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Michael Hoomanawanui, Patriots’ tight end, tells Mut and Merloni that it’s time to turn the page

Dec 16, 2013|

Hoo-man joins Mut and Merloni from Gillette Stadium after the team’s loss Sunday in Miami. Mut and Lou ask him about his highlight reel touchdown reception and whether he was interfered with as the Patriots attempted to score the game winning touchdown.

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Brady out of the shotgun every receiver wants to -- right. We come back which will look forget pressures capsule went from a McCord there's no evidence. That's my whole -- we're doing is tied at one dollar and didn't hold her real. Wheeler never look back for the ball he makes more than -- unbelievable. Holy smokes. You can only -- an impasse is coming into the game today. Mix a one handed catch. That the call on radio yesterday much Lou. Our guys Steve DeOssie hanging out 937 WEEI here Gillette Stadium your phones all day it's excellence haven't. 77979837. A man who made that catch. Michael Allman Allen -- now saying that is someone who -- never say to his face is gonna join us here in studio. In a couple of minutes that's the real test right as a -- you say a final time a big asset write my parents almost smell -- reduce our screwed up I still nervous actually. The right thing Michael -- going to win and the fact that I mean you are. You are you ridiculous. One handed catch your way but from probably not -- the reds -- all yesterday. Sort of sums up where this team it turns out to right third down back of the end zone makes the catch one handed and you know like that catchy gold may be all for four with three field goals and an interception when their team this many injuries it's. It gets that margin for error that Tom Brady talked about earlier today if you miss Brady with the NC -- -- check it out on line at WEEI dot com and joining us in studio. On the and is there are different I'll sit in front of them summit hopefully get it right Michael Allman Allen knew he patriots tight end and I'm an Oreo. Let's talk about that catch yesterday one handed back at the end zone what people think -- coup after that catch. Is definitely a student union's -- it's been -- and it's doing and professionals kind of cool but. Soler rumors sanitary and for women heartbeat. But no leaks. Start doing better today -- move on to hundreds. That's why are we talked a lot about those two drunk you lose a player like -- -- enough to replace him which is this period time NFL most trade deadline with. Red zone with -- go wrong what was this week like for you guys coming adjustments in the game plan that you have to feel was a guy like that. You know definitely going to out and you know what Shane -- has been doing. -- when you. Possibility. Of doubling him. To expose them. As far as adjustments. Wasn't too many -- Same game plan and and things we do on there and so newspaper -- an excuse. -- -- Vote the better in the first half they had him in in recent weeks was an emphasis during the week of practice about getting off to a fast start yet. So again -- two game season you're slocum and a half times I was an emphasis. Earlier in the season and flipped on us. You know ridiculous -- at halftime slowed millions of stiffen up Cisco -- Have put on us and is going to be more focus is over game plans and whose competitive and better. That's a commitment for. -- mentioned chain during the opportunity that they might double team him Michael from from your perspective what did they do it because it seem like the week before twelve catches. Yesterday kept them in check them specifically what did they do it takes in green out of the game plan yesterday. The ghosts of clear. They did what we we thought there in June. I honestly don't when -- kind of replacement. Something different combinations and inconsistent kind of throw us off put. And so just got to do little things better whereas -- technique. -- catching -- ball. All the things that they're going to you know passing game. And being able to run down there are hundreds and it's obviously the big part of what we consumers and citizens to do two things that are. You know enforce every week she's -- which are remote. Pass an appearance more more -- Paul's army calls made on that final drive for you it's awful tough people we catch you when you being tackled. Is that something you feel like almost these days you have to sell more to try to trick is that when it's coming to this point. Definitely. Excuses. It's over -- to a tournament now and use them on the ravens and better but making excuses. We were tackled. And kids if we can't. So is this. Learn quickly -- -- latest attempt. -- More entries on the offensive line. I know wouldn't impart to help what was from the block and who doesn't get to a level frustration when you see guys going down left and right. On it's it's frustrating. No doubt about it beeline for the symbolism but. CFO in the designated hitter every team has its problems. It stinks but -- -- -- it -- and cry about it but that's gonna fix anything so. Exit and keep going back to get better Saturday. You know it's crunch time now in. Much every game in the country like a playoff game. -- -- to -- certain homes you know very soon so. We'll do that and I'm starting today. The last one for me obviously the tight end depth chart has changed here. They have some due to injury some good players not being here how is how is your role change at all and -- has it changed at all with. That -- withdrawn going down and other tight -- not being here. Definitely it's is it's changed their own problems since the first day got here and here. You know what have you with people garden and heard. Definite change of from going to three tenants -- it's just -- -- says it's. Bound to come I want to it and say it's a little bit too. More full vacuum there. Which we keep it keeps things depend on who we're playing. This -- a lot of factors that go into it but. And more route running. Just staying in the bucket but that's -- So it's changed and so that I embrace and you know wanted to. More wanted to catches as well thanks to join us Miller appreciate -- -- Michael Ullman Allen merely joining us here in studios would break down the patriots. With you he's brought to you by Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer company and Monica voted tractor corporation.

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