below his -- you would want that you wouldn't want DB which is -- no. As I mean it's -- I guess like I guess you know look you Wear a Jersey with Wilfork on the back in male in the back one out where. A hoodie with beating on the front panel don't -- to stamp -- -- now that -- -- per -- -- -- and abroad. It. Next question actually I don't among -- abroad to -- -- of beauty. Would you rather play pond hockey are goalie situation what to do nothing outside local pond hockey. That's -- good good time we should keep warm well does he keep on doing. Things and it's not -- the fish would freeze a pond hockey sound like a lot of fun. And some funny too cold. It's cold like cold weather now it. What's what what what what's the -- that you can. The only upon parties suck and if not that cold out there right now needs 66. Below the mid sixties someone have to appear like the weather here nobody likes the way -- try to -- anybody people particularly like the I hate used to. Now they're not they just either they can handle all that now it is they pretend to like it. Or they'd never live -- -- with a horse he hit a wider -- I really do it's a badge of honor and now that you love it shouldn't be that you have gone through but I do it. Guys asked to take on who can't tell what that means everybody on the page and look at it -- doesn't mean that they meet him. After living in LA for ten years you know actors stick to divulge your mental no it doesn't have to deal -- which doesn't it make you unnecessarily bitter and angry now I'm sure. You guys are the same would -- smoggy breath. Stressed yesterday it was a badge of honor -- clear that you now know it was horrible spot you know -- -- I did today he was terrible today is worst today it was really bad today that's -- I apologize let me tell you quickly. These stat of the week was brought to you by Gillette patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman Melissa -- career high yesterday with a 139 receiving yards schedule that's where -- in my. Next to the next question next question. It was -- step of the -- it actually was broken by Gillette Michael and patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman said a career high with a 139 receiving yards his previous best. It was a 118. At Atlanta earlier this year to lead as the official shaven and you're doing -- page and ask another question if you need to what the player of the week actually the play of the week Michael which is the Putnam Investments player of the week sponsored get on the fourth quarter of patriots quarterback Tom Brady had Julian -- 24 yard touchdown that for the moment. Give the patriots twenty to seventeen lead Putnam is celebrating 75 years of pursuing performance excellent I like. Next question -- package. If the WEEI team had to compare themselves to the patriots who would you compare yourself to on the team. A wall who are you what patriot are you in the WEEI ecosystem. Who are portions are for the year before and after an argument for audio and injured -- little -- and I'm will -- leg. I was Wilfork about bloggers government editor -- Ridiculous are your picture. Okay if I hadn't been Tim Tebow. It's an asthmatic and it Saturday in two n.'s Ryan -- religious and drive now. I have to beat them like. -- -- Steven Ridley try and I don't every now. Every now. Costly turnover put it in the right. We rely on me play you another chance shall belong to a -- Your your your underrated. And you know -- tell -- -- you -- you know -- -- -- Danny Amendola trying to publicly it seems like amateur way your groin hurts. -- hear a lot of equity. Pretty well when it comes -- and actually pretty good at it pretty well proves my point let me get -- Michael -- we'll catch you guys tomorrow at 2 o'clock stick around for Mikey until then good. Yeah yeah. If you cited solid numbers right there would now all of it. All the little -- an independent.

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